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Systems Administrator Resume Profile


  • UNIX Systems / Storage / Network Administrator skilled in configuration, upgrade, and support. Server experience includes HP-UX, Solaris, Linux, AIX, Citrix, and Windows administration. Administer a SAN consisting of EMC switches, EMC DMX and VMAX, and HP EVA arrays.
  • Have administered Cisco switches and routers, as well as firewall / DMZ equipment. Duties include contract management, equipment research, proposal development, and implementation.


  • 25 years of experience in IT supporting relevant technologies in the hospitality, telecom, biotech, and healthcare sectors.
  • Excellent research analysis, project management, and writing skills.
  • Innovative problem solver able to utilize diverse experience to assure Business Continuity.
  • College concentrations include Networking, Telecommunications, E-business, and Web Design. Have attended numerous HP, EMC, Oracle, Cisco, and Solaris training courses.
  • Detail oriented, self-starter possessing excellent interpersonal skills.



Senior Systems Analyst

  • Personally built approximately 100 RedHat VMware guests in ESXi 5.1 environments in Rochester, NY and Fort Wayne, IN. Guest OS ranges from RedHat Version 5.5 to 6.4.
  • Worked with Virtualization and Storage Teams to vMotion VM guests from Rochester to Fort Wayne. Made necessary IP, MAC, and system name changes required to bring guests up in new location.
  • Worked with Security Team to provide necessary user access to systems. This required coordination of Active Directory, UNAB or VAS depending on environment, as well as local pseudo-user and sudoers file settings.
  • Administered hundreds of RedHat, Solaris, HP-UX, and AIX systems.
  • Monitored and resolved overutilization issues regarding system resources.
  • Manages file system requirements by addition of disks, mount points, and directories as requested. Worked with Storage Team regarding SAN storage changes.
  • Installed / upgraded / removed application and OS components as required by application owners.
  • Researched / resolved unplanned system outages by evaluating system error logs and making appropriate system changes to prevent future issues.


Senior Systems Engineer

  • Administered over 65 PA-RISC and Itanium HP-UX servers through installing new servers, upgrading operating systems, installing patches, modifying kernel parameters, adding and replacing hardware components, and coordinating repairs with HP Support personnel.
  • Managed hundreds of MC/Service Guard application package changes including package creation, storage allocation modifications, package moves between server clusters, and package removal, utilizing LVM or Veritas VxVM depending on server environment.
  • Administered Storage Area Network by managing HP EVA8000, EMC DMX and VMAX disk storage allocations, configuring logical connections via Fibre Channel switch zoning, documenting SAN switch port assignments, and overseeing failed component repairs and replacements.
  • Administered backup and recovery hardware and software environment. Upgraded HP Data Protector from version 5.5 to 6.0, configured new HP EML tape libraries, initiated backup to disk with implementation of EMC Data Domain DD860 and DD670 appliances and spearheaded the replacement of Data Protector with EMC Networker software.
  • Assisted Network Group with Cisco router and switch iOS installations and upgrades, activating switch ports and making port to VLAN assignments.
  • Scripted routines to provide SOX audit information requests as well as a number of utility routines used to proactively assess system configuration and performance issues that run periodically and notify staff via email on potential problems.


Senior Systems Engineer / Project Manager

  • Systems Administrator for 9 HP-UX and 6 SuSE Enterprise Linux servers.
  • Storage Administrator for an HP EVA5000 SAN and HP MSL6030 TAN environment.
  • Reduced daily systems assessment from 4 hours to 20 minutes by developing shell script routines that gathered, displayed, and reported system health from central menu.
  • Managed the research, proposal development, presentation, procurement, installation and configuration of numerous projects having dramatic impact on departmental processing.
  • Implemented trusted system mode, activated auditing, and scripted routines to rotate multiple logs on HP-UX servers in response to Sarbanes-Oxley requirements.
  • Instituted the use of Business Copy clones to provide hot backups of all databases on production HP-UX servers eliminating daily downtimes for users around the world.
  • Installed a TAN solution utilizing an MSL6030 tape library and Data Protector Software to provide a centralized backup and recovery solution for all servers.
  • Implemented an EVA5000 SAN utilizing HP Brocade Switches and providing storage for a variety of HP-UX, Windows, and Netware servers.
  • Secured new HP-UX server for Oracle 11i financial upgrade after evaluating CPU timings for individual transactions, artificially stressing system by creating Load Runner scripts, and working with HP Performance Technician to size system properly.
  • Administered 5 servers running Windows NT hosting web-enabled applications utilizing IIS web server. Assisted Citrix Administrator with 4 load-balanced Citrix servers.
  • Evaluated VMware Workstation for Windows and ESX server software packages.


UNIX Systems Administrator

  • Senior Systems Administrator responsible for the management of 24 HP-UX servers, 2 SUN Solaris systems, and an EMC2 3430 Symmetrix Enterprise Storage System.
  • Maintained all aspects of NIS, NFS, and DNS functionality within this environment.
  • Managed a project to implement E-commerce functionality.
  • Installed, configured, and maintained firewall servers utilizing Check Point Firewall-1 software to isolate the web servers from the Internet and the back-end server subnet.
  • Secured, installed, and configured 7 HP-UX D-Class servers to run Oracle Application Server software within the DMZ.
  • Setup all NAT and router table rules to handle end-to-end communications.
  • Configured and maintained Cisco routers.

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