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Senior Systems Engineer - Technical Manager Resume

New York, NY


Software: Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5, 2000. 2003, 2007, 2010, QUEST Migration Suite, QMM, EMW, etc, VMware 3.5/4.1/5.01 - VSphere - AD/MS EXCHANGE applications, RIM Blackberry v 4.0 4.1, 5.0.1 Good link, Windows 2000,2003,2008R2-2012 Data Center, Ubuntu, XP OS, Tumbleweed, Iron Mail, Trend, Symantec AV, Scan Mail, Postini, Spam Shark, Faxination, Right Fax, Blackberry, Unix Send Mail, Lotus Notes, SMTP Native, Quest EMW & QMM, MS Microsoft ADC, Symantec E-Mail (Enterprise Vault) Archiving, Bright Mail, Iron Mail, Sector Compliance Message Journaling Message Labs, Postini, Spam Shark, Symantec Bright Mail, Trend AV Suite, Microsoft Monitoring Application (MOM), IronPort Appliance, FrontBridge,Microsoft Office Communications server 2007, VM Server and Data Center, Data Domain, NET Backup, SolarWinds, What’s Up Gold, SQL, Express, SQL 2008 R2,Cisco UM, Lync, Cisco Call Mgmt, Double take, Bintree Migration Suite, etc.


Confidential - New York, NY

Senior Systems Engineer - Technical Manager


  • Hands On-Technical Mgmt. (16-staff members) regarding Directory and Messaging Services
  • Perform lead role re: Exchange Upgrade and daily support Exchange 2013 to O365 Migration
  • Responsible for delivery and success of assigned projects. Management of Desktop Support Teams for all locations, assign and coordinate work efforts and problem remediation, Work with senior Desktop Engineers regarding New Office release and package deployment globally, Optimizes results within business and time constraints.
  • Lead meetings with project/support teams to assess status and resolve issues, Provide monthly Trouble Ticket reporting metric regarding Escalating Level III and Server Outages to Mgmt committee, etc, attend and represent Infrastructure division re: Change Control and coordinate outages/events with all global department mgmt. Testing of all new operating and application related updates/hotfixes/new release builds prior to global deployment, coordinate and scheduling of Patching Corporate Desktops and application
  • Work with various business owners/groups to find most cost effective means to delivery application readiness and business continuity Daily Management of Infrastructure platform, daily assignments, project coordination, On-Call Rotation, workload metrics, strive to maintain 98.7% user trouble resolution rate, creation of all company base communications’.
  • Installation & configuration of all corporate Desktop/Tablet/IPhone platforms to adhere to Best Practices and Corporate model. Work with various external business partners and Vendors to present best production Desktop related product, with cost saving
  • Daily management of 15 VM Host, 151 clients with 22 Datastores - VM Platform (ESX 3.51/40.1/5.01 68 TB of Data)
  • Create/Manage/Standardize Windows 2008 R2 (AD-Native) & Exchange 2010 SP1 Messaging Environments, creation of design and configuration/baseline documentation re: same,
  • Work with various in-house departments and team leads regarding the creation and revision of corporate SLA, present to Steering committee re: same. Management of corporate documentation and secured vault regarding internal security harden.
  • Work with IT Security to define and deploy security requirements and best practice. Provide Level III production support and escalation of all production outages and Level III issues, work with various application vendors to resolve any and all application issues, Take ownership of all active Microsoft related support cases, document and resolve issue. Conduct Root Cause Analysis re: same.
  • Act as Project Manager for all in-house application deployments and updates, maintain scheduling and resources assignment including budgeting
  • Decrease monthly Helpdesk/Desktop support tickets from 781 to 383 due to increased cross training and documentation, maintain 98.2% SLA goal for the last 48 months nationally Creation of RCA Process (Root Cause Analysis) - Standardization of Technical Documentation and processes, etc,
  • Responsible for delivery and success of assigned projects and resources, lead project meetings, define scopes and objectives, Mentor team members to improve understanding and scope of tasks/project scope. Review and tracking of project/task status and resolution of any and all concerns.
  • Perform daily Level II/III ticket resolution; work with Executive Mgmt for quick problem resolution.
  • Meet with various business units to determine solutions to various problems, Manage Active Directory infrastructure, Group Policies and Windows servers (286)
  • Creation of Standardize Operational Run-Book re: Processes, Procedures, Service Level Agreements for various inter-departmental and external business ventures, as well as Root Cause Analysis templates
  • Creation of New Monitoring Platform re: Solarwinds, creation and definition of Traps & Alerts, Escalations, etc Provide Monitoring for the following platforms: Active Directory, File and Print Services, Exchange 2007/2010, Blackberry, VMWare, Cisco Hardware, etc, Assist in the day to day operations and escalated troubleshooting for the Windows Server Teams and Messaging arena, training of existing staff re: Exchange 2010, etc
  • Scheduling/communication/coordination of all monthly maintenance patching and scheduled system changes, creation of Q/A post boot process and procedures to ensure high availability
  • Creation and management of Corporate Production Runbooks/Policies Assist with Design/Implementation/Configuration of Corporate Monitoring platform (solarwinds\PRTG), define threshold\triggers\alerting notification and process Coordination and scheduling of Level III backend and desktop on-call rotation, define and document on-call process and escalation procedures.
  • Work with various in-house departments and team leads regarding the creation and revision of corporate SLA, present to Steering committee re: same

