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Network Engineer Resume Profile


A hands-on IT Manager/Senior Network Security Engineer with 17 years of extensive experience building and maintaining Microsoft Server 00-03-08-12 Standard and Enterprise Server farms with 1300 servers, Exchange 00-03-07-10-13 Front End-Edge Servers and Exchange clustered back office servers, Dag's, Edges, Hubs, Lync 2010 and 2013 Servers, Microsoft SQL 00-05-08 running on a suite of Application servers and SAN storage units. I have built and maintained and migrated over 13 Exchange 5.5-00-03-07-10-13front end, Edge and back office servers using Outlook Web Access, multiple website hosting within secure DMZ's plus protection with Barracuda Spam and content filtering, Barracuda Anti-Virus appliances with Cisco ASA and Sonic Wall firewalls for secure VPN connections and site to site VPN's for all offices to interconnect. Constructed and maintained multiple Blackberry Enterprise Servers and GOOD Servers that supported over 1000 Blackberry handhelds. My professionally cultivated skills with full Microsoft Certifications allow me to build and maintain enterprise class networks which will quickly provide value to any organization as deliverables are completed and always exceed expectations.


To obtain a challenging position as a Senior Network Security Engineer/Infrastructure Manager hands on only that can offer many challenges and to design, engineer and build networks utilizing new security technologies and products better suited to protect corporate environments and fulfill all SLA's a corporation has and provide the best technology to allow users to be as efficient and proactive as well as secure as possible.


Security Engineer Consultant

  • Responsible for running Vulnerability Management Scans against all production Windows, Unix, Linux, HP-UX, AIX and Ubutu Systems to capture and report all threat, vulnerabilities and to check for all policy and compliance standards that Novartis has in place.
  • Replace Tivoli with Qualys Guard Security software for all scanning both authenticated and unauthenticated and internal and external scans to find all security vulnerabilities on all platforms including networking hardware, servers, Web Application servers, routers, load balancers, Riverbed Steelheads, and on all internal and external communication lines.
  • Reporting to all specific department heads with Qualys Guard Reporting Services for Windows Devices, Unix Devices, Database devices and Networking hardware to show exploitable vulnerabilities and to write or re-write Networking and System policies and to provide assistance in developing plans to harden these vulnerabilities and to tighten up the network to provide a safe, impenetrable global environment for Novartis Pharmaceuticals
  • Qualys Guard utilized to determine each vulnerability and to what degree each vulnerability could cause issues and problems on a scale of one to five.
  • Put together a preliminary project plan to scan the first group of servers which included Unix, Linux, HP-UX, Ubutu, Red Hat and SUSE Linux platforms along with various Windows 2003, 2008 and 2012 Physical and Virtual platforms numbering approximately 8800 Servers in multiple data centers globally for only Novartis Pharmaceuticals, All Novartis Pharmaceutical child companies were to come at a later date with a total global serves count of Production, Test and development platforms numbering roughly 74,000 machines, servers, devices, appliances
  • Responsible for reviewing all Novartis Corporate SOP's and policies and transposing those policies to new scopes in order for Novartis IT Legal and CIO to review and colaborate and re-write policies with all new hardening procedures and standards and requirements for all new serves builds which will eliminate all vulnerabilities as of date services performed.
  • Team of 3 Qualys Guard certified and various Novartis IT Engineers to create all new Golden Images for serves platforms which eliminate all vulnerabilities on Windows 03, 08 and 2012 all variations, R2, Standard, Enterprise, Data Center Etc.
  • All Windows 7 and 8 and XP machines for laptop platforms and desktops scanned and Acronis images created for those platforms as well


