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Network Lead Architect/engineer Resume

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  • Solution Engineer/Network/Security - (Architect/Lead/Managerial/Design & Support Engineer)
  • Implemented/Supported LTE as backup MPLS-WAN connection with automated failover configuration on 100+ sites for VOIP and Data communication over DMVPN/GRE-Tunnel (using NHRP).
  • Implementing secured LTE/Spark Wireless as backup on demand for T1/Multilinks.
  • Upgraded 3G to 4G using EIGRP/MPLS/BGP over GRE.
  • Deployed multiple projects Wireless 3G as backup and on CPD-Tuff-books
  • IWAN.
  • Ensure consistency as a solution for multiple network services that can control and optimize application paths for all endpoints
  • Leverage existing infrastructure and future proofing with the flexibility to handle multiple transport technologies
  • Simplify administration and configuration
  • Utilizes robust standards-based security
  • Automation to reduce downtime, cost, and improve scalability
  • VPN over IPSec, L2TP, PPTP, MPLS and Security:
  • Configured Firewall Stateful/Failover, Active/Active, Cluster with multiple DMZ zone, with 5-levels of IP filtering, static & dynamic IP translation (NAT) for inside and outside and for individual DMZ as well. Configured VPN for LAN-to-LAN and for Remote/Road-Warriors and implemented encryption Using Concentrators 3030/3060, ASA, PIX-Firewall and Cisco-Routers w/3DES IOS based.
  • Configured VRRP b/w concentrators, clustering among several concentrators, HSRP b/w ML-Switches and b/w routers. Configured Cisco Secure ACS (TACACS, Radius), RSA-Security for VPN Authentication and for AAA. Configured route re-distribution, route and packet filtering using different types of access-lists and access policies on perimeter ASBR/ABR routers and on HI-End Switches like 6500/7600 catalysts.
  • Firewall: ASA 5510, 5520, 5503, PIX 535, 515E, Check Point Firewall.
  • Completed upgrade of enterprise Management Server Cluster and Enforcement Points from Check Point R55 and R62 to R70.20, Checkpoint 5 NG on Sun Solaris Machine. Migrated Checkpoint to PIX 535 and managed using Ciscoworks VMS.
  • Upgrade of Check Point /Nokia firewall hardware from IP 530 to IP 690s
  • Migrated firewall to Check Point Firewall and redesigned security policies
  • Voice-over-IP Network: Integrating Catalyst 6500 family products into VoIP network. Worked on Cisco IP Phone 7960, Cisco-CallManager, Cisco-Unity, VG-248 Gateways, Configuring QoS for to prioritize the traffic. Module used: Digital Trunk Gateway (WS-X6608-T1/E1), Voice Gateway 200 (10/100BASE-TX), Analog Station Gateway (WS-X6624-FXS), 10/100BASE-TX Module (WS-X6348-RJ45V), on Catalyst 4000, 5000, and 6000
  • BGP4: Configured, Managed, Troubleshoot and Supported BGP4 for enterprise and scaleable environment. Worked on Performance issues, Load Balancing and redundancy plans. Configured peers (neighbors), peer groups for eBGP and iBGP, evaluated the effectiveness of a BGP peer group. Created BGP loop-free inter-domain routing between autonomous systems. Configured/Troubleshoot external and internal BGP (eBGP and iBGP) routing. Configured eBGP and iBGP on a clustered network. Configured load balancing and loopback interfaces in a network. Worked on route map application and used route maps to control and modify routing information. Configured BGP path selection techniques and various attributes (influence an AS in selection of desired/best path). Used the neighbor command with route maps on incoming and outgoing updates, as-path prepend command to manipulate the BGP decision process. Configured BGP backdoor to run an Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP) between routers. Used BGP confederation to merge AS(es). Use route reflectors to solve the explosion of internal BGP (iBGP) peering within an AS. Used BGP multipath feature to provide load balancing between identical routes. Configured conditional route advertisement in order to have additional control on route advertisement.
  • RIP1, RIP2, IGRP, EIGRP, OSPF: Designed, configured and managed several enterprise and scaleable Fault Tolerant and Redundant networks (for WANs and LANs) for voice and data. Configured Frame Relay redundancy, traffic shaping and load distribution. Resolved IP problems and improved IP performance by identifying multilayer switching and by configuring services. Controlled and optimized routing update information by implementing filters, metrics, and changing administrative distance. Implemented the appropriate technologies for a scalable, routed network that uses link-state protocols and configured redistribution between non-OSPF. Implemented Multicast for voice and video traffic.
  • Broadband Routers: Configured and installed broadband routers for ISPs and clients level router. Implemented specific security and encryption. E.g., NPE-G1 for uBR7246VXR, NATing, DHCP pool and other configuration as per client requirement. Controlled network traffic by implementing the admission policies at different layers of network topology.


