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Network Analyst Resume Profile


Network Engineer with over 13 years of experience in the IT industry. Background ranges from telecommunications analysis, engineering, administration and escalation support, project management in networks ranging from small to large scale complex enterprise environments. Subject matter expert in latest technologies in networking and telecommunications providing consult to peers, middle and upper management.

Technical / Professional Skills Summary

  • WAN Technologies: CDP, Frame-relay, PPP, DS1, E1, DS3, E3, OCx, CLEC, ILEC, IXC, SONET, ATM, SDLC, Bisync, X.25, SS7, ISDN, Access Control List ACL , Network Address Translation NAT , Port Address Translation PAT , Route Redistribution, OSPF Virtual links and GRE Tunnel, VSAT.
  • Hardware: Cisco 2900/3100/3600/3700/3800/3900/4500/5000/5500/6500/7200/7600/7500, Nexus 1000/2000/5000/7000, T1 CSU, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, Cable/DSL modem, CSU/DSU, Cisco PA-A3-T3, Cisco PA-T3-MC, LRM SRM SC/LC, Ciena CN4200, NORTEL 5200, NORTEL 7000, NORTEL DS1-8PST, NORTEL Passports, Lucent DDM, Bay Networks BLN Router, Centillion Switches, Cabletron Hubs, Fujitsu FLMs, MITEL 2000SX PBX, OCTEL Voice Processing System, BIGIP, Hewlett Packard ProCurve 2520-24/6600-48G, IBM 3725/3090/3745/3174/3270,Brocade/Foundry/BigIron MLX NetIron, F5, Sun Sparc Workstations.
  • Technologies: ACS v4.1 5.0, Active Directory, Infoblox, Cisco Prime 4.0, CiscoWorks 3.2.1, Aruba Airwave, Cisco Unified Communications Manager, HP Openview, Spectrum Network Element, Manager, Real Time Data Services RTDS , Tagged Based Internetworking Gateway TBI , Converged Networks, Load Balancing, Windows 2000/2003/2007, Microsoft Office 2003/2007/2010, Microsoft Visio Project, UNIX, PERL, Lotus Notes, MD5, FTP, Putty, Secure CRT, TFTP, SNMP, DNS, WINS, DHCP,

Professional Experience/Detail


Global Network Architect/Engineer

  • Network Engineer focused on the best practices design and implementation of a complex flat data network, Avaya PBX voice and wireless networks on a daily basis to support uptimes of multiple internal and external clients according to contracted service.
  • Record all Cisco 2950, 2960, 3750, Catalyst 6509 and Nexus 5548 switch configuration file.
  • Modify user vpn profile for AT T accounts via Business Direct.
  • Migrate from old service based Palo Alto Firewall to new network base Bluecoat Firewall via AT T.
  • Design and build AAA and TACACS services via ACS 5.0.
  • Prepare recommendations and supporting details for formal proposals for network connectivity and configurations
  • Approver for work on TOPdesk ticketing system.
  • Design IP address scheme for segmenting network from flat to VLAN base network.
  • Sit with telco supplier for continuity of services under current contract.
  • Configure Cisco devices for special projects.
  • Designed firewall management services with telco supplier.
  • Day-to-day interaction with 3rd Party Cognizant suppliers to manage switch and router health connectivity.
  • Assist the Service Desk with network related tickets from TOPdesk ticketing System.
  • Oversee engineering/development, certifications testing, and capacity planning.
  • Troubleshoot network connectivity between users and applications.
  • Troubleshoot problems with WLAN and users.
  • Modify WLAN password via Cisco WLAN controller GUI.
  • Managed SharePoint website for organization Global Network Services Department .
  • Conduct inventory of all network devices in the United States.
  • Point Cisco devices to local DNS servers.


