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Lead Electrical Engineer Resume

New York, NY


  • Designed, simulated and tested an MPA at a resonating frequency of 2 Ghz using a R3035 20 mil thick substrate. This MPA included - 10dB fractional bandwidth of 10% and a match frequency less than -15dB. It also included an input impedance match network to a standard 50 Ω SMA connector. The simulations were conducted using AWR software.
  • Implemented the skills gained in EDA and using Eagle software designed for a binary up/down counter using rapid PCB prototyping using PTH and SMT technology.
  • Designed a notch filter for a signal with noise, the noise was to be attenuated 90%. Simulation and verification of the filter using MATLAB.
  • Using a FreeScale microprocessor, C programing created a system in which a motor’s revolutions per minute were counted and displayed in an LCD, it was also displayed in MATLAB through serial communication.


Software: AutoCAD, SolidWorks, MATLAB, Workbench, PSPICE, Sketch-Up, EAGLE, AWR, Microsoft Office. C, Java, Python. Equipment Oscilloscope, Multimeter, Freesacale HCS12, JEOL, SEM, Gold Sputter, XYZ gantry systems, Optical microscopes, Digital microscope, Micro balance, standard scales, Ultrasonic bath, XYZ plasma system, Corona generator, Ovens, Web coating spray equipment. Languages Fluent in English and Spanish


Confidential, New York, NY

Lead Electrical Engineer


  • Designed layouts using AutoCAD for various solar racking system to meet the customer's specifications by using pull test and ballast calculations.
  • Designed different mechanical components for the solar tracker system using SolidWorks.

Confidential, Milton, NY

Acting Laboratory Supervisor


  • Lead weekly scheduling meetings for upcoming tests and manage requirement schedules.
  • Maintain accuracy of Lab Reports and data.
  • Schedule coordination and approvals for equipment and Applications Engineers.
  • Maintain station readiness for testing such as scheduling, supply restocking.
  • Confirm Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), equipment capabilities and schedules for safe processing of lab work.
  • Amend and revise laboratory reports.
  • Primary operator of Scanning Electron Machine (SEM) and Gold Sputter machine for Stent, MEMS and other coatings used for process verification.
  • Conduct testing as the primary or assisting for customer testing.
  • Industries/ applications served by the lab: Medical device, Semiconductor, Medical bandages, Glass coatings, Fuel Cell, Blood collection tubes, Balloon catheter coating.
  • Assisted Application engineers with set up and testing for different companies to obtain customer's desired results.
  • Evaluation and procurement recommendation of the Gold Sputter.
  • Enforcement and enhancement of Lab 5S.

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