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Network Support Technician Resume


  • Extremely dedicated and results - driven individual with leadership experience and success telecom specialist dealing with complex projects to completion in a deadline oriented environment.
  • Works equally well with management and non-management personnel while developing trusting relationships with skilled workforce.
  • Continually strives to produce high quality results while adhering to a tight schedule. Understanding of client needs with attention to customer service and client satisfaction.


Languages/Frameworks: C#, C++, Java, ASP.NET MVC, Web Forms

Software: UNIX Platforms, Confidential OSS’, Confidential UMTS, Confidential LTE, Confidential and Confidential GSM, Confidential T Remedy/CTS, Microsoft Office Suite

Other: Communication, Teamwork, Tracking, Troubleshooting and problem solving, Web Development


Network Support Technician



  • As part of the Operations Support Group, day to day responsibilities include providing site status reports for Confidential GSM/UMTS and LTE equipment, as well as RAN related services. Recorded site access and departure of field technicians within Confidential wireless network.
  • Performed health checks for all equipment on every Confidentia Site at login and logout. Locking and Unlocking of GSM/UMTS and LTE network elements as needed, and provided any necessary remote troubleshooting support to resolve issues on site.
  • Highly skilled with making approved parameter changes within Confidential network for LTE. Parameter changes included changing antenna types, defining/building the RiLinks at the DU(x) and RRU ports for new carrier adds via various OSS platforms. Eliminating LTE CSRF (Cross Sector Redundancy Frequency) from cell sites and re-scripting them to NCSRF (Non-Cross Sector Redundancy). Also talented with provisioning new antenna serial numbers as part of antenna changes, updating RET User Labels per Confidential amp;T’s network standards.

OSS Technician



  • Day to Day responsibilities included providing site status reports, parameter changes to the BTS and RBS. Daily site monitoring including alarm checks for Confidential GSM and Confidential UMTS and LTE site equipment remotely. Duties also included the locking/unlocking of sector elements for Confidential GSM Confidential UMTS and LTE Technologies for cutovers, upgrades and troubleshooting purposes. Additionally, I was responsible for managing Front Line operators, balancing call volume, and ensuring operations, and efforts were running as efficient as possible
  • Allocated cell sites for ET-MFX11 card additions and hot-swaps, loading SAU External alarm scripts into the RBS. Also handled parameter changes to RET’s per Confidential amp;T’s request for LTE Antennas in South Florida for over 150 sites.
  • Provided support to various Initiatives including, FTTC (Fiber to the Cell), ETTCS (Ethernet to the Cell Site), various MODS, UMTS, LTE, and finally GSM. Responsible for providing efforts and support to management to ensure sites were allocated for the necessary installs
  • Performed RAN performance Verification, included looking at Confidential amp;T cell sites statistics and data following a service impacting site visit. Utilizing Confidential amp;T’s Quantum software, considered at various types of metrics including MOU’s, UL/DL/ACC/RET, Drops, Link Imbalance/ and Data. All metrics and tasks required an ample amount of detail when processing these stats per sites
  • Experienced with Market Launch Cluster support efforts. Involved unlocking new UMTS and LTE carriers and determining if the issues on site required a site visit or if it could be resolved remotely. This task involved extensive Troubleshooting, and ample amount of attention to detail. Interacted with Confidential amp;T and Confidential on daily calls to discuss issues. Responsible for gathering data and importing it into a report to send to the market representatives for morning calls. Lead the TCAP Effort as a corporate initiative to track tower crews. Responsibilities were to track over 20+ crews daily to provide info to Project Management on where designated crews were and what work was being completed. (Tower Crew Augmentation Program)

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