Network Auditor

  • Network Engineer focused on the recording and documenting multiple complex data, voice and wireless networks for multiple sites on a daily basis to provide accurate accountability of what is present in the Acxiom network.
  • Record data of network hardware such as Cisco Nexus 7000, Catalyst 6509, 4506, 2960, 3750, ASA 5510, 5520 and 5540, CheckPoint UTM-2050 and 2070 in each building with a computer room.
  • Record connectivity of routers, switches, loadbalancers, security appliances for accurate documentation.
  • Record application connectivity between physical and logical server via VMware 4.5 and 5.
  • Used Cisco IOS commands to verify and document network connectivity.
  • Document the important switchports to physical servers in the datacenters.
  • Documented users on ACS 5.0 and modified to all current users on ACS.
  • Create documentation using MS-Visio 2010 and MS-Word to represent network connectivity.
  • Modify existing documentation with correct connectivity between buildings and rooms.
  • Sit on weekly status meeting discussing the work completed during the work week.
  • Prepared the day's activities and goal for team to accomplish.


Senior Network Support Engineer

  • Network Engineer focused on the maintaining multiple complex data, voice and wireless networks on a daily basis to support uptimes of multiple iVision clients according to contracted service.
  • Monitored network management system to provide operational support for iVision clients on their voice and data networks.
  • Monitored Cisco 2960, 3550, 3650, 3750, 3725, 3725, 3845 via NMS System.
  • Composed troubleshooting procedures for colleagues to follow to effectively resolve problems much quicker to serve the customer interest according to the contracted service level agreement.
  • Resolve network equipment issues between routers, switches, firewalls and server appliances.
  • Resolve application issues between switches and servers for clients.
  • Resolve virtual private network and routing issues between routers, switches and firewalls.
  • Provide feedback on inquiries by colleagues regarding their ticket resolution with customers.
  • Keep abreast of technology by reading literature and surfing the web.
  • Provide weekly status with manager on work during the week.


