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Network Engineer Resume


  • Comprehensive knowledge of CISCO networking technologies and protocols.
  • Extensive knowledge of Network System Engineering methods.
  • Skilled in designing, planning and implementing LAN/WAN solutions.
  • Excellent Switching troubleshooting skill for routing protocols EIGRP, BGP, OSPF,RIP and
  • MPLS VPN networks.
  • Proficient in technical and non - technical communication, both in oral and written.
  • Good leadership skills and has the ability to guide and provide technical direction.


Network Hardware: Cisco Routers (3900, 2900, 1900, 800)

Cisco Catalyst Switch (6500, 5500, 4900, 4500, 3000, 3100):

Routing/Switching: WAN, LAN, TCP/IP, Spanning Tree, BPDU, CDP, Frame - relay, PPP, Network Address Translation (NAT), Port Address Translation (PAT), Access Control List (ACL), RIP, OSPF, EIGRP, BGP, MPLS, SNMP, SMTP, ARP, TCP, UDP, Static Routing, Stub Routing, VLAN Trunking, Multi-Area OSPF, VLAN, VTP, HSRP, SVI, CEF, Etherchannel, Portfast..

Security Technologies: AAA, IPS/IDS, TACACS+, RADIUS, SSH, VPN, Cisco ACS, Data Loss Prevention, IPSec, Data.

Monitoring Tools/Hardware: Finisar, Wireshark, Remedy, Openview, Cacti, Nagios, CCP, VMware, Solar winds, F5, Cisco Works, LogicMonitor, Cisco Security Manager Suite, DNS Servers, DHCP Servers, NTP Server, TFTP Server, Syslog, FTP, SFTP.



Network Engineer


  • Troubleshoot and repair network related problems.
  • Identify network configuration and/or performance irregularities and develop procedures to
  • respond to these irregularities in a timely manner
  • Create/maintain network support documentation.
  • Ensure entire network is properly monitored.
  • Ensure that alerts regarding network outages are addressed in a timely manner.
  • Implement and support network Infrastructure.
  • Maintain a high level of functionality and availability of all VPN links, routers, Gateways
  • Install, configure, and support Cisco (2800, 2900, 2800, and 3900 series) Routers.
  • Successfully Implemented New OOB Solution in Confidential environment.
  • Providing network Support for Wachovia Migration Effort in order to resolve any Routing Switching and any Issues arise with newly introduced Out Of Band Solution
  • Day to Day Troubleshooting Experience with SSH configuration and testing with new and existing device
  • Work with outside vendors and internal organizations to have various surveys performed and required equipment installed.
  • Resolve client connectivity, interference, and other networking issues.
  • Writing Change documentation based on Standards documentation.
  • Performing Peer reviews of team members work to verify accuracy, wording, and functionality.
  • Providing Support after the change event
  • Troubleshoot routing/switching issues such as BGP, EIGRP, ACL s VLANs, VTP, and spanning tree issues.


Network/Firewall Engineer - Global Support


  • Implemented Site - to-Site VPNs between ASA Firewall and Router
  • Migration of existing IPSEC VPN tunnels from Pre-Shared key to Certificate Authority for purpose of scaling
  • Implemented Site-to-Site VPNs over the internet utilizing 3DES, AES/AES-256 with PIX Firewalls
  • Troubleshoot customer issues that come from phone calls and trouble tickets.
  • Call customers back or schedule bridge calls as appropriate.
  • Script changes to be executed during regular maintenance windows.
  • Script and execute emergency changes and break-fix solutions as necessary.
  • Citrix Netscaler and F5 load balancer troubleshooting:
  • Determine why traffic can t get through a VIP and to its intended destination.
  • Create VIPs and modify load balancing parameters after determining the best solutions to meet customers needs.
  • Link and update certificates for HTTPS servers that are on, or managed by load balancers.
  • Create, analyze and modify custom monitors for load balancer VIPs.
  • Create and troubleshoot RNATs on load balancers and firewalls.
  • Create and analyze packet captures on Citrix Netscaler load balancers Cisco ASA and PIX firewall troubleshooting
  • Create and troubleshoot VPN tunnels.
  • Determine the most appropriate location to add firewall rules in order to allow new traffic.
  • Analyze existing firewall rules to determine why traffic cannot pass between source and destination, then script changes to correct the situation.
  • Create, modify, implement and trouble shoot object-groups on firewalls.
  • Work with virtual firewall contexts in the course of trouble shooting.
  • Create and analyze packet captures on Cisco firewalls.
  • Provide escalated Global On call support for Data Center Issues.
  • Responsible for resolving SEV 1 and SEV 2 routing protocol related issues
  • Responsible for resolving SEV 1 and SEV 2 Citrix Netscaler, F5, Checkpoint and Clavister Firewall related issues
  • Troubleshoot tickets and provide resolution or escalate accordingly
  • Responsible for Network security device, Firewall, IPS
  • Member of the global security team (Special Network Operations) responsible for leading technically network and security customized solutions for the major key account for the outsourced environment.
  • Responsible for providing consultative, pro-active and sometimes reactive support to internal areas such as NOC, SOC and Solutions Architecture team.
  • Responsible for Configuration, implementation and problem determination across the major firewall platforms and understanding each customer environment at a detailed level.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve all ACL and Rule based issues According to the SLA for Highly Managed Customers
  • Create and Review scripts for ACL and load balancer change request
  • Providing support as an assigned Engineers for multiple highly Managed customers for US and Europe regions
  • On call weekly rotation for resolving any Firewall, Load Balancer and Juniper break fix
  • Supporting More than 82000 Managed devices worldwide for Verizon business Customers
  • Supporting More than 100000 Cloud Customers worldwide for Verizon business
  • Providing oversight for the design and implementation of the policies, procedures, systems and safeguards necessary to ensure the integrity of information systems assets and to protect those assets from inadvertent or intentional access or destruction
  • Create/maintain network support documentation
  • Install and configure Juniper and Cisco Routers and Switches for the Web Hosting Clients.
  • Configure Juniper routers with protocols, such as OSPF, BGP.
  • Manage Cisco routers and switches, including performing installations, upgrades, configurations and management
  • Assist in performing network analysis, monitoring, and troubleshooting
  • Configure WAN technologies, including ATM, Frame Relay, and Point-to-Point circuits
  • Troubleshoot and resolve Sev 1 and Sev 2 routing and switching Issues
  • Provide expert knowledge in the development of DMZs and other security tools and processes, as required

