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Systems Analyst Resume Profile

Experience Confidential Sr. IT Policy Analyst

  • Manage risk and compliance programs for Student Affairs.
  • Author regulatory compliance policies and procedures
  • Manage mitigation for vulnerabilities identified through Nessus scans
  • Provide compliance training and security awareness program
Confidential Principal Consultant
  • Provide IT and security compliance solutions and services
  • Provide compliance training and security awareness programs
  • Author regulatory compliance policies and procedures
  • Design and deploy physical and logical security solutions
Confidential IT Consultant
  • Manage NERC CIP efforts
  • Revise NERC CIP procedures
  • Document compliance via SharePoint portal
  • Maintain information protection Intranet site
Confidential Senior IT Compliance Security Analyst
  • Manage NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection program at MLSES
  • Maintain auditable NERC CIP compliance
  • Manage physical and logical security program
  • Administer security and monitoring server systems
Confidential Computer Lab Supervisor / Webmaster
  • Manage 50 seat student computer lab
  • Administer multiple departmental web sites
  • Support faculty multimedia projects
  • Supervise lab employees
Experience Confidential Consultant
  • Sales and service of IT products to business clients
  • Provide contract and hourly support to business clients
  • Manage and host DNS, e-mail, web and ftp sites and services
  • Design and deploy security measures for LAN, WAN and Internet
Confidential Consultant
  • Provide Network Admin support for local petroleum refinery
  • Implement AD and group policies for refinery production LAN
  • Administer process controls hardware and software systems
  • Manage 15 servers on Windows 2003, 2000 and NT 4.0 platforms
Confidential Consultant
  • Sales of computer products and hardware repair to clients
  • Provide computer support to individuals and business clients
  • Develop and manage customer websites and Internet applications
  • Deploy security measures for LAN, WAN and Internet
Confidential Webmaster / Network Administrator
  • Administration of corporate Internet and Intranet NT web sites
  • Provide development support for team of Java programmers
  • Administer Microsoft IIS and IBM HTTP Apache web servers
  • Administer WebSphere and Cold Fusion application servers
Confidential Systems Analyst
  • Develop web solutions for processes and legacy applications
  • Author and maintain various institutional web sites
  • Support computer-aided instruction projects
  • Develop and deliver student training resources
  • Shell Oil, Warner Cable, The Trane Company
  • Various Human Resources roles in employee relations and employment

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