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Systems Integration Engineer Resume Profile


Over 10 years combined experience working on multiple tactical systems building, troubleshooting, and testing the internal networks and data centers. I have experience troubleshooting, building, and configuring multiple types of servers, routers, receivers and satellites and with the job title of Military Intelligence System Integrator. I am experienced in network building including windows servers NT/2003/2008/2012 , Unix Sun based systems, router configuration, exchange 2010/2013 active directory, SharePoint, and SCCM. I also have 5 years of managerial and customer service experience. I currently maintain a TS/SCI with Polygraph Clearance and a Secret Clearance.

Areas of Professional Experience

  • In-depth Troubleshooting utilizing all types of resources
  • Router/Server/Receiver/Computer Repair
  • Network Server/Router Installation/ Removal
  • Unix Sun Solaris /Windows XP/Vista/78 Systems
  • Windows Server 2008/2012
  • Computer/Router Security
  • General Linux
  • Active Directory Management
  • Management/ Instruction
  • Leadership/Outgoing/Self Starter
  • Network/Systems Integration Engineering
  • Network Design and Building
  • QA Testing on Hardware and Software
  • Deployment of Apps through App-V and SCCM
  • Documentation Test plans and procedure manuals
  • Network Knowledge of LAN, WAN, DHCP, DNS, TCP/IP, and other Protocols
  • VMware/SCCM
  • Teir III Exchange Administration 2010/2013

Professional Experience


Lead Network Analyst

  • Responsible for maintaining the Exchange 2010 environment including blackberry servers, cisco switches and routers, nexus switches and routers. Responsible for testing new archiving solutions for the USA Mail Search. Maintain a storage database of all email traffic utilizing the HP IAP platform. Maintain functionality of ILO application on all mail related servers. Trouble shoot any on the spot errors that may come up with the network expanding out to the DC Servers and other Network Operation Center issues. Scripting to automate any needed tasks. Design, test, and implement Exchange 2013 in both lab environments and currently in planning for production.
  • Provide Tier III support to district System Administrators Including mail/blackberry/Iphone/Ipad issues. Assisted System Managers in creating Active Directory accounts as well as Exchange Accounts in both Windows 2010 and Exchange 2010 environments. Testing and implementation of new Exchange 2013 environment. Utilizing the remedy tool completing trouble tickets assigned to the US DoJ Mail Team. Provide assistance to the NOC monitoring center supporting issues that may come up over the weekend including DNS, Network Stability, Replacement Tapes and Storage Maintenance.


System Network Engineer

  • Responsible for the migration of the AFNET Windows Servers 2003 to 2010, Users and Computers, Exchange Servers from 2003 to 2010, and maintaining Active Directory compliance. Responsible for implementation of group polices through Active Directory. Maintained proper documentation for the purpose of life cycle administration for both systems and end users conduct the migrations of users, computers, groups, etc. utilizing the Quest migration tool as well as applying and troubleshoot GPOs and login scripts. Ensure both Windows and Exchange servers are compliant with the Department of Defense regulations. Maintain network integrity and security through implementation of security policies.
  • Base Lead Manager in charge of the ADX Migration base team and point of contacts . Responsible for Troubleshoot DNS related issues, Troubleshooting issues with Exchange/mail flow and the GAL. Responsible for coordination of remote site techs and network administrators. Collective use and basic administration of the SharePoint site for each base. Troubleshooting both hardware and software issues and documenting all issues. Provide end user support through the assistance of trouble ticketing.


Systems Integration Engineer III

  • Relied upon for the resolution of a wide variety of complex software problems such as software compatibility issues, licensing issues, and script error issues discovered during testing and after deployment. Maintain concurrent schedules, provide milestone updates using basic administration for the SharePoint site, speaking directly to the customer, and record concise documentation in various forms to include SharePoint documentation for the purposes of life-cycle management and archiving. Created Test plans and execution of various testing methodologies. Built out test procedures and tables for SharePoint site. Responsible for over 2000 software applications being tested to see if they would cause disruption to the network and/or the physical machines. After testing the software, software packages were made utilizing shell scripting into .bat files that are then deployable tested in a virtual environment VMware containing Server 2003/2008/XP/Vista/7 machines and a physical environment Containing Server 2003/2008/XP/Vista/7 machines via SCCM and/or App-V tools.
  • Supporting operational live deployments internationally through the resolution of problem tickets generated via the problem management process. Participated in technical exchanges with other employees and the customer by teaching and instructing others how to use SCCM and App-v tools. Maintained an open line of communication between the customer and the system engineering integration team through weekly conference calls. Created and supplied Test Plans and Procedures for software testing. Created a test environment with both VMware and hardwired machines running Windows 7, Vista, XP, and Server 2008


