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Network Provisioning Analyst Resume

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  • An experienced problem solver for complex provisioning and telecommunications issues, I want to bring my 11+ years of experience to help test end to end and functional requirements in a variety of environments.


  • Windows
  • UNIX
  • MS - DOS
  • Visual Basic 5.0
  • C/C++/.Net
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Visio
  • WebLogic
  • Java
  • JPayment
  • POS
  • Jenkins
  • Manhatten OMS
  • OSM
  • ASAP
  • UIM
  • SAT Tool
  • Gateway
  • Parallels
  • Instant Stack
  • Order Router
  • Oracle Developer 2000
  • PL SQL
  • Sybase
  • SQL Developer
  • Toad 7.3
  • TCP/IP
  • FTP / Telnet
  • Putty
  • Orchestrate Tool (ETL)
  • Lotus Notes
  • Test Director
  • Quality Center
  • HP ALM
  • TTrack
  • JackTrack
  • Clear Quest
  • SQR
  • Crystal Report
  • JIRA
  • Remedy
  • Confluence
  • Atlassian Chalk
  • Lync
  • Win Runner
  • Amdocs Billing System
  • Telegence
  • CARE
  • Axys
  • Seibel Billing Systems
  • CSG Billing System
  • People Soft 8.x
  • Network Switches
  • Nortel
  • Cedar Point
  • Broadsoft
  • Sonus
  • Meta Soft
  • Meta View
  • SIP
  • RF
  • Routers
  • Neustar
  • APS
  • Video
  • Internet
  • Voip
  • IVR


Network Provisioning Analyst



  • Provision HSD, VoIP and Video for Legacy NextGen Charter, Time Warner, and Bright House
  • Utilize OSM, UIM, BACC, DRUM, ASAP, PARALLEL’s ODIN, Voice Log, TPV, SAT, Charter Gateway, CSG, OM, Sigma, CSR Admin, Metaswitch, SONUS, NORTEL, CEDAR Point, Broadsoft, Neustar, and Acision tools
  • Develop materials for UIM Methods and Procedures as a part of training documents
  • Document NGP and TCP reports daily
  • Perform daily data clean - up (re-flow, abort, skip, complete) for various fall-outs using SOAP and Jenkins across all Legacy and NextGen systems.
  • Create test accounts with different combinations for various teams to test production behavior, resolve issues, or to open CRs to address the issues
  • Work Remedy and APO tickets opened by various teams and contact ITPROV for escalations
  • Use Switches (Nortel, CedarPoint, BroadSoft, Sonus, Metaswitch) to create new subscribers, business groups, MADNs, configure SIP, hunt groups, and Access Gateway Controller
  • Manually add and delete TNs using Metaview Explorer/ MetaLad
  • SME in UIM create Party, Place, Services, and Physical Configuration for all HSD and VoIP services for Residential and Commercial NextGen Customers
  • Identify gaps in various applications, tools and databases and create ITPROV # for further code analysis
  • Analyze speed mismatch, device TBR, non-pay disconnects, pre-provisioning errors, and migration fall-outs from Legacy to NexGen applications
  • Use Splunk, DBs to check logs and identify provisioning issues of HSD, VoIP, and Video

Environment: CSG, OSM, UIM, ASAP, SAT, Charter Gateway,APS, Neustar, ASAP, ODIN-Parallel’s, Nortel, Cedar Point, Broadsoft, Sonus, Metaswitch, Metaview, Meta Lad, OSM db, Order router db, ASAP db, Vantage db, pack rat db, Jenkins, SOAP UI 5.3, SQL Developer, Putty, QC

Project Lead



  • Perform functional & regression testing of various in-house applications (web, RSP, CAM, ICAM, Watson, RAP, POS, QV, QVXP, mPOS, TMAG, Jpayment, Kiosk) for direct and indirect dealers.
  • Tested Accept, Reject, Review of Credit Cards in Decision Engine using Kiosk, Ingenico, cash drawer, POS keyboard & mPOS to make Full & Partial Payments with Credit/Debit/Check/ Cash
  • Regression testing of the Amdocs’s CSM module, and worked on testing the implementation of Tapestry, a native iOS application
  • Environment:JAVA, AMDOCSBilling/CSM, MiddlewareBEA-TUXEDO, TIBCO, ETCM, ESOA, RSP, SOAP UI /WSDL, JPayment, Benthic, SQLPlus, ToadORACLE,UNIX, XML Spy,QTP, QC.
  • Work on provisioning systems like BACC, NPS, TPP, IMS, APS, and UMS
  • Work on activation servers like GS, AOS, IVR.COM, and On Screen Activation
  • Validate IMS, APS & CMS flows are routed to appropriate switches (IMS/SPG, CDP/Safari)
  • Provision and validate STBs, Cable Modems and EMTAs, RNG150, Parker, X1 and Legacy Video
  • Use legacy mainframe systems to enter new devices into inventory
  • Cleanup devices and TNs across various systems such as AMDOCS, CSG, BACC, GDS, Ecust, IMS GUI, TACOE (Switches), NPS, and UMS applications
  • Validate correct data is populated in databases (eCUST, ESD, GDS, IDDP, Vantage)
  • Validate notifications sent from various apps (EEG, DDS, ETL to Event Dash Board)
  • Verify provisioning of devices in various systems (EEP, DDS, SPLUNK, Order Management) by capturing, and validating the logs in XML format using Putty and SQL Developer
  • Ensure Order Management makes right ESP calls and no errors appear in OM
  • Maintain inventory of the devices in use, update make and model of various devices

Environment: Windows 7.0,Soap UI 3.0.1, QC10.0, HP ALM 11.0, Java, HTML, XML, SQL, Oracle, UNIX, ESP based, JIRA, JXplorer, Amdocs’ Comtrac, DDP Emulator, ASCR, Rumba, Putty, JIRA

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