Confidential, New Jersey

Messaging/Migration - Team Lead


  • Team lead of (11-consultants task) Perform Exchange 2010/Active Directory 2008 R2 deployment, Installation and configuration of New Exchange 2010 Organization perform migration of 18744 users from Exchange 2007, GroupWise Platforms. Installation configuration re: Migration Tool Set re: Quest Migration Suite. Perform project management role re: Migration and upgrade project, scheduling of user migrations and user communication and training. Design and implementation of MS Exchange 2010 Environment, training of Toll support staff re: Exchange 2010 daily administrative and level III support methods, Perform daily Level III troubleshooting, re: E2K10, AD 2008, OWA 2010, Database Testing and Failover process, document process re: same.
  • Perform internal application SMTP routing requirements, conduct application secured routing needs and design final solution, present finding to client mgmt. committee. Perform Blackberry upgrade and migration from various messaging platforms. Training support staff on BES admin duties, etc. Perform remote mobile device routing re: Smartphone devices, testing of open ports and security risk, present solution to client, implement lockdown of open ports.
  • Provide L3 Training of new staff re: Messaging/Directory divisions, review base Windows 2008/2012 best practice, document, process and escaltion procedures, etc - Manager Windows team, coordinate team member training courses and follow up Responsible for delivery and success of assigned projects and resources, lead project meetings, define scopes and objectives, Mentor team members to improve understanding and scope of tasks/project scope. Review and tracking of project/task status and resolution of any and all concerns.
  • Creation of Test Lab for migration process and upgrades re: Exchange 2010 SP1 and Windows 2008 R2 platforms, Supports operational activities regarding Production related outages, root cause analysis,systems validation, performance tuning and capacity management. Testing of existing application relaying, Database replication cycles, etc. Testing of DAG failover re: timing, process, document re: same.
  • Creation of Technical user documentation re: Production Run-book assists with the creation of policies and procedures regarding Microsoft Best Practice for both Directory and Messaging platforms
  • Perform Exchange 2010 Mailbox Server sizing re: Disk requirements, IOPS calculations, etc.
  • Present findings and final design solution to mgmt. committee; begin Windows 2008 R2/Exchange 2010 build out on VM Ware platform, conduction load testing and application stress testing to ensure operational system response times via Outlook 2007/2010 clients and RPC latency.

