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Systems Network Engineer Rsume Profile


  • 19 years of total IT experience.
  • 14 years in operations Infrastructure in electronic trading environment
  • 12 years of support experience with DevOps, NOC, Network, UNIX/LINUX, custom applications, Advent Geneva /Eagle portfolio accounting applications and
  • Mobility Solutions, Computer Systems, Graphic Systems, HPC High Volume Securities Trading Platforms .
  • Manage Software, Hardware, Networks, Client connections and deliver SLAs via ITIL practices.
  • Formalize Software Development Life Cycle SDLC .
  • Strong 9 years of Hedge fund/portfolio application support experience in Unix environment
  • Projects with Citigroup, Bank of New York Securities, Nomura Securities, and Swiss American Securities.
  • Managing teams distributed around the world.
  • Vendor management.
  • Six Sigma - Green Belt.
  • ITIL Certified-V3.
  • Certified by Office of Business Continuity. DR expert-certification
  • Certified in application security. Market data application and UNIX security expert-certification
  • Certified in Export Licensing Compliance ELC .
  • Certified in Process improvement, Compliance.
  • Certificate award by Citigroup as Champion Manager.


  • Hardware: 19 years in handling CISC and RISC Hardware. Sun CT 900 Blade, E15/25K, M9000 Architecture, Worked on x86 based Setups, HP systems, Dec Alpha, VMWare Hypervisor.
  • Operating Systems: Sun OS, HP-UX B11 v2/v3 on HP9000-MC Service Guard Cluster, Red Hat Enterprise Server 5/6/7, Oracle OS 10. AIX ver. 5, 6, SCO V, ESX 3i Server, GSX.
  • RDBMS: Oracle 7.x/8.x/9i/10g and Sybase 12.5 on Solaris 8/9/10-SunCluster 3.x
  • Packages: MS Project, Visio, SNMP Agents HP Open View, Net Manage .
  • Tools: Extensive Work on Apache2/WebServer-IPlanet/Enterprise/6.1, SSH, SFTP, Secure proxy server, Hummingbird exceed, Big Brother, Uptime, Business Objects Crystal Reports XI, DI.
  • Big Data: Hadoop, Hive, Hana.
  • Mobility Solutions: Android, Apple IOS, Windows and Blackberry.



Software Development/Mobility Solution

Director Mobile application Development/Support

  • Manage multiple applications and manage application developers.
  • Responsible for planning and directing all corporate technology function.
  • Create technology and network architecture strategies for the organization.
  • Direct the implementation of initiatives related to technology solutions and infrastructure.
  • Manage build specification and validation for release teams.
  • Drive QA, UAT practice before production release.
  • Proven technical leader in High Performance Computing.
  • Drive technology solutions.
  • Handle escalations and direct resource as required.
  • Includes people management and team budgeting.
  • Adherence to architectural standards, risk management and best available security.
  • Experiences in areas such as computer systems, graphics systems, HPC and high performance storage HPS .
  • Ability to drive and thrive in a fast moving, high performance cross-functional organization.
  • Ability to work in a fast paced independent culture
  • Amazon AWS EC2 application deployment. Expert in Cloud computing.
  • Strong organizational skills and the ability to interact effectively with people at all levels.
  • Team oriented, able to work effectively in a matrix organization
  • Lead the effort to develop Information Technology standards and procedures.
  • Manage and supervise Information Technology team members including staff development and performance reviews
  • Research and understand new technologies and develop approaches to incorporate these technologies into the organization's business model.
  • Participate in the development of the annual Information, technology budget.
  • ITIL Practitioner.
  • AGILE delivery methodology.
  • Multiple infrastructure solution design techniques.
  • Virtualization and cloud computing.


Sr Vice President Sr. Trade Infrastructure and Operations, Custom Application Development

  • Manage multiple applications and manage application developers.
  • Designed and implemented M9000 infrastructure electronic transaction reporting HPC systems.
  • Developed world class Citi Geneva COE.
  • FIX Ullink connections management. Complete FIX platform infrastructure, logs, data interpretation and resolution.
  • Advent mobility solutions. Advent Geneva, APX and Moxy.
  • DevOps, Networks, UNIX/LINUX, Cloud Computing.
  • Working experience with tools like VTs, Virtual Change, Jira, Sonar, Fisheye, Crucible, Greenhopper, Confluence, Jenkins, Nexus, Github.
  • Strong understanding of Equities and/or Fixed Income trading business domain including trade lifecycle, risk management, and analytics.
  • Strong grasp of technology trends innovations in the capital markets industry, architectural abilities to lead development teams to create best in class technology solutions.
  • Build manage globally distributed teams that work with common vision goals.
  • Manage build specification and validation for production release team.
  • Budgeting, forecasting and change management reports to senior leadership on systems and software licenses.
  • Experience of managing multiple stakeholders and prioritizing book of work in partnership with business Competencies.
  • Handle customers across geographies.
  • Strong leadership skills and ability to manage strong people stakeholders.
  • Ability to drive influence change in processes, people and technology.
  • Maturity of judgment and decision-making.
  • Strong technologist that can lead teams through architecture evolution.
  • Highly articulate communication, influencing and negotiation skills cost sensitivity and productivity focus.
  • Software delivery lifecycles methodologies SDLC, Agile .
  • Strong automation with scripting, referential data model hierarchy and enterprise level.
  • Develop and implement Operating Mechanisms to measure the execution and effectiveness of this process.
  • Liaison with business, development team leads and internal support teams to resolve client issues.
  • Vendor management.
  • Drive QA practices before release.
  • Trained by Advent on GPA.
  • RFC/CAB approver.


