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Data Center Engineer Resume


  • Experienced IT professional with 10+ years of experience providing desktop support, Datacenter Operations/Network Operations Support, including troubleshooting, installing, upgrading, Maintaining and servicing multiple types of hardware and software including windows Server, Linux, VMware and Solaris.
  • Expertise in building, configuring and upgrading HP - 7000 Enclosures with HP BL 460C, BL 620’s, BL 680’s containing Intel Processors, HP Integrity BL 870c i2 utilizing OA, VCEM, HP Virtual Connect Support Utility.
  • Expertise in configuring Flex-10/Flex Fabric Shared Uplink Sets, SAN Fabrics on Virtual Connect Manager for BL460c, BL 680c g6/g7/g8/g9 on HP C7000 enclosure.
  • Expertise in installation, management and configuration of C-7000blades including flex-10, Flex Fabric transreceivers configurations.
  • Experience configuring and maintaining Cisco Catalyst 6500 switches utilizing Cisco IOS and CISCO NX-OS for Nexus 5ks/7ks.
  • Experience defining RCA’s as part of the SLA’s to ensure all Severity 1 and 2 incidents are closed out accordingly.
  • Expertise in building, configuring and upgrading CISCO 5108 Blade Server Chassis with CISCO B200’s, B230’s, B250’s, USCM, HP C-7000, BL 460’s, BL 620’s, HP Integrity BL 870c i2 utilizing OA, VCEM, HP Virtual Connect Support Utility.
  • Experience in creating WWPN, WWNN and IQN Pools for FC and iSCSI Storage connectivity for storage provisioning on UCS profiles.
  • Experience in pre-provisioning new Cisco UCS service profiles from service profile templates designed for various projects.
  • Activities related to VMware Infrastructure- OS and application Installations, New user Creations, File Permissions, maintenance of day-day activities and Performance Monitoring.
  • Experience in installing, maintaining and managing various rack mounted and Blade servers from Dell, HP, IBM and UC on Cisco UCS.
  • Administering Microsoft Windows 2010, Windows 2016, Windows 2019 and NT Server Environments, Active Directory, DNS, DHCP.


Hardware: HP BL460C, BL 620’s, BL 680’s C-7000, ILO, OA, VCM, CISCO UCS B200’s, B250’s M2/M3

Racks and Cabling: Installation of Hardware HP, UCS Enclosures, EMC VMAX, VNX, Cable Management.

Storage: Net App 6240, 6040 FAS Solutions, IBM Storage Solutions, EMC VNX, EMC VMAX

Microsoft: Windows Server (2019,2016,2012, 2008 and 2003), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 10

Linux: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.x/5.x/6.x, SUSE 10.3/11/.1



Data center Engineer


  • Maintain and utilize up-to-date knowledge of Microsoft’s ticketing system and state of the art technology to resolve client’s needs, assisting 50+ clients each day with various technical issues.
  • Troubleshoot Hyper-V, VMware ESX, Windows Server, Active Directory, and physical infrastructure issues that may occur.
  • Supporting deployment of on-site DC physical infrastructure including Servers, NetDevices, SANS, Window Server OS, Mac’s, Desktop, Mini desktops, Laptops and Phones.
  • Installed and configured ESXI 6.0/ESXI 6.5 hosts on servers, HP ProLiant and Dell Racks.
  • Along with VMWare, the client also used HYPER-V for Window servers.
  • Supporting parts/component replacement and physical hardware troubleshooting
  • Racking and installing servers Running copper and fiber cables Loading OS and troubleshooting LAN hardware/connectivity Provide on­site and remote troubleshooting and diagnosis of various computer and networking systems.
  • Perform upgrades, configuration maintenance, and repairs of system hardware and software Placed devices in cabinets according to instructions from hardware power and placement team.
  • Collaborate with Windows, Linux, and Server teams and other department stakeholders to provide valuable system processes that support business needs and moderate the resolution of conflicting needs.
  • Conduct regular server maintenance by updating firmware, upgrading hardware, including RAM, PCI cards, and hard drives.
  • Installing, replacing or removing equipment components (such as a router/switch card memory, hard drives, PCI cards etc.) Troubleshooting of unreachable systems (Servers, Network Devices, and Security Devices etc.).
  • Initial server set up of new and used servers (Dell, HP, IBM & Cisco UCS C-Series), including software, network configuration and cabling of network and power.
  • Provide 24x7x365 operation, monitoring, management, reporting and maintenance of multiplatform computer systems Participate in the installation, engineering, maintenance, and support of hardware systems and operating systems.
  • Monitor and support the enterprise-wide LAN/WAN infrastructure as tier one support for network engineering staff
  • Follow all IT policies, procedures and processes.
  • Improved efficiency and productivity by reorganized and labeling Ethernet and fiber cables to allow for easy tracing and identification.
  • As required, assist Datacenter Inventory and Asset Management Team with shipping/receiving and inventory management to address high work volumes
  • Identify, classify, analyze, resolve, report, document, and manage system hardware and software problems.
  • Continual monitoring of Data Center Support queues, troubleshoot and diagnose hardware problems.
  • Performing Data Center walkthrough verifying alerts for PDUs, HVACs and RPPs.
  • Maintained all Microsoft Data center security/safety protocols in the environment.
  • Utilize troubleshooting methodology to assist various IT teams in analyzing problems and resolving Data Center issues.
  • Follow established guidelines and procedures for documenting and tracking problems and incidents.


