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Security Engineer Resume Profile


  • Hands-on skill in planning, setup, configuration, and administration of shared and private cloud architect using clustered ESXi VMware technology, administration of vCenter Server, configured VMware SSO driven by Microsoft Active Directory with a clustered Domain Controller, Migration of VMs using vMotion technology, Configuration of failover, replication, and Disaster recovery ESXi host. Datastore, resource pool and LUN creation.
  • Driven eager attitude for professional growth, increased responsibility and the opportunity to leverage structured extensive technical knowledge, systems analysis, resource utilization, monitoring, and project management expertise within the performance-based work culture of a growing organization.
  • Accomplished Information Technology, Network and System Administrator with several years of relevant experience in Cloud and Virtualization, Data Management, System Management, and Data Center Operations. Expertise hands on skill in systems, cloud and virtualization, network, firewalls and SAN storage engineering, and related operations and administration of various IT infrastructures. Successful management and execution of concurrent projects phases including: System setup, initialization, configuration, deployment, administration, on-going production operations, and disaster recovery.
  • Demonstrated expertise in in the installation, configuration, and administration of windows server 2003/2008/2008R2, linux server Centos 6/5/4, Ubuntu 9-12, RHEL 5.
  • Daily system monitoring, using various technology, including but not limited to PRTG, OSSEC, Wormly, Solar Wind event monitoring tools.
  • Daily verification, and integrity availability of servers, SANs, logs, schedule jobs, schedule backups, and key system processes.
  • Security monitoring, intrusion detection, File integrity monitoring, and provision of Tier III support to users, also creation deletion and changing of user accounts and privileges.
  • Application of OS, VMware ESXi patches and upgrades to system software, periodic performance repot, and ongoing performance tuning, hardware upgrades, resource optimization, memory management.
  • Configuration of Cisco Catalyst 6500, 3750, 2950 2960g switches, advance routing techniques BGP, OSPF.
  • Proven ability to successfully monitor, test, and troubleshoot hardware and software problems, analyze an organization's critical support requirements, identifies deficiencies and potential opportunities, and develops innovative solutions for increasing reliability and improving productivity.
  • Configuration of NAGIOS monitoring, and network penetration testing using BackTrack.
  • Data migration from existing system to a new system both manually and using software applications ETL , verification of data, and analyzing data integrity using manual verification, and software applications Beyond Compare . Advance VMware, Virtual Machines, and Oracle VM virtualization setup and configuration, professional setup of FUSE and Amazon s3fs, configuration of file system cryptography using AES-CBC OpenSSL, LANs setup and maintenance, fault resolution and System Backup, Account usage, permission, and password setup.
  • Cross platform Operating System experience Unix/Linux, MAC and Windows .


  • Operating Syatems: Linus/Unix: Ubuntu 9-12, RedHat 5-6, Centos 6/5 Working Kowledge: Centos and Ubuntu Windows: 9x/NT/2000/XP/7/8. Working Knowledge: XP, WIN7/8. MS Server Platform: 2003 up to 2008 R2, SharePoint Server 2007 Databases: MySQL, MS SQL 2008, 2008R2, Postgres SQL, PHPMyAdmin, PGAdmin III, Oracle 8i up to11g. Working knowledge: Postgre SQL, SQL 2008/2008R2.
  • Programing Platform: HTML, Javascript, UNIX Shell Programming Ksh, bash,Csh , Powershell, CSS.
  • Cloud and Virtualization Platform: Shared and Private Cloud Architect, System Configuration and Administration level of the following: vCenter 5.1 to 4.1, Amazon S3 EC2, FUSE, Drop box, OracleVM, VMWare Player,Workstation, ESXi .
  • Software Versioning: TortoiseSVN, Visual Source Safe, GIT.
  • Content Management System: Firebug, Drupal, Joomla , Wordpress.
  • Microsoft Applications: Microsoft office 97-2010 Office, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher Visio 2003-2010, Microsoft Project Management 2003-2007.
  • Ticketing Management System : Call Tracker, ServiceDesk, custom.
  • Storage/Installation: LVM, iSCSI, Perc e/4i Raid Manager, SAN.
  • Network Security: CIUsco ASA, WAF, Fortinet Firewall, Watchguard Firewall, Sonic Firewall, VDOM management, ACL, Nagios, Cacti, SSH, SSL, IPSEC, Encryption AES, RSA , PuTTYGen, PuTTy.
  • Network Infrastuctures: Cisco Catalyst and multilayer Switches Installation and configuration of Catalyst 6500, 3750, Routing protocol: BGP, OSPF .
  • Applications: Notepad , KIWI CatTools, Csco ADM, Dual-Factor authenticator.
  • HDD Encryption: Sophos Enterprise Version, TrueCrypt Licensed Version. C Self Written File Encryption, Cloud Backup Encryption, Remote Backup Encryption.



