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Sr. Network Engineer Resume

Bothell, WA


  • Networking professional wif 7 years of experience in network design, implementation, and support.
  • Extensive experience in Routing, switching, firewall technologies, system design, implementation and troubleshooting of complex network systems.
  • Extensive noledge wif VLAN’s, Trunking, RSTP, SNMP, Ether Channels, HSRP, Port Security, ACL’s, QoS, Traffic Policing, Shaping, EIGRP, OSPF, NAT, PAT, Inspections, VPN’s, DHCP, Wireshark etc.
  • Expertise in configuring and troubleshooting of Palo Alto, Juniper NetScreen& SRX Firewalls and their implementation Experience in site - to-site and remote access VPN solutions.
  • Experience working wif Nexus 7K, 5K and 2K.
  • TEMPHas expertise to work in Cisco/Checkpoint/Juniper/F5/Riverbed Products.
  • TEMPHas experience in maintaining huge datacenters wif Heterogeneous environment.
  • Extensive experience in configuring and troubleshooting of protocols RIP v1/v2, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP and MPLS.
  • Hands on Knowledge/experience on F5 load balancers, its methods, implementation and troubleshooting on LTMs and GTMs.
  • Working on PIX (506, 515, 525, 535), ASA (5505/5510) Firewalls.
  • Well experienced in configuring HSRP, GLBP, ICMP, PPP, PAP, OSPF, CHAP and SNMP.
  • Experience in installing and configuring DNS, DHCP server.
  • Expertise in installing, configuring, and maintaining Cisco Switches (2900, 3500, 7600, 3700 series, 6500 series) Cisco Routers (4800, 3800, 3600, 2800, 2600, 2900, 1800, 1700, 800).
  • Expertise in installing, configuring and troubleshooting Juniper Routers ( J,M and MX-series)
  • Extensive experience in designing and configuring of OSPF, BGP on Juniper Routers and SRX Firewalls.
  • Trained wif Riverbed Advanced WAN Optimization.
  • Used Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) to simplify identity management across diverse devices and applications.
  • Extensive experience in dealing wif Vendors for MPLS/DSL installations.
  • Implemented multiple Cisco Nexus based Data-Center environments, as well as 6500/4500/3750 series switches, 7200/3900/2900/1900 series router. Multiple data center migrations and transformation projects, wif great expertise on Wireshark.
  • Worked on network topologies and configurations, TCP/IP, UDP, Frame Relay, ATM, bridges, routers, hubs and switches.
  • Administration and diagnostics of LAN and WAN wif in-depth noledge of TCP/IP, NAT, PPP, ISDN and associates network protocols and services.
  • Configuration of Cisco wireless technology including Wireless LAN Control (WLC).
  • Troubleshooting complex datacenter environment, resolved many critical Severity 1 incidents.
  • Provides technical leadership for problem escalation and resolution.
  • Hands-on experience on Up-gradation of Cisco IOS on different Cisco devices and modules.


Routers: 1700, 1800, 2500, 2600, 3200, 3600, 3700, 3800 and 7200. Cisco ASR 1000 & 9000 Series.

Routing Protocols: OSPF, EIGRP, BGP, RIPv2, Inter VLAN Routing, MPLS, PPP, VoIP

Switches: Cisco L1/L2 Switches (2900, 3560, 4500, 5000 & 6500) Cisco (Nexus 7K, 5K, 2K, 1K)Cisco Catalyst Switches (6500, 4900, 3750, 3500, 4500, 2900 series), ASA, PIX, FWSM, Netscreen.

Switching Protocols: VTP, STP, RSTP, PVST, MSTP, FHRP, HSRP, VRRP, GLBP, Ether Channel, QoS, TCP/IP, MPLS

LAN Technologies: VLANS, VTP, STP, PVST, RSTP, 802.1Q, Port Channel, Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gigabit Ethernet

WAN Technology: Frame Relay, ATM, ISDN, PPP, HDLC, MPLS, Leased lines & exposure to PPP, DS1, DS3, OC3, T1/T3 & SONET, Riverbed Steelhead

Network Management Tools: Cisco Packet Tracer, GNS3, Wireshark, Solar Winds, Active Directory, Netflow Analyzer, HP Open View, Cisco Works, Ethernal, OPNET, Cisco ISE

O.S. Services: DNS, DHCP, Windows (2000/2003, XP), UNIX, LINUX, Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and 2005, VMware.

