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Infrastructure Architect Resume

Dublin, CA


  • Strategic, Focused, and Business Oriented, Enterprise Cloud Architect effectively operating at the Intersection of People, Process and Technology with 20+ years of progressive and diverse technical leadership experience in the areas GRC, ITIL, Sourcing, SDLC and Project Management.
  • Technical expert with comprehensive experience with both legacy and cutting - edge technological trends such as Cloud Computing, Software-defined data center (SDDC), Hyper-Converged infrastructure (HCI,)
  • Strategic and effective partner for develop and implement viable technology strategy in sync with business requirements.
  • Excellent communicator of highly complex technical concepts and ideas to non-technical individuals.
  • 18+ years’ experience with administration of Unix/Linux systems
  • 10+ years’ experience with administration of SAN Storage including EMC and Pure Storage
  • Experience in the full spectrum of standard administrative tasks such as server builds, administration and rollouts.
  • Proficient in Confidential AIX, Oracle Solaris, Red Hat Enterprise Linux ( RHEL) & technologies including VMware, Sun and Confidential virtualization
  • Managed Systems infrastructure practice for customer production environments supporting 24x7 applications as well as in QA/engineering and Professional services environment working with multiple clients
  • Experienced with supporting infrastructure for applications in On Demand ( SaaS), On Premise, Financial, IT, Insurance and Public Sector domains
  • Excellent communications and leadership skills
  • Confidential Certified on Systems Administration & Tivoli, CCNA, MCP
  • Extensive knowledge in Exchange Server disaster recovery procedures.
  • Making organizations competitive through process improvement and intelligent use of technology. red hat enterprise linux


Confidential, Dublin, CA

Infrastructure Architect


  • Responsible for managing Callidus On Demand infrastructure comprising of multi-vendor hardware and the VMware ESXi / Red Hat/Solaris/AIX
  • Manage infrastructure team comprising of systems, storage and network and NOC engineers and be a management contact for issue resolution and escalation
  • Support infrastructure for company’s quarterly multiple product releases and deployment of hot fixes and upgrades to the application which includes forecasting resource availability and capacity planning
  • Manage assignment of cases and monitor progress and implement committed SLAs for all tickets and provide RCAs as necessary
  • Install, configure, support OS running on above using various technologies including VMware virtualization
  • Migration of data from across SANs transparent to the Solaris ZFS filesystems, across data stores hosted on VMware environment
  • Have supported various VMware products including VMware Lab Manager and VMware Virtual Cloud Director (vCD) and have migrated data / VMs
  • Experienced with Flash Tiering, Thin provisioning and Storage performance analysis using EMC NaviAnalyzer and VNX Monitoring and Reporting tool.
  • SAMBA/NIS administration on Unix platforms
  • Experienced with Flash Tiering, Thin provisioning and Storage performance analysis using EMC NaviAnalyzer and VNX Monitoring and Reporting tool.
  • SAMBA/NIS administration on Unix platforms
  • Solaris ZFS administration of storage pools, mirroring, expansion etc.

Confidential, Foster City, CA

Sr. Systems Engineer


  • Implementation of Confidential p-series high end server’s p770, p570, p575, p520, p550 & Sun T2000 hardware
  • Installation, configuration with AIX Versions 6.1 5.3 and upgrading the Technology Levels ( TL ), applying efix packs, installing software like “C” compilers, openSSH etc.
  • Build/Install Linux Virtual clients using VMware vSphere client and kickstart using RedHat Satellite server
  • Installation, configuration with Solaris 9 and 10, apply patches, patch cluster, Migration of OS from Solaris 8 to Solaris 10 with Wanboot. Apply kernel / Firmware patches to resolve alerts from Sun Management Console Sun MC
  • Integrate with vendor storage like Confidential Storage drawers D20, Deploy LUNs from EMC storage for capacity and high availability
  • Installation of software using RPM; openSSH
  • Hardening the OS with security tools like Passgo UPM / Confidential ESM / Tripwire from third party vendor chosen by the customer and troubleshooting to comply with the requirements
  • Regular day to day administration in AIX, Solaris and Red Hat Linux
  • Assist in system sizing requirements
  • Deploy system tools - Prognosis monitoring, nmon, opnet, perfmon, etc. as aid for better availability and performance of the applications
  • Install Confidential HMC hardware, install OS, Install DIGI, iLO Consoles and administer servers using HMC/Digis / iLOs
  • Configure the network services and liase with the network firewall team in getting the right ports opened as per the application need
  • Configure servers for Veritas Netbackup client setup
  • Oracle ASM disk setup
  • Support application groups in their installations and provide support to the DBAs for installation of the Oracle / DB2 database and support to the AbInitio developers for their software installation requirements
  • Open support calls with the hardware vendor and initiate bringing hardware and other vendors (ex. Storage) together as needed for identifying responsibility and resolution of issues observed.
  • Review Penetration testing results and address security concerns raised by the third-party security team
  • Prepare build documentation, cross-check asset information, server turnover operations checklists and turnover the server to the Operations team for regular monitoring as per the procedures laid out by the customer.