Contractor/Senior Network Engineer

  • Currently working to build, configure, implement and deploy an Always-On High Availability pair of SQL Servers 2012 for the Veterans Administration Hospitals in the Mid-West of the United States
  • Building and configuring full setups of Always-On High Availability Servers for manual and immediate failovers
  • Building and configuring High Availability Reporting Services with Primary and Secondary Replicas for Disaster Recovery and for Synchronization from all VA hospitals back to multiple data centers with all workstations in every OR suite to be able to store Local SQL data if hospitals are unable to reach Data Centers
  • Responsible for architecture of a High Availability SQL system that can not have any down time as declared in all SLA Agreements between Drager and the VA Hospital's Legal Council.
  • Writing Microsoft Windows Power Shell Scripts to create users, create all SQL and Security Groups as well as administrative functions for SQL server build
  • Solely responsible for all documentation for all SQL Server hardware, software, build procedures for clients and Drager.
  • Tasked with creating forms for how to documentation and fulfilling SLA agreement for clients for all information on how servers were built, maintenance schedules, standard troubleshooting techniques and how Always-On Availability Groups and Reporting Services were all created, configured modes of operations, and failover how to and documentation for uninterruptable database connectivity.
  • Learned Dragers Innovian Software that they create for Anesthesia machines to pull data and transfer it to local SQL Express computers which then Synchronize data up to SQL Always-On Servers to centrally store the data utilizing HL7 architecture specific to only healthcare server communication which consists of Patient information and specific patient data.
  • Incorporated multiple IBM tape drive backup devices to capture SQL data from both data center servers as well as multiple local clinical workstations at various VA hospitals in the mid west areas for extra security for patient data security.
  • Wrote custom Power Shell Scripts to create individual instances and security groups for specific instances on SQL Server
  • Built full SQL Test environment to test Always On High Availability Failover groups and Report Server services, Quorum Share servers and Domain Controllers


Senior Network and Systems Engineer III

  • Currently working hands on in a group of three with my sole primary responsibilities being all Riverbed Steelheads located in 37 sites on an ATT global AVPN infrastructure.
  • Built and maintained SMC and CMC Riverbed Appliances to control ALL steelheads in our environment and to roll out Riverbed clients to 400 mobile devices to do compression across VPN to have a faster and better work abroad experience.
  • Main point of contact for all Barracuda Spam and A/V appliances located at two email gateways, responsible for all upgrades and any issues with these appliances 24/7/365.
  • Built and Maintained 4 Edge and 7 Back office Microsoft Exchange 2013 Server environment with Servers located throughout the United States in various Data Centers.
  • One of 3 Engineers that removed our domain from our old parent domain and setup all new infrastructure, Barracudas, Exchange 2013, Lync 2013, Domain Controllers, Qualys Guard, Active Admin All setup and running in production with DR servers in Co-Location for failover purposes.
  • Built and implemented and maintained two EMC SAN units and personally built over 200 Development and test 2008 R2 and 2012 STD and Enterprise Virtual Servers on Vsphere with BG-Info for each Virtual Server and utilized Avamar Software to backup and Sync EMC units together
  • Implemented Paperport Pro document management software for keeping all versions and copies of documents available to certain security groups and corporate deparments.
  • Fully versed with VOIP technologies and implementing QOS on Riverbed Steelheads to traffic shape all voice communications across our AVPN infrastructure.
  • Built and rolled out a primary and failover pair of Servers running Active Admin software to run reports, manage and track all Active Directory Functions Company wide.
  • Responsible for rolling out a full Lync 2013 Platform for all interoffice communications including voice, data, screen sharing, Group meetings with a SQL Back End.
  • Built and maintain a full PGP Encryption server for the addition of Mobile Apple devices on our corporate
  • network and encrypted all devices per our SOP's requirements and Bit Locker Software for all Mobile computers for company employees.
  • Implemented a pair of clustered Barracuda 400 and 600 platforms for email security to feed the Edge transport servers to funnel email to their respective back office servers and individual Email stores.
  • Built and maintain three Message Stats Servers to run reports on all our email statistics, one test, one development and one production server.
  • On Call 24/7 for any and all calls that required my expertise/input to repair from my local Langhorne PA office to any issues that involved all of the servers, SAN's, Email issues or anything that I could help with
  • Maintain and build all server 08 and 12 R2 templates in VSphere on our virtual environment and update regularly as required.
  • Tasked with upkeep of all configuration documentation from Visio to full install documents with screen shots for other engineers to be able to do hundreds of build out and maintenance tasks that I cross train them for.
  • Implemented Qualys Guard Software and configured for enterprise to catch any and all security violations or out of date software service packs to keep enterprise up to date at all times. SLA Requirement for our customers to know our enterprise Status via reports.


