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Cloud Aws Engineer Resume

Warren, NJ


  • 10 years of experience in Information Technology industry in various roles with excellent experience in Software Integration, Configuration, Release Engineer, Software Configuration manager, Build & Release with diversified exposure in Software Process Engineering, designing & building a Web Application using Java/J2EE Technology, AWS & Open Source technologies
  • Experience in working with Cloud platforms like Amazon AWS, Azure.
  • Worked on setting up the life cycle policies to back the data from AWS S3 to AWS Glacier
  • Conduct systems design, feasibility and cost studies and recommend cost - effective cloud solutions such as Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Expertise in Azure infrastructure management (Azure Web Roles, Worker Roles, SQL Azure, Azure Storage, Azure AD Licenses, Office365).
  • Experience in Automating, Configuring and Deploying Instances on Azure environments and in Data centers.
  • Experience in Creating ARM templates for Azure Platform.
  • Designed, configured and managed public/private cloud infrastructures utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS)including EC2, Auto-Scaling in launching EC2 instances, Elastic Load Balancer, Elastic Beanstalk, S3, Glacier, Cloud Front, RDS, VPC, Direct Connect, Route53, Cloud Watch, Cloud Formation, IAM, SNS.
  • Worked with various AWS EC2 and S3 CLI tools.
  • Involved in provisioning and Automation servers on Public Cloud like AWS, Docker
  • Expertise in various Amazon services like EC2, VPC, ELB, EBS, EFS, Volumes and Snapshots.
  • Experience with Red hat Linux, configuration management using Puppet and Chef. Support as part of DevOps team to help deployment using Jenkins. Working experience on version control systems like SVN and Git, Strong troubleshooting skills and system methodologies to analyzes faults and runs diagnostic tests on OS and software stacks
  • Well versed in managing source code repositories like SVN, Git, GitHub, bit bucket.
  • Demonstrated ability in installation, configuration and management of provision tools chef, Puppet and Ansible.
  • Experience in building/Managing private clouds with OpenStack.
  • Experienced in branching, tagging and maintaining the version across the environments using SCM tools like GIT, Subversion (SVN) and TFS on Linux and windows platforms.
  • Extensively experienced in using Build Automation tools like ANT, Maven, and working knowledge on other build tools like make file.
  • Experience in using Bug tracking tools like JIRA, Remedy, HP Quality Center and IBM Clear Quest.
  • Expert in Source Code Management SCM tools like Subversion SVN, GIT
  • Experience with software Build tools like Apache Maven, Apache Ant to write Pom.xml and Build.xml respectively.
  • Extensively worked on Hudson, Jenkins and AnthillPro for continuous integration and for End-to-End automation for all build and deployments.
  • Experience in using Nexus and Artifactory Repository Managers for Maven builds.
  • Experience in Configuration management tools like Ansible and Puppet for Deployment on Multiple platforms along with knowledge in Chef.
  • Experience with creating Chef Knife, Recipes and Cookbooks to maintain chef servers, its roles and cloud resources.
  • Ability to run and execute BASH,Ruby, Ant Scripts, Shell Scripts
  • Created and wrote shell scripts (Bash), Ruby, Python and PowerShell for automating tasks.
  • Hands-on experiences in writing and reviewing requirements, architecture documents, test plans, design documents, quality analysis and audits. Involved in Developing a Restful service using Python Flask framework.
  • Developed tools using Python, Shell scripting, XML to automate some of the menial tasks. Interfacing with supervisors, artists, systems administrators and production to ensure production deadlines are met.
  • Developed entire frontend and back-end modules using Python on Django Web Framework with GIT.
  • Improved performance of level 1 and level 2 support team by creating automation solutions using N-Central Automation Manager (Orchestrator) with PowerShell integration and dynamic monitoring of the results.
  • Developed custom advanced functions and incorporated them into multiple PowerShell Modules which are dynamically updated if a higher version is released.
  • Designed, built, and used PowerShell scripts for Active Directory (AD).
  • Expert in understanding Operating Systems like Linux, UNIX, Windows.
  • Expert in deploying the code onto web application servers like Web Sphere/Web Logic/ JBOSS/ Apache Tomcat.
  • Experience in handling Release Management activities.
  • Experience with Managed environments DEV, QA, UAT and PROD for various releases and designed instance strategies.
  • Experience in integrating Unit Tests and Code Quality Analysis Tools like JUnit, Cobertura, PMD, Findbugs, SonarQube and Checkstyle.
  • Experience in Querying RDBMS such as Oracle, DB2, MY SQL and SQL Server by using SQL for data integrity.
  • Excellent knowledge on Java/J2EE and the ability of developing XML, HTML, Shell Scripts and Perl Scripts.