Confidential, Mountain View, CA

Sr. Engineer


  • Test hardware/software configurations and interoperability solutions using VERITAS Storage Management software Applications on third party hardware in SAN configuration
  • Qualify Veritas products - Storage Foundation for HA and Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC on storage arrays from various vendors including Confidential, Sun, EMC and Hitachi on AIX, Solaris & Linux platforms
  • Configure and administer Fiber channel SAN switches - Brocade 3120, McData 4500/6064, Qlogic SANbox and Cisco 9120/9520; create zones using these switches for testing configurations
  • Install AIX 5.3/6.1 using NIM and HMC on P4/P5/P6 Confidential p-series machines including Confidential p520, Confidential p550, Confidential p570 and apply latest Technology Levels (TLs).
  • Fiber channel installation and configuration on disk and RAID storage subsystems
  • Assign and verify LUNs to the systems and installation of Veritas software products, maintenance packs & device drivers from array vendors
  • Test and troubleshoot Dynamic Multi-Pathing / SAN Boot / LVM Clone features of the Veritas Storage Foundation.
  • Perform diagnostics on FC connections, replace Fiber channel Host Bus Adapter (HBAs) on p-series machines
  • Lead and co-ordinate incident and bug tracking and resolution during final interoperability testing
  • Interact with product teams and developers throughout the product lifecycle especially during the test phase
  • Write shell scripts to aid in testing
  • Document test results along with Microsoft Visio configuration diagrams

Confidential, Sunnyvale, CA

Sr. Systems Engineer


  • Review the quote for hardware and parts details for the quote provided to the customer and work on the implementation plan
  • Implement production systems on Confidential p5 systems - p590, p560, p550 and p520.
  • Install & Update HMC with corrective service package and the latest maintenance fixes
  • Update Firmware on p550 servers
  • Creation of Virtual I/O (VIO server) LPAR through the HMC
  • Assign resources to the VIO servers and install the VIO server partition and applying latest fixpack
  • Defining virtual Ethernet, virtual SCSI adapters and creation of VIO client adapters through HMC and mapping the two
  • Move CD-ROM resource to the NIM server; installation of OS image on the NIM server and install the client LPAR s from NIM server
  • Install Confidential SOE image to the partitions and apply technology Level(TL) updates and service packs(SP) to the AIX
  • Backing up the VIO server
  • Apply patches to Solaris hosts, install PCI - Fiber Channel, Quad Ethernet PCI cards on the SunFire V125 & Sun T2000 Servers
  • Install and configure Veritas Storage Foundation HA for Oracle 5.0

Confidential, Wall Township, NJ

AIX architect


  • Provide architecture specifications for building AIX on the Confidential p-series POWER5 servers - p590, p595 and p520
  • Create and configure logical partitions (LPARs) on Confidential p590 and p595
  • Install and configure AIX 5.3
  • Configure Hardware Management Console (HMC) on Confidential 7310 for administering the LPARs
  • Co-ordinate with the EMC SAN engineers and network team for storage allocation and VLAN identification
  • Identify the hardware on the I/O drawers, reconcile with the outputs from the AIX and prepare the I/O drawer configuration
  • Prepare AIX build documentation


Senior AIX Midrange systems administrator


  • Provide AIX systems administration and remote management of 103 AIX 5.1 and 5.2 servers including LPARs and SP2 nodes with PSSP version 3.4 located at Confidential ’s Sydney Data Center with rotational on-call responsibilities
  • Primarily responsible for the Asia-Pacific (AP) SMTP gateways, relays and servers used by AP Marketing customers requiring a high level of attention and accuracy
  • Handled Confidential ’s Manage Now application for problem and change management activities and resolve sev1, 2 and 3 problems within the fixed timeframe to the customer’s satisfaction
  • Worked on migrations, software maintenance and performance management for the servers
  • Identify errors on the systems managed by me and to co-ordinate with Confidential ITS for hardware problem resolution
  • Configured sendmail on SMTP gateways for accepting mails for users belonging to lenovo.com- Confidential ’s erstwhile PC division
  • Provided sudo setup as per customer requests
  • Debug problems related to application servers including Notes mail, Proxy, Anti-virus, Infoprint and Websphere servers
  • Server and procedure Documentation

