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System Administrator Resume Profile


  • Experienced and innovative professional with extensive years within the IT industry.
  • Significant accomplishments in:
  • Proactive in anticipating any potential barriers, and making contingency plans to alter a desired output
  • Resolving clients dilemma, or if necessary opening a line of communication to various support teams
  • Finding and sharing resolutions issue with peers, documentation the solution when possible.
  • The ability to take ownership of any/all issues that may arise.



Support Technician

  • Providing remote/on-site support to Wealth Management Workstations / Servers
  • Network configuration / troubleshooting TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, NetBIOS, wireless in a window environment.
  • Maintaining QA / Dev / Prod environment updated and accuracy. Working closely with the Engineers, Developers, and QA Testers on build release, imaging installing, configuring new build /upgraded of physical and virtual wks with Win-7 /Win-8.1
  • Manage and supporting VDI Infrastructural VMware ESXI 5.0 Server, VM on VCenter console thru VMware GUI
  • Providing CA software deployment DSM Explorer on all core build physical and virtual Win 7 / Win 8 machines.
  • Administration AD, GPO, OU, operational and network changes as needed / requested.
  • Monitoring and resolving technology incidents and request via a ticket queue system MAXIMO


Support Technician

  • Providing remote/on-site support to teleworkers
  • Providing front line support email, desktop application, troubleshooting hardware/software PC/Laptop
  • Supporting Citrix, VDI, along with PC Deployment and Refreshing in a Window OS environment
  • Supporting utility software: Bigfix, McAfee, Cisco VPN, DSM, Active Client, etc..
  • AD administration, thru NetIQ create/modify/delete/Group/unlock user accounts
  • Configure and install new workstations with Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 in an AD environment
  • Imaging, upgrading and rebuilding workstations in a breakfix environment.
  • VoIP Phone Config Creation subscriber /Phone accounts in CUPM Cisco Unified Provision Manager
  • Setup Configuring Clients network, Verizon / Blackberry device to BES and other mobile devices ipad, cell phone, WIFI, printers devices, etc to Servers
  • Lotus Notes troubleshooting /configuration while migrating to Google Mail Gmail / Outlook 2010
  • Assisting in migration of client's laptop/desktop computer from Windows XP to Windows 7 /8 platform.
  • Perform tests on connectivity and / or data conversion to verify functionality according to detailed script.
  • Performs inventory/asset management processes. Monitoring problem tickets resolution Service Now .


Contactor Position: Field Engineer, Desktop/Server Traveling Lead Technician

  • Meet w/ Supervisor /Manager and Team Members to review scripted procedures, scope of work, etc.
  • PC Deployment and Refreshes
  • Troubleshooting Network connectivity, server 2003, XP, WIN-7, and Printer setup
  • Perform tests on connectivity and / or data conversion to verify functionality according to detailed script.
  • Performs inventory/asset management processes


Contactor Position: The Port Authority of New York New Jersey, System Administrator

  • Deployment, Build and maintenance of Microsoft Windows Server OS WIN2K WIN2K3 , and applications.
  • Configuration, administration and support of Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft SQL Services.
  • AD Security Support Access Rights, Setting GPO Policy . NTFS Permission of end users accounts and resources
  • Coordinating and implementing Monthly Microsoft Patches and hot fix deployment.
  • Configuring, supporting IT desktop infrastructure Win 2000/ XP/ Vista based PCs, printers, VPN, RAS and desktop assets
  • Acts as a liaison for the Port Authority, overseeing Project IDSM FJC Tech supported vendor team at the WTC Site.


