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Systems Analyst / Administrator Consultant Resume

Cypress, CA


Highly accomplished IT professional with extensive technical, software support experience in systems applications, middleware, database, network, server, workload automation, production and development support, infrastructure monitoring, quality/change control, and enterprise security. Experience with ITIL ITSM framework and SCM process, including distributed, virtual, web technologies, mainframe, midrange, file/data storage & recovery. Proven leadership, project mgmt, organizational skills. Excellent troubleshooting, diagnosis, analytical, problem - solving skills. Very team-oriented with strong interpersonal communication skills. Committed to company values, aligning IT with business goals and objectives.


Operating Systems: AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, Linux/GNU, Red Hat, SuSe, Fedora, z/OS, OS/400, HP9000, Mac/OS, Tandem, Windows Server 2003/08/12, Windows 7/8/10, Windows Vista, Windows XP, NT, Novell, MPE/iX, HP3000, VM, VSE, CLI

System/Applications Software: DataStage Director, PeopleTools, Informatica/ETL, SIM, Tidal, Control-M, JMO, AutoSys, Maestro, TWS/TDWC, DWB, Robot, E1 Process Scheduler, TSM/DRM, RUNUBE, FileNet, OnBase, VTL, .NET, Crystal Reports, Toad, Document Direct, TPX, EXTRA, Rumba, Teleview, Reflection, Netbatch, Sadie, SPAS, ARK, DocumentDepot, VMware ESX, VDI, JVM, WAS, SSIS, HP Server Automation (HPBSM), Opsware, SSMS, Data/Visual Studio

PC/Desktop Software: MS-Office, OWA, OneNote, Lync, Skype, Lotus Notes, PlanView, Clarity, KDE, Adobe, Dameware, Snagit, RDC

Enterprise Resource Planning: JD Edwards (JDE/OMW), PeopleSoft/EnterpriseOne (E1), Oracle, SAP, Baan/Infor, Workday

Relational Databases/CRM: Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server 2008/12, DB2, IDMS, IMS, Hyperion/Essbase, Bugzilla, HP Service Manager, HEAT, Applix, Vantive, Goldmine, Peregrine, Remedy, Service Desk, ServiceNow, Taleo

Mainframe/Utilities: TSO/ISPF/SDSF, CICS, CLIST, JES, VSAM, JCLCHECK, SAVRS, SMPE, OPCE, DFSMS, DFHSM, DSS, RMM, Abend-Aid, FileAid, Xpediter, Spufi, TMS, TLMS, JobTrac, CA-Scheduler, CA1, CA7, CA11, SMF, AFP, APF, RMF, SAS, DCF, ACS, QMF, Syncsort, PCOMM, CMS, Supersession, WLM, IOA, STATMON, Sysplex/CICSplex, LPARs, InfoMan, SNA, VTAM, NetView, NCCF, NPDA, PIE, CARTS, TapeSaver, Comet, Infopac-RDS/ViewDirect, SA z/OS

Midrange/Utilities: AS/400, DBU, IFS, ILE, SEU, DB/400, CA/400, MPEX, Nbspool, Netbase, Express, Vista Plus, QEDIT, IMAGE/SQL

Networking/Storage/Web Tools: TCP/IP, HTTP/HTTPS Proxy, POSIX, Samba, SMTP, DNS, NFS, DHCP, IIS, S/FTP, WinSCP, SSH, SSL, TLS, IPX/SPX, Putty, EDM, WebEx, RSH, Pkzip, J2EE, Apache/Tomcat, JBoss, JDBC, WebSphere, Azure, SaaS, PaaS, Homesite, SharePoint, Confluence, Exchange Server, TN3270, VPN, Telnet, NDM, NJE, NAS, UDP, EMC/SRDF, TimeFinder, SAN, NetCenter, UNIX Translator/Fax Gateway, Communication Bridges, Coax, Citrix, FDDI, ATM, OSI, ODS, SCSI, TLE, EDI, DMZ, Firewall, NetWare, LAN, Ethernet, Token Ring, ODBC/JDBC, Web-AMMO, RDP

Security/Intrusion Mgmt/IAM Tools: TMF, TAM, TPAM, INCompliance, RioVision, ezReset, ezAPI, RSA, ezSIGNON/SSO, Symantec Endpoint Encryption/PGP, Webroot, Websense, ACF2, RACF, Top Secret, VRA, VSA, VSR, VEE, SSA, SSR, LDAP, Active Directory, RAS/enRole, Check Point, Tufin, SECURITY/3000, HIPAA, SOX, PCI, NAC/C2 compliant

