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Contractor Resume

Rensselaer, NY


  • Over 15 years experience as an Information Systems Specialist focusing on the application of technology to business functions in the areas of consulting, liquor distribution, cable and wireless telephony billing, manufacturing, warehousing and insurance.
  • Strengths include creative problem solving, working independently as well as in groups, and excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Proficient in RPG ( fixed and free form)
  • CL
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • FTP
  • Creative Solutions
  • System Administration
  • Job Control
  • Time Management
  • Knowledge of COBOL
  • Excellent oral/written expression
  • Synon/2e
  • DB2


OS/Environments: OS/400, CPF, DOS/MVS

Development Tools: RPG/400 (including ILE), COBOL, CL, SQL, SYNON/2e (renamed COOL/2e and Advantage/2e by Computer Associates).

Hardware: IBM AS/400, System/38, 43XX, PCs

Software: Microsoft Word and Excel


Confidential, Rensselaer, NY



  • Enhancements were done using RPGLE, CL and SQL
  • Develop software to convert MS Dynamics data for import into a NetSuite GL system. Data was converted to csv format and transmitted to NetSuite via FTP.
  • Create a “work with” application that allows users to inquire, update, add or delete NetSuite GL cross reference file data.

Confidential, Pittsburgh, PA



  • Enhancements were done using RPGLE, CL and SQL
  • Built RESTFul web services to extract data from a J.D. Edwards One World data base for consumption by programs running on the web. These restful web services utilized HTTP 1.1 Get methods and URI with query parameters and, POST methods which accepted JSON payloads as parameters. Data was converted to/from JSON via Profound Logic YAJL procedures. In the case of Get web services, information was transmitted to the web via StdOut (QtmhWrStout); on the other hand for Post, parsed JSON input was mapped to files/tables for update.
  • Used IBM HTTP SYSTOOL utilities (i.e. HTTPPOSTCLOB/HTTPCLOBVERBOSE) to invoke a restful web service via SQL and perform data transmissions within regular ILE RPG programs that weren’t web services.
  • Designed and built an SQL UDF (User Defined function) to calculate an item’s unit price; this was done to centralize and standardize the manner of its calculation across the system.

Confidential, Foothill Ranch, CA



  • Enhancements were done using RPGLE, CL and SQL
  • Assisted in the modification of software to work with expanded data fields for one Confidential ’s largest clients. This followed - up an automated enhancement that was made using a custom version of the X-Analysis tool by Fresche Legacy.
  • Built RESTFul web services to extract information from the Turboprise data base for consumption by programs running on the web. These restful web services utilized HTTP 1.1 Get methods and URI with query parameters and, POST methods which accepted JSON payloads as parameters. Data was converted to/from JSON via Profound Logic YAJL procedures. In the case of Get web services, information was transmitted to the web via StdOut (QtmhWrStout);
  • Created SOAP webservices using the open source tool SOAPUI and Profound Logic’s HTTPAPI package. Through SOAPUI, I was able to test the URI being worked with and get insight into the structure of the WSDL; knowing the WSDL, I was able to setup the webservice to transfer data in XML format to the receiving system.

Confidential, Bradenton, FL

Sr. Systems Analyst


  • Analyzed in-house distribution/fulfillment system using X-Analysis to discover impact of file changes; diagrammed findings using VISIO and then created detailed design and functional specifications for project deliverables.
  • Delivered software solutions according to detailed specifications and documented test results.
  • Enhanced existing customer email application to transmit status emails as an XML document to Salesforce via IBM’s WebSphere MQ.
  • Developed test plans for QA to guide them through environment setup and software use.


