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Openstack Cloud/ Storage Resume

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Plano, TX


  • Over 10 years’ working experience in IT infrastructure services that ranges from planning and designing, to implementation and delivery, and up to the continuous improvement, support and availability of infrastructure to ensure business success. me have managed several IT projects delivering to time, budget and quality to meet project objectives.
  • As a Datacenter /SAN Infrastructure Specialist, my experience covers EMC, Hitachi, NetApp, IBM,3PAR technology platforms for deploying storage virtualization, consolidation, data protections, data migration, backup and recovery, disaster recovery and business continuity.
  • me have similar experience in both high end and unified computing servers running various OS platforms - IBM AIX/Linux on (Power 7), Oracle/SUN Solaris on (Ultra-SparcIV+/T3/T5), Cisco UCS, RED Hat Linux, VMware and Windows on (Intel) X86 processors and Emerging Cloud Computing technologies.
  • Cloud Computing & Virtualization
  • VMware Cloud Infrastructure- VMare Hybrid Cloud Manger with AWS
  • OpenStack Integration- VMWARE Integrated OpenStack, SUSE Openstack, AWS Openstack
  • Cloud Management platform tools- Deployment and testing of Scalr, OpenNebula and Integration with VMWare Private Cloud and AWS Public Cloud.
  • Configuration and Automation tools for cloud infrastructure for consistent deployments of VMs and Continuous delivery using Chef, Puppet, Ansible and Docker Engine.


Confidential, Plano, TX

OpenStack Cloud/ Storage


  • Responsible for Storage Technology services (Data Protection, Backup& Recovery and Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity) and Emerging OpenStack Cloud platform within Intel Security (McAfee) that cut across different functional group/team of Program/Project Managers, IT Managers, SME’s and project
  • Lead Migration Project from EMC VMAX storage to HP 3PAR 8000 Array using HP OIU tools
  • OpenStack 8/9 components (Keystone, Horizon, Heat, Ceilometer, Neutron, Nova, Cinder, Swift, Glance) deployment on RHEL 7.3
  • Openstack 8/9 integration and management with AWS Public Cloud using RHEL CloudForms as Cloud management platform.
  • Configuration and Automation of VMs environments & scripting using Ansible, Puppet, Chef and Python for continuous delivery and continuous integration

Confidential, Plano, TX

Sr. Storage Infrastructure Specialist


  • Team member - Investigated and recommended Cloud adoption strategy (Cloud platforms and Models) for the organization with focus on AWS, AZURE and other upcoming Cloud services provider
  • Testing and deployments of VMs with VMware Private Cloud Infrastructure with OpenStack
  • Testing and Deployments of OpenStack (REDHAT, SUSSE) Integration with AWS Public Cloud platform.
  • Automation and Configuration management tools for deployment using Chef, Puppets, Ansible and Docker for consistent, and continuous delivery of VMs
  • Infrastructure as a code to support web servers running on AWS Public Cloud
  • Supported and managed NetApp 8-nodes Clustered DataONTAP environment, with OnCommand System manager, OnCommand Unified manager set of tools.
  • Supported and managed EMC VMAX with FASTVP, EMC VNX arrays, Cisco MDS, and Brocade Fibre Channel
  • In depth noledge and prior experience translating availability and performance requirements into storage equipment configuration.
  • Overall technical design, Implementation and operation of SAN and NAS environments
  • Data migration and equipment lifecycle project management experience, leading technical teams on delivering time bound large scale initiatives
  • In-depth noledge of storage in a highly virtualized VMware and UNIX environment
  • Implemented Storage technology and other integrated solutions to achieve Data Protection, Backup/Recovery and Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity for the organization.