System/Application Monitoring Tools: ITM, TEP, TEC, TDW, Netcool, OpenView, NETIQ, SiteMinder, Nagios, Splunk, SiteScope, Azure Monitor, xMatters, Gomez, Patrol, Topaz, Omegamon, AF/Operator, GlancePlus, Robot Monitor, Ops Navigator

Configuration Management/ALM Tools: Panvalet, Endevor, Changeman, CA-Librarian/ Elips, SMP/E, Visual SourceSafe, PVCS, MPE-Librarian, IEF, Composer, COOL:Gen, TurnOver, Cognos, Ansible, PowerShell

Programming Languages: JCL, COBOL, JIL, TACL, REXX, RPG, CL, HTML, XML, SQL, Visual Basic, JavaScript, Shell Script, Perl, Bshell


Confidential, Cypress, CA

Systems Analyst / Administrator Consultant


  • Provided IT consultant services for client’s administering pension & benefit funds for members and their employers.
  • Primary support for z/OS systems services, IBM and DB2 subsystems, RACF and CICS security, and 3rd party software maintenance, including Unix and Windows client services, database/development support and monitoring.
  • Supported company-wide mainframe phase-out project plan, including on-going z/OS to Windows migration, worked with development team on Micro Focus Cobol configuration & setup for z/OS, Windows and DB2 LUW conversion.
  • Performed Vendor Management responsibilities, led transition of UFCW z/OS for Sirius contracted services. Tracked ServiceNow support requests done by consultants, or assist to complete our issues task list or system projects.
  • Assumed Project Admin duties for Kerberos project to bridge the communication gaps and inconsistent deliverables. Worked closely with principal consultants; maintained KRB project lifecycle with progressive milestones, assisted in implementing, testing, validating, documenting authentication protocols between Windows/AD and z/OS RACF.
  • Performed Windows 2012 Updates on select local/remote/virtual servers, including installs/maintain Windows Data Studio and Toad product upgrades and DB2 v11 LUW client & DB2/CLI Connect for Applications Development.
  • Followed up on SQL anomalies reported by App Dev, replicating issues, testing SQL queries or stored procedures, generating IBM traces, rebind client packages from DB2/z and SPUFI. Provided ongoing support for z/OS security user or workstation access requests and changes, including DB2 Admin client and Data Studio.
  • Provided key support for a position left vacant by SME who left the company on short notice with little or no turnover and documentation; managed to carry on, maintain support through discovery and available resources; documented systems support tasks, including HMC & IPL procedures, charts, in shared network library for team reference.
  • Completed projects for Computer Ops on printer firmware updates, job automation, and cartridge to VTS conversion.
  • Participated in IT disaster recovery drills, restore verification, updated system recovery procedures for SunGard.

Confidential, Chandler, AZ

Web Systems Engineer Consultant


  • Provided Windows Enterprise Private Cloud Services, Operations & Support for 5 data centers, across CPS (Dell Cloud Platform System) and VMWare environments of approx 700 physical, 1500+ virtual servers/file/SQL clusters.
  • Supported Tier 3 apps on Utility Cloud and Hosting Competency Center (HCC) IIS, .NET hosted websites, for large-scale, centrally shared AutoSys/NDM/SSIS infrastructure, mitigating production risks and outages to customer sites.
  • Additional support for Azure Pack (WAP) portal & Azure web apps, provide Line Of Business support, research and troubleshoot problem tickets, monitor system healthchecks, NETIQ & SiteMinder performance and event log alerts.
  • Work with DevOps/technical teams on Windows Server 2012 for non/prod, QA automation migration, build & release rollout projects, using PowerShell, VB Scripts; perform network and Active Directory changes from privileged accts.
  • Attended team meetings with Microsoft and 3rd party vendor planning and design projects for Service Fabric, Service Bus, F5 Load Balancer, and SCOM; created visio diagrams, documentation on team SharePoint site.