Network and Systems Engineer II

  • Working at United BioSource Corporation in Blue Bell, PA., I have been working both with a small corporate team of engineers and working solo to complete large projects tasked to me which include handing all global infrastructure work and creating cluster servers for software applications that include Exchange 2003-2010, All Clustered Barracuda 600 Units in 3 locations for inbound email security, All Riverbed Steelheads in all 37 locations globally with management of SMC and CMC units and all Mobile clients for software compression across private VPN's to allow a better user experience from home or abroad for my co-workers/customers to be more efficient in their work duties. From Active Sync and building a pair of fail over clustered GOOD servers for more than 1000 hand held devices, As well as all cisco ASA 5510-20-30 Firewalls administered with ASDM software, Cisco core 3600 Layer III devices and Cisco 2800 series AVPN and edge routers for internet access and AVPN Private network access from all 37 global locations. On Call Rotation consisted of one week out of every three weeks to work 24-7 and during off weeks, if anything that I alone would administer, I would be required to handle those issues as well. Working for United BioSource was a very rewarding and fantastic experience and the transition into MEDCO when purchased by them then was transitioned into Express Scripts from being purchased again and that's how I ended up working for Bracket Global, a division of UBC that was sold off by Express Scripts who needed me to setup their infrastructure to get them up and running in production and to sever all ties to UBC and UBC Domain Structures and build out everything required to run all software applications and programs in production to get Bracket up and stable on their own two feet with all redundancy and fail over hardware/software to fulfill all Service Level Agreements with all of the companies customers.
  • Currently working hands on in a group of three with my sole primary responsibilities being all Riverbed Steelheads located in 37 sites on an ATT global AVPN infrastructure.
  • Built and maintain a SMC and CMC Riverbed Appliances to control ALL steelheads in our environment and to roll out Riverbed clients to 700 mobile devices to do compression across VPN to have a faster and better work abroad experience.
  • Main point of contact for all Barracuda Spam and A/V appliances located at two email gateways, responsible for all upgrades and any issues with these appliances 24/7/365.
  • Management of Microsoft Exchange 2003 environment with a dozen email servers located throughout the United States in various Data Centers.
  • Built and maintained a subsidiary office of 135 people in Miami Florida, handling their office moves and now office closing.
  • Working with my team of 2 others to re-IP our Blue Bell office with 5 subnets and 240 employees.
  • Built and implemented and maintained two EMC SAN units and personally built over 200 Development and test 2008 R2 Enterprise Virtual Servers on VSphere
  • Fully versed with VOIP technologies and implementing QOS via Riverbed Steelheads to improve voice communications across our AVPN infrastructure Traffic Shaping during periods of high AVPN usage .
  • Built and rolled out Track-IT Helpdesk software on virtual platform and configured for over 60 engineers/helpdesk/management and supervisory employees to track helpdesk tickets and always a running
  • inventory of all computers, servers and hardware located on all subnets in all offices.
  • Responsible for rolling out a full JD Edwards software platform for all users within United BioSource Corporation for accounting, book keeping and other financial responsibilities.
  • Built and maintain a full PGP Encryption server for the addition of Mobile Apple devices on our corporate network and encrypted all devices per our SOP's requirements.
  • Built and maintain two GOOD servers to allow non Blackberry devices to function properly on our corporate network and to allow secure email.
  • Built and maintain three Message Stats Servers to run reports on all our email statistics, one test, one development and one production server.
  • On Call Rotation one of every three weeks to maintain network connectivity and handle every down server, appliance and issue that comes up regardless of location.
  • Helped implement Microsoft Lync, Built three Virtual Servers to host Lync for all UBC employees in every location globally.
  • Maintain all templates on our virtual environment and update regularly