Datacenter: Cisco ACI (CiscoAPIC 3.x, CIMC 2.x, 9K-ACI- 13.x), Nexus 9K, 7K, 5K, FEX2248/2232, UCS

Catalyst Switches: 4500X, 6500/6500E(Sup10G/MSFC/SUP7203b), 3850-48PoE, 4510 (Sup IV), 3750X/3750, 3650, 3560/3560x, 5500, 3500, 2900, 1900.

Routers: Cisco ASR 1001/1002/1001- x, ASR 1013, Cisco 4451-X ISR, 4331/4351, 3945/E, 3925/E, 2951, 2911, 2811, 2851, 3845, 3825, 3745, 3745, 7206VXR (W/NPE-G1/2, NP-3/400), AS5200, AS5300, 4000, 3640, 2600, 1700, 802, 804. Efficient/Speed-Stream (w/encryption), LinkSys, 3Com and several other Cisco and non-Cisco routers.

Optical Devices: Cisco ONS 15454 (32 Channel 195.9THz to 192.1THz, 190THz to 186.9THz), Cisco ONS 15216 Flex Layer (8 Channel 15216-FLA-8-XX.X, 2 Channel Module 15216-FLB-2-XX.X), Single/Multimode Fiber Gbic, Various Wavelength Modules, GigStack. Configured and Setup Metropolitan Network over Single Mode Fiber.

Virtualization: VMWare (VSphere, ESXi 5.5, VCenter, Workstation), Microsoft HyperV, Virtual Box, GNS3, VIRL.

Network Security: Define network security technology strategies, best practices, guidelines and standards based on emerging technologies and strategic direction, Ethical hacking and vulnerability scanning, IWAN (Intelligent WAN) Technologies like GRE, DMVPN, QoS, PfR, IPSec, Cisco ISE (Cisco Identity Services Engine)

Firewalls: ASA5500/5500-X (w/Image 9.x, 8.x/7.x), Palo Alto (PA-5060, 5250), PIX Firewall/FWSM-6509, 535-501, Check Point 5000, 3200, 700, NG, SW-R77.30), NetScreen, FortiGate 60E {by SOC3 ASIC), FG-900D, FG-600D}

IDS/IPS/Proxy: NGIPS, Cisco IDS/IPS 5520, Bluecoat, Symantec and some generic IDS, Dell Secureworks. Cisco NAM and Cisco Systems IPS 4260 Sensor (IPS-4260-K9), Secure Servers (Cisco Secure ACS - RADIUS, TACACS+, Kerberos).

Encryption, VPN Protocols and Secure Servers: IPSec SA (ESP-DES-MD5, ESP-3DES-MD5, ESP/IKE-3DES-MD5, ESP-3DES-NONE, ESP-L2TP-TRANSPORT, ESP-L2TP-MD5-DH7, ESP-3DES-MD5-DH5, ESP-AES128-SHA.

RSA Security Server used for VPN: Keyfobs/SecureID SD600, SID700, 520 (PIN PAD),200-700.

VPN Concentrators: 3005, 3015, 3030, 3060, 3080.

Load Balancers: Installation of F5 (LTM/GTM), Cisco CSS, NetScaler.

Protocols: IGP Routing (RIP, RIP2, IGRP, OSPF, EIGRP), EGP (BGP4), Routed (IP, IPX, ATM).

Other: TCP, UDP, SPX, NetBEUI, DLC, LAT, SMTP, FTP, PPP, SNMP, ICMP, SMBs, NCP, ARP/RARP, PPP/SLIP, HTTP, SAP, SNA, NFS, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer (e.g., w/HTTPS), SSH (Secure Shell, a secure Telnet-like protocol), XML (eXtensible Markup Language, for eternal management application).

Media/Technologies: ATM, Frame Relay, ISDN PRI/BRI, FT1/T1, T3/DS3, iDSL/sDSL, Gigabit Ethernet, Ethernet/Fast Ethernet (100BaseT), 10Base2/5, Token Ring, FDDI.