UNIX Manager-Sr Application Operations and Infrastructure Support

  • Manage multiple IR applications on Sun/Linux/Oracle RAC environment.
  • Manage application development teams/vendors.
  • Manage builds and UAT/Production.
  • Mange teams around the world.
  • Application RFC submissions/CAB approver.
  • Manage data center virtualization setups and Resource Allocation management.
  • Data Center DR Planning and Implementation.
  • RFC submissions and CAB approver.
  • IBM Tivoli Backup was used at Volvo IT Datacenter. Setting up dsm.sys and reading tapes using bar code method, Auditing.
  • Use of Automated Scheduling tools like Tidal and Tivoli.
  • Certified- Red Hat training.
  • Oracle Application Server 10g RAC deployments using Oracle Enterprise Console Management.
  • Deploy release patch/updates to existing websites using OEM. Worked extensively with Opmnctl utility modifyConfigs.plx script. All applications were written in java.
  • Oracle Application Server 10g Web Cache Admin.
  • Configure Oracle WebGate with Access Server for Single Sign On Apps.
  • Six Sigma training. Undertaking Green Belt Project on CP and CR using Virtualization.
  • Apache Web Server Administration.
  • BMC Patrol for Linux and Unix 9.0.02
  • NOC Monitoring: HPOpenview-GlancePlus, NetIQ, and IPCheck etc.
  • Undertaking Kaizen improvement events.
  • Budgeting IT and capacity planning.
  • Mentor/Guide people. Retain good talent.
  • Documentation. Updating and publishing regularly.
  • Sarbanes Oxley complaint
  • ITIL compliance.
  • Six Sigma Green Belt Certified .


UNIX and Application - IT Manager

  • Experience in a time-critical trading environment.
  • Manage application developers.
  • Conduct IT audits with respect to trading platforms and supporting applications.
  • FIX Protocol. Strong background in supporting hedge fund applications.
  • Assist new and existing clients with their Ullink connections act as mini-project managers for each client connection they are assigned and work closely with relevant counterparties from the moment the request is made until the client is live.
  • Perform certification and conformance testing - confirm that clients have been correctly deployed on the Ullink platforms according to their set of FIX specifications.
  • Handle client calls and emails regarding platform issues - analyze FIX logs, interpret data, and provide client resolution.
  • In house reproduction of reported issues, identify the underlying problem and make sure the provided fixes resolve issues on client environments
  • Coordinate with other departments within Ullink organization to provide quick resolution and fast turnaround.
  • Hands-on with installing, configuring and maintaining trading applications.
  • Designed and executed project single-handed for BNY ESI, Nomura Securities, and Swiss American Securities.
  • Handle US Financial customers.
  • Testing builds and then deploying Trading apps in production.
  • RFS submissions, following strict guidelines. Risk Management.
  • Working extensively with IBM Tuxedo Park Data Center.
  • COB Planning and Implementation. Extremely hands on. Handled 25 tickets/week.
  • Designed Windows/Red Hat/Solaris /HPUX based trading systems. Tuning UNIX Systems based on customer requirements.
  • Worked on Real time trading systems. ECNs. Systems connected directly to trading floors of NYSE/Commodity exchange. Linked with almost all automated Exchanges in US and world. Online order routing and matching. Near-to-instantaneous trading operations, extremely time critical Applications on Unix Servers/HP Servers.
  • Involved in mission critical Production servers.
  • Manage teams in NY.
  • Use Tivoli automated scheduling tool.
  • Making Root Cause Analysis that Management can understand.
  • Complete responsibility of Unix Production Servers Setup Mid-range to high-end production Servers. Extensive work on RAID 5. Web Sphere Application Server, Apache web server.
  • Dynamic backup and recovery. Managed archived mission critical data. Fast recovery. Installation and configuration of WebServer-Enterprise/6.0SP4/Proxy Server/RSASecurity Server/VPN SecureNet
  • Administration, Monitoring WebServer-Enterprise/6.0SP4 Performance and Tuning.
  • Experience with deploying java web based applications.
  • WebMethods server administration through B2B Admin screen and TN Console.
  • Administration of Apache/Tomcat Servers. MAIL/LDAP.
  • Datacenter setups included planning power ampere sockets air-conditioning, racks U, cabling considering existing servers at datacenter.
  • MQ Controls and Trigger Monitoring.
  • Data Logging Graphing using RRD 1.2 GNU. Extensive use of Nagios
  • Complete MQ Integration with Unix Systems and Depository Trust Company
  • Administration of Veritas Cluster including Testing and Debugging.
  • Complete responsibility of IBM RS6000 based Tivoli Enterprise Backups.
  • Complete administrative responsibility of Tivoli Server backup and restore using TSM.
  • Extensive Sun Clustering and repairs.
  • Knowledge management by documenting every update to datacenter.