Lead/Sr. Consultant


  • Troubleshoot and resolve application issues - analyze application data to assess performance and uncover problems.
  • Design and deploy programming solutions to support 4 sites in different regions of the country for such areas as Order Entry, Billing and G/L.
  • Lead team player in a data conversion to SAP project utilizing “Agile” methodology that essentially includes the following:
  • Project preparation-mapping the necessary fields from legacy System 2000 (S2K) files to their equivalents within the SAP ECC (Enterprise Control Component).
  • Creating extraction programs to populate the conversion files. Once these are built they’re converted to CSV format{ compatible with MS Excel } and fed into a validity checker.
  • Analyzing errors and fixing the extract program.
  • Once the data is correct, it’s loaded into SAP. The kind of data I’m working with is a mixture of master and some transaction files (ie. Material Master, Vendor Master, Open PO, Consumption History, Inventory Valuation).

Confidential, Coral Springs, FL



  • Worked part-time at a local healthcare facility outsourcing service.
  • Made modifications to a legacy physician/patient management system using COBOL/400. These changes were made to extend the life of the application while a more modern version was under development.

Confidential, Miami Lakes, FL

Programmer/Analyst -AS400


  • Enhancements were done using RPGLE, CL and SQL.
  • Enhanced and maintaining the company's ERP package, System 2000 (S2K). My duties included:
  • Working with various projects that involved creating enhancement solutions in such areas as inventory, accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, and order entry to fulfill the requirements of a diverse customer base that included business lines such as: pharmaceuticals, commercial cleaning, lighting fixture supply sales and distribution, truck parts distribution, trailer sales and rental, etc.
  • Assisting in user's acceptance of these implemented enhancements.
  • Performed system administration including security, configuration, communications and job control.

Confidential, Miramar, FL

Senior Developer - AS400


  • Responsible for performing technical support for all corporate sites for both the Sapphire and Base/Disc billing and distribution packages. My duties included:
  • Troubling shooting hard program halts and making program/data changes to rectify these.
  • Creating custom programs using RPGLE, CL and SQL to develop solutions to meet the site’s requirements:
  • Installed modifications to limit user access within a Sales Commission System.
  • Designed and deployed programming changes to a Warehouse Picking tool that allowed the users to pick large orders more efficiently.
  • Participated in the analysis and construction of a major revision to the Depletion Allowance system for the state of California.
  • Providing education to the site personnel concerning software configuration or explain the meaning of the data.
  • Served as a member of an implementation team that visited the North Central Florida site to install Sapphire Version 4; also visited the Confidential site to make software customizations during a conversion project as the site was expanding their operations to a mega warehouse.

Confidential, Sunrise, FL

Computer Analyst -AS400


  • Responsible for being the primary contact for questions relating to the Equipment Inventory module of ICOMS (Integrated Communications Operations Management System).
  • Assessed current Equipment Inventory module for data integrity vulnerabilities and compliance with specifications, and reported findings to management with recommended corrective actions - this resolved problems in the early phase of the conversion project.
  • Collaborated with Systems Engineering personnel while reviewing Program Requirement and Detailed Design Specifications for discrepancies; this assured the accuracy of the system documentation derived from these specs and brought to light feasibility issues which were reported to my manager.
  • Developed enhancements for Dialogic ARU, which streamlined the processing of customer statement balance inquiries and provided greater flexibility for outage calculations.
  • Developed enhancement for the barcode label print facility that enabled labels to be routed to printer queues other than the user default one.
  • Provided telephone support to in-house personnel and customers, which helped to troubleshoot problems and aided their education.
  • Developed enhancement for the Order Entry to calculate service category combinations, which were used in the creation of Work Orders.
  • Development for ICOMS was accomplished using the Cool/2e (formerly Synon/2e) CASE tool and RPGLE.

Confidential, Boca Raton, FL

Senior Programmer/Analyst


  • Maintained and enhanced the Mozart warehouse management package via custom programming and model management utilities to tailor it for better use by the company.
  • Developed and implemented file transfer applications to both Import orders from an evening data entry service for assimilation into Mozart, and, extract and convert magazine subscription data for export to the Magazine Direct Company. Utilized MS Query to extract data from the AS/400 for import into MS Excel for use by senior management to forecast sales revenue.
  • Customizations to Mozart were accomplished using the Cool/2e (formerly Synon/2e) CASE tool.

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