Hi-End Network Tools: Cisco Works 2000 2nd-6th Ed., CW 5.0 & “What’s up Gold 4.05”, HP Open View 6.1 for NT, Visio 2000 Ent, NAI Distributed WAN Sniffer & Sniffer Pro for LAN, Etherpeek.

OS/Servers: Unix (Sun Solaris, Red Had Linux), Windows 2010/2008/2003/2000/ NT4.0/Win9x/3.x, DOS1-6.22, Novell 5.x/4.xx, SMS 2.0, Proxy 2.0, Exchange 2010/2003/2000/5.5 , Notes/Domino 4.6, DNS/DHCP/WINS, Symantec SMTP Gateway/Email Security/DLP(Data Loss Prevention) for Office 365, and other apps and Symantec/Norton Antivirus Server.


Network Lead Architect/Engineer



  • Design/implement security infrastructure to protect company network managing and enhancing security logging.
  • Define network security technology strategies, best practices, guidelines and standards based on emerging technologies and strategic direction
  • Support vulnerability remediation by being the first response recommending holistic solutions for security-related incidents.
  • Provide security engineering best practices to engineering teams with the ability to develop, document, and maintain both policies and procedures.
  • Serve as SME technical contact gathering information for clients, vendors, and audit request
  • Lead implementation programs for improved security defenses focusing on applications and network.
  • Maintain/manage Hardware/software/cisco-IOS. Provide IOS/Software recommendation after bug analysis.
  • Design, develop, deploy and maintain defense mitigation technique and maintain the vulnerability management program
  • Maintain the security incident program including the oversight of the security operations center
  • Contribute technical expertise to help determine requirements and functional specifications for entire organization
  • Manage a team to 11 Network Architects/Engineers. Build/Design network from scratch for several sites & HQ/DR and provided 2nd day support.
  • Migrated datacenters from end to end and provide as last line of support.
  • Supported team members and assisted during any technical difficulty and provide proper guideline.
  • Launched several projects by leading crew members and completed project based on their time lines.
  • Responsible for creation/design of infrastructure security architecture solution in collaboration with other departments including Enterprise Architecture to provide expert application security architecture analysis & support.
  • Design VPN models (for L2L/site-to-site & remote) for remote branches, Trusted Partners, Vendors, and Remote-Users.
  • Provide security requirements and design input for implementing infrastructure security solutions and drive compliance to best practices. Attend change control meeting and later provide scheduled change support.
  • Managed/Supported VM/VMWare (VSphere, ESXi 5.5, VCenter, Workstation).
  • Defining security policy and overseeing its execution and threat and risk modeling.
  • Maintain/manage Hardware/software/cisco-IOS. Provide IOS/Software recommendation after bug analysis.
  • Maintain related policies and procedures to ensure alignment with applicable regulations and industry standard best practices. Assist in the development and delivery of a security awareness program. Assist in planning for and testing the security of managed services. Coordinate third party physical assessment.
  • Providing design-time review and guidance to teams building and deploying new technology on and integrating with services provided by public cloud platforms.
  • Train/Mentor and knowledge transfer to engineering and TAC/NOC team and new IT members.
  • Assessing and mitigating security risk associated with integrated services provided by public cloud platforms.
