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Sr. Network Engineer Resume

Atlanta, GA


  • To obtain a challenging position that will align with my skills and industry experience while contributing to a growing organization and maximizing a return on teh investment.
  • Over 20 years of experience in teh Information Technology industry deploying both voice and data network infrastructures. Possesses proficient technological background with solid understanding of TCP/IP internetworking in multi - protocol environments while maintaining excellent communication skills with team members as well as customers.


Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Sr. Network Engineer


  • Responsible for teh network performance and maintenance at teh Georgia World Confidential Center, Confidential Convention Center, Confidential Convention Center, Confidential Convention Center, and teh Confidential County Convention Center.
  • Responsible for teh installation and configuration of teh switches, routers, and firewalls while maintaining our service level requirements for all customers.
  • Responsible for interfacing with show management groups and exhibitors to determine requirements for individual event networks and integrating these networks with teh facility.
  • Responsible for teh business security including IPS,NAT,VPN, and various LAN-to-LAN tunnel support.
  • Responsible for teh implementation and maintenance of an NMS solution, which utilizes Open NMS, RRDTool, and Orion.
  • Responsible for fully documenting internal and external topologies relating to Confidential .

Confidential, Norcross, GA

Network Analyst


  • Responsible for monitoring teh network infrastructure for abnormalities and promptly respond to ensure network availability. Proficient noledge of teh network devices and TCP/IP communications consisting of Cisco routers, Cisco Catalyst switches, Cisco Local Directors, Foundry Server Irons, and Check Point Firewalls. Monitoring tools consist of Concord Live Health, HP Openview, and Network Instruments Observer Probes.

Confidential, Norcross,GA

Implementation Engineer


  • Assisted with teh implementation of 500 remote sales office locations to a corporate ATM backbone via frame-relay access circuits. Remote users were configured to use Microsoft WYSE Win terminals behind WEP enabled access points connecting to a 1720 series router acting as a local DHCP server. Teh corporate backbone used two bridged 3640 ATM routers to interface teh remote clients and forward to a Citrix server farm. Progressed to lead engineer for teh Beazer Homes project.
  • Lead Engineer implementing 275 pharmacy locations connecting through a partially meshed frame-relay network. Full redundancy provided through for 3640 host frame relay routers and one PRI router used as a dial back up for a remote analog dial backup connection.
  • Assisted in teh implementation of a 280-site hub and spoke remote access frame relay network using Cisco 1720 access routers. Initially installed teh host 3640 hub router and performed teh first remote installation at teh Myrtle Beach field office.
  • Completed installations at both new and renovated Elementary Schools for APS. Installations required classroom 2950 Cisco Catalyst switches, five 6505 Cisco Catalyst switches, and one 6509 Catalyst core switch. Teh 6505’s were incorporated as distribution switches filtering VLAN traffic to teh core switch into teh optical network.
  • menstalled a 200 user Call Center network using teh Vertical Office 6500 Series PBX s teh Call Center backbone with for remote 3500 series PBX’s integrated into teh call flow via VolP.
  • Designed and installed a 60 user private exchange voice network with integrated VolP services for teh remote sales executives and design engineers.
  • Lead engineer for teh project to integrate teh retail stores voice and data traffic with an Ad Tran Atlas 550 T1 channel bank. Teh channel bank was configured to route incoming traffic to specific FXS ports based on DNIS received from teh AT&T voice network. Data was provisioned via internal frame-relay cross-connects mapped to teh AT&T frame network.

Confidential, Atlanta,GA

System Technician


  • Provided support for teh Confidential Telecommunications Internal Network infrastructure. Responsible for working closing with project coordinators to gather installation details along with scheduled deadlines. Installed LAN networks and key telephone systems within Confidential Work Centers and Central Offices. Configured CSU/DSU’s, printers, and print servers. Installed access routers and switches. Installed and configured Meridian Norstar phone systems and Star-talk voice mail systems, Meridian Option 81C, Lucent ISDN sets, and Nortel Confidential phone systems.

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