Senior System Engineer


  • Creating, installing, configuring and administering virtual machines, installing and configure guest operating system on the VMs (Windows and Linux).
  • Experience in Package management using RPM and YUM in Red Hat Linux and experience in file systems like LVM, SVM and troubleshooting disk space issues.
  • Installing, configuring and troubleshooting VMware ESX/ESXI servers, vCenter server, VMware, VI suite, vSphere Client and VMware Workstation.
  • Creation of volume groups and logical volumes using Logical Volume Manager (LVM).
  • Manage and maintain resources in VMware environment using vSphere client.
  • Perform general system maintenance as required, including upgrades, patches and optimization.
  • Experience in VMware vMotion, storage vMotion, High Availability (HA), Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) and vCenter Orchestration.
  • Experience administering AD including Users, Computers, Organizational Units, and Group Policies.
  • Installing and configuring vCenter Update Manager for installing ESXI patches.
  • Deploying OVA/OVF templates to build VMware virtual machines.
  • Managing VMs and nodes by using SSH clients like PUTTY and Cygwin.
  • Plan, implement and configure Fault Tolerance (FT) solutions for servers.
  • Created and configured alarms and notifications triggers to monitor servers and performance.
  • Troubleshoot hardware/software and manage software licensing.
  • Implemented distributed switch across cluster and configured port grouping.
  • Hands on experience in storage management including VMFS expansion, thin/thick provisioning mount point and LUN creation using RAID technologies.
  • Configured systems using multiple VLAN and VSAN.
  • Experience in P2V, V2V migration using VMware vCenter Converter.


System Engineer


  • Integration between Patrol and BEM and in turn Alarm Point.
  • Make provision for delivering services to large base of customers/end users from various internal & external clients by using Enterprise Management solutions consisting of various EMS Tools like BMC Event Manager, BMC Patrol Central Console, BMC Patrol etc.
  • Administering and Patching BMC portal, Patrol agents, RSMs and Patrol Console. Loading, administering Knowledge Modules (KMs) on Patrol agent systems using the Patrol 7.x Console.
  • Work in close coordination of the vendor for patching and troubleshooting of issues in BMC Performance Manager, BMC Patrol Central, and RSMs for enhancing the services rendered to the clients.
  • Configure & manage monitoring solutions (both agents based & agent less) for a large base of internal and external clients having infrastructure devices running Win2K, Linux, Solaris, HP and AIX & UNIX OS, Cisco IOS etc. around the globe.
  • Manage & maintain the BMC Patrol Express environment & work on the transition of the elements to BMC Performance Manager (BPM).
  • Troubleshoot the environment for monitoring issues, identifying the root causes of monitoring failure, alert generation, and ticket generation failures; patching the tool that caused known issues as identified by Vendor.
  • Identifying underlying network issues, deficient / faulty enterprise integration to notify the architecture team that helps in stabilizing the environment.
  • Manage monitoring thresholds in BMC Performance Manager for elements (which include servers, Databases, Routers, OS process, Log files etc.) by assigning them with respective parameter sets & configuring requisite Alarm definitions.
  • Work closely with Different teams like DBA’s, Unix Admins, Intel/Windows Admin, MB/Java Admins, Security Admins to Identify respective requirements & setup Patrol Infrastructure.
  • Troubleshoot to resolve various problems in the customer environments by analyzing respective component logs.
  • Upgrade/Migrate the various components of Patrol to the latest versions as per requirement.
  • Implement Fix packs and Service Packs.
  • Co-ordinate with R&D, Sales, management team while working on issue escalations.
  • Create, Manage and publish Knowledge Articles. Create Lab setup with complete Monitoring infrastructure.
  • ITIL V3 foundation internal training and certified.

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