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Specialist Senior Resume Profile


  • I am a highly motivated, responsible, experienced professional with 20 years plus of extensive experience in application development and implementation. James is also an expert in database and data modeling design, data integration in disparate industries and platforms. He is also an expert in system integration for data warehousing and business intelligent solutions. The past 12 years James has been primarily focusing on ETL functional/technical design, data conversion/migration, data profiling, data quality, data modeling and database design. He has excellent technical skill sets and working knowledge in relational databases and client-server concepts. His work ethic is second to none and his attention to detail has led to successful implementations and deployments many projects in data warehouses, OLAP and operational data store systems he has previously initiated and involved. His experience and knowledge provide extraodinary value-added solutions to clients.
  • James's current Federal client experience including several projects within the Department of Defense DoD in technical design and development roles. His excellent experience in technical design, testing and development roles in Data Management, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence in the past will be a key value for successful implementation. His extensive background and knowledge on Data Management, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence with application tools such as IBM Infosphere DATA STAGE/QUALITY STAGE, COGNOS Business Intelligent Reporting and Microsoft SharePoint has attributed to numerous successful project implementations. James holds active Secret Clearance with the Department of Defense.
  • Hardware: IBM AIX5.3, Sun Solaris 2.8, Window NT4/2000, Window 2003, Window 2008 R2.
  • Software: IBM Websphere 9.1 DSODB/Operation Console, InfoSphere Information Server DATASTAGE, IBM Web Sphere Enterprise Edition version 8 PX 8.1 Window Parallel version, 7.5 Window Server version, COGNOS 10 BI TOOL, UNIX Shell Scripting, SQL Script, AUTOSYS scheduling system, Rational CLEARCASE/CLEARQUEST, RAPID SQL 7.5.5, Oracle Developer/2000 SQL PLUS, PL/SQL, NCR/TERADATA v2r5 FASTLOAD, MUTILOAD, TPUMP, BTEQ, QUERYMAN, Performance monitor utilities, SQL loader, TKPROF, SQL Trace, Toad, SQL Navigator, SQL Expert, JCS Redwood.

Database: IBM DB2/UDB 8/9.5, ORACLE 10g, MS SQL SERVER 2003 2008, TERADATA and SYBASE



Specialist Senior

  • Responsible for data modeling design and implementation to support the Enterprise Data Warehouse. Involved in several essential projects to provide Naval Bases across the globe the highest standard of support and quality of life services to the Fleet, Fighter and Family, CUBIC Circuit for federal government client utility usage details information, financial system, budget and execution application, Full-Time Employee and Total Work Force Manpower Dashboard.
  • Gathered and analyzed business requirements from Federal Agency clients and business intelligent reporting team users, performed impact analysis and designed/developed high performing, large, scalable ETL solutions integrating multiple source systems. Capture metadata and rules associated with appropriate ETL process followed by SDLC methodology and optimal approach to obtain data from diverse source system within federal client CNIC to Business Intelligent/Enterprise Data Warehouse. Execute testing plan and documents the results thoroughly. Collaborated with project team member to ensure the optimal goal is accomplished. Designed prototype ETL job to store historic trending data in EDW repository.
  • Provided DataStage ETL development training sessions for CNIC client technical staffs.
  • Responsible for database management, database administration, data modeling and developing scripts for enhancing existing financial reporting and compliance. Designed database model to support various rate calculation submission and store DoD and Civilian data distinctly for timely filing process. This process is to comply with Defense Contract Audit Agency DCAA regulations on a monthly basis.
  • Infosphere DataStage 8.1 to 9.1 upgrade.
  • Supported data quality assurance and data visualizations reporting using Tableau for functional team and cost accounting group.

Technical Environment: Windows 2003 Server OS, SQL Server 2008 Database, Data stage 8.1 enterprise version ETL, COGNOS 10 Business Intelligent Reporting Tool, Unix Shell Script, SQL Script



  • Developed and designed Data Stage ETL job, as a SME and Team Lead on People Service HR to support Human Resource data warehouse application. Gathered and analyzed business requirements from internal clients and business reporting team and performed impact analysis and developed a complete and accurate structured system acceptance test and installation plan to migrate the codes in the production environment. Updated sections of ITG requests to document the request progress provided production support, monitor system performance statistics and trouble shooting. Designed a production implementation template to improve code migration process, conducted code review process to ensure ETL job and code follow the best practices and conformed to ETL coding standards and programming techniques. Collaborate with Data Architect, Business Analyst, ETL Architect BI Analyst to design, build, and maintain data stores used to support the Enterprise Data Warehouse. Participated in project review phase from technical lifecycle and followed stringent rules and procedures for testing, modify ETL processes to accommodate source system changes with new business user requirements and promoting code in compliance with Change Control Board policies. Maintained and supported enterprise data warehouse to ensure data accuracy and integrity.
  • Received Performance and Team Award for leading ETL team successfully deployed company-wide job code clean-up project. As the technical lead in the project, responsible for all DW more than 40 downstream interface and DW internal elements modification. Throughout numerous testing cycles among multiple teams involvement, planning and five months plus coordinated effort the project was successfully implemented.


