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System Administrator Resume


  • To build a challenging career in system administration with my Knowledge, Communication, Presentation and Interpersonal Skills and to be part of a productive team being representing and responsive.


  • Total 5 years’ Experience on VMware vSphere 5.x and 6.x Administration.
  • Upgrading vSphere 5.5 infrastructure to vSphere 6.x
  • Patching ESXi servers to meet compliance on quarterly basis.
  • Creating and configuring Datacenter and clusters in vCenter server.
  • Expertise on Creating virtual machines, installing operating systems inside VM’s
  • Installing tools and configure these VM’s based on customer requirements.
  • Working with Snapshots, Cloning, Cold Migrations and Hot Migrations and Templates.
  • Good Knowledge on Deploying and Managing Virtual Machines using Virtual center through OVF/OVA.
  • Having Good Experience in ITIL Process.
  • Good expertise in VMware vSphere virtual infrastructure implementation and administration.
  • Configuring Resource Pool’s and Alerts.
  • Experience on vMotion and svMotion, HA and DRS feature.
  • Creating Virtual Switches & port groups in virtual environment.
  • Configuring vSphere Standard Switches (VSS) and virtual distributed switches (VDS).
  • Create data stores and extend data stores.
  • Raising case with product vendors in case of faults found in server hardware
  • Upgrading the ESXI servers using VMware update manager.
  • Convert physical machines to virtual machines (P2V) and virtual machines to virtual machines (V2V) with VMware converter.
  • Configuring, troubleshooting HA, and DRS features.



System Administrator


  • Experience in the installation, configuration, and administration (troubleshooting, Migration, Deployment, upgradation, implementation) of components in a large VMware environment like VSphere 5.x and 6.x.
  • More Focus on VSphere, VCF, VSAN, SDDC, VDI, vCenter, VMware Update Manager, vCenter Operations Manager, vCenter Orchestrator, vCenter Cloud Automation Center, vCenter Site Recovery Manager.
  • Apply patches to all the ESXi hosts using Update manager.
  • Server consolidation with VMware converter (P2V and V2V conversions).
  • Creating Resource Pools and Setting limits on CPU and RAM.
  • Configuring Virtual machines using Templates, Hot clone, Cold Clone and Cold Migration.
  • Good understanding on the Basics of Linux (VI, directory structures, scripting) and Networking (Vlan, analyzing switch logs, jumbo frames, flow control).
  • Worked with IBM and HP computing clusters with VMware ESXi 5.0 and vCenter 5.0.
  • Troubleshooting issues related to Virtual Machine snapshots.
  • Configuring VMware vSphere Cluster features like High Availability (HA), Distributed Resource Scheduling (DRS).
  • Created a Host Profile and configured multiple hosts from well - built Host.
  • Configuring of Virtual Distributed switches and assigning them to VLANs.
  • Monitoring ESXi hosts and Resource availability using vCenter operations manager.
  • Configuring of Virtual Standard Switches and assigning port groups to it.
  • Experienced in applying monthly updates to windows servers 2012/2016.
  • Troubleshooting ESXi hosts and VM’s issues.
  • Provisioned and Configured Virtual Machines.
  • Upgraded Memory Resources of powered ON Virtual Machines using Hot Add and Hot Plug.
  • Understanding of vSphere Cluster Services (HA, DRS, DPM, EVC).
  • Working with snapshots of VM’s.
  • Increasing the vm hard disk space.
  • Great passion to learn and quick learner.

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