Manager of IT Sr. Network Server Engineer contractor

  • I am the Manager of Information Technology contractor for the Bucks County Intermediate Unit in Doylestown PA. I have a very demanding role being responsible for over 1,500 staff and teachers throughout Bucks County who serve over 240,000 students countywide. I was hired to upgrade the Intermediate Unit to more industry-standard technology. I currently am implementing an entire new data center infrastructure. This includes building of 4 SANs for a primary and secondary DR location, full MS Active Directory domain structure including Exchange 2007-2010 in both locations with a full suite of new servers, and rolling out 1,200 leased Apple Macintosh and Dell user machines. Currently managing a staff of 20, this includes a third-party company for field break/fix issues. I am a hands-on manager who wishes to stay involved in working on end-user and server machines. I also work side-by-side with my staff, mentoring and teaching networking skills and industry standards and security principles.
  • Have implemented multiple fiber networks which connect all of the schools together, all of the IU's together PAIU Net and multiple site to site fiber networks Internet 2, BGP pairings to 19 school districts .
  • Was hired to bring BCIU into a more current technology phase by implementing a new data center infrastructure.
  • Building of 4 SANs for primary and secondary DR locations, full MS domain AD structures including Exchange 2007 2010 offerings in both locations.
  • Have implemented Vyatta Dell routers and technology utilizing open source networking for routers.
  • Implementing 1,200 leased Apple Mac units with full deployment, backup and remote management capabilities via Crash Plan Pro and Casper suites of software.
  • Have implemented full suite of Barracuda appliances such as AV and SPAM filters, full-use Email Archiver and Date-sphere from Nyatek as a backup.
  • Use of Cisco ASA firewall's, Cisco ASDM and Sonic Wall Firewalls, Sonic Wall's Sonic Points access points for building out an entire wireless network with multiple subnets for wireless users, wired users, printers all running via POE switches.
  • Currently managing a staff of 20 support personnel, which includes a third-party company for field break/ fix issues.
  • Presently using Commun-i-gate email software from Stalker software and implementing Exchange 2010 2007 was implemented due to licensing issues .
  • Hold technical presentations for districts about managing their networks from the IU's disaster recovery data centers and site to site and server/data security principles.
  • Manage and operate 13 conference rooms, currently being rebuilt with the latest and newest technology Video Conferencing .
  • Technical lead for countywide tech council, hold monthly events and training sessions for tech directors, tech managers and IT Engineers for routers, N Computing, data security and other technical issues.
  • Currently, rolling out Snow Leopard on 1,200 new Apple Desktops and Laptops with educational images and software.
  • Servers throughout the county number in the hundreds. Users run around 300,000.
  • Light experience with SAN units from EMC, DELL Equa-logic, Compellent and IBM.
  • Completed switching from HP servers to Dell, about 70 planned with 2 DELL Equa-Logic SAN's.


