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System Ic Architect Resume

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Sunnyvale, CA


  • Extensive experience in QAM radio design in microwave and UHF radio channels.
  • Experience in IP network architectures, Ethernet interfaces, and point to multipoint radio design.
  • Signal processing algorithms: hardware/software/firmware in modulation, demodulation, and forward error correction.
  • Special capabilities in weak signal recovery in high noise and temporal dispersion channels for UHF, microwave radio.
  • FPGA and ASIC development for applications in digital radio, capacitive touch, medical devices, and laser ranging.
  • Perform functional and bit true simulation of custom designed algorithms and hardware architectures in MatLab.
  • DSP programming languages used include MatLab, C++, assembly, Verilog, and VHDL.
  • DSP software tools experience in TI Code Composer Studio, Analog Devices SHARC, and Motorola processors.
  • FPGA hardware design experience in Xilinx and Altera using Verilog and VHDL PC platform systems.
  • Algorithms employed using FIR, IIR, PLL and Kalman filters. Decision directed feedback and FFTs applied to signal acquisition, equalization, and demodulation of weak signals in dispersive channels.
  • In depth experience in FEC techniques such as Reed - Solomon, Viterbi, and customized Turbo codes.
  • Extensive applications experience in DSP applied to optical, wire-line modems, UHF radio, microwave radio, LASER control, data compression and medical technology.


Confidential, Sunnyvale, CA

System IC Architect


  • Created the IC specification and design for a unique capacitive touch controller for use in hostile environments.
  • The design supports mixed modes of mutual and self capacitance detection for robust operation in the presence of water, dirt, blood, and gloves.
  • Managed a third party ASIC developer to simulate and create a mixed signal analog/digital design in a 40 nm CMOS process.
  • Special emphasis was given to low power and chip area.
  • Performed Matlab simulation studies to confirm switched capacitor/resistor digitally assisted analog front end. A US patent application has been filed.
  • Used Xilinx FPGA programmed in Verilog to verify RTL. I2C, SPI, and DSP functions all verified using Matlab Instrument Control Toolbox in real time to FPGA.
  • Supervised analog designers in chip layout of critical analog sections. Reviewed design simulations performed using Cadence tools.

Confidential, Santa Clara, CA

Staff Systems Architect, Research and Development


  • Architected new innovative capacitive touch controller ICs using mutual and self capacitance.
  • Special emphasis on low cost designs in a cost sensitive mature industry.
  • Created several new signal processing systems to combat noise to make product robust in a noisy hostile environment. Several patents filed and received.

Confidential. San Jose, CA

Research & Development Systems Engineer


  • Responsible for IC architecture and algorithms for capacitive touch screen controllers.
  • Performed technical lead function for all RTL and FW designers.
  • Proprietary DSP algorithms developed to create and detect very weak signals in high noise environments for capacitive touch screen navigation.
  • Designed algorithms for very low power consumption.
  • Optimized designs to minimize silicon usage for cost minimization.
  • Created design based on highly adaptive filtering methods for robust, self calibrating operation.

Confidential, Redwood City, CA

Consultant/Communication System Architect/Developer


  • Proprietary DSP algorithms developed to detect multiple weak signals in high noise environments with large frequency uncertainties.
  • DSP implemented in C++ and MatLab using the TI 5509 DSP.
  • Extensive software tools created in MatLab for post processing field-captured data in early animal and clinical trials.

Confidential, Santa Clara, CA

Senior Development Engineer


  • Designed and developed hardware/software for RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags used for tracking commercial vehicles and shipping containers.
  • Designed and developed the WhereWand for RFID tags using Altera FPGAs programmed with Verilog code.
  • Designed and developed the hardware and software for a high volume RFID tag manufacturing station.
  • MatLab combined with C programming was used and implemented on the PC platform using Visual C++.

Confidential, San Jose, CA

Consultant / System Architect/Hardware-Software Developer


  • Supervised several contractors in RF, logic, and software design/development.
  • Implemented several PCBs using SMT components with Xilinx Spartan FPGAs and theTI 5502 DSP.
  • Decision directed signal recovery, adaptive equalization, and Reed-Solomon error correction employed.

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