Confidential, Chandler, AZ

Sr. Process Engineer Consultant


  • Administered all aspects of Workload Automation and merging several tools from internal resources or M&A, hosted by z/OS, Tandem, Windows/Linux/Unix platforms, including virtualized, cloud-based apps and production support, SDLC development & offshore support, incident management reporting & escalation, NDM & content storage issues
  • Provided day-to-day management/maintenance of IT services, including integration and application lifecycle support, deployments, primary technical/project resource for BUs supporting FI clients, systems applications research & analysis across distributed networks and web clients, worked to improve operational efficiencies and best practice.
  • Performed installation, configuration, validation, TCP/IP connectivity/batch testing between host/remote agents, coding/scheduling job definitions, based on user requirements, change/service/decomm requests via Service Desk and Remedy, bridge line calls with app teams, supporting DR and scheduled changes, resolving incident requests.
  • Acquired FW/API authentication and HP Server Automation Client/Opsware, or TPAM security/RDP access to servers, resolved workflow process interruptions; host/remote/virtual server disconnects; review CA logs, restart WA agent processes or services as needed. Include working with developers to stage/test ETL & Data Warehouse jobs.
  • Analyzed metadata log files from Splunk, searched, indexed, and created reports/dashboard to parse through troubleshooting logs, monitored the agent and server infrastructure for performance and optimization.
  • Part of Jobtrac, Tidal, JMO, TWS, Control-M, crontab & task scheduler migrations to CA7XP; participated in design & build reviews, production readiness consistent with business requirements for new release projects; provided input for Go/No Go decisions. Recommend solutions or communicate tradeoffs when deviating from established standard.
  • Appointed technical lead for both Merchant Services Autosys and Apollo TWS conversion projects to CA7/XP; coordinated with technical teams, identified, resolved issues, provided work plans/updates to PM, assign tasks, turnover to Offshore. Initiated project CRs, implementation plans, risk surveys, workflow tasks for Chgmgt/Users.
  • Worked on Hadoop/Big Data analytics team project as a scheduling, scripting, testing resource. Gather user specs, source data to migrate Unix, Python, Java, XML, RDBMS files from cron to CA7/XP standards/protocols.
  • Initiated and created web client training and demo material for application owners; promoted and conducted webinars with users transitioning to CA7XP to be self-sufficient, less dependent on our group for job inquiries.
  • Influential in getting undocumented processes documented for team reference/training. Organized migration, control process and procedures, onboarding checklist for SharePoint, including Windows WA install & configuration steps, SQL plug-in/ODBC interface, SQL Server Mgmt Studio, Server Agent Job Monitor, and Visual Studio/SSRS.
  • Worked on SharePoint-Confluence migration project, integrating group content delivery for new knowledge database
  • Completed EFTPS & UNAX certifications for email/file encryption as Federal/IRS contractor in C2 compliant facility.

Confidential, Cypress, CA

Sr. IT Systems Mgmt Consultant


  • Part of Managed Services, provided systems administration, infrastructure engineering and applications services, web, front and back end support for large scale, multi-tiered Windows/Linux/Unix, AS/400, and z/OS platforms.
  • Monitored prod/non-prod domain health alerts via ITM, HP OpenView, ITSM support portal, 3rd party automation tools, including email/text warning notifications on Wintel, Linux, Unix, DB2/Oracle/SAP database host platforms.
  • Performed Wintel/VMware app server & storage recovery on Windows 2003/08/12 local/remote environments, including log file analysis via TCP/IP and networking/security protocols, commands, utilities, event viewer, process explorer, file manager, to restore multiple remote Windows services, processes/files, update AD users and groups.
  • Provided Websphere operational support to ensure smooth, efficient runtime environment. Monitored/troubleshoot WAS instance/performance and network endpoints, Java API/JVM issues, LDAP-based TDWC (GUI); interrogated server logs, resolved or restarted web applications to restore e-business services, HTTP/Proxy communications.
  • Identified, diagnosed, resolved TWS/ISC 8.51 & 8.6 system network issues, FTA/DM/MDM/DWB connectivity, high availability, load balancing, failover, space, batch scheduling issues, quick cleanup/restoration to avoid SLA impact.
  • Execute, code/edit test scripts, GUI/CLI/FTP utilities, TWS conman/composer cmds for remediation, interrogate Linux/Unix file directories, disk usage, pids, interfaces, logs, port connections on ERP, ETL, IIS, SQL servers.
  • Completed HPSM user incidents, break/fix tickets, changes, service install/configuration requests, verify xml files.
  • Initiated or participated in war room calls with Incident Mgmt to resolve sev1 issues, engage vendor as needed.
  • Part of AutoSys job migration project; redesign, integration, provisioning, deployment with cross application teams.
  • Research/compile/analyze data; determine system requirements needed to improve service availability & continuity.
  • Led a remote team of Jr. Admins; mentored, trained them on SOPs, troubleshooting methods, triage and assist on more difficult problems. Document operational runbooks. Also supported Sr. Admins, virtual teams on project tasks.
  • Reduced 40% after hours on-call alerts by proactively interrogating/adjusting file system capacity.
  • Supported Enrollment, Claims, TriCare projects; obtained NAC security clearance for DOD Member Services.

