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Messaging And Security Solutions Admin Resume

Phoenix, ArizonA


  • 9+ years in field of IT Infrastructure mgmt. &7+ Years of Experience in Exchange Administration.
  • Decommission and commission of Exchange servers, Office communicator servers, VMWare, and Windows active directory services. Maintenance of Exchange, Active Directory, SQL and SharePoint.
  • Provided a business - solutions for the small and enterprise level companies using Exchange Online and combination of Cloud-based Office 365 and On-premises Exchange servers.
  • Planning, provisioning and deploying Office 365, Azure, and experience Office 365 migration in hybrid.
  • Knowledge in Synchronizing Directory using ID fix from On-premises to Office 365 using different Identities as per business needs.
  • Configuring a managing DNS, DHCP, web servers and other Active Directory Services.
  • Facilitated Non-prod&prod licensing for Office 365, migrated user mailboxes from On-prem to Office 365.
  • Installing Hybrid server for facilitating the connections between Exchange On-prem and Office365.
  • Managed Servers patching with SCCM2007, Installing configuring knowledge of ADS, DNS & DHCP, and Azure. Creating the group policies for assigning policies at the OU level in the active directory.
  • Worked with Azure public cloud technologies including Database services, Storage, Networking, Docker, SSLSecurity, Azure Functions, Logic Apps, and Logging and Monitoring.
  • Configure Active Directory Federation service for presence synchronisation with external domains.
  • Configure Exchange Online protection for receiving external mails from internet, security features like content filtering, spam and phishing. Configure the conferencing policies in the MS teams and Skype for business.
  • Experience in different Microsoft products including Exchange 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 and Office 365, Lync, Skype for business and MS office suites.
  • Part of core deployment team, designing a platform for migration of messaging servers from Exchange 2013 to Office 365 that will help them to stay updated.
  • Designed, configured, implemented and maintained an enterprise messaging environment including Office 365, Exchange 2013/2010/2007.
  • Visualize data in real-time using Tableau, write SQL database queries, understanding of DW Models and ETL process methods. Analyze/ identify the trends, clusters, group of data in the data sets.
  • Experience of DDL, DML in SQL to perform CRUD operations on DB’s which includes Views, triggers.
  • Generated reports by connecting to the database tables using Tableau for analysis and visualization.
  • Configure the conferencing policies in the MS teams and Skype for business server.


  • Windows server 2000, 2003, 2008 2012
  • Exchange server 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and O365
  • SharePoint 2007, 2010
  • Office Communicator, Lync 2007, 2010
  • VMware ESX 4.0, 5.0 and 6
  • SQL Server 2014, 2016


Messaging and security solutions admin

Confidential, Phoenix, Arizona


  • Gather requirements for migrating mailboxes from Exchange 2010 to Office 365.
  • Create a security group in O365 for the pilot users and connect them to the exchange organisation.
  • Configuring email address policy for newly moved O365 users, Managed DNS, DHCP, web servers and other Active Directory Services issues.
  • Run the migration of user mailboxes from Exchange 2010 to Office 365 using batch scripts.
  • After the migration is complete, prepare the checklist of open issues and resolve them.
  • Installing Hybrid server for facilitating the client connections between Exchange On prem&Office365.
  • Creating the policy for MS Teams, conferencing bridges and assignment of policy to the users in different team groups and channels.
  • Configuration of Trend Micro console for Anti-virus, web threat protection, Anti-spam, content filtering, data loss prevention, targeted attacks.
  • Blocks emails with malicious URL’s before delivery and re-analyses URL’s in real time when a user-clicks.
  • Verify the quarantine emails from trend micro for malicious content and release them based on the business approvals.
  • Configuration to prevent executive spoofing scams using unique writing style DNA technology.
  • This kind of protection for scan mail checks the writing style of an incoming mail, against a trained machine learning model for that of executive writing.
  • Streamlined email security operations with strong group configuration and management, and centralized logging and reporting.
  • Ease the complex task of the organisation email search requests through innovative search and destroy feature.
  • Provide leading cloud-based security to stop threats at the mail server before they reach end users.
  • Provide greater visibility and control of data to prevent data loss and support compliance.
  • Trend micro is optimized to support Exchange 2019, 2016 and 2013 servers including mixed environments during migration periods.
  • Quickly respond to urgent requests from legal, human resources, or security departments to find trace, and permanently delete specific emails if necessary.
  • Configure trend micro deep discovery analyser for custom threat analysis, custom threat intelligence and adaptive security updates.