SDLC: Agile, Scrum Waterfall Methodologies.

Operating system: Windows 98/XP/NT/ 2000/2003/2008/ , UNIX, LINUX, Ubuntu.

Versioning Tools: Subversions, GIT, Perforce, CVS and Clear Case.

Source control tools: Subversion(SVN), GIT, CVS, AWS and Stash.

CI & Provisioning Tools: Hudson, Jenkins, Bamboo 5.11, Anthill Pro, Ansible, Chef, Puppet.

Build Tools: ANT, MAVEN, Gradle.

Bug Tracker & Testing Tools: JIRA, Bugzilla, Remedy, Junit, IBM Clear, Quest, Find bug Static, Selenium

Languages: C, C++, C#, SQL, .NET, Python, Spring, Ruby, Objective C, Java/J2EE.

Scripts: Shell Script, C Make, Batch Script, Groovy, Perl, PowerShell, Ruby, Python.

Web Technologies: Servlets, JDBC, JSP, HTML, Java Script, XML, JSON.

Web/App servers: WebLogic, Web Sphere, Apache Tomcat, RHEL, JBOSS.

Tools: MS Office Suite, Nexus, Atlassian Confluence.

Databases: Oracle, SQL SERVER, MY SQL, DB2.


Confidential, Warren, NJ

Cloud AWS Engineer


  • Experience with using best practices to manage infrastructure with Industry standard security on AWS resources.
  • Experience in creating and maintaining IAM roles, policies, Auto scaling groups and Load balancer for EC2 instances.
  • Developed automation framework for Application Deployments to the cloud environments using Terraform and maintained Docker as EC2 container service (ECS).
  • Experience in AWS Elastic Beanstalk for app deployments and worked on AWS Lambda with Amazon kinesis.
  • Experience with S3 Storage and its bucket policies, Elastic Block Storage (EBS) for persistent disk storage and maintained Relational Database service (RDS).
  • Experience with Amazon CloudFront as a content delivery web service and using SNS, CloudWatch monitor services.
  • Designed, configured and deployed Amazon Web Services for a multitude of applications utilizing the AWS Elk stack like logstash focusing on high availability and fault tolerance.
  • Configuring of VPC and Route 53 DNS with networking of subnets containing servers.
  • Involved in building database Model, APIs and Views utilizing Python, in order to build an interactive web-based solution.
  • Used Python based GUI components for the front-end functionality such as selection criteria, created test harness to enable comprehensive testing utilizing Python.
  • Adapted to enterprise environment security in order to provide ongoing support for PowerShell.
  • PowerShell deployment of various Microsoft management service
  • Performed Continuous Integrated delivery (CI and CD process) using Jenkins.
  • Maintained Jenkins continuous integration tool using shell/Perl and ruby scripts for automating releases to different environments.
  • Maintaining Servers configure management (CM process), System orchestration and to deploy apps using Ansible.
  • Automated the continuous integration and deployments using Jenkins, Docker, Ansible and AWS Cloud Templates.
  • Worked with multiple development teams to troubleshoot and resolve issues.
  • Expert in Source Code Management SCM tools (i.e. Subversion, GIT).
  • Experience in migrating from SVN to GIT and maintaining repository manager GitLab.
  • Planned release schedules using agile methodology and coordinated releases with engineering and SQA for on-time delivery.
  • Experience with load and performance testing using Apache JMeter.
  • Implemented comprehensive cloud monitoring and incident management solution using Cloudkick, Datadog.
  • Understanding & usage of Atlassian tools.Used JIRA as deployment issue tracking tool.
  • Developed and implemented Software Release Management strategies for various applications according to the agile process.

Environment: Jenkins, AWS, VPC, Docker, Ansible, Maven, JIRA, Terraform, Artifactory, SVN, GitLab, IBM WebSphere, Java/J2EE, jQuery, C#, SQL Server.