Position: System Administrator

  • Provide technical support for 1,500 Prod /Dev QA Servers Merrill Lynch Global Private Client Operations in a Windows environment. Responsibilities include the following:
  • Hardware/software problem determination and resolution resulting in eliminating/reducing down time.
  • Utilize Remedy/ Change Manager as a trouble ticket reporting system to track/monitor user problems and requests
  • File backup restore on Servers for local, and remote client.
  • Network troubleshooting, and supporting core build of all windows OS platforms DHCP, DNS,TCP/IP
  • Supporting markets data feed and Financial Market data derivative workstations Bloomberg, Reuters
  • ML Core Build to Post Build Installations 1 through Tier 3 builds as requested by users.
  • Test Validations / improving implementation procedure for manual and auto builds to insure functionality and stability within build.
  • Datacenter Logistical work Rack, Stack, and Documentation Servers build to client / datacenter specification
  • Installed and tested Base Utilities running on Windows 2000/2003 Bigfix Agent, Epo, NetIQ, Altiris Images, Virus Scan 8.0i, SP, TSM Agent, Patches, CA Agent
  • Support Microsoft Outlook Creating and Configuration Mail Boxes within Exchange Server
  • Installed and tested Windows 2000/2003 x64 R2 on Dell, IBM, and HP Servers DL385 and DL585 Intel /AMD
  • Installed and tested Microsoft OS Clustering for Windows 2000/ 2003R2x64- SQL Server 2005 64 bit
  • Installed and tested SAN connectivity using Fiber channel cards Emulex HBA's
  • Supporting IIS 5,6 Web Servers, and Sites
  • Build and Configure Citrix Presentation Server 3.0/4.5 implementing for Windows OS 2000/2003
  • Coordinating collaboration with Clients, and other support personnel on MS Patches deployment scheduling
  • BigFix Administrator Deployment of Microsoft Patches and hot fix to QA/Dev/Prod Environment server/wks
  • Administrate CA SDO V4 and DSM R11 software distribution systems to implement Staging, Deployment of software packages to QA/Dev Environment, and then promoting QA pass Releases to Production Deployment Team Unicenter Software Delivery and Asset management for delivery to 30,000 workstations.
  • Administrate Windows Active Directory 2000/2003 in selective OU Container Administrate Resources Security Support NTFS Permission, Access Rights, Setting GPO Policy of end users accounts
  • Provide User-desk side support, as requests to QA DEV Prod
  • Support Remote Administration and configuration through iLO/RSA/ALOM technologies
  • Knowledge of virtualization using VM Server, ESX 3.0, 3.5, VC, Vmotion, DRS HA, Migrating from P2V
  • Knowledge of VMware ESX Server security: defining and applying Roles Permission within Active Directory add/mod/delete/ Users and Groups Configuring: Vmotion, Resource Pool, and DRS HA Cluster, Cloning and migrating VM Guest machines
  • Pager-duty rotation providing Weekend and Holiday Global Coverage


Provide technical support for 5,000 end users and Servers in a Windows NT / Novell environment. Responsibilities include the following:

Troubleshooting and Supporting desktop / laptop hardware and software

  • Utilized Remedy as a trouble ticket reporting system to track/monitor user problems and requests
  • Supporting LAN Server environment with utilities such as SMS 1.2 2.0, System Administrator Tools
  • Global Windows NT Administration Enterprise Admin
  • Files backup restore on Server for local, and remote client
  • Desktop support of Rumba, Polaris, Brixton, Attachmate Extra, and other 3270 emulation tools.
  • Assist in debugging application problems and issues.
  • Supporting various Windows NT Shell build: TGA, PCA, BFS, BIS, Wealth Management, Executive workstation
  • Supporting Financial Market data derivative workstation Bloomberg, Reuters
  • Support MS Office 2000 Package
  • Laptop, desktop Imaging, cloning provisioning using Ghost, Altiris
  • Support of Exchange Server 5.5, and Outlook configuration


Responsibilities included the following:

  • Global 2nd Level Support of PC's, Laptops, MAC, and their applications for the staff of The Wall Street Journal.
  • Supporting Financial Market data derivative workstation Bloomberg, Reuters, Telerate,
  • Support Microsoft Office 97
  • Supported the Backbone of a 2000 Node 10/100 Fast Ethernet Network.
  • Configured TCP/IP: WINS, DNS, HOSTS, and LMHOSTS Files in a mix Windows NT, MAC Environment.
  • Configured Bay Network's Switches, Hubs in a multi-segment TCP/IP V-LAN Environment.
  • Knowledge of Sun Solaris 7.0, Linux red hat
  • IMAC installation, move, add and change Service on Network


  • 3rd Party Maintenance Company in the Financial Industry.
  • Responsibilities included the following:
  • Serving, and Supporting Quotron software / hardware UNIX-BASE MINICOMPUTERS in the Tri-State area, and all peripheral equipment attached or associated with Quotron Global Network.

Supporting Financial Market data feed Bloomberg, Reuters, Telerate,

  • Surveying new Site, and working with building Management to incorporate the cabling topologies Spec to be used.
  • Desktop Support and training to end users. Coordinating client and outside vendors bases on site need.

Technical Knowledge:


  • Windows NT, 2K, XP, Vista, TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, NetBEUI Protocol MS Office XP, 2007, 2010 /2013
  • McAfee Anti Virus Software MS Outlook, XP, 2000, 2007, 2010, 2013
  • Windows 7, Windows 8 Remedy Reporting System Partition Magic, Drive Image
  • Windows Server 2000/2003/ 2008 Enterprise Ghost/Altiris imaging, WDS Seagate Backup Exec.
  • OPS Ware BigFix MS Patches Deployment MS-SQL 2000/2005, 210, 213
  • CA SDO V4, and DSM R11 Software Deployment VMware: ESX /VSPEAR 5.0
  • Unicenter Software Delivery and Asset Management TSM Tivoli Storage Manager Backup
  • NetIQ Performance Monitor perfmon Avocent, KVM


  • Desktop Laptop PC's Tape Backup Zip Drives Printer Scanners with network interface cards
  • Compaq IBM Servers IDE, EIDE SCSI Drives Standard Modem, DSL Cable Modem
  • DELL PowerEdge Servers IBM / HP Blade Servers SAN storage area network
  • Switches Hubs Routers Config. Ethernet, Token Ring Multimedia Devices
  • Raid Configuration Logistics Rack Stack NAS

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