System/Network Administrator

As a Window Engineer/Administrator

  • Installed new / rebuild existing servers and configure hardware, peripherals, services, settings, directories, storage.
  • Maintain and manage a Windows 2008, 2008R2 Active Directory, Setup New Farm, and joined new to the existing Farm.
  • Performed periodic performance reporting to support capacity planning.
  • Supported the deployment of new systems, maintaining, upgrading, replacing and improving long-term performance of the systems.
  • Managed current monitoring and reporting systems such as PRTG, OSSEC, WORMLY.
  • Managed the deployment of Operating System patches, drivers and firmware.
  • Performed daily system monitoring, verifying the integrity and availability of all hardware, server resources, systems and key processes, reviewing system and application logs, and verifying completion of scheduled jobs.
  • Diagnosed, troubleshoot, and resolved hardware, or other network and system problems, and replace defective components when necessary.
  • Perform ongoing performance tuning, hardware upgrades, and resource optimization as required.
  • Provided quick fixes, as well as formulate long term solutions to problems.
  • Maintain and manage EMC, Equallogic SAN storage solutions connections to the servers.
  • Setup Backup jobs for all the servers, including VEEAM, and R1Soft.
  • Configured the SNMP for reporting, setup syslog.
  • Writing good documentation to document the process.

As a Linux Engineer/Administrator

  • Installed new / rebuild existing servers and configure hardware, peripherals, services, settings, directories, storage on Centos 5, 6, Ubuntu 9 -12.
  • Configured Apache httpd including adding modules, debugging problems, performance tuning,Performed periodic performance reporting to support capacity planning.
  • Configured MySQL 5.X including identifying and optimizing slow queries, performance tuning.
  • Supported the deployment of new systems, maintaining, upgrading, replacing and improving long-term performance of the systems.
  • installed packages and updates with yum, resolve dependency issues.
  • Wrote bash or other scripting languages to automate processes.
  • Managed current monitoring and reporting systems such as PRTG, OSSEC, WORMLY.
  • Performed daily system monitoring, verifying the integrity and availability of all hardware, server resources, systems and key processes, reviewing system and application logs, and verifying completion of scheduled jobs.
  • Diagnosed, troubleshoot, and resolved hardware, or other network and system problems, and replace defective components when necessary.
  • Perform ongoing performance tuning, hardware upgrades, and resource optimization as required.
  • Provided quick fixes, as well as formulate long term solutions to problems.
  • Maintain and manage EMC, Equallogic SAN storage solutions connections to the servers.
  • Setup Backup jobs for all the servers, including VEEAM, and R1Soft.
  • Configured the SNMP for reporting, setup syslog.
  • Wrote good documentation to document the process.

