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Digital Engineer Resume

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  • I am an electrical engineer with 4 years experience interested in digital design and embedded software.
  • I am comfortable with both board level hardware and coding software.
  • I am quiet and diligent and enjoy optimizing designs and not afraid of stepping up do what it takes to get the task done.


Embedded Programming: PIC microcontroller. IAR C compiler, Mikroelektronica compiler, Embedded coding/programming, USB interface. Intel 8051

User Interface Programming: C#, C++, C, Pascal. Visual Studio compiler. Object Oriented design. Interfacing with digital registers and trimming bits on devices.

Digital Design: Verilog design, Xilinx FPGA configuration, digital simulation and debug.

Test Equipment: Oscilloscope, digital multimeter, source meter, function generator, active loads, temperature chambers, I2C protocol Aardvark.

PCB Design: Altium, PADS layout, gerber files, Layout principles for power analog, digital lines. CSP, QFN, TDFN packages.

Other: XML, batch files, Matlab, algorithms, Cadence, Excel, MS Word



Digital Engineer


  • Wrote embedded code for CAST 8051 microcontroller to be used in our product.
  • Created a digital control system with Verilog HDL that worked with analog blocks and charged battery.
  • Designed and debugged prototype verilog logic blocks for serial communication system and wireless power charging system. Currently work in progress.
  • Made PC graphical user interfaces for all our parts for the purpose of I2C communication. Also designed microcontroller I2C generator board that connects to PC using USB. Programmed the microcontroller in embedded C to receive communication from the user and generate the correct I2C command for the part. Designed a custom UI in C# or Pascal for each part. Sets up and maintains standard UI template project for all future products.
  • Implemented Tested our products in the lab. Experienced with lab equipment setup and part characterization. Worked weekends with design engineers to successfully fix the part's design to customer's satisfaction.
  • Designer of PCB schematics and layout for most Confidential evaluation boards. Coordinated often with engineers for design specifications.
  • Supervised summer interns and helped teach them about PCB, Embedded coding, Verilog and soldering.




  • Helped diagnose issue with Cisco QSFP compatible cable built for Cisco servers.
  • Debugged microcontroller code to figure out root causes of failure.
  • Tested Cisco QSFP compatible cable systematically on the servers to confirm that the new improvements are working.

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