Director of Networking Senior Network Engineer

  • Working for Falcone Group for 6 years, I built and maintained this enterprise and expanded the server farm as the company experienced massive growth always keeping cost containment in mind. I reported directly to the owner of the company and have outstanding communications with all of the company officers to build and tailor the systems to their needs. I considered all employees at the Falcone Group to be my customers and I have an extreme work ethic to never leave anyone with an issue or problem. I am on call 24-7-365 and realize my responsibility to make everyone of my customers as efficient as possible.
  • Report to owners of company and solely responsible for all servers, desktop, Blackberries, site to site VPN's and mobile VPN communications.
  • Responsible for and manage a department of 5 direct reports.
  • Company consists of 375 employees both at corporate and 7 remote offices with 2 server farms of 77 servers.
  • Personally, responsible for all aspects of the Boca Raton, FL prod site and Philadelphia, PA Two Liberty Building in Center City Philadelphia is my DR-failover site Data Centers. All site strategies, all Communications, Routers Firewalls, Network security, Data synchronization integrity
  • Microsoft Exchange audited by NASD requirements for envelope journaling emails, all compliance rules followed for funding and Investment Company. I was directly responsible for setup and maintenance.
  • Designed and implemented Barracuda SPAM and content filter systems to protect internal environment from outside infection in emails and to prevent unwanted websites from being viewed to protect corporate structure from any potential lawsuits due to poor and explicit content being able to be viewed.
  • Built and maintain Exchange front end server with 2 back-office Exchange clustered servers for redundancy, fail over and total overall space expansion.
  • Engineered, designed and built entire Windows Server 2003 and Exchange 2003 environments using IBM servers.
  • Built and implemented in test environment Exchange 2007 in single and clustered mode with front end and no front end servers, test migrations all successful from Exchange 2003 to 2007.
  • Engineered failover backup Exchange systems through Dell Message One for Blackberries and Exchange email for all users throughout enterprise so that emails would not be lost or unable to find their way through to corporate data center even through any sort of internet outage or hurricane disaster. All Blackberries able to run and communicate even if Exchange server out of reach due to T1 outages with disaster recovery failovers and backup systems in place to ensure 100 uptime with email communications.
  • Full understanding of designs and implementations of Active Directory 2000-2003-2008. DNS forward and reverse lookup zones , DHCP, WINS, Exchange 2000-2003-2007-2010 with fully operational OWA.
  • Full suite of App servers, running multiple instances of Microsoft SQL2000 and 2005 for Timberline accounting, E-Projects, HMIS for cemetery services, Symantec Backup Exec servers, Net-backup, Computer Associates Brite-Stor Arc-serve backup, Blackberry Enterprise 4.0 and 4.1 servers all built, configured and maintained by myself supporting 100 Blackberries and Blackberry users on multiple BES servers with full disaster recovery to eliminate any downtime with Blackberry email and communication for any user anywhere in the world utilizing Message One as a backup for email environment.
  • Responsible for all backup and restores utilizing Acronis Imaging products for all servers and critical business systems to eliminate outages and keep outages to minutes rather than hours to rebuild systems from scratch due to unforeseen events. Backup tape autoloaders using Symantec Backup Exec and IBM Quantum Super
  • Loader 3 tLTO3-LTO4 and DLTS4 tape solutions for all locations with offsite tape storage in hurricane and bomb-proof bunkers for tape security through Iron Mountain which exceeded NASD and all federal and state requirements for all financial institutions expectations.
  • Security protection with Barracuda SPAM and Web Filters setup and maintained by myself with Sonic Wall firewalls protecting all of my offices with secure VPN communications throughout WAN.
  • Successfully migrated 700 email accounts to Exchange 2007 from 2003 utilizing Ex-merge.
  • Full use of Timberline accounting software from Sage, implemented on terminal servers for all users. Always load balanced all financial servers to ensure no down time during time of upgrade and hardware improvements to keep all users running in an up state 24-7-365 with a 100 track record of never having any financial server services offline at any time.
  • All SQL back office suite products always kept up to date and functioning flawlessly at all times with redundant machines built and clustered and ready to be implemented at any time either on site or remote activations.
  • Multiple SQL Server instances on SQL 2000 and 2005 built and maintained solely by myself for test and production environments for 14 different applications from Blackberry Enterprise Servers, all financial
  • Software, E-Projects interactive web servers for construction industry, airplane maintenance schedules and
  • flight schedules using BART software, HMIS to keep track of all customers in cemetery among other uses for
  • SQL server 2000 and 2005 due to the vast array of industries with which Falcone Group was involved.
  • Full Acronis backup and disaster recovery suites implemented and tested and used for multiple disaster
  • recoveries in actual situations from South Florida hurricanes and hurricane preparedness.
  • Utilized Satellite T1's for Disaster Recovery doing failover tests every 2 weeks on schedule looking for potential problems, put into practice during hurricane outages with Generators onsite to keep business
  • running with no interruptions.
  • Software used, Deltek Vision, Visio, Auto Cad, Solarwinds, Acronis, MS Project, Timberline, Adept Document Management solution, Microstation cad, Adobe Document Management, EMC AX4, Map info, Google Earth, Adobe suite, Blackberry Enterprise server, Citrix, SQL Administration, N Computing WYSE terminals
  • Solely engineered new network utilizing Visio drawings of all servers, cabinets in new data center, responsible for all wiring and infrastructure components. Disaster recovery with Primary T1's, backup T1's, Voice T1's for VOIP phones and backup satellite T1 service through Tachyon.
  • Full VOIP phone implementation with a VOX3 VOIP switch Polycom SIP 501 phones utilizing separate
  • internal ethernet network not shared with data ethernet network using all security measures to ensure security throughout enterprise at all corporate and remote locations.
  • All desktop and laptop machines built and maintained by myself using Windows XP all Dell products and
  • Microsoft Office using open license through E-Open licensing for compliance.
  • All routers for VOIP and for data for our offices are maintained by me. Edgewater routers for all voice T1 lines and Cisco 2600 and 2811 routers for all data lines.


Network Engineer/Administrator Moonlighting Contractor

  • Moonlight at First Keystone Property Group and was primary contact for all network and desktop computer issues.
  • Provided all technical support for entire network and all desktops and users.
  • Set up and configured site-to-site VPN configuring all IP addresses and security gateways.
  • Built Compaq server utilizing NT4 domain structure with internet mail.
  • Utilized Cisco routers for internal users to access e-mail, internet and other outside resources.
  • Configured Windows 98 and 2000 Professional workstations on network.
  • Provide training on advanced features for end users on an as-needed basis.
  • Configured Backup Exec for all server full daily backups with Ghost image of servers for disaster recovery.
  • Built Full Windows 2011 SBS server/Exchange for all users. Full AD integration, Sharepoint, Full Backup and DR