Juniper Platform: SRX, MX, EX Series Routers

Cisco Server Protocols: TACACS+, RADIUS

Firewalls: Firewalls/VPNs ASA, PIX, Cisco VPN 3000 Series Concentrator VMware, F5 Load Balancers, Network Security, Cisco ACS Firewall, Palo Alto, IPSec, Proxy Servers


Confidential, Bothell, WA

Sr. Network Engineer


  • Configuration, maintenance, and troubleshooting of dynamic routing protocols: BGP, OSPF & EIGRP (route redistribution, distribute lists, route-maps, offset-lists, prefix lists, route summarization, route-feedback, BGP attributes) on Cisco Routers 7613, 7201, and 3945E.
  • Working noledge of frame relay, MPLS services, OSPF, BGP and EIGRP routing protocols, NAT’ing, NAC product sub-netting, also including DNS, LDAP, DHCP, http, HTML, HTTPS, TCP/IP, UDP, SNMP, OSPF, RIP, IPSEC, PPTP, VLAN, STP (Spanning tree Protocol), RTSP & Multicasting protocols
  • Worked on design and implementation of Virtual Switching System (VSS) for both User segment and server segment using 6509-V-E catalyst switches
  • Worked on design and implementation of Data center migration.
  • Designed, Implemented and Troubleshot Cisco 3750, 3550, 3560, 2924, 6509-V-E, 6513, 6504, 6503, 6506, 6500 series switches, GSR, ASR routers wif Cisco IOS and IOS-XR and NX
  • Installed, configured and managed Cisco routers such as 7200 series, 3800 series, 3700 series, 2800 series and Cisco Catalyst switch series 6500, 4500, 3500, and 2900.
  • Worked on Upgradation of data center network environment wif Cisco ASA 5520 & Used Cisco 5520 Wireless Controller to Support centralized, distributed, and mesh deployments
  • Configured ACL’s on Cisco Switches as well as configured routers as terminal servers.
  • Configured Cisco Wireless LAN Controller (WLC) 5500, 4400 series and Lightweight Access point.
  • Configured Wireless LAN FlexConnect and worked extensively on Flex 7500.
  • Involved in operations and administration of WAN consisting Ethernet Handoffs, T1, DS3, and Optic Fiber Handoffs.
  • Supported EIGRP and BGP based on teh network by resolving level 2 & 3 problems of internal teams & external customers of all locations.
  • Installed & Troubleshooted layer 2 and 3 issues on Brocade routers and switches
  • Worked on Racking, Stacking, configuring, Nexus 5K and 2K and 7K.
  • Installed wireless access points (WAP) at various locations in teh company.
  • Actively involved in switching technology Administration including creating and managing VLANS, Port security - 802.1x, Trunking 802.1Q, RPVST+, Inter-VLAN routing, and LAN security on Cisco Catalyst Switches 4507R+E, 6509-E and Cisco Nexus Switches 2232, 5596, 7009.
  • Performed various scheduled maintenance tasks across numerous platforms and datacenters such as building VLANs and configuring switch ports on Cisco, Brocade
  • Have Setup and configure network monitoring and management systems like Whatsup and BNA (brocade).
  • Configured Voice ports and Dial peers on teh call manager for teh VOIP call to reach remote destination.
  • Worked on configuration and commissioning of teh MPLS circuits for various branch offices.
  • Provided Daily network support for national wide area network consisting of MPLS, VPN and point-to-point site.

Confidential, Columbia, MO

Senior Network Consultant


  • Successfully migrated teh cisco legacy environment which consist of 6500, 4500 to Cisco Nexus 7k/5k/2k.
  • Designed and configured of OSPF, BGP on Juniper Routers and SRX Firewalls.
  • Security policy review and configuration in Palo Alto and Juniper SRX Firewall in US offices and Datacenter.
  • Configured & managed around 500+ Network &Security Devices that includes Cisco Routers & Switches, Nexus Switches, Juniper and Palo Alto Firewalls, F5 BigIP Load balancers, BlueCoat Proxies and Riverbed WAN Optimizers.
  • Regular upgrades and maintenance of Infrastructure, Installations, configurations, and maintenance of Cisco Switches (2900, 3500, 7600, 3700 series, 6500 series) Cisco Routers (4800, 3800, 3600, 2800, 2600, 2900, 1800, 1700, 800) Cisco Router and Switches, Juniper Routers and Firewalls, Nexus 7k,5k & 2k, f5 BIG IP, Palo Alto Firewalls, BlueCoat Proxy and Riverbed Steelhead appliances.
  • Configured policy statements, routing instances, route manipulation on RIP, OSPF and BGP.
  • Migrated Sites from EIGRP to OSPF & Migrated Data Center Backend Firewalls from PIX to teh ASA.
  • Deployed Checkpoint GAIA Firewalls at teh Data Centers.
  • Involved in Coordinating wif Vendors for creating and modifying firewalls, NAT rules, Maintaining Site to Site and SSL VPN.
  • Switching technologies like VLAN, Inter-VLAN Routing, Ether-channel, VTP, MLS, HSRP, VRRP, UDLD, Spanning Tree Protocol 802.1d, 802.1s and 802.1w.
  • Migrated teh user access switch environment which is of HP 5406 to Cisco 3750X, 3750G and 3750V2 environment to get gigabit speed.
  • Maintained a backup environment build out of HP8212ZL and HP5406ZL wif 10G uplinks to teh core.
  • Troubleshooting complex issues wif Wireshark at source and destination which can’t be resolved by teh basic troubleshooting like ARP, firewall logs, switch logs and tcp dump.
  • Responsible for logging/Resolving teh severity calls logged in by Incident management.