  • Verifying compliance of public cloud environments with policies, requirements, documentation, and design time guidance.
  • Providing design-time review and guidance to teams building and deploying new technology on and integrating with services provided by public cloud platforms.
  • Prepare and present to management and team QBR/yearly report regarding TAC incidents and future recommendations.
  • Assessing and mitigating security risk associated with integrated services provided by public cloud platforms.
  • Verifying compliance of public cloud environments with policies, requirements, documentation, and design time guidance.
  • Trained Network engineers and provided guide line for documentation for TAC and to build proper support structure.
  • Designed/upgraded Network layout for Vendors/Partners to establish a secure and redundant communication using Cisco ASA and other security devices like TACACS 5.x, 4.x.
  • Managed/configured/Upgraded several HW/SW including Cisco ASA(5505 to 5585), Cisco ACS 5.x (TACACS/RADIUS), ASR (9K,1K), Nexus (7K,5K), FEX (2K), ISR (4500X, 3900, 4300, 2900, 2800), Catalysts (6500E, w/MSFC3/SUP7203B/10G), UCS-B Series, CUCM 11.5, IOS-15.x
  • Designing/Architecting, Implementing, Managing/Supporting Entire Nationwide end to end Data/Voice/Video Network in 24x7x365 based environment.
  • Plan/design/Migrated complete datacenters to Colo including all Cisco Nexus, Routers, Switches, UCS/Servers, SAN/NAS.
  • Implemented, Maintained and supported State and Nationwide a Multilayered-Network security over wireless and wired network and between ISP, Vendors/Partners and over multihomed Internet Clouds on redundant/failover HQ and DR sites.
  • Managing entire corporate Network security where company is using various types of Cisco/Checkpoint firewall/ASA, Concentrators, RADIUS/TACACS, Keyfobs, IOS-based security and other 3rd Party Software.
  • Migrated branches and headquarter from EIGRP to BGP.
  • Implemented Nation-Wide 3G/4G-Datalink-Wireless over MPLS as secondary transport media.
  • Working on project to upgrade LTE and Spark high-speed wireless as backup connection over MPLS/GRE/BGP/EIGRP.
  • Managing HQ/DR, more than 100 Branches, several Main Offices and Partner/Vendor Network where company is using several OC3, DS3, 100MB-WAN, T1-Bundles/MLPPP, GigabitEthernet over copper and Fiber (Singlemode & Multimode) for Campus and Datacenters.
  • Securely Merge Partner Network MPLS cloud into Company’s MPLS-VRF. Configured GRE Tunnel for Partner Network to Corporate Network to firewall and secure end-to-end traffic and saved thousands of dollars/month.
  • Planned, Designed, Implemented and Supported several Hi-End Projects including protocol migration on Edge from EIGRP to BGP (over Global-MPLS).
  • Citrix implementation for remote management and other application.
  • Voice System Upgrade (Call Manager, Unity Connection), Hardware/Software Upgrade and several other projects.
  • Designed, Configured and implemented end to end fully redundant environment from Branch to HQ and DR.
  • Installed and configured PIX/ASA for Partner and Vendor Network.
  • Prepare Bill of Materials (BOM) and statement of work (SOW) as part of project management/launch.
  • Implemented integrated solution comprise of ASA, VPN, RSA, RADIUS and ADS.
  • To replicate the entire network in a test Lab for voice and data using EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, FrameRelay and several other technologies. Network team uses this lab for test, designing, and proof of concept.
  • Train the junior staff not only due to my passion but also for knowledge transfer and to upgrade team technical skill.

