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Network Administrator/ Database Administrator Resume

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Programming Languages/ Frameworks: Java, SpringMVC, Spring Data, Spring Security, Jersey, JSP, Tiles, Servlets, Wicket, Hibernate, JPA, JavaScript, JDBC, Web Services, JSTL, ReactJS, Angular Javascript, C/C++, PHP, ASP, C#,.NET, Ajax, Python

Core Concept Knowledge/ Experience: TDD, Agile, Scrum, Iterative Design, Refactoring, Design Patterns

Build System IDEs: Eclipse, Maven, Gulp, Yeoman, Karma, Jasmine, Npm, NodeJS

Mobile Programming: Android

Operating Systems: Linux, Windows 2000 Server/ Workstation, Windows XP

Databases/ Reporting: MSSQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SSRS, SSAS (Cubes), SSIS, (Stored Procedures, Triggers)

Application Servers: Tomcat, Jetty, Glassfish, SpringBoot

Servers: Apache, SendMail, identd, DNS/ Bind, ftpd, Squid, SSHD, IIS, Exchange

Routers/ Firewalls/ Hardware: SonicWall, Linux ( ipchains / iptables ), some CISCO, Clusters, SAN

Ticketing/ Development: Tessitura, Artsoft, Bass, Paciolan, Patron Edge, Raisers Edge

Other Software/ Skills: Asterisk/ FreePBX, Amanda Backup, ASSP, JIRA (Bug tracker)Work with Certificates (Authorities and GnuPGP), Book Keeping/ Accounting, GUNCash

Projects: Theatre Ticketing Database

Technology Season, Facility and Event Build Tools.: Created a ticketing software in Java using Swing and utilizing MVC concepts as well as a solid separation of the Data using the DAO Pattern and a clear Data layer. The front end is built in Swing.

Diet Tracker: Created a web based diet tracker using SpringMVC/ Spring Security/ Spring Data/ JPA/ Hibernate/ Angular JS/ Twitter Bootstrap utilizing Rest Services

Tutoring: Tutor several student in Java, C++, Linux, and SQL



Network Administrator/ Database Administrator


  • All aspects of virtualization
  • Database Maintenance / SQL and Business Analysis
  • Project Management of Web Team
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • QlikView BI


Owner Operator


  • Web Projects/ Web Security
  • Office IT/ Networking
  • Non Profit Tech Consulting and Strategy
  • Tutoring - CS, SQL, Java, Javascript
  • Theatre Ticketing Software Design and Consulting
  • Created Startup

Confidential, Stanford, CA

Senior DBA/Programmer/Network Engineer


  • Functioned as the primary DBA in charge of the maintenance of the SQL Server.
  • Created API extensions using C#, Ruby, and Java Spring.
  • Developed web tool (Servlets, .NET, ASP) to provide external client access to sales and financial data, which reduced time and cost in reporting.
  • Created web service that transformed data from SQL Server into usable form for external clients. Technology used: Ruby, XML, Linux
  • Collaborated closely with the external web development team to architect new features and built custom web services when implementing those features.
  • Created 3 web sites in TNew (A proprietary White Label System) in an effort to switch data vendors.
  • Performed code review with outside development team.
  • Set up internal Linux routers that take internal traffic from ticket scanners and reroute it to the outside vendor. Stanford was able to sell the scanning service as a revenue stream
  • Performed data conversion to the new system, including setting up Web Servers and the Certificates.
  • Developed customized finance and marketing reports
  • Coordinated with internal staff and external consultants to maintain schedules.
  • Managed SSL/Domain Reg and set up accounts with Authorize.net.
  • Created and managed virtual environments for testing, training, and development
  • Set up and configured internal software
  • Trained staff on the usage of new systems
  • Appointed as the main contact with external vendor, including Commercial Media, Stanford Networking, and Tessitura

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

System Administrator/DBA


  • Managed Apache servers and Joomla based web site.
  • Optimized and reduced data access time by 75%.
  • Debugged and determined root-causes for system issues to minimize system downtime.
  • Implemented a Golden Triangle using Open Directory, Active Directory, and a Mac Server to allow staff remote access.
  • Set up Nagios to monitor all servers and major systems.
  • Managed mysql server from ssh interface and from a php based web frontend.
  • Maintained heavily customized web sites with no documentation by modifying the Joomla setups, the PHP code blocks, and the JSP sections.
  • Implemented Amanda Backups to work with Apache Servers, Main File Servers, and SQL Servers (via regular data dumps).
  • Implemented an ASSP Anti-Spam system.
  • Implemented an open source Clonezilla Imaging system.
  • Managed the sound systems for the museum.

Confidential, Stanford, CA

DBA/Web Developer


  • Managed the health and maintenance of the SQL SERVER Database.
  • Created custom reports for all departments of the company and outside clients allowing for more accurate tracking of financial activities.
  • Built custom web modules to use the WebApi.
  • Created a custom API to be used as paid product to other departments and companies.

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Network Engineer/Project Manager


  • Collaborated with outside technicians to develop plans for network changes.
  • Repaired network outages and researched on root causes to develop a plan to prevent the outages to minimize the overhead cost.
  • Managed the planning and implementation for a complete website overhaul within the Joomla Framework.
  • Determined and addressed the root causes of poor system performance.
  • Researched and participated in implementation of a Golden Triangle allowing the MAC clients to utilize roaming profiles and a more fine grained control within the Windows Networking environment.
  • Managed repairs and configuration changes that allowed for continued operation after system upgrade.

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

DBA/ Software Development/ SQL Programmer/ Network Engineer


  • Functioned as the primary report writer: produced all reports for finance, marketing, development and ad-hoc data extract.
  • Created complex stored procedures for regular data operations as well as data transformations.
  • Managed software upgrades.
  • Debugged software related issues.
  • Architected back end systems for web projects.
  • Created Custom API for Web Site using C#.
  • Functioned as the point of contact for the vendors, including Commercial Media, Eplus.
  • Updated and maintained firewalls (SonicWall).
  • Managed installation of upgrade of Software on production and test systems.
  • Managed software services and applications.
  • Troubleshoot network issues.
  • Maintained Cluster, SAN, and Active Directory.
  • Developed web tools for external clients.

Confidential, Line San Francisco, CA

Java development


  • Consulted to develop a billing system for use with multiple clients using SWING, HTML and SQL Server for the Logistics space. System was focused on totaling BOLs (Bill of Lading) for different transporter clients.
  • Once the Logistics provided BOLS were totaled the results were sent via EDI to the customers.
  • Consulted on networking issues including secure remote control of servers and PC Maintenance.

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Network/ IT Consultant


  • Managed the set-up and maintenance of multiple sites using T1 / DSL and wireless connections

Confidential, Alameda, CA

Project Manager Architect / Software Engineer/ Networking Consultant


  • Created plans and procedures for construction of applications and testing for Scientific Analysis and accounting using Visio, Rational Rose and Microsoft Project by meeting with clients to create specs and time lines.
  • Implemented applications using Java(Swing), Oracle & App. Servers utilizing XML (SAX), HTML. In order to find new products and or new areas for research.
  • Worked with accounting to create reports to audit company spending using Access as a report writer and Oracle.
  • Augmented existing systems (PO System/ Scientific Analysis)
  • Advised Network staff on troubleshooting issues and general architecture

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