Confidential, McLean, VA

Cloud/DevOps Engineer


  • Mapped workloads to the capabilities of Microsoft Azure for public, private and hybrid clouds. The roles and responsibilities include.
  • Migrated moderate workloads from on premise to Azure laaS. Published web services APIs using Azure API management service.
  • Designed VNets and subscriptions to confirm to Azure Network Limits.
  • Setup Azure Virtual Appliances (VMs) to meet security requirements as software based appliance functions (firewall, WAN optimization and intrusion detections).
  • Managed UNIX’s server services such as Bind DNS, Puppet, Postfix, Apache web server, Tomcat and MYSQL.
  • Maintaining the infrastructure (servers for different data centers) using OpenStack. Familiar with OpenStack concepts of user facing availability zones and administrator facing host aggregates.
  • Maintaining Source Code Repository using GITHUB and performed different operations like Branching, Merging and Tagging as needed.
  • Implementing a Continuous Delivery framework using Puppet, Bamboo, OpenStack in Linux environments.
  • Written/Developed Chef Cookbooks to automate the entire deployment process as well as infrastructure admin tasks.
  • Troubleshooting, event inspection and reporting of various Puppet issues and starting/restarting of Puppet enterprise services.
  • Managed Maven project dependencies by creating parent-child relationships between projects
  • Jenkins is used as a continuous integration tool forbuildand deployment of JAVA code.
  • Installed and Administered Jenkins CI for ANT and MavenBuilds.
  • Used Nexus as Artifact Repository Manager.
  • Involved in Creating and Configuring different Repositories in Nexus.
  • Worked in Agile modeled software development life cycle.
  • Participated in weeklyreleasemeetings with Technology, stakeholders to identify and mitigate potential risks associated with the monthly releases.
  • Developedbuildscripts using ANT as thebuildtool for the creation of (WAR files)buildartifacts.
  • Involved in troubleshooting the automation of Installing and configuring JAVA applications in the test and pre-production environments.
  • Deployed the archives like war files into the Tomcat Application Servers.
  • Ensuring availability of Puppet agents across Linux boxes to ensure configuration management application via Puppet Master.
  • Developed automation scripting in Python (core) using Puppet to deploy and manage Java applications across Linux servers.
  • Skilled in using collections in Python for manipulating and looping through different user defined objects.
  • Managed and deployed preconfigured GPO patches using PowerShell
  • Created and maintained network users, user environment, directories, and security.
  • Worked on various components of OpenStack and Heat orchestration templates (HOT) on different project.
  • Developed shell scripts to automate the system management functions and system backup.
  • Experience in IaaS and PaaS in a hybrid cloud environment working with private and public cloud service providers, including Open stack.
  • Implemented multi Node OpenStack KILO Architecture on KVM Using Latest Release of Ubuntu with Services like Horizon, Glance, Keystone & Swift.
  • Provided on call support on Linux Production Servers. Responsible for maintaining security on Redhat Linux.
  • Worked on high-volume crash collecting and reporting system, built with Python.
  • Performed user and group administration, UNIX tools installation and configuration.

Environment: Ant, Maven, Subversion, Chef, Puppet, Java Code, Jenkins CI, Remedy, Artifact Repository, Nexus, Tomcat

Confidential, St Petersburgh, FL

Build and Release Engineer


  • Design and document CI/CD tools configuration management.
  • Responsible for orchestrating CI/CD processes by responding to GIT triggers, human input, and dependency chains and environment setup.
  • Build and Deployment CI/CD Pipelines.
  • Developed and implemented SoftwareReleaseManagement strategies for various applications per the agile process.
  • Installed, Configured and MaintainedRedhat Linux (Redhat Enterprise Linux 5.x, 6.x& 7.x) on SPARC, x86 and Blade Centres.
  • Imported and managed multiple corporate applications into Subversion (SVN).
  • Involved in all projects that move to production and work closely with the Data Center, Development, Quality Assurance and Management teams to ensure cross communication and confirmed approval of all production changes
  • Provided end-user training for all Subversion (SVN) users to effectively use the tool.
  • Developedbuildand deployment scripts using ANT and MAVEN asbuildtools in JENKINS to move from one environment to other environments.
  • Work with application development and operation teams using a variety of automated testing and build, and deploy tools (MAVEN, Ant, Nexus, JENKINS, SVN, Selenium, JUNIT) to resolve issues with transition to new DevOps solution
  • Performed WebLogic Server administration tasks such as installing, configuring, monitoring and performance tuning on Linux Environment
  • Worked able to create scripts for system administration using languages such as BASH and Python
  • Built and Deployed Java/J2EE to a web application server in an Agile continuous integration environment and automated the whole process.
  • Created and maintained the Shell/Perl deployment scripts for Web Logic web application servers.
  • Developed Perl and shell scripts for automation of thebuildandreleaseprocess.
  • Involved in editing the existing ANT files in case of errors or changes in the project requirements.
  • Designed a Configuration Management solution using Puppet
  • Implement systems that are highly available, scalable, and self-healing on several platforms.
  • Experience in managing virtual instances and disks using Puppet.
  • Managed MAVEN project dependencies by creating parent-child relationships between projects.
  • JENKINS is used as a continuous integration tool for automation of daily process.
  • Used JIRA to track issues and Change Management.
  • Experience in designing, building and maintaining an automated build and release environment
  • Built and Deployed Java/J2EE to a web application server in an Agile continuous integration environment and automated the whole process.