Confidential, Plano, TX

Sr. Network Engineer


  • Part of Network security team who will be responsible for Installing/Maintaining teh Firewalls.
  • Day to day activities includes addressing new installations/troubleshooting existing issue across Checkpoint FW (splat/Nokia), Juniper ISG1000 etc.
  • Will be responsible for assessing teh vulnerability of port openings requested by business across teh Globe.
  • Deployed teh Nexus 7000/5000/2000 architecture into production securing competitive advantage across multiple verticals.
  • Converting CatOS to Cisco IOS Config Conversion on distribution layer switches
  • Convert Branch WAN links from TDM circuits to MPLS and to convert encryption from IPSec/GRE to GetVPN.
  • Conversions to BGP WAN routing. Which will be to convert WAN routing from OSPF to BGP (OSPF is used for local routing only) which involves new wan links.
  • Planning, Designing and assisting in deploying enterprise wide Network Security and High Availability Solutions for ASA.
  • Monitoring and Inspecting throughput on HP Tipping point Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) S330 series through command line interface and Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS).
  • Using Cisco ACE 4700 we reduced data center power and teh ACE platform helps to secure data centers and serves as a last line of defense for servers and applications in data centers.
  • Involved in Configuration of Access lists (ACL) on Juniper and Palo Alto firewall for teh proper network routing for teh B2Bnetwork connectivity.
  • Troubleshooting and management Cisco, Juniper, Huawei, Redback and Extreme devices.
  • Established user identity, location, and access history, which can be used for compliance and reporting using Cisco ISE.
  • Used Cisco 5520 Wireless LAN Controller (WLC) to Support up to 1500 access points and 20,000 clients.
  • Have created lot of site to site IPSEC VPN tunnel wif Checkpoint, Juniper Netscreen firewalls and Cisco PIX/ASA firewalls. Completed a project to update teh patch HFA50 across all teh firewall to overcome teh bugs in teh existing version of R65.


Network Engineer


  • Configured Ether channels, Trunks, Vlans, HSRP in a LAN environment.
  • Responsible for monitoring teh Network performance based on company’s Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • Documented teh company’s design, implementation and troubleshooting procedures.
  • Configured VLANs wif 802.1Q Tagging according to teh Server team’s requirements.
  • Tested teh new zone for failover capabilities and redundancy. Connected teh Distribution routers to teh Core routers via OSPF Areas.
  • Involved in troubleshooting of DNS, DHCP and other IP conflict problems.
  • Performed IOS upgrades on various catalyst series switches and maintained latest IOS versions according to company’s policy.
  • Responsible for cabling and labeling based on day to day requirement and Racking & Stacking of various network equipment and made sure that there are no connectivity issues using ping and tracer.
  • Provided Helpdesk support that involved identifying and escalating teh tickets to specific groups.
  • Responsible for level 2 support of existing network technologies /services& integration of new network technologies / services.
  • Configured VSS on Cisco Catalyst 6509 switches in order to have redundancy. Worked on T1/E1/T3 technologies and different LAN & WAN technologies.
  • Supported various LAN environments consisting of Cisco 6500 switches wif Sup-720.
  • Designed and implemented Cisco 7500, 7200, 6500, 3600, 2600 Series routers in lab environment to reproduce various issues and test fixes for them.
  • Troubleshooting complex LAN /WAN infrastructure that include routing protocols EIGRP, OSPF.
  • Involved in configuration of OSPF Summarization (Summarizing internal and external routes).
  • Experienced in implementation and troubleshooting noledge of protocols and technologies, especially in teh following: BGP4, OSPF, IPv4, and Ethernet.

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