Prophet Spiral Network Maintainer Instructor

  • Trained 7 units over 500 SIGINT personnel to maintain receivers, Windows Servers NT/2003/2008 , Vista and XP based Laptops, Sixnet Routers, Satellites, and computer peripherals of the Prophet Sensor Network of vehicles. Configured IPs through TCP/IP on the command and control subsystems, receiver subsystems, and processing/storage subsystems of Prophet Control and Sensor vehicles. Configured the Prophet Network and created class based student instruction plans instructing step by step set-up of the Prophet Sensor network.
  • Created unusual and complex malfunctions in Prophet Control and Sensor vehicles to test the outcomes of an error and for creating a test environment for the students to see what an error would look like and how to fix the error. Operate automatic and special test equipment to perform distortion test to isolate faults and take corrective action to assure equipment fidelity. Over 700 hours instructing students on how to set up/take down the network, how to configure IPs Breaking down the subnet and utilizing TCP/IP , cable the equipment, configure the Sixnet router, configure the server verify that the network runs properly by following the approved maintenance policies and testing instructions. Applied experience and observations to support the development and revision of training material. Wrote, reviewed, and created lesson plans using DoD Standards and instructed students according to the lesson plans. Due to the clearance level of this project/vehicles I cannot describe the model numbers of the actual equipment routers/receivers .


IEW Systems Maintainer/Integrator

  • Configured, QA tested, maintained, and repaired tactical equipment such as the Prophet Hammer, Trojan, CGS, DCGS, Racal, and other strategic Intelligence and Electronic Warfare IEW systems Servers NT/2003/2008 Computers XP/Vista , equipment Routers, Hubs, and Switches , networks, and assemblies General chaises to hold equipment . Aligned and repaired electronic equipment utilizing oscilloscopes, multi-meters, signal generators, electronic counters and spectrum analyzers. Performed modification work order hardware and software upgrades in accordance with Department of Defense standards. Created and implemented a test environment to test software and hardware issues. Followed through with the customer and maintaining a step by step check on work done documented on the DA2407 which displays the troubleshooting and testing progress to the customer.
  • Configured, maintained, QA tested, and repaired communication equipment, computers XP/Vista , servers NT/2003/2008 , receivers, routers, switches, hubs, and networks in accordance with Department of Defense standards. Diagnosed unusual and complex malfunctions in multiple MI systems, base networks, and routers. Working knowledge of technical manuals and troubleshooting charts to maintain MI equipment and networks.
  • Configured Army student classrooms by installing one Server 2003/2008 , multiple laptops/desktops Windows XP/Vista , routers, hubs, and switches per classroom. Built and ran all the cable in the classrooms including Cat-5, Cat-6, and Fiber cables.


  • Maintained active directory user and computers for the 111th MI Brigade. Configured, maintained and troubleshot Windows XP/Vista and Unix Sun Solaris based computer networks. Created Active directory user accounts and computer accounts for over 400 computers and users during a manual migration. Performed and reimaged the integration of over 400 new computers to the Department of Defense network. Maintained an Information Assurance Security Officer IASO Certificate. Attend Security and Network courses yearly.
  • Designed Network Computer labs for the 305th MI BN. Was in charge of server, router, and machine configurations for the Lab. Created documentation for the end user instruction of what is available in the lab and how to configure personal laptops to tap into the network wireless network.
  • Systems Administrator played an important role in set up of over 400 computers/users/groups placed in the new network, was the NCOIC Project Shop Manager of the S6 Shop in charge of the oversight of the brigades Information Systems Assurance Officers maintaining their certifications and other documents. In charge of updating software and keeping systems up to date with security standards and the standards of the DoD Directive DOIM.

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