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Network Engineer Resume

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Round Rock, TX


  • Innovative, results - driven, and highly organized professional with extensive experience in information technology focusing on network engineering and security assessments and remediation. Expert in wireless, satellite, video, and voice communication technologies. Armed with the ability to provide technical support, improve security, drive efficiencies, and accomplish business objectives. Effective at cultivating positive relationships with individuals of different levels and backgrounds.


Confidential, Round Rock, TX

Network Engineer


  • Execute security risk assessments for hospitals across the country on the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and meaningful use.
  • Executed the design and upgrade of the network infrastructure, and security infrastructure, in the current facility, replacing Cisco Core with HPE Aruba. mIncluding new IP addressing and VLANS.
  • Installed and migrated to a new wireless system including Cisco wireless controllers and access points.
  • Administer daily operations of the IT Department and manage capital and operating budgets.
  • Oversee a helpdesk with six employees, which include four technical members and two clinical analysts.
  • Serve a primary role in assessing the electronic health record (EHR) system, such as Athena, Cerner, CPSI, and MEDITECH.
  • Lead the evaluation and inventory of the current network, while formulating a new network for future growth.
  • Review network connectivity, vendors, and offerings to develop a redundant network connectivity solution.
  • Manage the evaluation and update of procedures and policies to resolve security gaps and align with best practices.
  • Take charge of the maintenance of firewalls, client virtual private networks (VPNs), and local area network (LAN)-to-LAN VPNs including fine tuning existing ACL’s and crypto maps.
  • Provide project management for major and minor IT projects.
  • Directed the design and remediation of the network, while supervising the team in installing programs to ensure the current infrastructure’s adherence to requirements.
  • Steered efforts in the introduction of a phone system, network, wireless, and data center infrastructure.
  • Formulated and integrated the urgent care clinic infrastructure, such as connectivity and phone systems.
  • Installed Cisco Firepower and AMP across the network
  • Tier 3 support for all issues relating to network connectivity and software issues.

Confidential, Austin, TX

Network Manager


  • Supervised daily operations for the company, which involved the management of the data center and equipment; and provision of fulltime support to customers on firewall, network, server, email, VPN, LAN, and wide area network (WAN).
  • Conduct HIPAA and network assessments; and addressed issues discovered in the process.
  • Carried out key tasks to boosts performance such as hardening existing systems; adding and replacing hardware; and offering support with procedure and policy review and enhancement.
  • Drove efforts in the creation of different programs through the following:
  • Coordination with customers to ensure adherence to their requirements;
  • Research and implementation of solution at the customer site;
  • Thorough testing of the solution with the customer;
  • Provision of additional modifications as required; and
  • Delivery of the program to the entire customer base, following its validation.
  • Administered firewalls VPN connectivity, such as maintenance and changes to routers, firewalls, switches; and configuration monitoring and backup of connections and VPNs for more than 50 hospitals in Texas.
  • Rendered effectual oversight to internal servers and infrastructure for services, including Microsoft, Mail, and VMware servers, as well as storage to more than 50 hospitals throughout Texas.
  • Collaborated with vendors and hospital regarding connectivity issues as a representative of the hospital in a technical capacity.
  • Held accountability in the pre- and post-engineering, as well as the architecture of all projects.
  • Functioned as the principal engineer, in charge of resolving issues on customer connections, which included cable, DS3, DSL, wireless, and T1.
  • Served as the design and configuration engineer for external projects by devising, organizing, and implementing infrastructure in new and current facilities; and defining equipment from future growth projects and plans.
  • Played a key role in the design and installation of a new hospital infrastructure in Bay City, Texas.
  • Led IT migration from the old to new facility.
  • Completed the installation of ticketing and change systems to consolidate the tracking process, along with network monitoring systems for statewide systems.
  • Initiated ticketing and change management to improve workflow and resolution of issues.

Confidential, Austin, TX

Director of Network Operations


  • Supervised a small group of engineers in administering the external and internal networks.
  • Directed the Private Internet eXchange (PIX) and Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) firewall and VPN 30XX concentrator troubleshooting, configuration, and maintenance by developing VPN tunnels, upgrades, remote access, and replacement of end-of-life equipment.
  • Organized and integrated all projects regarding advanced technical solutions to the company and external customers.
  • Prepared reports and statistics to validate contractual obligations for grants in the State Department of Health Services.
  • Carried out the engineering of advanced projects, which involved coordinating with vendors to create products and services if an off-the-shelf product would not fulfill project needs.
  • Acted as manager of the high-volume helpdesk with more than 150 local health departments and rural and community hospitals, while handling direct reports and daily workflow.
  • Performed the duties of the primary engineer for changes to customer routers and firewalls; and resolution of problems on customer networks, as well as the design and configuration engineer for external projects.
  • Managed the maintenance of internet protocol (IP) telephony system for external and internal users, along with Windows servers.
  • Integrated and configured firewall and router, while conducting wireless site surveys and reviews.
  • Carried out network assessments, while writing supporting documentation on findings and recommended upgrades.
  • Introduced remote communications trailers and a satellite network for disaster relief to send video, data, and voice to affected areas.
  • Initiated remote connectivity for statewide disease reporting for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the State of Texas.
  • Led the design and live migration of networks for hospitals.
  • Created and constructed emergency response trailers, including power systems and communications systems for various health departments in Texas.
  • Capitalized on industry expertise in formulating and migrating network and system to new hospitals and facilities with zero downtime.

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