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Aix System Administrator Resume

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Columbus, OH


  • Over 8 years of experience in UNIX/AIX of providing support to mid to large environments to assure servers run securely and efficiently.
  • Experience in installing, configuring and maintaining AIX Servers.
  • Managed AIX systems using DLPAR to facilitate application and database team wif more system resources wifout system outage.
  • Experience in carving and maintaining LPARs on Power Hardware 5, 6, 7 machines.
  • Experience working wif PowerVM, to virtualize environment
  • Performed HMC upgrades from v6 to v7fa
  • Facilitated database and apps teams in creating and managing user accounts and Filesystems.
  • Extensive experience in LVM.
  • Experience in writing korn and bash scripts.
  • Performed System, Full and Incremental backups/restore as needed.
  • Worked wif TSM, Avamar and Commvault Backup utilities.
  • Performed server refreshes of p5 hardware to p7 hardware
  • Performed system rootvg mirroring.
  • Experience wif using multibos to upgrade to apply latest patches on the same rootvg disk.
  • Experience cloning vg using alt disk install.
  • Experience using cloning method through nimadm command to clone, upgrade to a newer OS version all in one step from NIM server.
  • Experience working wif end clients to meet their needs on their schedule
  • Experience working on CAB wif BUs to check and approve all major changes for client
  • Installed, configured and maintained HACMP 5.2, 5.5.
  • Extensive experience working wif NIM master and NIM clients.
  • Experience using LPM to migrate an LPAR from one p7 machine to another p7 machine
  • Experience allocating disks from SAN using NPIV
  • Experience installing EMC Powerpath and Upgrading EMC Powepath to latest versions
  • Worked on EMC Clarion and Symmetrix arrays
  • Used NIM to install, migrate, upgrade and restore AIX.
  • Experience working wif NFS, TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP.
  • Performed patching using alt disk cloning
  • Migrated AIX from 5.x to 6.1 and 7.1 using NIM lppsources
  • Built AIX 5.x, 6.1 and 7.1 servers
  • Restored AIX system wif mksysb via NIM
  • Performed patching using mutlibos technology
  • Troubleshooted systems and worked alongside IBM support by providing dump, snap, perfpmr and other reports.
  • Experience working in Oracle and DB2 environments
  • Worked wif middleware websphere, sap, apache, tomcat applications
  • Experience patching AIX 5.x, 6.1 and 7.1 servers.
  • Worked in sudo and pbrun environment
  • Worked wif open network sniffer to resolve networking issues
  • Followed system security plans to assure no risk of environment data occurred.
  • Implemented and designed disaster backup and recovery plan.


Confidential - Columbus, OH

AIX System Administrator


  • Responsible for Installation, Configuration, Support and troubleshooting existing systems in AIX 5.3, 6.1 and 7.1 operating environment.
  • Responsible for the operation, maintenance and integrity of a distributed, networked AIX based environment.
  • Setting up NIM servers and clients for New & Complete Overwrite/Migration Installation management and Nimadm Upgrade.
  • Performed various methods of AIX Installation/Migration using alternate disk installation (NIMADM), Network Installation Manager (NIM).
  • Have upgraded servers from AIX 5.3 to 6.1 and 7.1.
  • Experience wif installing and upgrading powerpath, SYMCLI and ECC Master Agent.
  • Responsible for implementing multi path I/O (MPIO) for high availability of application and data.
  • Responsible for testing a manual takeover configuration in a HACMP environment using clstat, clverify, etc., commands.
  • Configuration management including the building of LPARs using HMC and configuring the hardware devices dat support them.
  • I have worked on designing the virtual environment for the client. Also designed the production environment by segregating highly critical and low critical systems.
  • Extensively used LVM - created VGs, LVs & disk mirroring for IBM p-series servers.
  • Created and monitored File systems for multiple applications including SAP, DB2, MQ and others.
  • Worked closely wif IBM and DBA’s to insure dat all critical security and application patches are installed and optimized.
  • Responsible for event processing, change management and problem determination in HACMP environment.
  • Responsible for day-to-day operations of IBM Power5 architecture, LPAR and DLPAR using (HMC) Hardware Management Console.
  • Maintaining continuous availability of computer systems by installing preventative and corrective maintenance to operating systems and other middleware program products of AIX 5x to current (including noledge of virtual LPAR configuration).
  • On-call and system support providing problem determination and resolution for installed systems software base and Data center p-series hardware.
  • Hands on experience in developing, deploying, implementing, testing and support of full life cycle implementations of various J2EE/Internet/Intranet and distributed applications.