Confidential, Hempstead, NY

Senior AIX/Solaris Systems Administrator


  • Provide AIX system administration on AIX 5.2/5.1/4.3.3 and Solaris Sun OS 5.9 support for Oracle 9i/10g developers and Oracle DBA
  • Rack mount and install Confidential FastT700 expansion unit on the Storage Area Network (SAN)
  • Configure SAN using Confidential FAStT Storage Manager Client version 8
  • Provide TSM administration on Confidential 3494 Tape Library
  • Co-ordinate with hardware vendors for hardware problem resolutions
  • Administer Merant PVCS server
  • Install and configure Secure Shell (SSH)
  • Documentation

Confidential, Troy, NY / Scranton, PA / Jersey City, NJ

Senior AIX/P-Series Systems Administrator


  • Install AIX from NIM Server
  • Install additional memory on various p-series production systems and test configuration
  • Create and configure logical partitions (LPAR) on Confidential p690 systems
  • Install and configure Hardware Management Console (HMC) for p690
  • Install and configure the WebSM client for connectivity to the HMC
  • Reconcile LPAR slot diagram configuration with the actual hardware locations and identify mismatch/duplications
  • Provide support on p 0 migrations
  • Rack mount and install FAStT expansion disks FastT700 on the Storage Area Network (SAN)
  • Create zones, aliases and add members to zones on Brocade SAN switch - Confidential 2109
  • Install McDATA Intrepid 6140 Fiber Channel Director for SAN connectivity
  • Configure McDATA EFC Fabric connectivity software and verify connectivity of the Fiber channel adapters to the McDATA port
  • Identify and correct errors on Fiber Channel adapter configurations
  • Migrate AIX 4.3.3 to AIX 5.2/5.1
  • Documentation

Confidential, Marlboro, MA

Senior RS/6000 SP Systems Implementation Administrator


  • Provide support for Migration from AIX 4.3.3/PSSP 3.2 to AIX 5.1/PSSP 3.4 in a 64 node production environment
  • Draft the plan for AIX migration and identify activities and role played by team members
  • Migrate Control Workstation from AIX 4.3.3 to AIX 5.2
  • Migrate SP wide silver nodes from AIX 4.3.3 to AIX 5.1
  • Gather performance statistics on the nodes and tune them to meet the requirements
  • Document modified configuration

Confidential, Cambridge, MA

Senior AIX/PSSP/TSM administrator


  • Provide systems administration support in AIX 4.3.2/4.3.3 environment on a 2 Frame RS/6000 SP 9076 with 8 wide nodes with PSSP 2.4 and a RS/ Control Workstation at the Judiciary Data center
  • Perform SP system log analysis, problem determination and resolution with a good expertise on SP switch troubleshooting
  • Tune AIX performance on the SP system running Informix database
  • Implement SSA 7133 disk array with 9.1 GB disks and migration of data from 4.5 GB disks
  • Upgrade AIX 4.3.2 to AIX 4.3.3
  • Migrate from ADSM 3.1 to TSM 4.2 and implementation of Tivoli Data Protector Agent for Informix on the RS/6000
  • Provide TSM/ADSM system administration on Confidential Tape library 3575
  • Implement and support RS/6000, Windows NT and Linux Backup Clients
  • Provide AIX Support for Informix database version 8 & 9
  • Provide support for Netscape Web server
  • Write procedures to manage off-site backup tapes, system administrative tasks, and policy management
  • Red Hat Linux 7.3 Systems administration
  • Shell scripting to automate backup and restore procedures
  • Document procedures and update

Confidential, Weehawken, NJ

Senior Unix/PVCS System Administrator


  • System administration of RS/6000 models F50, 43P and 44P
  • Install and configure AIX OS 4.3.2 on multiple servers located at various branches.
  • Install and configure Netscape Proxy Server 3.5
  • Install and configure DCE/DFS clients on the RS/6000 machines
  • Write and debug UNIX Korn shell / Perl scripts.
  • Install software on Central Library Server
  • Compile makefiles for applications using “C” programming language
  • Compile and build Java/PRO*C/Oracle applications on AIX/Solaris/NT
  • Develop standards and implement E-Commerce technologies - Enterprise Java Beans, Visual Age for Java etc.
  • Implement enhancements to the department’s website using HTML/JavaScript.

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