As a VMware Engineer/Administrator

  • Defined all the architectural standards related to the VMware infrastructure including network technologies vSwitches, and VDS , storage technologies Resource pool, datastores, LUNs, Volumes .
  • Scripted automation installation of ESXi OS.
  • Designed, implemented and supported VMware ESX/ESXi infrastructure including Cisco, SSD card OS installations.
  • Provided technical resolution to advanced incident and problem events related to the VMware infrastructure like Orphaned VM server.
  • Provided Network infrastructure performance monitoring using PRTG and WORMLY.
  • System analysis, and administration using In-house custom software.
  • Proactively addressed network, storage, or system performance issues, including but not limited to Datastore optimization.
  • Capacity Planning
  • Defined and executed ongoing administration and health monitoring and maintenance plans, procedures, and method of operations.
  • Provided documentation of Virtual infrastructure
  • Installed, configured Vcenter, SSO.
  • Installed, configured VUM, DSN for Vcenter Database.
  • Installed, configured Syslog, SNMP and monitoring system
  • Management and automated deletion of SNAP shots.
  • Continuos research and testing of new products in relation to VMware.
  • New Gen2 Cloud project, using vCloud Direcor, vUsage etc.
  • Setup and administration of ESXi DR at secondary location.
  • Vmotioning of VMs without users interference.
  • Setup ESXi clusters, and FO for the clustered ESXi hosts.
  • Wrote documentation to document the process.

As a Network Engineer/Administrator

  • Incharge of day-to-day operation of computer networks including hardware/software support, training, and special projects plans, designs and implements data connectivity for local area network LAN and wide area network WAN systems.
  • Assisted in coordinating special projects including network related wiring plans, LAN/WAN hardware/software purchases, and system installation, backup, maintenance and problem solving.
  • Strong network skills with hands on experience using , Cisco, Dell, G-Force switches and routers.
  • Applied and configured OSPF Inter-VLAN routing protocols and their integration with security appliances.
  • Applied configuration and designed of Static Route.
  • Installs, maintains, and troubleshoots the Storage Area Network SAN
  • Assisted in providing network and remote connectivity hardware/software support maintains LAN user documentation including hardware/software applications, support logs and other related information.
  • Assistsed in installing, designing, configuring, and maintaining system hardware and software, analyzes and troubleshoots the network logs and tracks the nature and resolution of problems.
  • Designed and Implemented NAT on Cisco Switches
  • Configured STP, Uplinkfast, Portfast, and Split Horizon.
  • Designed and configured both Standard ACL and Extended ACL.
  • Working knowledge of TCP/IP, IPSEC, SNMP, Syslog, HTTP S , SSH, DHCP, DNS, RDP, ICMP, SMTP protocols.
  • Creation of DNS zones, reverse, name, SPF, Cname, MX, and updating of existing of DNS zone records
  • Setup of network access policy NAP and configuration of Radius sever within windows environment.
  • Setup and configuration of HA on specific switches and routers.
  • Routine tests of HA equipment setup.
  • Wrote documentation to document the process.
  • Daily automated backup of configs on a TFTP server.

As a Database Developer/Administrator

  • Setup MS SQL for vCenter SSO Connection
  • Designed and created Database and Table for vCenter users, and Syslog
  • Setup of DSN of various connections for the database connection and remote users.
  • Expert in creating roles and profiles, including the ACL to control access.
  • Supported client with installation of ODBC driver.
  • Performed tunning on major databases.

As a SAN Engineer/Administrator

Provide Data Center SAN Storage Operations support: SAN, NAS.

Setup backup system, network connectivity to the backup and SAN switches and controllers.

Setup multi-member group.

Provide storage, provisioning, deployment and support of SAN, NAS and network infrastructure.

  • Administered Disk Resources support and manage replication of data utilized and manage Dell Equallogic provide disaster recovery and business continuity.
  • Supported multiple SAN connectivity options to best meet the business requirements utilize iSCSI gigabit-speed network technology for high performance storage area networks use TCP/IP for data transfer and iSCSI leveraging standard Ethernet interfaces to access remote storage.
  • Setup of SAN to SAN replication planning and implementation.
  • Setup backup and restore files and directories track usage of disk space manage fault tolerance and recovery from disk failu re, including providing support to SAN/NAS environment users.
  • Defined and audited storage policies.
  • Upgraded SAN Firmware, SAN Drives Firmware.
  • Replacements of SAN disks including SSD drives.
  • Provided weekly, Monthly and Quaterly report to top management for critical business decisions.