Network Engineer

  • Network Consultant Engineer focused on the maintenance and implementation and as need support of complex data, wireless and video network solutions along with UHCS's multiple campus facilities.
  • Analyze network conditions compile information and convey information to UHCS IS Staff.
  • Conduct configuration modifications on Cisco devices 2940, 2950, 2960, 3550, 3750, 3825 for AAA, TACACS, Access-List, Spanning-Tree, Line Con VTY, SSH and crypto key.
  • Verified configuration and database for CheckPoint UTM-1 2050 and 2070 security devices for vendor, Sayers.
  • Staged CheckPoint Firewall appliance for vendor, Sayers by loading R75 software into UTM-2070.
  • Scanned F5 Server Iron for optimum performance using F5 Local Traffic Manager.
  • Troubleshoot problems with data and wireless networks for hospital IS staff and internal department units.
  • Verify connectivity via 6509-VSS device by checking for neighbor connections and neighbors learned.
  • Building device profiles to for AAA and TACACS to ACS v4.1.
  • Creating diagrams for reference and resolution for UHCS IS Staff via MS-Office 2007 Visio 2007.
  • Reconfiguring routers and switches from static routing to dynamic routing via EIGRP and BGP.
  • Redesign network from a 2 tier network to a 3 tier network architecture on via limited budget.
  • Copied and pasted images of Cisco 2600 Access Points on the maps of the hospital in Cisco Prime Cisco LMS 4.0 .
  • Confidential
  • Network Engineer
  • Network Consultant Engineers focused on the design, implementation and as need support of complex network solutions along with CCR's facility core and access regional datacenter in North America.
  • Maintain and support networking hardware and software mainframe network, including evaluate, develop, and recommend specific network technology products and platforms to provide cost-effective solutions that meet business and technology requirements. Develop solutions and implementing changes as necessary.
  • Configure Nexus 5548 and 7010 for datacenter port access and connectivity.
  • Extend port density of Nexus5500 via Nexus 2200 fabric extender.
  • Configure routing on Nexus 5000 and 7000 switches.
  • Configure Cisco 6506 and 6509 with SUP720 and 2T for server access to users.
  • Configure ports on Cisco 3750, 6506-E, 6509-E switches for Etherchannel, link aggregation, access and uplinks.
  • Configure Cisco Routers 7200 and 7600 routers for EIGRP, OSPF and BGP for Layer 3 routing.
  • Migrated users from Extreme Switches to Cisco 6509 Switches by working with internal Project Manager.
  • Migrated remote legacy LCCNA sites wireless platform from HP ProCurve Switches, Motorola and Nortel wireless switches to Cisco 2600 access points in the warehouses and distribution centers.
  • Added new Cisco 3120 blade switches in servers for access capabilities for the Intel Services Group, UNIX Group and Mainframe AIX Group.
  • Configure Cisco routers for MPLS VPN and QoS with Telco Suppliers and 3rd Party Providers via router cli.
  • Initially configure Cisco ASA 5505, 5510 and 5520 devices through SDM and CLI for group policies via port numbers and IP addresses.
  • Configure Cisco routers for QoS for voice, wireless and data.
  • Added and built additional Cisco 3120 Stack Switches for Cisco Blade Enclosures.
  • Route traffic among routing protocols OSPF, BGP and EIGRP within CCR Datacenter using dynamic routing and filtering inbound and outbound traffic.
  • Load balance traffic via layer 3 routing protocols BGP max-paths, ebgp-multihop , OSPF max-paths, cost priority and EIGRP variance using the router command line interface.
  • Created access lists to secure activity and intrusion on Cisco 3845 routers using ip nat command.
  • Created access lists to prevent unwanted IP traffic between remote routers and datacenters.
  • Creating L3VPN on Cisco routers 3845 and 3945 using IPsec, DMVPN and GRE tunnels via router command line interface.
  • Built firewalls CheckPoint and Cisco ASA for initial deployment.
  • Built firewalls CheckPoint and Cisco ASA for Zone-Base and CBAC stateful inspections.
  • Inspected traffic for Intrusion Detection Services and sent those intrusions to the log file.
  • Created object groups for access to applications for layers 3 through Layer 7 traffic connectivity.
  • Create remote stack switch using Cisco 3750g's using stack cables and switch priority commands for the stack.
  • Configure Cisco 3750g as an access switch using vlan commands with IP addresses assigned to vlans.
  • Modify traffic routing through datacenters without user disruptions modifying ospf using cost and priority and eigrp using variance.
  • 3rd Level support for connectivity and protocol issues on users, routers and switches using internal ticketing system ECAPS.
  • Conduct captures to troubleshoot data flow using Wireshark Network Protocol Analyzer.
  • Use Fluke Netflow Tracker 1.6.5 to verify which applications and devices were causing slow user traffic on a circuit between datacenter and user.
  • Updating network hardware and software to ensure PCI compliance and credentials with Cisco Works 3.2.1 by verifying configuration via cli and modify to compliance standards.
  • Creating templates and jobs in Cisco Works 3.2.1 LMS for Cisco 6506, 6509, 3550 and 7000 routers.
  • Creating hardware profiles for location performance monitoring with SolarWinds and verifying the information using the traffic light scenario.
  • Used ping tests for ip connectivity. Used traceroute for locating the path to the destination device on the network for problem determination.
  • Working on special projects as instructed on integration via MPLS with Oracle, Microsoft and Servergistics.
  • Provide technical specifications on projects for connectivity between multiple business entities and 3rd Party Vendors and remote clients using MS-Office 2010 applications.
  • Work with Cisco TAC Group to insure best practices are implemented and resolved difficult issues with implantation by testing them in their labs.
  • Manage timelines with MS-Excel GANTT Charts
  • Create scripts for router and switch configurations using Notepad and basic PERL scripts.
  • Import Glaceau, LCCNA, and Odwalla onto CCR Network with Cisco 3845 and 3945 Routers by creating config files and drop them into devices.
  • Establishing connectivity from remote site to ETC thru telco via T3 and MetroEthernet connections
  • Discuss status on key points of interest and projects worked with internal business units during the week with line managers via a phone bridge.


Technical Adult Instructor Personal

  • Teach adult individuals with no technical experience and limited technical experience theoretical knowledge of how to configure Cisco hardware utilizing the Cisco-IOS, CAT-OS and NX-OS.
  • Teach adults MS-Office 2010 to group networks and manage capacity on Routers and Switches.
  • Manage inventory of class networks.
  • Teach utilizing MS-Visio as a tool to design and layout networks.
  • Teach MS-Word to compose a project plan, status report, Method of Procedures and resumes.
  • Teach the basic theory of routing protocols such as RIP, EIGRP, OSPF and BGP and dynamic/static routing.
  • Teach the basic theory of configuring VLANs, VTP and STP. Configuring switchports
  • Teach the basic theory of configuring Fastethernet and Serial ports for access, MPLS, VRF, ACL, HSRP, Multicasting, Frame Relay, Load Balancing, QoS, DS1/E1, DS3/E3, OCx, MetroEthernet, NAT/PAT Classification Marking.
  • Teach hardware security for network devices such as switches, routers and security appliances.
  • Create exams for students to assess their comprehension of the material.