Confidential, Monterey Park, CA

Technical Operations Support Specialist


  • Provided 2nd level/on-call support to BTS, Offshore, NOC/Helpdesk & branches on integrated multi-platform, critical applications on z/OS, AS/400, Tandem, Wintel, Linux/Unix, Web, distributed systems on DB2/Oracle databases.
  • Administered CA7-11, Netbatch, AutoSys, TWS/JSC 8.2 Windows client for BI, Data Warehousing, PeopleSoft, Informatica/ETL, SQL database/script definitions, CLI editing, network dependencies, setup calendar/schedules.
  • Assisted Developers in JCL coding, file structure, metadata maintenance/extracts, performed root cause/problem determination, job recovery, including EFT, NDM, FTP, NJE, EDI processing, file moves/transmission exceptions.
  • Executed CA-7 loads, QA JCL PROCs, control PARMs, GDGs, and Jobscan to ensure coding standard compliance.
  • Implemented normal/emergency changes. Administered CA-Librarian/CCF to compile/promote/reject programs from QA/stage/production. Fix programmer compile errors. Facilitated coding, regression of TSO batch/online programs.
  • Administered CICS-COLD, Web-AMMO, and OnBase via Citrix portal; setup report IDs, user profiles, load report definitions, code/test before production scheduling; re-create reports, backup/restore, query/maintain report database and indexing, control file, xml content review/analysis, troubleshoot and resolve operational issues.
  • Performed AutoSys WA r11.3 job scheduling and administration via Application & Event servers and WCC functions. Includes batch and cross job dependency definitions, modifications according to user specifications, JIL scripting, TSS/CA7 user access mgmt, troubleshoot scheduling/workflow issues, log analysis, monitoring, testing, ops support.
  • Appointed Technical Project Leader/SME for major Tivoli Workload Automation 8.51 upgrade project. Worked with PMO/ITG/IBM on SOW, enterprise architecture, planning, TDWC/LDAP/TAM security, migration, integration testing, implementation, user training/education, managed SharePoint site for communication/technical documentation.
  • Utilized Clarity to manage lifecycle of TWA project, defined scope, requirements, deliverables and resources, scheduling and timekeeping; evaluated, tracked each phase of project/related projects.
  • Participated in disaster recovery drills, DR testing, as well as system audits and process review of internal controls.
  • Supported major conversions, paper elimination, infrastructure migration projects (NGDC, IBP, DPM, etc). Received ITG Values Recognition awards for service excellence, exemplary team player.

Confidential, Buena Park, CA

Application Support Analyst / Administrator


  • Provided technical and business user support for Windows, RS/6000, AS/400. Administered version control, change management, job schedulers for TWS, E1, SIM, Ascential/DataStage Director, and Robot/SCHEDULE.
  • Managed Tivoli Framework/JSC, TWS 8.2 network, including user and database security, EMC, SRDF/TimeFinder, TSM/DRM storage mgmt. processes, clients, administrative backups, tape storage media, printers and report ques.
  • Provided Change Admin support for all production changes: processed, tracked, scheduled, ensure compliance. Chaired CAB meetings, prepared agenda. Instrumental in improving change process/change owner communication.
  • Performed TurnOver/PVCS promotions, SOX audit/remediation. Monitor system/TDW, analyze/troubleshot event & msg log issues on NT, Active Directory, Linux, ITM, AIX, SQL/DB2 backup/reorgs, E1 HTML/Java-based web client.
  • Part of JDE OneWorld to PeopleSoft/E1 8.1 conversion/CNC deployment team; Plan, define standards, procedures, workflows, utilities, document/setup batch schedules on cross-platform, application & database server environments.
  • Coordinated with DBAs, Developers, BAs to create, track, test, verify, migrate, upgrade functional/user requirements for HRIS, MFG, Finance, Supply Chain, Inventory, Sales, Purchasing, Warehousing (WMS/RF technology) apps.
  • Examined business processes, and determined how they translated into our IT application requirements.
  • Led Computer Operations/Helpdesk training on job schedules, escalation protocols, conducted user presentations.
  • Automated or eliminated manual processes, best practices to maximize operating efficiency; streamlined job flow changes, moved cron, task scheduler jobs to TWS for operator control and visibility; maintain Perl monitoring scripts.
  • Conducted vendor review of Control-M, Robot, Tivoli; coordinated TWS implementation project of installed agents, interfaces; configured, scripted, tested PeopleTools, E1 OMW/Process Scheduler, SIM/SCM business modules.
  • Part of .NET application/IIS web server, e-commerce rollout project; provided batch setup, QA and user support.