As a Security Engineer

  • Provide day-to-day operational support of security solutions for more than 550 client networked locations across the country.
  • Configured and setup Internet Content Filtering Bluecoat
  • Configured and setup Web Application Filtering WAF http, https
  • Setup and configured Firewall Protection Cisco ASA, Fortinet Firewall, Watchguard Firewall, Sonic Wall.
  • Configured and setup Remote Access VPN, and Site-to-Site VPN Cisco SSLVPN, Fortinet SSL VPN.
  • Configured and administration of Internet Anti-virus Protection Sophos Enterprise.
  • Setup and administration of Two Factor Authentication RSA, including users BYOD .
  • Managed Digital Certificates allocation maintenance.
  • Receives and worked on daily trouble tickets and service requests assigned to the NSO from the incident management system.
  • Ensures resolution of trouble tickets in queue are in alignment with established SLAs.
  • Interacts with client community on a daily basis.
  • Identifies and communicate ways to improve and optimize support maintenance of security infrastructure to the top management.
  • Utilize methods, such as IP packet capturing Using Wireshack, Backtrack 5 , to perform analysis of production problems troubleshoot escalated support issues.
  • Participated in alternating Monthly and after-hours on-call schedule.
  • Assisted with lab testing and evaluation of hardware and cloud technology with software encapsulation in pursuit of a technical solution.
  • Documented and conducted change controls to complete project tasks and break/fix solutions
  • Project management, and execution.

Powershell/Other Scripts

  • Wrote scripts to automate ESXi hosts installations, and configurations of vSwitches, vMotion, iSCSI, and Management interface.
  • Wrote scripts to automate Datastore size and usage report via email.
  • Wrote scripts to automatically delete snapshot in vmware HA environment.
  • Wrote scripts to automatically report various services status in HA environment.
  • Wrote various scripts to automate Active Directory maintenance, and GPO automation.


Associate End User Support Analyst

  • Daily diagnostic test, stress test, and perfomance test analysis, application performance analysis via special Application Software.
  • Time to time BIOS upgrade and Driver upgrade via command line
  • Daily Inventory Asset Management Administration. Servicing more than 9 Depots both in US and Canada.
  • Inventory/Asset analysis for business operation and decisions.
  • Daily Microsoft MBT computer Image Build.
  • Event driven Data Recovery using Sophos Advance Encrypted Data Recovery
  • Daily Hard Drive Encryption using Sophos Encryption technology
  • Daily Data migration over network using WET technology.
  • Daily HDD wipe Laptop PC using DoD special application software.
  • Hard drive formation, partitioning, and mapping.
  • Daily installation of operating system XP, Win7 and Application Software.
  • Daily Vitual Data Migration using In-House Application, Bomgar.
  • VPN setup, Connected Backup Account Account setup.
  • Advance Ticket management via service desk.
  • Windows XP to Windows 7 data migration using WET technonology
  • Windows XP to Windows XP data migration.
  • Computer Laptop, PC repair Dell, IBM, HP .
  • Manual Migrated Data Verification, and using Beyond Compare application software.
  • Microsoft Outlook PSTs, OSTs, NK2 Email Account migration
  • Building of PC/Laptops with customized OS and Re-Imaging of computers
  • Remote anti-virus scan and cleaning on existing computers within an organization network.
  • Advance email virus scan Outlook PSTs and OSTs files
  • Using in-house chat system to communicate with the user to resolve network issue.
  • Member of Global Security Organization GSO , in-charge of USA, CANADA, and INDIA for ADP's Network Security enforcement.
  • Server Patches, Installation and Configuration.
  • Administer and configure Citrix Server environments as a second desktop for special users with special application on compatible with Windows 7 OS.
  • Weekly and automated deletion of special second desktop on Citrix Envronments.
  • System 32 Host file configuration for Data Center and Gateway setup
  • Advance CA Help Desk user
  • Application Support Analyst ADM, PlanView, CA Help Desk, Beyod Compare, MySQL Clustered, SharePoint Sites
  • T-SQL, SQL Script Optimization using UltraEdit.
  • Installation, setup, and configuration, and root cause analysis of Window Servers 2000-2008 and Unix/Linux Servers.
  • Active Domain administration.
  • Admin Rights setup for AD Users, User Account Setup and Deletion for AD users and groups.