Manager, Network Planning Design

  • Technical lead for a team of network engineers/technical project managers/business process professionals focused on the design, implementation and as need support of complex network solutions along with BT's facility core and access budgets 20 mil across twenty-three BT regional and co-located datacenters in North America for over 10 years. Proficient in technology architecture, design engineering, development, standards, maintenance, and support of hardware and software business applications in the area of data and voice networks. This includes the evaluation of new technologies to determine network enhancements. This will also include a solid knowledge of network designing, testing, by Text-Enhance >technical writing and other duties required to architect, standardize and implement enhanced functionality. Evaluate and recommend specific products and platforms to provide cost-effective solutions that meet architectural requirements.
  • Maintain and support networking hardware and software mainframe network, including evaluate, develop, and recommend specific network technology products and platforms to provide cost-effective solutions that meet business and technology requirements. Develop solutions and implementing changes as necessary
  • Perform capacity planning and by Text-Enhance >application analysis for network performance and sizing.
  • Responsible for design and configuration IP Telephony via CUCM 4 thru 7 for convergence of data and voice at new data centers for client offices and BT offices via Cisco ISR 3825 . Five years plus of experience with designing, implementing and moves adds and changes VoIP platforms for BT and its clients.
  • Creating security using PIX and ASA firewalls on MPLS and BT internal network.
  • Configured and managed virtual devices on Cisco Nexus 7010 for additional switches without purchasing more hardware.
  • Configured Cisco Nexus 7000 switches virtual ports for aggregating traffic from distribution layer to core layer of network.
  • Configure Cisco Nexus 5000 switches for datacenter connectivity and routing IP traffic to appropriate core connections.
  • Load balance traffic between users and Internet and servers using Cisco ACE Load Balancer and products from F5, Big IP, Foundry and Brocade in a round-robin configuration.
  • Created server farm connection via F5 and ACE load balancers using F5 LTM/GTM and Cisco ACE cli commands.
  • Configured VLANs for voice and data on Cisco 3750 switches to converge the platforms for Call Manager.
  • Configured wireless access points 2600 and 3600 for internal and external wireless connectivity for internal and visiting users
  • Registering 7940 IP phones and 7906 SCCP phone and all of the parameters for the phones.
  • Configure Juniper M Series and T Series routers for network core connectivity using BGP and OSPF routing protocols.
  • Configure Juniper T320, T640, MX480 and MX960 for inter-datacenter connectivity.
  • Member of corporate strategy planning team responsible for British Telecommunications / vendor architectures Cisco Cerent, Lucent DDM Fujitsu FLM relating to Synchronous Optical Network SONET core and access capabilities for clients. And for the migration of core fiber infrastructure from telco vendor leased services to British Telecommunications' United States private fiber optic network resulting in an operational cost savings of 5M per annum. Implemented MPLS-TE for fast switching. Implemented Fast Rerouting on Layer 3 for traffic reroutes on LSPs and LSRs setting up LSPs. Implemented Bidirectional Forwarding detection on Layer 3 routing protocols OSPF and EIGRP .
  • Additional responsibilities handled by the team included but not limited to developing a datacenter footprint reduction program which migrated telco supplier leases resulting in a reduction of 10K per month and co-location of 4 British Telecommunications datacenters to a single telco supplier facility and migrating 7,000 circuits from RXN Cisco to MPLS resulting in a reduction of migration time by one-third the previous rate.
  • Wrote the operational procedure to handle the deployment / disconnect of client services resulting in an increase in productivity by allowing staff members to complete their duties with little intervention by line management.
  • Special projects included the management of the migration of 7,000 Lotus Notes Inventory database records to the newly introduced British Telecommunications Global Inventory Management System database and updated operational procedures and data content to serve British Telecommunications operations teams more efficiently.
  • Other projects included the management of implementation of specific Cisco hardware 5500, 6500, 7200 7600 projects which bridged Reuter's data feeds platform and British Telecommunications' Multi-Protocol Label Switching MPLS platforms. Projects included the Real-Time Data Services RTDS Full Tick Project and the Tagged Base Internetworking TBI Gateway Project, oversight of the measurement of datacenter network access capacity to contribute to BT's corporate planning strategy for cost reduction measures for contributing to subsequent fiscal years.
  • Created scripts to load into routers and switches using Notepad and basic PERL scripts.
  • Designed, implement and managed capacity of Frame-Relay and ATM network for client access of Small Site Delivery Project.
  • Verified devices via nslookup for DNS name and IP address verification.
  • Managed IP addresses and network devices with Infobox Network Management System.
  • Configured routers and switches for DHCP connectivity by specifying the IP address of the DHCP Server in the network.
  • Worked on projects building 12 brand new data centers in states Los Angeles, New Jersey, Ontario, Boston, California, Illinois, Texas and Washington DC and migrated the old data centers into one data center. The team would work with several vendors on strategic planning of each data center with power, cabinet design, equipment placement and equipment procurement of communications hardware for the data centers. We also migrated from old Cisco 2900 series switches to 6500 series switches. The routers were migrated from 2500 and 1800 routers to 7200 and 7600 routers for the internal and client networks. Added Cisco Call Manager Express 5 in Datacenters.
  • Special projects included the management of third-party vendor project managers and technicians to assure datacenter projects were implemented consistently on-time.
  • Assess business and technology initiatives, providing consultation, technical support, and recommendations to optimally utilize the enterprise network infrastructure. Create and maintain support documentation and technical drawings of the enterprise network infrastructure using MS-Visio 2010 and MS-Office 2010. Perform root cause analysis for service interruption recovery, creating preventative measures to deploy in the enterprise. Assessed issues cause by hardware and human intervention. If service interruption was caused by outside entity, we requested a moratorium of the situation and deployed backups to ensure service was not interrupted in the future. Research and design reference models to standardize network architecture and manage network life-cycle planning by using MS-Excel to manage hardware lifecycle and kept inventory of equipment.
  • Trained peers on new scenario tests in the form of keepalives, debugs and loopback test to guarantee minimal outage time on service interruptions.