Environment: Perl Scripting, Shell Scripting, JENKINS, Nagios, JIRA, CHEF, Vagrant, Linux, SVN, GIT, Gradle, Tomcat, Scrum, Python, MAVEN, Ant, Nexus.

Confidential, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

DevOps Engineer


  • Designed and implemented GIT metadata including elements, labels, attributes, triggers and hyperlinks.
  • Implemented & maintained the branching and build and release strategies utilizing GIT.
  • Performed all necessary day-to-day GIT support for different projects.
  • Created and wrote shell scripts (Bash),Ruby, Python and PowerShell for automating tasks.
  • Participated in execution of client meetings and internalRubydevelopment projects and codes for testing services on daily basis.
  • Administered and Implemented CI tools Hudson and Jenkins for automated builds.
  • Designed the project workflows/pipelines using Jenkins as CI tool.
  • Installed/Configured/Managed Jenkins CI Automation.
  • Experience with Configuration Management Tools (PUPPET, CHEF)
  • Installed and administered Docker.
  • Automate infrastructure inAWSusing amazon web services. Deploy puppet to completely provision and manageAWSEC2 instances, volumes, DNS, and S3.
  • Deployed Puppet, Puppet Dashboard and Puppet DB for configuration management to existing infrastructure.
  • Worked with Docker for convenient environment setup for development and testing.
  • Wrote Docker images for Bamboo, Nexus and various.
  • Designed and Developed Bamboo Build deployments on Docker containers.
  • Worked withAtlassian tools like Bamboo &Jira
  • Installed Docker Registry for local upload and download of docker images and even from docker hub.
  • Worked on Docker-Compose and Docker-Machine.
  • Involved in periodic archiving and storage of the source code for disaster recovery.
  • Worked closely with developers to pinpoint and provide early warnings of common build failures.
  • Used ANT and MAVEN as build tools on Java projects for the development of build artifacts on the source code.
  • Executed user administration and maintenance tasks including creating users and groups, reports and queries.
  • Documented project's software release management procedures with input decisions.
  • Developed, maintained, and distributed release notes for each scheduled release.
  • Provided periodic feedback of status and scheduling issues to the management.
  • Kept track of all the releases and request of the developers through Infrastructure management tool.
  • Created views and appropriate meta-data, performed merges, and executed builds on a pool of dedicated build machines.

Environment: GIT, AWS, Java/J2EE, Docker, ANT, Maven, SVN, Chef, Puppet, Linux, Ruby, Perl, ANT, MAVEN, JIRA, Shell scripts.


Linux Administrator


  • User Administration like creating users and groups, managing user accounts.
  • File System Management like creating LVM, Disk portioning.
  • Knowledge on booting process.
  • Managing File Permissions quotas and ACL’s.
  • Scheduling Jobs using crontab and at.
  • Configuring and managing Swap space.
  • Installing, Managing and upgrading packages through RPM (Red Hat Package management) and YUM (Yellow Dog Update Modifier) utilities.
  • Knowledge on NFS.
  • System backup and recovery using tools like tar and dump.
  • Configuring password less authentication, enabling sudo access.
  • Monitoring the system, CPU, memory and disk utilization using top, ps, vmstat, netstat etc.
  • Daemon and Process management.
  • Cracking ROOT password, Creating GRUB password and Remove through DVD.
  • Configuring of APACHE web server (HTTP, HTTPS)
  • Responsibilities for Day to Day tickets on performance issues and FS thresholds.


Java developer


  • Requirement gathering, Design Analysis and Code development.
  • Implemented Struts framework based on the Model view Controller design paradigm.
  • Implemented the MVC architecture using Struts MVC.
  • Designed the application by implementing Struts based on MVC Architecture, used simple Java Beans as a Model, JSP-UI Components as View and Action Servlet as a Controller.
  • Used JDBC for data access from Oracle database.
  • Apache ANT was used for the entire build process.
  • JUnit was used to implement test cases for beans.
  • Worked on Eclipse IDE to write the code and integrate the application.
  • Application was deployed on Web Sphere Application Server.
  • Coordinated with testing team for timely release of product.

Environment: Java, JSP, Servlets, JMS, JavaScript, Eclipse, WebSphere, PL/SQL, Oracle, JUnit, ANT, Clear-case, Windows.

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