Infrastructure Architect/Support Engineer

Confidential, IL


  • Responsible for planning, designing, developing and supporting LANs/WAN/Multi-Layer-Security architecture across the organization in (Cisco/Mainframe/Unix/Windows based) 24x7x365 HA environment.
  • Analyzed network at Vendors edge and diagnosed vulnerabilities at the perimeter and at internal network and provided short and long term recommendations to not only prevent these vulnerability or future threats but also recommend new infrastructure layout that saved 100 of thousands of dollars over time with better performance and throughput.
  • Ensure the stability and integrity of in-house voice, data, video, and wireless network services.
  • Assist with the installation, monitoring, maintenance, support, and optimization of all network infrastructure hardware, software, and communication links.
  • Analyze and resolve network infrastructure hardware, communication, and software problems in a timely and accurate fashion, and provide end user training where required.
  • Involved in complete datacenter migration and build a new datacenter brick by brick. Provided next day support.
  • Worked as an architect/design engineer in order to expand or upgrade the existing network and build new sitesincluding DR locations.
  • Support NOC Engineers and verify draft configurations for change request in a simulated production environment to finalize the change.

Lead Network Architect/Engineer



  • Implemented Maintained and supported State and Nationwide a Multilayered-Network security over wireless and wired network.
  • Configured and Setup Metropolitan Network over Single Mode dark Fiber within the city limits by using DWDM technology. Implementation IP Video.
  • Working in a Cisco based environment of more than 100 routers {which are 800, 1700, 2600, 3640, 3660, 4000, 4700, 7206VXR, 7507 (PA- T3+/DS3 + Serial, FSIP controller - 8 Serial, TRIP controller-TR, VIP2 R5K controllers 1 FE 16 Serial, FE, 4 TR 9 Serial network interfaces) and 7513 (GEIP controller, VIP2 R5K controller, 1FE 8 Serial, GE)}, and more than 500 Cisco Layer2/Multilayer catalysts {which are 2916, 2924, 2948G, 3524, 3548, 3508G, 3550 and ML-6509 (Sup WS-X6K-SUP1-2GE, WS-X6408-GBIC, WS-X6302-MSM, WS-X6248-RJ-45), 5505, ML-5513 (100BaseFX MMF Sup WS-X5530, 100BaseFX MM Ethernet WS-X5111, 10/100BaseTX Ethernet WS-X5224, Route Switch WS-X5302)}
  • Configured & Supporting the Secure VPN Encrypted Tunnel based on Concentrator Cisco 3015, Cisco Secure ACS 3.x, RSA Server and few other layers of Security.
  • Configured/installed/Managed Check Point Firewall-1 NG on Sun OS system.
  • Build all the network objects, setup permission, configured traffic filters, implemented static/dyn NATing.
  • Put together a plan for new network infrastructure in order to convert from RIP1 to EIGRP including backbone infrastructure.
  • Documented all the issues, which will be involved during this upgrade, like Hardware/Software VLSM, physical layout, performance/throughput related and cost/management.
  • Wrote complete configuration for EIGRP, route filtering and route advertisement, redistribution, address translation and security/authentication etc.
  • Day-to-day bases troubleshooting, if there is any problem in the network, route maintenance, performance/congestion issues, loop in the network or if there is any convergence problem.
  • Configured HSRP on 6509 catalysts for redundancy/load balancing. Also, divided VLAN infrastructure in order to get optimum performance. Worked on several IP problems. Wrote a script in Visual C++ to build initial database of all network devices with its MACs, IPs, Names etc and for future upgrade. Build DHCP server to in Red Had Linux. Write Perl script for RedHat and Sun OS to configure Alarm and push configs.
  • Used Cisco Works 2000, HP Open View and Distributed WAN Sniffer in order track the traffic flow at critical times. Monitored dropped/retransmitted packet, collision and to resolve different performance issues.
  • Used CW2000/HP Open View to remotely manage & configure the whole network and for IOS upgrade, inventory update, tracking network devices plus other several day-to-day base tasks. Configured ISDN clients (802, 804) for AS5200 & AS5300.
  • Draw the whole new topology layout in MS Visio 2000 Enterprise Edition.
  • Supported Helpdesk team Engineers on Windows 2000 issues and related to upgrades.
  • Knowledge transferring to the team members related to installation, configuration and troubleshooting the hi-end network equipments and several other network related issues.
  • Discuss in meeting current/previous issues in order to achieve short & long-term resolutions.

Network Architect/Project Manager

Confidential, Deerfield, IL


  • Configured/Supported BGP4 between multiple ISP/ASes and created BGP loop-free interdomain routing between autonomous systems and implement specific routing policy for individual routes by using attributes. Dealt with performance issues, Load Balancing and redundancy. Configured route filters & redistribution in eBGP and iBGP.
  • Evaluated the effectiveness of a BGP peer group. Configured eBGP and iBGP on a clustered network. Configured load balancing and loopback interfaces in a network in order to avoid convergence and other performance issues.
  • Worked on Check Point firewall, Pix Firewall, implemented different encryptions. Configured VPN tunnels over L2TP, PPTP, and IPSec.
  • Configured/Managed Static VLANs on Catalyst 6509. Configured frame relay between Headquarter and Branch Offices. Worked on LAN/WAN problems like congestion, connectivity and scalability issues. Configured and Managed static VLANs on all floors by using 1900, 2900 Catalysts and Baystack 350-24T Switches then consolidated all floors into Catalyst 5500 (WS-5530 Supervisor Engine III, WS-U5531-FETX with two 10/100 Fast Ethernet MDIX ports, WS-X5201 100BaseFx Fast Ether Channel with 12 ports, WS-X5224 10/100 TX Switching Module with 24 ports, WS-X5302 Route Switch Module).
  • Customized Network Discovery by using HP Open View (for NT), Cisco Works 2000, and Visio 2000 in order to troubleshoot network problems and for presentation purpose.
  • Installed and Upgraded Novell NetWare 5.x servers. Migrated users/data from legacy severs.
  • Maintained, supported and Upgraded MS Exchange and NT Servers to Win 2000 server. Implemented new Quota system. Created image servers for customized unattended installations.