Confidential, New Jersey

Technical Manager of Directory/Messaging Services


  • Perform complete project ownership and architecture re: Exchange 2007/Windows 2008 R2 (Active Directory) deployment/design/ Installation and configuration of New Exchange 2007 - SP3 Organization perform upgrade and migration of 35730 users from Exchange 2003. Perform project management role re: Migration and upgrade project, scheduling of user migrations and user communication and training re: existing messaging support staff re: same. Creation of VM Ware Infrastructure re: VM Target Windows 2008 & Exchange 2010 on VM Farms.
  • Technical mgmt of IT Support team of 8 team members, perform daily/weekly assignments, present project scope and updates/milestones to mgmt. Presentation of proposed IT Budget and Design plans to steering committee for approval an inception, Managing of Vendor relationship and application licensing agreements, negotiate pricing and coverage re: Microsoft Support and third party applications, etc. Building/Maintaining Blackberry Backend for corporate users, perform routine maintained and patching/Service Pack, Application upgrades re: same. Perform daily Level III troubleshooting, re: E2K7, AD 2008, SMTP Secured Routing, Application migration &VM Hosting for additional internal application farms.
  • Creation of new Change Management Process and Procedures, conduct week change mgmt meetings and documentation/escalation of events to all regions and division heads. Coordinate all outages and proposed events with department heads and company announcements, Work with Cisco Telephony Team regarding the integrations of the updated Cisco phone system into Exchange 2007 UM platform. Develop routing design, configuration of UM agreement, creation of UM IP Gateway for each Comm Server, creation of Hunt Group, Creation of Dial Plan using exchucutil.psi script, configuration of permission values within Active Directory re: UM access, Configuration of A6 values within UM platform, testing of Message Notifications, creation of UM profile re: Auto-attendant, SIPresourceidentifier per comm server. Obtaining and assigning of CA certificates for the E2K7 server farm, apply/config cert per UM Server.
  • Creation of Server build/config documentation re: Windows 2008 SP2 and Exchange 2007 DAG-Clustering/UM Run Books. Building/patching and configuration of: Windows 2008 64 platform, design and implementation storage groups and database sixes and layouts for all of North America clients via Microsoft Best Practices. Configure TLS Internal Routing, Apply Certificates to all Internal/External Routing and ASP Brower Pages, etc.
  • Develop and deliver infrastructure solutions, from Backend Server builds and standards to user Desktop platforms
  • Maintain adherence to architectural standards/principles. Work with in-house developers re: Weblogic applications for in-house ordering re: Construction Supplies, assist with debugging Java applications and gather logs, audits, symbol files to Sun Micro Support team. Daily support of application farms re: Java, IIS, SQL and Oracle base platforms.
  • Perform Backup/Restore monthly compliance process re: Auditing/Legal requirements re: DPM (Data Protection Manger), document re: same, Creation of OWA/Client Access Server, front end design and ISA security for all 180 remote branch locations, Configuration of Mobile access re: Outlook Anywhere and RPC/HTTP

Confidential, Livingston New Jersey

Solutions Architect - Migration Lead


  • Perform daily admin/engineering re: Exchange 2003/2007 Backend servers and Blackberry Server re: policy creations, handheld device mgmt and support for 1200 units re: Blackberry ver. 3.6 & 4.1
  • Daily Level III engineering duties re: daily Help Desk ticket resolution for problem events establishes 97% resolution state monthly re: RIM Blackberry, MS Exchange, Rightfax, Lotus Notes connector, SMTP Gateways and application replay.
  • Perform Envisioning Project re: OCS 2007 (Microsoft Communications Server 2007) for Northern Regions to replace existing Lotus Same Time application
  • Creation of VM Ware server Dev & Testing platforms re: Service Packs, Dev Application updates, etc, Perform in-depth review and comparison re: Same Time vs. OCS 2007 for Mgmt review and decision.
  • Design and implementationof Quest Archive Manager Tool Set,
  • Troubleshooting and problem ownership re:Symantec Security product line works with Symantec resources re: Application debugging and problem resolution.
  • Deployment of Symantec Anti-Virus Application to 2000 servers globally and 16,000
  • Produce monthly MGMT reports re: Effective Security Outcome re: Symantec Protection Suite
  • Creation of technical documentation re: Migration Process, ServerbuildsConfiguration, etc.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Solutions Architect - Migration Project Lead


  • Perform complete migration design and pathway from Exchange 2000 of Parent company (TURNER) to newly created external Origination (BRAVES) to Exchange 2007utilizing the Quest EMW migration tool880 user migration
  • Creation and design of migration scope and collection jobs re: object synchronizations and migrations, Perform Pilot migration of IT pilot users, application testingof migrated accounts and messaging.
  • Creation of MS Exchange 2007cluster servers re: Active Passive via MS Clustering tool, configure nightly backups, document server build and standardization process.
  • Training of Full Time staff re: Quest Exchange Migration Wizard/QMM migration toolsets providetraining on newly created platform MS Exchange 2007clustered environment.
  • Installation and configuration of MOM re: System widemonitoring of the environment, provide cross training re: same.
  • Complete re-designof the Active Directory Forrest to in corporation theMajor League Baseball Standards.
  • Design and implantation re: Symantec Enterprise Vault solution, creation of vault stores and training re: samecreation of custom Discovery Accelerator collections, etc.
  • Analyze EV archiving solution, Modification of configuration re: Best Practiceguidelines.
  • Creation of Symantec Bright Mail gateway platform re: SMTP and Spam capturing inbound/outbound
  • Installation and configuration of Symantec Anti Virus (Server Protect) on all Production Server and client workstations, creation of GPO for package rollout and updates of DAT files.

