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Senior Software Engineer Resume

Cary, NC


Information Technology professional well - versed in server and storage technologies offering expertise in SAN and Storage, with emphasis in data protection support strategies such as backup/restore, disaster recovery, business continuity. Experienced in leading vendor products and technologies such as Networker, Avamar, Data Domain, DDBOOST, DPA Veritas Net Backup, Open Systems such as Solaris, AIX, Linux, Unix. Responsibilities and roles include system administration, QA, Technical support, development, system engineer . Skilled developer and programmer in C, C++, Ruby, Python, Perl, etc besides an expert at unix shell (BASH) programming. Track record of providing high-level support for multiple operating environments, networks, and solutions. Demonstrated success in delivering technical support, service and training to end users of system. Picked up broad range of expertise and applied and mastered depth of skills in certain products and platforms such as AIX, through professional development, training and hands-on experience. Strong team-player with strengths in providing high-productivity, quick learning, creative problem resolution, high customer satisfaction and leadership. Worked in several aspects of the product development cycle including design, coding, testing, support, and training. Technical strengths include systems and applications software, networking and storage networking protocols and concepts, product builds, installations, tools etc.


LANGUAGES: C, Unix Shell programming (KSH, BASH, BSH), html, Ruby, C++, Java, Python, Perl, Power Shell scripting

OPERATING SYSTEMS: AIX (Power Systems), Unix, Linux(RHEL and SLES), Windows, Solaris, HP-UX, VMWare

SOFTWARE: CMVC, Lotus Notes, Lotus 123, MS PowerPoint, Freelance, MS Excel, MS Project, MS Word, Confidential Retain, Rational, Veritas Net Backup, Symantec Backup Exec, Networker, Avamar, Data Protection Advisor (DPA), Service Now, Ansible, Puppet, Websphere


SERVERS: Confidential System P, HMC, RS6000, Sun, HP, Confidential 390s

STORAGE: Confidential DS series, Confidential VNX, VMAX, NetApp, Data Domain, Pure Storage

SAN: Brocade and Cisco MDS SAN switches.


Confidential, Cary, NC

Senior Software Engineer


  • Implement, develop, enhance and maintain Data Protection suite and engineering standards for multi-site infrastructure consisting of AIX (Power Systems), Windows, Linux servers, Avamar, Networker, NetApp and Confidential Data Domain storage
  • Analyze logs and error messages and help resolve, guide and take preventive action for the escalated issues related to storage and data protection issues for multiple hosts (AIX, Linux, Windows, VMware, etc.)
  • Provisioning of SAN storage luns from Confidential and NetApp enterprise storage
  • Configuring of backup-restore servers and clients and setting up policies on Avamar, Netapp, Networker.

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Senior Software Engineer


  • Design and implement a strategy for maintaining legal hold and long term retention backup data saved with TSM which was being sunset for Networker version 9.0.1. Required working with Networker cli commands and TSM commands and integrating scripts that identified the savesets or legacy TSM backups and identified the tapes required to archive or restore as needed.
  • Implement, develop, enhance and maintain Data Protection suite and engineering standards for multi-site infrastructure consisting of AIX, Windows, Linux servers and Confidential Data Domain storage
  • Tasks included communicating with customer, analyzing their problems, provide solutions work-arounds, fixes, patches etc. Managed breaks / fix issues for hardware and software issues.
  • Diagnose TSM, Networker and Avamar platform issues (framework and client side) on AIX servers (Power systems). and support complex, business critical environment including physical and virtual infrastructure
  • Produce basic project plans, root cause analysis documents, change/risk assessments, and product management documentation. Report on progress to management.
  • Develop technical partnership with engineering, architecture and operations teams

Confidential, Research Triangle Park, NC

Senior Software Engineer


  • Updating the systems by patching (AIX, Solaris, HP UX, and Linux) in regular basis.
  • Responsibilities included maintaining and supporting installation and upgrades of AIX OS including patches, providing support for migration of AIX LPARS, evaluating and providing guidance on compatibility issues related to AIX servers and SAN storage, application driver patch levels etc. Troubleshooting AIX and SAN issues.
  • Provisioning of storage for QA and Development servers from VNX and Pure Storage
  • Managed breaks / fix issues for hardware and software issues.
  • Produce basic project plans, root cause analysis documents, change/risk assessments, and product management documentation.
  • Responsible for participating in the execution of procedures for ensuring the quality and serviceability of new features and releases of software for the Data Domain De-duplicating Backup Restore System
  • Design, create and execute Backup/restore and lifecycle policies with Net Backup, Backup Exec, Networker, Avamar
  • Author and execute test cases, using defined methodologies for manual and/or automated tests. Substantial amount of time devoted to converting manual test cases into automation, using python, perl, ruby and bash scripting.
  • Responsible for tests, methods, and procedures to ensure continuous improvement to software quality assurance and serviceability standards.
  • Responsible for administration of AIX servers and the SAN environment used by development and test teams.
  • Assist, development and support to isolate, reproduce and track bugs and verify them. Analyze test results to ensure existing functionality and recommend corrective action. Document test results and manage and maintain defect and test case databases to assist in the continuous improvement and modification of software.
  • Perform assessment and planning of test efforts required for new functions/features under development.
  • Influence design changes to improve quality and features testability.
  • Consult with quality and development engineers in resolution of complex problems

Confidential, Raleigh, NC

Technical Support Engineer


  • Primary responsibility in driving to resolution customer field problems
  • Tasks included communicating with customer, analyzing their problems, provide solutions work-arounds, fixes, patches etc.
  • Designated AIX specialist in the team for customer problems related to AIX servers with storage.
  • Some cases would require interfacing with OEM, and developers to provide solutions.
  • Occasional customer site visits

Confidential, Raleigh, NC

AIX System Administrator


  • System Administrator for a server farm consisting of 46 pSeries LPARs hosting oracle applications and databases for the Liquor Control Board of the Confidential .
  • Responsible for all Sys Admin related tasks including, data migration, rollouts, installations, scheduled maintenance, coordinating support and problem determination and resolution, interacting with other parts of the solution (storage, SAN, networking, etc.).
  • Played major role in the rollout of P6 and P5 LPARs, including migrating of applications from one location to another, from p5 to p6, setting up flash copy setup, upgrading of operating systems, hmc software, system firmware, setting up SAN and storage, etc.
  • Worked on designing and implementing NIM environment

Confidential, RTP, NC

Advisory Software Design Engineer


  • Primary task was to take ownership of customer problems associated with SAN, isolate the problem to the faulty component, engage the appropriate product support team and drive the problem to resolution.
  • Handled many critical situation problems and made a big mark in improving Customer satisfaction
  • Designated as the point person for all issues involving Linux, Unix, and AIX servers both in customer problems and in team lab.
  • Earned the respect of team mates through level of skills and willingness to help
  • Performed all system management tasks in the lab for AIX and Linux Servers.

Support team lead and Subject Matter Expert AIX System Administration



  • Tasks included taking customer calls, perform problem determination, isolate problems, and engage appropriate support teams for problem resolution.
  • Delivered product training to support team in Europe.
  • Developed tools for automated upgrade of software stack on the solution. Resulted in considerable savings of upgrade time and potential for errors and increased down time. Immense customer satisfaction and Confidential cost-savings accomplishment.
  • Installation, setup, and configuration and recovering failed systems at customer site.
  • Acquired and enhanced skills in DS4000, AIX, Linux, System P, HACMP, TSM, AIX storage, AIX and Linux filesystems, Brocade Fibre Switch, and used them effectively to resolve field problems, develop education material and teach classes

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