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It Infrastructure Analyst Resume

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New York, NY


  • I am a certified IT professional wif strong noledge and experience in Network Administration, Systems Support, IT Ticketing System, Applications / Infrastructure Monitoring, Cisco routers and switches, Troubleshooting, LAN/WAN Technologies and Level 3 Technical Support. Manrique a A.A.S Degree in Computer Information Science and I hold current certifications for: Comp - TIA Network, SBCA (Satellite Broadcasting and Communication Association) and Certified SARBAND (Satellite Broadband).
  • Experience operating in 2000/NT/XP/W7,W8 Cisco IOS/CBOS 2.0 and Mac environments. Cross connected and punch down copper to 66/100 termination blocks, 89 Crone blocks and ILEC RJ21X DMAR Blocks. Tip and Ring, test line continuity and stability using progressive test equipment. Trace and cross connect over ILEC DMARC and MPOE areas to existing building facility.
  • Working Knowledge of Direct TV, Dish Network, Direct-Way Internet Satellite, Telephony, Fiber Optics, Voice-Over IP, Telco POTS services and Infrastructure. Knowledge of VPN, VLAN, TCP/IP, IPX and Net-Beui Networking protocols. Setup Network Neighborhood WIFI system covering 360 degrees wif sector Antennas covering over a 1 mile radius of Broadband service.
  • Experience Installing Ruckus Zone-Flex 7762-S Wireless Sector Access Points wif 5G Antennas for AT&T Wireless, configuring Cisco routers, switches and Firewalls, Knowledge using Pro-comm Plus, C++, Visual Basic, Medical Manager, Office 2000/XP/ Outlook, as well as other desktop office and Publishing software. Installing voice modules and configuring Cisco IOS MGCP and H323 gateways wif analog FXS, FXO, and digital T1 interface to PSTN; configuring Cisco IOS.


Confidential, New York, NY

IT Infrastructure Analyst


  • Monitor All Branch Application environment and Infrastructure failures; Circuits, WS, Servers, Router, Switches, ATM's, and Door poppers globally via VSM, KTC, Casper, Adlex, Mercury, Site-scope, System monitor, Aternity and many other Monitoring alert consoles.
  • Maintain incident records, classify, and prioritize alerts/issues wifin teh environment by creating and escalating tickets wif Remedy, Service-Now, VT and Infoman.
  • Contact support teams, open bridge lines wif business communication and management escalations.
  • Identify, track, and resolve any pain affecting technology environment from an application or business process point of view.
  • Monitor all batch flow processing and insure timely completion of endpoints/milestones. Identify delays or bottlenecks using proprietary and vendor tools and resolve or escalate accordingly. Perform preliminary software push and reloads to branch workstations and servers.
  • Respond to all hardware faults or failures requiring escalation and support from outside vendors.
  • Work wif vendors toward resolving these incidents. Report them via problem tracking software.
  • Troubleshoot intermittent LAN/WAN, Wireless, ATM's or Client/Server issues. Analyze and present data to explain teh cause. Prepared and submits reports and or projects covering shift activities.
  • Provided Satellite communications and network support wifin a team in teh Middle East, Africa, Russia, and France for teh Harris Corporation.
  • Provided technical support for field projects involving VSAT, Microwave, and WAN technologies remotely threw Satellite Broadband beam.
  • Troubleshot TDMA and Configured I-Direct Modems teh used of I-Monitor, I-Site and I Builder for firmware upgrades.
  • TelePort Live Broadcast for ABC Stations, Show-Time, Bank of America and others.
  • Troubleshot low noise amplifiers, transceivers and satellite modems.
  • Provided field-level documentation for 'as-built' modifications to project drawings.
  • Perform area network administration during installation process and follow-up for customers.
  • Prepared and submits reports covering all daily job activities.

Confidential, New York, NY

Network Engineer/Help Desk Level II


  • Debugged and resolve Desktop, Servers, Routers, Switches and Fire Walls related issues at Procter & Gamble Firm supporting multiple offices .
  • Assisted over 400 clients wif hardware and application problems on site or remotely used Net-Meeting. Performed Data Migrations, Backups, and Intranet Account Setups used Active Directory, Terminal Server Setup and Account Maintenance.
  • Contacted network carriers (AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and British Telecom) to act as 1st respondents to network outages.
  • Monitored and updated Tickets threw HP-Open-View Service Desk (Q).
  • Setup and Installed Cisco IP Phones, activated and distributed Secure Access Keys to local and out of state staff.
  • Participated in bi-weekly meetings, conferences calls and presentations on site or HP online Virtual Rooms.
  • Prepared and submitted reports covered all daily job activities.
  • Coordinated, maintained, and installed all data center connectivity including copper and all low voltage cables wifin teh facility.
  • Terminated and tested coax, CAT5, and fiber cables wifin teh data center.
  • Configured, racked, and stacked client and internal computer networking equipment into teh data center while adhering to teh appropriate procedures and standards of teh company.
  • Project lead on multiple aspects of teh operation of teh Data Center.
  • Worked closely wif teh data center manager regarding all cabling requirements wifin teh data center facility.
  • Debugged and resolved Desktop, Servers, Routers, Switches, Fire Walls related issues.
  • Monitored and updated Remedy Ticket Q, Cisco Unified Communication Manager on installations, moves, additions, changes, and system administration.
  • Responsibilities also included reboot, backup, tape management, labeling, cable management, racking, and power reading for over 600 company's equipment in teh data center.

Confidential, New York, NY

Field System Engineer


  • Migrated over 150 Fleet National Banks (LAN-WAN Systems) in NY, NJ, CT & PA to teh Bank of America (LAN-WAN) New System.
  • Installed, configured and troubleshot Banking Servers, Cisco Systems 2600, 3745 routers and 3550, 3920 Switches and it's components 2/4AS cards, token-ring, 1B-U, 1DSU-T1 and GBIC adapters.
  • Install and troubleshoot ISDN circuits, T1 smart-jacks and Bank ATM's. Run CAT-6 and Fiber Optic cables to 48 port patch panel routed to LAN, WAN, Mostler Banking Security System, ATM's, Routers, Firewalls and Switches.
  • Also responsible for decommission of Fleet equipment, RMA teh management of spare units, teh company vehicle threw Avis rental and teh closing of each branch when Migration, repairs or decommissioning TEMPhas been completed.
  • Performed inside and out wiring for residential and commercial sites.
  • Setup, repaired and troubleshot satellite dishes and receivers on various locations, for TV Broadcasting and Internet satellite services threw Direct Way.
  • Setup customers account while onside, configure and setup EU workstations and their DW4000 and DW6000 satellite modems.
  • Managed personal inventory of spare equipment (SBCA & STARBAND Certified).


Field Installation Technician


  • Installed DSL and T1 services for Covad Communication and performed inside wiring, krone block punch down and new phone line installation for Broad-view Network.
  • Configured Netopia, Efficient Networks, Para-dyne and Zyxel routers used TCP/ IP or Bridge mode for a few of our clients, such as AT&T, Sprint, AOL, Earth-link, Dsl.net, Mega-path, Speakeasy, XO and SBC Services.
  • Troubleshot at teh Verizon Covad Central Offices.
  • Reset cards at teh Dslam, reconnected line splitters, and verified connectivity between POTS and LINES for line-share DSL services.
  • Managed personal inventory of spare equipment.

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