Confidential, NYC

Solutions Architect - Engineering Lead


  • Assist in New Forrest Design and Messaging Organization with Microsoft re: Parent Company Split,Perform Pilot Migration of65,000 corporate users from existing messaging platform (Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2003)
  • Assist with Global Corporate Separateness project from parent company Altria re:187,000 user globally, creation of new Kraft Forrest and AD design and OU structure. Creation of New Exchange 2003 Org an routing re: Quest Migration Tools (QMM & EMW)
  • Perform global discovery of in-house SMTP applications re: new SMTP relay farm in E2K3 environment and Securing of all SMTP access
  • Creation and testing of System Alerting and Monitoring re: NETIQ and Microsoft MOM re: Best for Companyalerting. Creation of traps and threshold for all levels of monitoring re: Messaging Infrastructure.
  • Creation of GOPs and DHCP scopes for new enterprise environments, creation of Test lab re: VMWARE technologies.
  • Assist with Blackberry Design for new Company Org split from Parent company Altria. Work with RIM re: design and testing re: BES v4.0 and smartphone devices.
  • Perform daily Blackberry administration and design modifications as needed to ensure service deliveryre: BES 3.6/4.1 Serverfor 33,000Blackberry devices nationally.
  • Streamlining of all Global Public Folder Servers and creation of routing redundancy on a regional and cost bases.
  • Building of Exchange 2003 Cluster Farm for Kraft Remote locations, re: Active Passive technology & EMC Centera Systems.Perform JetStressTest and baseline formula for SAN Disk Times
  • Assist with KVS archiving effort for Legal department re: KVS application, assist with design of backend KVS archiving flow and redundancy, creation of new KVS server and clusterfarm for off-site storage re: Tobacco Legal Suit, Archived 2.3 TB of data from Parent Company Phillip Morris.
  • Perform Daily Level III support for Kraft North America regarding Messaging and Directory Servicesre: DNS, DHCP, DSA,and ESM.
  • Act as Team Leadfor North American Messaging Team (11 members), Perform daily support. Upgrades, coordinationand change control re: same, provide 24/7 remote support for all NA Us regions, provide Message routing and database support re: Mail Stores and Client Restoresas needed.
  • Perform Anti-Virus patch mgmt task and upgrades re: SYMANTEC & TREND Technologies.

Confidential, New York, NY

Global Messaging Services Team Lead


  • Technical lead for MS Exchange Level III support and architecture team of 20 staff members providing a true global messaging services, Instrumental in the growth of 10 servers, 3 admin to a 310 servers and 20 admin environment supporting 146,000 users globally.
  • Assist with designing and migration planning and execution of Exchange 2000 global migrationand wireless technologies.
  • Daily administration/configuration re: DHCP/DNS Replication monitoring, troubleshooting daily helpdesk issues to adhere to 100% client relation quota.
  • Perform complete low level discovery on target businesses re: Confidential company buy out regarding both Directory/Messaging platforms, develop digestion plan and project timeline to present to steering committee for approval.
  • Design and implementation of Blackberry Enterprise Server for North America, Creation of Administrative and Design documentation for regions re: implementation and support of the BES service, perform testing and installation of BES infrastructure for (6K users)
  • Creation of Test Lab for BES infrastructure for patch and upgrade testing. Testing of new handheld devices andSmartphone’s.
  • Installation and Configuration of KVS Archiving Solution regarding the FDA Compliance F253, Provide User training regarding the Outlook client
  • Perform Migration of Lotus Notes R4to Exchange 2000 for 5,000 users from an acquired company take over.
  • Assist withMerging of two Large Corporations Messaging and Directory services into one Forrest (Pfizer.com) re: Warner Lambert Take Over, Perform migrations, co-existing strategies and tool sets.
  • Perform and Document Server Recoveries, OWA Load Balances, Fax Connectors and troubleshooting, Black Berry, Anti Virus and Anti Spam Solutions.

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