UNIX Network Engineer I C - AAA applications

  • Worked with a team on AT T White Plains Data Center. Worked on AAA applications. Radius Protocol.
  • Worked on AT T Bandwidth manager ABM and Frame Relay Service Level Agreement FRSLA projects. Worked extensively on HP Integrity/ Sparc Center 2000 and Ultra Sparc Enterprise series 3000/5000/6500. Maintained two major sites, one production site at White Plains and the other standby site in Chicago, which are site duplicated, the primary machines involved at each of the site are extremely time critical and are maintained up at all times. The job responsibilities included total system administration.
  • Responsibilities includes System security, System accounting, Handling cron, Communication setups Modem, Switches, Managed/Non Managed Hubs, Datakits, DACS, x.25 PINET , Managing disk and Hot spare using Veritas Volume Manager,
  • Remote workstation configuration, remote printer's administration. Handling RAID recoveries. Handling Clusters extensively. Creating and maintaining Daily reports. Provide extremely High Availability environment, training Work Center, Data Center and team on regular basis. Firewall with Checkpoint firewall and proxy server. Backups done using Netbackup- Legato Networked and tape library. Used system monitoring programs such as top, vmstat, iostat, netstat, truss, sar for Performance tuning
  • Shell scripts for automated capacity planning of data.
  • Shell script written for monitoring web servers' use and clearing of shared memory
  • Cluster Configuration using Sun Cluster 3.0.

Received prestigious Gold Award from Vice President Carl Antes Jr for outstanding performance. Certificate award.


Systems Network Engineer. Pre-Sales and Post-Sales Support

  • Visited at least 50 customers with Sales Rep and provided technical insight into IT Infrastructure planning.
  • Visited at least 300 customers for support and pre-sales.
  • Specialized in UNIX / NT 4.x and small scale Oracle administration.
  • During this period, various installations were handled for diskless / dataless / diskfull servers, recovery and upgradation of Sun Platforms and operating system were carried out at various medium to large-scale corporate clients.
  • Responsibilities included as UNIX administrator: Installation of Sun Solaris 7/8, SunOS 4.x on Sun Sparc Servers and workstations. Adding servers and workstations to the network. Installation process using Jumpstart.
  • System Resource Admin.
  • Adding and maintaining user's accounts and profiles.
  • Configuring the Kernel, creating User File systems, installation of new software.
  • Adding and configuring external devices like Hard disk, backup devices etc.
  • System /network performance monitoring and maintenance.
  • Very small scale Volume Management using VERITAS Suite and Custom packages for disk administration.
  • Managing NFS
  • RAID 0,1 5 Installations and Recoveries
  • Sun Cluster Clarion study IFFCO client
  • Automounters.
  • TCP/IP.
  • Maintained user logs and package installation log information.
  • Handled cron activities.
  • Patch Administration.
  • Installation of various software add-on packages like compiler tools and communication software.
  • Good conceptual knowledge of NIS, NIS and DNS.
  • Trouble shooting.

Best Employee Certificate Award


Research Associate Indian Government Funded Research Lab

  • Worked on Sun Solaris, Computer networks and Wireless Computer communications. During the project Intelligent Radio modem was created using software programming and hardware design. To make the prototype intelligent, C programming language was used the code was later cross-compiled to 8051 micro controller assembly language for EPROM programming.
  • The Research Department had four UNIX servers, out of which two were SS20 Sparc servers with Solaris 5/6/7
  • Additional responsibilities were given as apart from project.
  • Installation of Sparc Compilers and other communication packages.
  • Adding peripherals to new workstations and existing Sparc servers.
  • Configuring kernel and making system ready for use
  • Designed and implemented LAN and WAN networks.
  • Worked extensively on Sun Solaris platforms.
  • Excellent command over computer networks and their architectures.
  • Take regular backup of project and UNIX system, recovering backups when needed.
  • Received outstanding project award on Intelligent Radio Modem at entire nation level. Rated 1 Project in India, Certificate award.

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