Technical Specialist



  • Numbers of hits from legacy outlook clients for free/busy and outlook 2010 public folders increased to handle number of hits which the client access server can accept from 100 - 400.
  • Domain Controller issues in which one of the DC authenticating exchange servers not able to authenticate using LDAP Active Directory are fixed by checking the event ID to check for DC is 2114 and series 2080.
  • Handle-incident, change and release management with Service now tool.
  • Exchange database has been corrupted because of SAN issue with which users were not able to send/receive mails. New Database has been created and the connections were routed to the new database.
  • Occasional Defragmentation of Exchange Databases using eseutil /d
  • Assisting clients to help troubleshoot problems with public folder, mail flow message formats etc.,
  • Assisting with Exchange High availability, Clustering, Backup strategy, Migration, Security, Compliance etc.
  • Manage exchange server using tools like Exmon.exe and PFDAV Admin, Exfolders.
  • Troubleshoot using related to user corrupted outlook profiles using MFC MAPI and MDB view, Recovery of user mailboxes using ex-merge tools, exchange power shell.
  • Monitor Java web applications using Solar winds, Splunk for peak JVM utilisation.
  • Monitor the data porting from source to destination application by creating Reports.

Technical Lead

Confidential, Boston, Massachusetts


  • Recovery of mailbox from Backup in Exchange 2010 environment
  • Creation of the recovery mailbox database and give the paths to the Backup team to restore the data.
  • After the restoration is complete, merge the Data of the user to user mailbox.
  • Assisting with plan for post migration activity, From Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010.
  • Upgradation of Email address policies/Address Lists
  • Move all the mailboxes to the other region server.
  • Preparing a plan to remove the Public folders from Exchange server to be decommissioned.
  • Consolidate all the public folders in the server, check the replica of the public folders and replication status.
  • After checking the replication status, remove the replica from Exchange server to be decommissioned
  • Stop/Disable the exchange services.
  • Remove the Exchange service account permission from the decommissioned server databases.
  • Remove the registry entry for the exchange services/profiles/product
  • Remove the server from monitoring, Handover the server to windows for further decommission.
  • Assisting Level 3 engineer with the planning of Exchange/Blackberry server commission/decommission.
  • Work with the clients and gather the requirements, create a plan based on the client requirement.
  • Monitor the Exchange/Blackberry/OCS /Box Tone servers for the performance issue/Bottlenecks.
  • Monitor the Exchange/Blackberry/OCS /Box Tone servers for the performance issue/Bottlenecks.
  • Major Issues encountered include the hung threads with the Blackberry servers.
  • Monitor the router Pipe full Messages in the router logs.
  • Intimate the client about the out of coverage message purge status.
  • Restart the Blackberry services with client approval as and when required.
  • Gather the requirements for service accounts creation.
  • Examine the IT policy requirement, VPN profile/Email profile, requirements for the new setup of BES server.
  • Work with RIM support for the migration of existing CAL licenses from the BES 5 environment to BES 10 environment.
  • Verify the pre-requisites for the BES 10 installation, Install the trial version of the BES 10 application.
  • Add the user accounts and apply the IT policy/profiles and monitor the device status.
  • After the successful verification of user current state, switch the users from the old BES 5 servers.
  • Preparing a plan for migrating from Exchange 2003 environment to Exchange 2010.
  • Upgradation of Email address policies/Address Lists
  • Upgradation of the Exchange servers from to 2010 SP3 RU10, prepare a plan for the upgradation.
  • Design the Exchange server upgrade and implement it using step by step.

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