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Systems Analyst Resume Profilea




Sr. Consultant

  • Enhanced both batch and online MicroFocus COBOL programs to increase the number of drugs per test. Programs ran in an HP UNIX environment.
  • Wrote, tested and documented COBOL programs called from JAVA Web service to read DB2 tables. Used GT Software's Ivory to test the screen-less CICS COBOL program that read, inserted to and updated DB2 tables using SQL.
  • Performed Development activities change programs Xgen and COBOL native code , tested, and installed with their COSMOS Claims system accessing DB2 tables using SQL.
  • Carlson Marketing
  • Performed production support activities associated with Visa Extras Loyalty Application System which consisted of COBOL and DB2 using SQL in a mainframe batch environment. These duties included but not limited to:
  • 24x7 on-call Production support
  • Root Cause analysis and correction of defects
  • ADHOC request for database query and reports
  • Application Development
  • Mopar
  • Wrote COBOL stored procedures accessing DB2 tables using SQL and returning data to JAVA calling programs for their .
  • Harcourt
  • Remediate, tested, and documented COBOL programs to increase ISBN to the new International Standard.
  • Member of the technical team to work on a UPC conversion to support a new ISO standard for a major international publisher.
  • Environment was an IBM/MVS mainframe system with COBOL, Easytrieve, Dyl280, CICS, DB2 and VSAM using ChangeMan for version control and INSTALL/1 for online map support.
  • Extensive re-documenting of the client's technical application's environment, remediation of online code, testing, and packaging for delivery online programs.
  • Reviewed batch coding remediation and provided technical mentoring for our offshore division.


Systems Technical Analyst

  • Member of the technical team to enhance, maintain and provide support for the Claims and Payment systems including EDI 835
  • Application Production Support: Analysis and permanent corrections to time critical applications. Included off hours support.
  • Enhancement: Project analysis of current system use of data elements from dual system feeds to a single system feed. The business need was to simplify data collection and processing for the claims system. Includes replacing IMS/DB with DB2 using SQL for major parts of the system
  • Maintenance: Analyze, design and create requirements with the customers and implement changes to the Claims system to reduce the customer's time spent coordinating and distributing the operational reports. We minimize the customer's time and resources by mechanizing the collating of the reports. This change saved the department personnel and critical financial reports were available sooner to the business owner.
  • Provided automated exception reporting to the buyer of Eckerd Corporation for payment records not matched to a claim from decommissioned systems.


Sr. Systems Analyst

  • Application Support of various financial systems including Budget, Accounts Receivable, Payroll and Human Resource systems using DB2 database using SQL .
  • Business Liaison Analyst team member that installed the SAP HR system on time and on budget 11 month project . I focused on the Position Control Sub system of SAP and configured and assisted facilitation of the Organizational Management Subsystem of SAP.
  • Designed and coded COBOL, CICS, and DB2 programs that used a Sybase database and Sybase's Open Client / Open server technology to capture information scanned from the bar coding of electric meters. The scanned data went to a Windows workstation. Then using Powerbuilder processes we populated a Sybase database that the COBOL programs read to maintain DB2 tables. CICS screens were created to allow the Meter Information customers to access the data on the Mainframe.
  • Team member that helped design and code the system to added the Non Energy Billing Items to Tampa Electric's Customer bills.

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