Sr. Technical Analyst


  • Gathered requirements, conduct data analysis and develop effective applications for business customers with ETL tool DATASTAGE 7.5.3. Streamline data movement, provide technical assistance and support, generate crucial and reliable financial data for reporting and mortgage analysis.
  • Designed and developed mortgage net yield statistics application for Single and Multi-family loans followed SDLC approach. Provided analysis and reporting tool for financial accounting DAU with loans security pool net yield statistic data.
  • home and commercial property reference application, and integrated to SF/MF security/transaction/valuation accounting data mart.
  • Developed and supported FAS140/Fin45 financial accounting, build security instrument position ownership possession drilldown model.
  • Automated monthly financial accounting close process to reduce .
  • As software consultant, assigned to Freddie Mac GSE Mortgage Company. Responsibility for automating mortgage and financial data staging and migration, developed DATASTAGE v7.1 restart able parallel and server jobs followed department standards for coding procedure, coded UNIX shell scripts integrated with scheduling software to streamline data loading processes. Detailed ETL specification including code designed process, data flow, analyzed business requirements and transaction data Compose system/application follow industrial best-practice standards. Interacted and worked closely with business user and customer, team member, business analyst, data analyst and QA, as well as project manager to deliver project in a timely manner and highly quality application.
  • Completed affordable housing enhancement project to meet government HUD department annual goal set for GSE entity for low-income family and metropolitan area resident. The project was completed using DATASTAGE parallel extender v7.1 jobs and IBM mainframe COBOL programs.
  • Developed and supported FAS140/FIN45 default and capital loan/pool level security accounting process. Re-designed lot position ownership possession process, all jobs are developed in data stage v7.1 XE parallel and server jobs, UNIX shell script and AUTOSYS scheduling application.
  • Received team performance impact award for outstanding contributions in various data warehouse projects, made a critical impact on the success of EDW.


ETL Specialist

  • Developed, maintained and supported data warehouse application, data extraction, transforming and loading utilized ASCENTIAL DATASTAGE ETL tool 5.1a, 5.2 and 6.0 Designer, Director, Manager and Administrator , UNIX shell scripts and NCR Teradata v2r5 utilities FASTLOAD, MUTILOAD, TPUMP, BTEQ and QUERYMAN loading data from various database sources including ORACLE 8i 9i , SYBASE and Microsoft SQL server database into one centralized enterprise data warehouse repository. Assisted user communities in all phases from SQL query tuning, Business Objects reporting, data integrity, reliability and authenticity for marketing and product development analysis to reporting, provide technical solution in general.
  • Designed and developed ANI pic History project for product development and marketing analysis.
  • Executed, implemented initial load more than 1000 production jobs from various sources in ASCENTIAL DATASTAGE ETL tool v5.1 v6 into centralized Teradata database, performed incremental update and full refreshed processes.
  • Designed transformation rules, ETL unit, integration and system test plan, defined an ETL development and test strategy, assessing impact of ETL processes on existing data warehouse processes, created ETL load processes documentation and maintenance procedure.
  • Implemented customer campaigned response application for telecommunication marketing analysis, along with customer welcome letter campaign to integrate marketing strategy and customer service.
  • Designed and implemented alternated payment process to allow customers to engage payment transaction. Developed SQL codes with ETL application to gather customer information through Enterprise Data Warehouse allowing customer making prepaid payment and facilitate billing process.
  • Upgraded and converted DATASTAGE applications


SR Systems Analyst

Analyzed and developed specific business objectives for user with Oracle enterprise financial and manufacturing application/software: responsible for the design, development and implementation of application to support. Provided business user technical resource on a broad basis of application and information system specialty to resolve business needs and technical problems.

  • Developed projects in Payables and EDI 810 invoice transactions interface that resulted in improving suppliers invoice process cycle, taking advantage of discount and reduce manual error and head counts.
  • Upgraded Oracle application from version 10.7SC to 11i under 8i database to utilize advanced features system provides and consolidated oracle payables module interface with corporate SAP system platform projects.
  • Improved system performance by tuning codes and optimize response time to increase productivity.
  • Maintained EDI 850/860 outbound transaction, Cash and Cost Management, Order Management, Bill of Materials, Quality Control, documentation and perform validation for system development life cycle.
  • Received Divisional VP award for successful transforming of a legacy system to a new advanced platform and improved system throughput.
  • Involved in manufacturing accounting software implementation, application maintenance, system development, EDI process, user support in Payables, Purchasing, G/L, Inventory, BOM areas under ASK environment using Fortran, Lotus notes R4, COGNOS POWERHOUSE Quiz, Qtp, Quick and various PC software.
  • Contributing team member to legacy systems conversion implementation in payables and general ledger module from ASK to Oracle manufacturing application.
  • Successfully implemented payables application from legacy system, and purchasing history data in reporting data warehouse for retrieval and reference.
  • Compiled and generated production data files of vendor and cash distribution successfully in assistance of corporate auditing process.
  • Developed manufacturing cost accounting system in ASK manufacturing environment with FORTRAN, COGNOS POWERHOUSE tools.


System Analyst

Responsible for development and maintenance of MRPII manufacturing application in the following fields: Job routing, material requirements planning, capacity requirements planning, production control and forecast planning, BOM and shop floor throughput control activity, procurement and materiel process under HP3000 environment. Defined project scope, implement and develop software to improve system performance in a timely and efficient manner.

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