Confidential, DFW, TX

Sr. Storage and Backup


  • Using Storage technology and other integrated solutions to achieve Data Protection, Backup/Recovery and Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity for the organization
  • Storage infrastructure administration and support covering NetApp FAS 60XX/62xx, FAS80xx/82/xx on Clustered DataONTAP-8 mode,
  • Setup, Configuration and Implementation of 6-node storage cluster (3-HA pair cluster)
  • Configuration and Implementation of cluster peer relationship between clustered storage
  • Configuration and Implementation of Snapmirror cluster peer relationship across two datacenters
  • Storage Cluster administration and management using OnCommand Systems Manager, Unified Manager and Performance manager
  • Migration of data volumes from legacy storage platform on dataONTAP 7G to storage volume machine SVM on cDOT platform
  • EMC VNX/VMAX platforms data migration and replications with MirrorView, SRDF
  • EMC Datadomain 2500 /Netbackup Appliance 5130 integration with Avamar
  • HP 3PAR Storage infrastructure configuration and support covering 7400 and 7450 models.
  • HP 3PAR Storage Management suite-Systems, Host, Provision, Peer Motion, Remote Copy and Performance and Reporting Managers.
  • Management of Virtual Copy, Virtual Volumes, Common Provision Group (CPG), Dynamic/Adaptive Optimization (DO/AO),
  • Hitachi Storage infrastructure configuration and support covering Hitachi HNAS150, 300, HNAS 3900, Hitachi VSP, Hitachi HUS VM
  • Hitachi Hi Command Suite- Device Manager, Hitachi True Copy/Universal Replication, Hitachi Dynamic Tiering/Provisioning
  • Installation and configuration of VMware ESXi 5.1/5.5. Upgrade of Vmware ESXi and VMs Environments.
  • Implementation and configuration of SAN/NAS protocols on VMware - FC. NFS. iSCsi
  • Virtual Networking configuration on VMwRe ESXI and VMs
  • VMware ESXi and VMs administration using VMware vCenter
  • VMware Cloud Provisioning using VMware Cloud Automation-vCAC
  • Hybrid Cloud Integration with VMware Private Cloud and AWS Public Cloud.


Service Delivery Manager/ Solutions Architect


  • Extensive Datacenter Infrastructure experience in Technical/Solutions Architecting (Network, Servers and Storage) in Banking & Finance, Telecommunication, Government/Public industry sectors with hands-on project experience in the following;
  • Servers
  • SUN /Oracle Solaris, IBM AIX, Cisco UCS, Red HAT Linux, Microsoft Windows 2008 Operating systems platforms
  • Storage (SAN & NAS)
  • NetApp High End (FAS 6280), Mid-Level(FAS 3240 ), HP EVA4000/6000/8000, 3PAR,HDS AMS2500, HDS USP, EMC Clarion/Celera, EMC, DMX, VNX,VMAX, Datadomain and ISILON
  • Networking
  • Cisco MDS 9506 and 9248 SAN Switches, Brocade Silkwork 3800 and higher series.
  • CISCO Routers ( 7200, 2600 ) and Switches- (6509, 4500, 3700) series
  • Layer 3 and Layer 2 protocols and services- VLAN, Dynamic VLAN, Trunking, DPVM, Port trunking, Spanning Tree Protocol ((STP), Routing/WAN protocols( RIP,OSPF, Frame Relay)
  • Storage Management /Solution
  • Dynamic Tiering (Automated Hierarchical storage management), Thin provisioning, Online Data Backup/Protection (snapshot), Replication technology(netapp snapmirror, EMC Snapview/Mirror View), HDS (TrueCopy (Synchronous), Universal replicator (Asynchronous)).Veritas Cluster HA, Replication, Veritas Global Clustering.
  • Backup/Recovery
  • Symantec Netbackup 6.5, Avamar, Commvault
  • Netbackup multi-site deployment for failover, disaster recovery and business continuity.
  • Backup and Restoration using Netbackup on heterogeneous OS environments- Windows, Unix -Solaris, Linux, VMware, IBM AIX.
  • Net backup integration with SAN infrastructure- VTLs, Tape Libraries and Netapp, EMC and Hitachi Storages.
  • Netbackup integration with Database Agents for Backup and Restoration - Oracle RMAN and SQL databases.
  • IT Service/Project Delivery
  • Project management practice (PMP), ITILv3 standards and best practices.
  • Datacenter Operations/Management
  • DataCenter Automation - Experience with RARITRAN DCIM software for measuring and monitoring energy consumptions on IT equipment, DC Racks, UPS power.
  • Datacenter Consolidation - Storage consolidation with virtualization and thin provisioning and Server consolidation with Blade servers/virtual environment on VMWARE. Physical server migration to virtual environment.
  • Datacenter Converged/Cloud Infrastructure - Experienced in Oracle Exadata, NetApp Flexpod, IBM Pure Systems, Cisco UCS and Hitachi Integrated Systems for private cloud environment.
  • Debugged, Deployed and migrated PC systems for Y2K compliance.
  • Performed upgrades and migration of network infrastructure for remote offices and connectivity between local counties of New York State districts.
  • Conducted site surveys, reporting with recommendations for required implementation and upgrades of network infrastructure for integration and connectivity of remote/local offices with District Counties

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