Confidential - Dallas, TX

Network Engineer - Federal Support Team


  • Provide end to end support for the Lockheed Nation Wide Network.
  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of Cisco 7206/3660/3640/2600/2500 series routers
  • Installed and configured Cisco Catalyst switch 6506/4006/3548/2924XL on a VLAN
  • Configured/troubleshoot Site to Site VPN tunnels with the clients on Cisco ASA 5500 Platform
  • Designed and implemented various Routing protocols such as OSPF, EIGRP, RIP, BGP across networks in multiple locations
  • Technologies supported (but not limited to) include dial up connections, ISDN, frame relay, T1/E1,ATM,MPLS, HSRP, NAT, Quality of Service, Voice over IP,WLAN, Redistribution
  • Provide Level 2 LAN/WAN hardware and software support, installation and configuration on Network. Devices including but not limited to Routers and Switches (IOS and CatOS).
  • Perform hands on problem determination; break fix vendor/carrier problems.
  • Responsible for upgrading codes for new or existing Hardware
  • Writing Configurations or new Layer2 and Layer 3 devices
  • Setup and Stacking 3750 G,X and 4500 series
  • Responsible for creating and successfully closing CRQ (Service Request for any upgrade etc.)
  • Operating System review, testing, implementation and debug of OS upgrades.
  • Test and modify vendor - supplied operating systems and the associated configurations as needed.
  • Assist with Services Request and Business as Usual work queue management.
  • Assist engineering and operational staff with low and moderately complex support issues. Proactively identify potential issues and help recommend potential solutions.
  • Responsible for monitoring network devices using monitoring platforms (i.e. SolarWinds, NetMri).
  • Work closely with Local Exchange Carriers and ISP to obtain status on network related circuit outages.
  • Scheduling and attendance on overnight maintenance Windows.
  • Create, execute, and analyze capacity and performance reports.
  • Participate in 24x7 on call rotation as required.
  • Review and implement low level network configuration changes.
  • Develop and track solutions to existing issues.
  • Work with firewall, proxy, DNS and application teams for upgrading Codes and resolving network and application issues.
  • Accept escalations on switching, routing, connectivity and equipment issues.
  • Ensure all network devices conform to defined network standards.
  • Write, schedule and implement network changes.
  • Analyze traffic using Wireshark and TCP Dumps as part of network troubleshooting.

Confidential - Richardson, TX

Connectivity Specialist 1


  • Configured and supported Cisco routers and switches both at the provider and customer end.
  • Provided support for Frame Relay, ATM, Ethernet, DSL, P2P, T1, T3, OC3 and MPLS VPN networks.
  • Troubleshoot RIP, IGRP, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, MP - BGP and MPLS VPN networks.
  • Identified and troubleshoot network outages and issues and worked towards timely resolution. Worked with internal and external departments if the ability to resolve the issue lies with other entities.
  • Provided performance, resilience and security by configuring CPE with ACL, NAT, PAT, DHCP, SNMP and DNS services.
  • Analyzed and resolved customer connectivity and system performance issues using various network tools.
  • Owned a case until resolution was reached, and assured the contact with the customer (verbally written) in every stage of the process.
  • Provided Domain Name Services and supported customers having email issues. Supported Web Hosting customers, and worked with the DNS and web administrators to resolve service issues.
  • Proactively monitored Dedicated Access Product customer circuits, and informed customers of service disruptions.
  • Provided support for Hosted IP Communication Solution (HIPCS) customers; a fully hosted, voice over IP solution that provides traditional voice services and web-based application.
  • BMC Remedy ticketing system and tools were used on day to day basis.

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