Senior Network Engineer/ Manager of IT

  • Provided technical lead for network team of 4.
  • Managed Cisco PIX firewalls to Axent Veloci-raptor firewalls for secure communications.
  • Security specialist with VPN's, Veloci-raptor Firewalls, Oracle Databases, SQL Servers, Windows 2k Terminal
  • Server on Network Attached Storage unit SAN .
  • 802.11b wireless solution for all laptops integrated into infrastructure.
  • Successfully migrated all 150 users, files and objects to Windows 2000 Active Directory from Windows NT 4.0 with no downtime.
  • Successfully migrated all users' e-mail and public folders from Microsoft Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000 and all running under Active Directory.
  • Provided 24x7 support for entire company's infrastructure both on-site and remote with wireless and Firewall-
  • driven VPN.
  • Responsible for all security aspects, performance of all servers, all back-ups VERITAS , all firewalls Axent and Symantec and routers Cisco , and all LAN/WAN devices.
  • Responsible for secure VPN's both in and out of local network to remote locations and users.
  • Exchange administration 5.5 upgraded to 2000 and all licensing responsibilities.
  • Remote access to Exchange for external users.
  • Managed Public Folders in Exchange.
  • Microsoft IIS administration for live website, 24 by 7 support, Monitored with Web-Trends and logged all hits and gave report monthly to CIO.
  • Upgraded Web server with strict security guidelines.
  • Great Plains accounting software manager and administrator.
  • Accountable for all network upgrades and performance requirements to Mastercard and Capital One Financial security standards.
  • Implemented all server-hardening security upgrades to all 118 Windows 2000 Servers.
  • Network consists of 118 Compaq NT Servers upgraded to Windows 2000 Servers, all running in forest.
  • Created Sales Logix database and administered for sales force on SQL 2000 platform.
  • Created and managed Blackberry communication server for sales force and executives.
  • Provided all new cost-effective solutions of technology upgrades always under budget.
  • Cost containment without sacrificing performance was key goal.


Senior Network Engineer

  • Responsible for 3 server farms in Philadelphia region consisting of 164 servers total.
  • Supported 400 users within a 14,000 user enterprise company with all software and desk-side support via
  • SMS if off-site or in person on-site.
  • Managed all LAN/WAN connections to all other RCN sites.
  • Layer 2 switching.
  • Performed all back-up VERITAS and disaster recovery projects and tests monthly to ensure safety of sensitive data and mail, files and databases.
  • Built and supported 3 server farms with redundancy clustering in the Philadelphia area which consisted of 164
  • servers.
  • Built and maintained all 70 switches 10/100 and fiber switches Extreme, Cisco and 3Com .
  • Configured all Citrix Meta-frame 1.8 clients for access to the Voorhees, NJ data center running Microsoft
  • Terminal Server.
  • Heavily used SMS to create packages for short-term deployment and maintain accurate records of all desktop software and polls.
  • Installed and configured Oracle Clients on all user desktops and maintained connectivity throughout region.
  • Maintained logon scripts and administered as necessary.
  • Responsible for all software licensing issues throughout Philadelphia region and prepared all outgoing packages through SMS.
  • Supported 67 HP, Ricoh, Lexmark color laser and inkjet printers with use of network support and/or Jet direct cards.
  • Created Ghost images of servers and workstations to minimize down time.
  • Managed roll-out of Lotus Notes R5 upgrade from Lotus Notes 4.6.
  • Primary contact for all Oracle connectivity issues within Philadelphia region, both Citrix Meta-frame 1.8 thin client and JAVA initiated communications.
  • Maintained 3 Windows NT resource domains which replicated to master domain in enterprise.
  • Administered many MS projects and client software applications will be pleased to elaborate .


Network Engineer

  • Network engineer responsible for office of 150 users in PA market and 50 users in Washington, D.C. all back- ups of all programmer and executive computers and all servers including Microsoft IIS, Microsoft Proxy Server, Microsoft Exchange, Arc Serve back-up rotations.
  • UNIX telephone switch administrator.
  • Handled all telephone punch-downs and all lines and extensions.
  • NT 4.0, Windows 95/98 and UNIX environment.
  • Performed all print server maintenance and back-up jobs for all office functions for both offices.
  • Built and imaged all new PC's and laptops for all company personnel.

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