Confidential, Burbank, CA

Production Control / Operations Control Analyst


  • Provided Tier 1 & 2 support and off-shift coverage between Operations Control Center and Production Control.
  • Monitored Tivoli Netcool, email alerts, network/systems performance from OMEGAMON, including TEC, TSM, application, file, database, web servers. Performed Tivoli storage/VTL tasks, reclamations, server backups, reboots.
  • Answered end user client inquiries regarding online production environments. Contacted on-call for critical path failures, send out pager notifications, performed escalation, initiated/maintained bridge line calls.
  • Assisted in scheduled implementation projects, job scheduling upgrades, and Panvalet updates.
  • Created and executed NT, SAP, UNIX job definition requirements for TIDAL enterprise schedulers. Tested and monitored batch, analyzed and corrected NT, SQL, UNIX script errors, including TSO JCL abends, job restarts.
  • Executed, monitored IOA/Control-M components: Job Scheduling Definitions, Active Jobs File, Control-M Monitor, Online Facilities, Event Manager; including CICS scheduling events, maintenance jobs for B2B and B2C apps.
  • Updated TS website/database documentation, logged and/or assigned Remedy tickets for production issues, changes, and service requests; prepared and conducted shift turnover reports/meetings.

Confidential, Orange, CA

Technical Support / Quality Assurance Manager


  • Promoted from Team Leader, managed Technical Support, QA functions and Customer Relations.
  • Provided global, multi-level, post-sales support for RACF security suite, audit, compliance, identity & access mgmt, SSO, security governance, intrusion detection, forensic analysis, threat/vulnerability/risk assessment & remediation.
  • Performed structured functional/regression/interoperability/UI testing and debugging, executed test plans and test scripts into existing, new features/releases against pre-defined requirements, wrote test cases, validated results.
  • Maintained test lab of middleware, servers, workstations, supporting network of multi-host/GUI/web platforms.
  • Utilized TSO utilities to install, configure, verify RACF host/client authentication on NT, XP, AS/400, AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, SuSe/Red Hat, Linux, z/OS. Applied SMP/E maintenance in Test/QA, maintained code/doc versions in VSS.
  • Directed team efforts to improve quality customer support/training, website presence & LISTSERV communications; implemented service policy/procedures; merged Tech Support & QA for greater agility, lower operational costs.
  • Performed administrative functions, resource and strategic planning, budgets, performance appraisals, staff cross-training, coaching and skills development to reach target goals, including status reports and metrics to senior mgmt.
  • As customer advocate and liaison support, mediated to resolve major client issues with dept heads and R&D.
  • Represented department at company-sponsored annual Security Expo and international distributor conferences.
  • Collaborated with R&D during SDLC cycle on functional requirement specifications, changes, enhancements.
  • Coordinated/tracked customer beta testing program, including GA releases with Sales & Product Marketing.
  • Led department project to convert vendor client/bug tracking information to internally-developed SQL RDBMS.
  • Participated in IT implementation projects, executive mgmt meetings; reported on product code quality, user issues.

Confidential, Pasadena, CA

Programmer Analyst / QA


  • Part of Environment Management deployment team, supported Health Foundation Systems and Member Services, distributed computing, applications programming design and release management implementation projects.
  • Administered ChangeMan, CASE tools, Information Engineering methodologies, EDM, ERP, Lotus Notes, ARK archival tool, FTP/TSO utilities, including IEF Cool:Gen, Windows client-server data modeling, coding, QA testing.
  • Scheduled, built, installed, configured, verified, maintained DB2, GUI, UNIX, VMS, Web, TN3270 client software components migrated from Encyclopedia, across LANs, desktop, and mainframe platforms.
  • Performed system integration testing, debugging, documented, staged, promoted UAT change packages; analyzed and corrected errors, recompiled source, other components though formal approval process for DEV/QA/PROD.
  • Executed automated testing, test plan and test scripts to validate EDM/Sadie packaging and performed QC certification for Sales Process Automation System releases. Also supported Help Desk/Operations on user issues.
  • Instrumental in enhancing format of daily status reports with more meaningful data/activity for team/management.

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