Network Administrator / Network Engineer

  • Managed the Local Area Network LAN infrastructure and administered the voice data networks.
  • Responsibilities included technology evaluation for the engineering and provisioning of data and voice infrastructure related to the bank and its trading floor systems.
  • Managed the internal and third-party technology providers relevant to the infrastructure and systems.
  • Technologies included but not limited Cisco 4500 routers, Cisco Catalyst 1900 Switches, MITEL PBX systems, OCTEL Voice processing system, Sun Hardware, SUN OS, Novell Network Operating System, UNIX and more.
  • Create scripts for router and switch configurations using Notepad and basic PERL scripts.
  • Special projects included the development of databases for tracking and monitoring trouble tickets in remote branch bank offices, procurement of telephony services, forecasting of communications costs and the complete diagram of the communications infrastructure for two complete banking trading floor systems.


Network Engineer / Network Analyst

  • Member of team which provided network engineering support install, configure, troubleshooting of LAN and WAN network equipment.
  • Responsibilities included the creation and implementation of standardized operating procedures SOP for problem resolution related to communications circuits, the creation and implementation of SOPs for configuring and deploying Cisco routers, documentation of the overall troubleshooting process at a technician level which included reference sheets, flowcharts, troubleshooting matrices and white sheets on routers / modems / multiplexers.
  • Created scripts to load into routers and switches using Notepad and basic PERL scripts.


Radio Teletypewriter Operator

Member of a team which conducted the duties of a Radio Teletypewriter Operator consisting of monitoring communications of WARSAW Pact Nations, provided front-line communications support for an artillery battalion attached to a field artillery unit, constructed filed antennas and prepared generators for the field communications center and acted as shift manager for over 145 communications operators located throughout field operations locations on 6 continents.

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