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Opto-mechanical, Packaging Engineer Resume

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Culver City, CaliforniA


  • 20+ years of experience in the field of opto - mechanical, optoelectronic and electrical engineering
  • Extensive Confidential ® design and development experience including work on opto-mechanical systems, high speed transceivers, fiber optical sensors, chemical sensors, and LED (including high power illuminators and arrays) illumination systems, PCB integration in standardized chassis.
  • Hands-on experience with all aspects of prototype development from initial concept validation to preproduction device development, integration, Bill of Material generation, configuration management using vault and transfer to manufacturing.
  • Device testing and characterization, experience including test set up and fixture design, concept development, test protocol development and test results interpretation.
  • Qualified operator for milling, drilling and machine shop tools operation - can quickly prototype or modify things in order to meet tight delivery schedules.
  • Hands on experience with epoxy bonding, curing and resins properties.
  • Extensive experience in using light and optical test and measurement equipment
  • Operational skills and experience with all manner of laboratory equipment including fiber polishers
  • Experienced team leader, skilled in planning, organizing and implementing large projects, capable of solving unusual and complicated problems


Software: Confidential, Microsoft Office


Opto-Mechanical, Packaging Engineer

Confidential, Culver City, California


  • Mating and tolerance analysis of various optical fiber profiles, including lensed fibers to waveguides along with characterization for coupling efficiency with fabrication tolerances.
  • Packaging design, integration of optical and electrical parts, housing, analysis and selection of vendors, process development in collaboration with RF, optical engineers and assembly technicians.
  • VPX compliant chassis design, PCB layout and interfacing for mechanical tolerances and system level equipment integration, used for successful demonstration on rotorcraft platforms at NAVAIR (both ground and in-flight testing).
  • Responsible for design ( Confidential ®) and development for DARPA and US NAVY funded programs for advanced transceivers used in RF over Fiber systems (SIGINT, COMINT, Radar):
  • 20 and 40 GHz receivers. Work with RF and optical engineers to finalize design, survey and selection of packaging housing suppliers. Full responsibility for BOM and configuration management.
  • High linearity transmitters in standard XMD packaging. Internal layout for electrical and optical parts. Solder stack up and tolerance analysis. Thermal management and soldering schedule. Cost analysis and design for manufacturing.
  • Low cost packaging of receivers and lasers in TOCan packages. Suppliers survey, cost analysis. Selection of optical components with guidance by optical engineers. Final integration process steps.
  • Design for SFP+ and XFP modules for RFoF transceivers.
  • Enclosure design and integration for various optoelectronic system modules. PCB floor plan and allocation for RF, electrical and optical parts areas. Material and solder selection for passing MIL standard qualification.
  • Knowledge and understanding of integration/brazing of high speed RF connectors to housings and packages.
  • Fixture design for assembly, adjustment and alignment of fiberoptic components, lasers and opto-mechanical systems.
  • Fixture design for laser welding and RF testing.
  • Established network of machine shops and prototyping facilities.
  • Ownership and management of supplier network. Personal contacts with sales representatives and application engineers.

Senior Research Engineer

Confidential, Torrance, California


  • Hand-held LED based incapacitating device (LEDI) for law enforcement (DHS project)
  • Electronic flash bang grenade (TSWG project)
  • Single lens 3D endoscopes (NSF and HIH projects) for industrial and medical applications
  • Powerful hand held UV illuminator and pre-impregnated (prepreg) composite fiber patches for fast repair of composite parts on the projected lunar module and International Space Station (NASA project)
  • Unique catheter for laser treatment of atrial fibrillation (NIH project)

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