ESXi Project: VMWare ESXi 5 VSphere Installation, Configuration, and monitoring. Installed Microsoft Server 2010 Installed and configured DC, AD, IIS , SQL 2008, and RHEL 6 on ESXi environment.

Sharepoint Administration Project:

  • Oversee the SharePoint Portal Server infrastructure, user access and application deployment taking the lead role in implementing SharePoint. Support the installation, configuration, security, operation, and maintenance of all web portal servers, equipment, and software related to SharePoint infrastructure.
  • Participate in planning and execution of tasks related to the evaluation of new SharePoint based initiatives Upgraded Versions, Third-Party Solutions, Integration with additional Enterprise Systems .
  • Develop, configure and maintain document libraries, enterprise lists and site collections. Perform typical system administrative activities such as site creation, user training, backup, restore and issue resolution.
  • Technical support of InfoPath forms, including communicating the location of form libraries, their purpose and workflows.
  • Coordinate with teams, groups, and divisions in standardizing and optimizing the way data/information is stores and retrieved.
  • Work with IT Project Managers and Business Analysts to design and develop solutions to address business needs and opportunities, and propose changes that would make the SharePoint environment a more effective solution. Examine requirements documents and create technical design documents, unit test, system test and implementation plans for small to complex projects.
  • Maintain and administer Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server, including daily monitoring, troubleshooting and performance analysis as well as perform as the SharePoint Subject Matter Expert SME . Provide technical guidance to the team in the technologies related to the development and support of an Enterprise SharePoint environment understanding relationship with active directory, SQL, IIS,etc .
  • Use judgment and creativity to design coding approach to meet requirements/specifications as provided by business analysts and software development managers.
  • Maintain current industry knowledge of development concepts, best practices and procedures for SharePoint MOSS 2007 solutions.


  • Created both Windows and UNIX/Linux instances on Amazon EC2.
  • Customized and Open Security Port on EC2 Instances
  • Configured and setup Apache, Mysql, and PHP on the EC2 Instances
  • Cofigured and setup clustered instances on EC2.
  • Configured and setup load balancing on EC2
  • Imports VM Images to EC2 and S3 environments.
  • Setup PHP websites running on both Apache and Tomcat server
  • Configured and setup SSH access to EC2 Instances
  • Configures Putty to SSH transport to access and parallel computing on the EC2
  • Configured and setup Cloud watch on both Windows and Linux on EC2 Instances
  • Setup email alert on Bill alert and server failure.


Technical/Multi-Media Support Specialist

  • Advance implementation and setup of Oracle VM and VMWare Player for testing and validating application software, servers, and Windows and Linux based OS.
  • Utilized Nagios and Cacti in monitoring network traffic and graphing of usage statistics, CPU usage, and bandwidth usage.
  • Implimentation and maintenance of Database Management Systems Access, SQL, and Oracle.
  • Setup of multi-media components High digital projector, Digital optic/presentation equipments, Digital Presenter.
  • Setup user accounts for students, faculty, and guests- file access control, group policy setup and control, Account Control List for system accessing network.
  • Ensuring customer's login system windows and Unix Systems works and conforms with system policy.
  • Equipment's records and software license database management.
  • Diagnostic check and repairs of PC, Laptops, Printers, Monitors, and Multi-Media Equipments.
  • Validation of PC and laptops hardware, software integrity and stability.
  • Assembled wide array of PC, Laptops, Servers, workstations, and peripherals from the scratch or added on.
  • Performed scecialized encryption tasks using SSH and AES-CBC.
  • Ghosting, patches installation, new Installation and configuration of both Windows and UNIX based OS, Application software.
  • Administering ticketing system CallTracker , internet time card, and web document system, particularly CallTracker a ticketing system for documentation.
  • Updating of ECC IT knowledge base system using open-source software Twiki .

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