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Network Administrator Resume Profile


A flexible, determined and hardworking candidate with advanced academic and professional background in Computer Studies and Information Technology: extensive work exposure to the management and maintenance of IT and Network Systems: strong problem solving and negotiation abilities: strong interpersonal relationship and team collaboration capacities: sound strategic planning and decision making skills: good communication and customer relationship management abilities.

Key Skills

  • Comprehensive and advanced knowledge and skills in Computer Studies and Information Technology able to manage and operate IT and Network Systems.
  • Strong problem solving and negotiation abilities able to diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve hardware and software abnormalities able to explain and negotiate practical solutions to any IT and Network related concerns.
  • Strong interpersonal relationship and team collaboration capacities able to interact with staff, management and clients in a professional manner able to contribute unique skills and knowledge to achieve common goals.
  • Sound strategic planning and decision making skills able to think and plan IT operations ahead of time able to share and consult practical and cost-effective solutions to relevant problems.
  • Good communication and customer relationship management abilities.

Professional Experience / Career Profile


  • Manage all servers including Active Directory 2003, 2008, Anti-spam , E-mail Exchange , Maximo, Sun, Print server, RSA token, checkpoint SSL VPN.
  • Planning implementing the preventive predictive maintenance schedules for improving the overall reliability of servers and working station.
  • Conducting failure investigation and analysis to identify network intermittent, switches failure and corrective measures so as to reduce communication downtime maximize network availability and instability.
  • Carrying out the isolation of software's and hardware's problems.
  • Punching, crimping network cable and telephone line cable.
  • Users support, printers, scanners, share folders, hardware and software issues including viruses.
  • Handling all hardware and software deployment and implementation including the proper specifications and compatible applications.
  • Configure switches, fiber optic lines and media converter.
  • Installation of CCTV cameras, network access controls, and other plant equipment.
  • Configuration of routers and switches.
  • Experienced in LAN, WAN, VLAN, DHCP, Telnet, Access point, cisco switches.
  • Manage all IT assets inventory hardware's, software's and IT policy and procedures.


  • Worked closely with the supplier of equipment to ensure timely deployment/training/corrective actions/preventive.
  • Worked with Technical Sales and Sales Marketing on claims related issues.
  • Managed and server set up active directory, network infrastructure/architecture and data base PL-SQL .
  • Coordinated functions of company's legal, risk management and credit departments for security assets for claims management.
  • Provided technical support analysis across all projects to drive performance.
  • Implemented training and support to all technicians and trainers for proper deployment of equipment's and necessary techniques to improve the knowledge of the clients.
  • Managed the Saudi Portable Instrumentation Range System SPIRS including training.
  • Acted as Technical Trainer and supported the Royal Saudi Land Forces for Multiple Instrumented Laser Engagement System 2000 MILES 2000 Cubic DEFENSE APPLICATIONS San Diego CA.
  • Acted as Technical Trainer and supported in terms of systems and network for C4Ic Canada, MILSIMS simulations for Ministry of Defense Aviation. Royal Saudi Land Forces .
  • Worked as Technical Trainer and supported in terms of system and network for PHOENIX United Kingdom simulations for Ministry of Defense Aviation. Royal Saudi Land Forces .
  • Worked as Technical Trainer and supported in terms of system and network for THALES Defense System South Africa AS4000 Meteorological System for Ministry of Defense Aviation Royal Saudi Land Forces .
  • Handled hardware design and network structure, data, voice cabling, installation, trouble shooting, implementation etc.
  • Design and set up the infrastructure for the computer network and usually configures and manages an existing network.
  • Plans, implements and supports the network and computing the infrastructure plan.
  • Manages sized projects according to agreed upon budgets and schedules.
  • Configuration and set up of all new server systems required internally for the company's activities.
  • Firewall administration and overall responsibility for company IT Security and roll out hardware and software to ensure optimal deployment of resources.
  • Administration and maintenance of company's internal systems and install/maintain emergency systems to back up the main network server.
  • Carry out FAT and SAT for analytical package in company partner's factory and at various end user sites respectively.
  • Worked as Technical Writer and provided technical documentation


  • Managed the network Administration for user account, internet access, office system and application support.
  • Managed Support server, network and desktop hardware, software applications.
  • Monitored the daily activity on the network, ensuring that the resources of the company are utilized in ways that are within the standard set for employee usage.
  • Monitored systems for network status, alerting management of network failures and assists in performing correction action.
  • Tracked the status of software and equipments licensing agreement, ensuring that licenses are renewed.
  • Installed, configured, and maintained PC's and PC peripherals operating in a Local Area Network environment provided end user support.
  • Handled workstation upgrade to existing software or installing new software approved by the company.
  • Configured interfaces of peripheral equipment performed component level system maintenance.
  • Maintained an adequate level of knowledge of operating system and application software being used to provide high levels of support to users.
  • Managed all network facilities of the company from Headquarters up to the company site projects.
  • Managed all installations of CCTV cameras and Network Access System Controller in all facilities.
  • Administered and documented all company IT assets.
  • Tested all hardware and software prior to deployment in departments or project sites.
  • Formulated and implemented policies and procedures of IT Department to ensure good computer management.
  • Handled, created and managed all internal and external e-mails of the company staff.
  • Handled all personal desktop troubleshooting, laptops, scanners, printers, copier machines, including the escalation problems of end-users.
  • Deployed and updated patches of anti-virus, operating system, all company's required software's needed by company business.
  • Maintained the Domain Active Directory , Data file Sharing, Security servers by the company.


  • Handled PC Assembling / De- Assembling, BIOS Configuration, Hard Disk Preparation trouble shooting of all kinds of hardware Printer, Key Board, Scanner, Mouse .
  • Processed ATM Technology, Fiber Optical, Basic and Digital Electronic and Electric Of all computers hardware, Multimedia Technology.
  • Handled Hardware Preparing, Power supply, AT/ ATX, Zip Drive, Pen Drive, Scanner, Printer managed Hard Disk Partitions, Dual Booting system and all other hardware repairing.


  • Involved in the planning, designing, and implementation of the network.
  • Tested, installed and connected various computers in the networks performed troubleshooting and diagnosed hardware problems handled computer repairs for laptops and desktops installed software, applications, anti-virus and utilities.
  • Communicated with clients about the computer and advised proper care of computer and the best computer programs and brand offered technical support on-site and for home services.
  • Maintained and repaired all peripherals, software issues, hardware failure such as software corruption, incorrect installation, incompatible hardware or malware.
  • Explained in non-technical terms to the client what created the problem and how to avoid future hardware and software issues

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