LAN/WAN Architect Engineer

Confidential, Chicago, IL


  • Supported LAN/WAN and designed new Network expansion plan.
  • Responsible for 24X7 Network support for HQ and Branch Offices. Supported and implement BG4 connected to different ISPs. Implemented route filtering policy by using different BGP attributes. Supporting and maintaining Cisco routers/switches at home office to remote locations in order to troubleshoot different network problems. Designed several new expansions plans.
  • Defined NDS & NT security and implemented on desktop setting & user applications. Upgraded Novell 4.x servers to Novell 5 servers and consolidated the database of all NT workstation into NDS of Novell 5 server. Configured whole network environment in such a way that it can be maintained/supported remotely through SMS.
  • Discussed on WEB/Network Monitoring software and its log then drill down the root cause problems in order to find out short term and longer-term solutions.
  • Prepared Technical Solution Guide and Training Manual for the Solution center. Designed complete NDS structure, created NAL objects for different applications, using ZenWorks.
  • Troubleshooting name resolution issues related to DNS, DHCP and WINS, plus Servers like PDC, BDC, Exchange, and Application/Software Download server in a multi-domain model and legacy NT/Novell servers. Installed ArcServe Backup 6.x Enterprise version and Client Agent then configured HP DLT Autoloader (Tape Changer of 7 tapes) to setup schedule for incremental and full backup on Exchange, NT4.0 and Novell 4.11 servers. Created login script to map users’ home/application/share drives in order to provide network access to file resources according to the given rights. DOS batch programming for unattended installation of Windows and other applications and Kixtart scripting. Providing 3rd Level Support Related to Network and Desktop.
  • Worked on issues related to Network/System Security and several Network performance issues.
  • Maintained/Supported Microsoft, Novell NetWare, Mainframe based applications.
  • As a Novell/Win-NT4.0 Domain Admin, resolved issues related to users accounts & NDS.
  • IP reservation using DHCP according to the specific need, e.g., equipments for mainframe and color printers. Activating/Swapping ports from wiring closet in order to provide connectivity for new/moved users & network equipments and new devices. Worked on Network Printing performance issues. Supported Financial & Database applications, trading software like Reuters & Bloomberg Terminals etc.
  • Discussed issues in weekly meetings to achieve better results and to find long-term solutions.
  • Configured Network from scratch at 4 new locations in Illinois and 7 Locations in Virginia/West Virginia, which based on more than 50 clients per site in Novell and NT environment.
  • Installed & configured Cisco routers (2500, 2600 series). Managed and worked on Y2K project at three sites remotely. Provided 3rd level LAN/WAN based support to Y2K Installers in Cisco, NT & Win 95 based environment. Configured and installed Cisco routers. Implemented OSPF and redistributed certain routes into RIP2 and BGP. Configured/supported DHCP for different sites. Resolved IP related issues. Supported Apps like Office 97 SR2, graphics/publishing software over the LAN. Supported/configured network printers for film printing through IP & Host Name resolution. Wrote batch programs for upgrading Windows 3.xx PCs to Windows 95 PCs & for unattended customized NT installation.

Infrastructure Architect/Support

Confidential, Chicago, IL


  • Implemented and support LAN/WAN on second Largest Network 
  • Worked on Y2K- Projects. Coordinated team members, assigned responsibilities to the team members, & supported of any team member who may need help. Trained supervisory level employees.
  • Provided status reports to Manager on progress, open issues, and remaining work. Also provided solutions of the Main Issues and Implement new Procedures and resolutions.
  • Q&A procedures project wide including implementation and post conversion support documents.
  • Provided support using SMS and via phone for Home/Remote Offices to LAN-Admin on the sites nationwide in Windows NT, Novell NetWare, Unix, and AS400 environments of over 30K users.

Software Engineer/System Architect

Confidential, Lincolnwood, IL


  • Installed and Configured 56K, Frame Relay and ISDN-BRI for different remote sites.
  • Configured and installed Router and Switches. Setup VLANs by using external router.
  • Installed access layer and multilayer switches at different sites. Upgraded and supported LAN/WAN Environment at Home Office and Small Branch Offices. Configured and implemented appropriate security policy for different sites.
  • Designed multiple networks consisting of Cisco Router/Switches, NT & Novell, BDC, DHCP & file servers.
  • Wrote PC Tech Guide for new techs.
  • Worked as an instructor and taught several courses including Computer Hardware Maintenance, Advance course for C-Language/Turbo-C, GW-Basic, WordStar, WordPerfect, Lotus-123, Commodore 64, Debase III Plus etc.
  • Manage and Support IT environment including Computer Hardware and Software

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