Confidential - Atlanta, GA

AIX Administrator


  • Installed, configured and maintained over 600 AIX Systems.
  • Installed and configured 100+ LPAR on p570, p770.
  • Perform LPM between p7 machines
  • Part of change management team, worked on CAB wif BU’s to check and approve all major changes for client
  • Worked wif End user clients to schedule outages for patching and upgrades of servers
  • Worked wif eu on meeting their RCA requirements
  • Performed patching using alt disk cloning method
  • Used amepat planning tool to plan memory expansion factor on p7 servers
  • Provided user account support to app and db teams
  • Created and managed documentation inventory for team
  • Used EMC SAN storage for NPIV
  • Monitored system processes and activity using topas, vmstat, ps -ef. Iostat, nmon to assure systems efficiency
  • Installed and configured ssh; configured passwordless ssh connection for oracle and sap id’s between servers for automated jobs and scripts.
  • Performed LPM to migrate prod servers to another machine to perform outage firmware upgrade on primary machine
  • Migrated servers from old hardware to new hardware
  • Allocated disks to LPARS using NPIV
  • Performed patching using mutlibos technology
  • Worked alongside IBM for hardware and software issues
  • Resolved tickets using Remedy ticketing tool
  • Built new fresh AIX 7.1 lpars
  • Upgraded 5.3 servers to 6.1 and 7.1
  • Installed NIM server and NIM clients
  • Troubleshooted hdiskpower issues, including faulty hba’s and dead paths
  • Worked wif powerpath and EMC storage admins in depth to keep all paths of hdiskpower active and redundant
  • Supported db, and app teams (sap, jboss, tomcat, apache)
  • Troubleshooted script issues, analyzed and fixed ksh (korn) shell scripts
  • Installed EMC powerpath on new builds and upgraded EMC powerpath to newer version on existing lpars.
  • Worked wif Cobol, Lawson installation and configuration on unix servers
  • Created Oracle and DB2 scripts to add tables and schemas
  • Replaced defected PV’s and migrated the data onto new PV’s
  • Upgraded java versions. Worked on both java5 and java6
  • Used NIM to install AIX and do OS upgrades.
  • Used mksysb over NIM to restore corrupted server OS
  • Applied semiannual patches on TL and SP level, along wif installing APARS, efixes
  • Setup and configured network NFS and TCP/IP on AIX.
  • Created RAW LV’s for Databases
  • Created and monitored paging space.
  • Install and managed DB2 servers on AIX.
  • Installed and configured HACMP v5.2 and v5.4.
  • Upgraded HMC v6 to v7 and to latest releases
  • Responsible for firmware upgrade on IBM p550, p570 and p590 machines.
  • Installing Commvault clients and performing backup and restore.
  • Maintained CRON scheduling.

Confidential - Hopkins, MN

AIX Engineer / System Engineer


  • Installed and maintained LPAR’s through HMC v6
  • Provided Support on infrastructure events and user requests.
  • Installed TSM clients and performed backups.
  • Created and configured dump devices.
  • Configured devices to make them available and defined based on needs of the environment.
  • Responsible for monitoring errpt, solving the errors and clearing the errpt history.
  • Applied new updates, patches to AIX.
  • Monitored and modified /etc/security files such /passwd, /group, /user, /login, /environ to environment needs.
  • Monitored and edited /etc/inittab
  • Monitored and managed growing files such as /etc/security/failedlogin, /var/adm/sulog and $HOME/smit.log.
  • Created compressed and uncompressed journalized file systems wif file oriented fragment size.
  • Monitored disk usage
  • Installed and configured AIX 5.2/5.3 on AIX pSeries.
  • Performed mirroring on logical volumes and volume groups for high availability requirements wif parallel and sequential policy.
  • Wrote ksh and bash scripts frequently.
  • Performed user, disk, network management
  • Extensive experience in using Remedy ticketing tool.
  • Created and maintained paging space.
  • Installed, Configured WebSphere, apache applications
  • Responsible for performing tasks such as System Startup/shutdown, Backup strategy, Printing, Documentation, User Management, Security, Network management.
  • Worked wif IBM SAN Sharks DS4500, DS4700
  • Check for file system errors frequently wif fsck
  • Administered File system through increasing/decreasing space, increasing contiguous free space and fsck.
  • Administered and monitored processes using topas, vmstat, ps - ef; started and managed daemons through SRC and KILL command
  • Removed defunct processes.
  • Diagnosed hardware and software problems and provided solution to them.
  • Installed NIM server and clients using mksysb.
  • Setup and configured network TCP/IP on AIX.
  • Extensive user of LVM on daily basis. Created and managed VG, LV, and FS.
  • Provided users wif special limited admin privileges by assigning them to certain groups such as security group.
  • Worked wif IBM in resolving system issues such as LED lights.
  • Installed TSM clients and performed backup and restore.
  • Installed filesets as requested by application teams

Confidential - Cincinnati, OH

AIX Admin


  • Responsible for managing 200 AIX servers
  • Performed LVM Management to create, modify LV’s
  • Converted filesystems from jfs to jfs2
  • Managed HACMP cluster to keep it active active at all times
  • Performed user account management for all new accounts for db, app and unix teams
  • Install single patches efixess, apars to resolve performance related problems
  • Assisted applications teams in installing, upgrading and configuration applications, such COBOL, Lawson, apache.
  • Used NIM to install AIX and do OS upgrades.
  • Fixed corrupted filesystem via maintenance mode using spot from NIM
  • Used mksysb over NIM to restore server OS
  • Worked alongside IBM for hardware and software issues
  • Resolved tickets using Remedy ticketing tool
  • Installed NIM master server and NIM clients
  • Recovered root password using nim through maintenance mode
  • Performed server tuning on network and memory for db team

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