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System Administrator Resume Profile


  • Over 17 years of system administration experience - product implementation, production support in Transport and Software Development Industry. Primarily, administrating and supporting UNIX servers, production rollouts, system upgrades, writing scripts, and Client/Server and web development applications.
  • 5 years of Solris and 8 years of Linux Administration and 2 years of vmware experience.
  • Mentoring newly hired employees, resource balancing, supporting multiple projects simultaneously and a good team player are some of my personal skills. Migration between different environments Windows to Linux, SuSE to RedHat
  • Secure Configuration of linux Basic hardening of the System and network security, attaining the goal of allowing only the valid users into the system. Lockdown the services, minimize the packages, minimize the network access, minimize the service access, maintain system integrity and configure the tcp stack for security, duly configuring the kernel parameters, configure sudo, quota for users ,configure audit rules and ensure proper log management.
  • Xen Virtualization Setup the xen host systems with bonding and native bridging and create, monitor and maintain the Virtual michines Linux App Servers i.e weblogic. Web servers, informatica and BO Servers and also windows w2k, w2k3 and w2k8, for citrix and application deployment for DEV, UAT And PROD environments. Create the precious gold images to make the systems deployment faster and immaculate.
  • VMWare Virtualization - At Datascan, Setup VMWare ESX 4.0 Host Servers, duly configuring the three network segments for vmotion, console and VMNetwork. And managed with the vCente server. Created, monitored and maintained the virtual machine, setting environments like weblogic, business objects and oracle.
  • At Manheim, Worked on vSphere 4 and 5 clusters. Good exposure to P2V and V2V conversions. Configured and managed the vSphere virtual centers, Configured DRS and high availability. I added the new storage and setup vDS and the port groups. The infrastructure is built of r710 dell servers and cisco blades. Build the VMs for manual migration of web apps and web services. Tested and worked with the Dev and QA teams make the migrated apps operational. Added hosts, clusters, resources to the virtual data centers.
  • Setup Oracle Servers using veritas volume manager and veritas file system. Installed and configured storage foundation and EMC Powerpath.
  • Setup CA Authority for internal systems and web servers. Create secure shell environment for all the linux servers communication.
  • Configuration of Linux Servers to authenticate with Windows Active Directory Services :
  • Configuration of AD Authentication of Linux Server farm
  • ldap over SSL
  • ldap kerberos
  • centifydc Active Directory Server
  • Automated the process of Linux Servers authentication to AD with Puppet
  • Knowledge of configuration of multiple master servers with single certificate master servers.
  • Using multiple master servers :
  • load balancing with DNS round robin configuration
  • using proxy servers
  • Populating the master servers :
  • Using model puppet master server
  • Using git repos
  • theforeman, katello
  • Automation of deployment servers
  • Satellite Server
  • kick start and puppet
  • Network configuration of Servers to fit into different layers of network. Troubleshooting the network connection problems, using the tools tcpdump and wireshark. Monitoring network and system services using Nagios.
  • Experience in installation and configuration of the network services like NFS, DNS, DHCP and the internet Services like HTTP, SMTP and FTP.
  • Proficiency in the installation and configuration of Databases like Oracle and MySQL. Build environments for ocfs2 RAC clusters. And also active/passive Oracle clusters, using heartbeat.
  • Experience in analysis and development of the installation scripts to remotely deploy and support the products, in Bash Shell. Built backup scripts to store the VM images on the local machine and mirrored the images on to dr site, with rsync.
  • Building and managing Weblogic Server with Apache proxy and load balancing with haproxy. Deployment of applications and Wrote shell scripts to backup the app server folders on the backup server.
  • Disk Management experience with RedHat Linux LVM, vxvm and vxfs. The Virtual machines are built on LVM and the vxvm and vxfs used for Oracle. Set up EMC Power Path.
  • Knowledge of RAID configuration Hardware and Software
  • Performance monitoring and tuning of linux servers with system utilities and building Shell Scripts.
  • Worked on different platforms which include UNIX, Linux, Solaris and Windows NT/2000/2003/2008
  • Created the RPM package for Symantec netbackup client and automated the netbackup client installation
  • Follow Change management and Document every new task we perform
  • Good presentation, communication, organization skills and strong customer service attitude.


  • OPERATING SYSTEMS: RHEL3, RHEL4,Rhel5,RHEL6, SuSE10.2,SuSE11,Solaris8, WindowsNT, Win2k, win2k3 and w2k8
  • HYPERVISOR: xen, KVM, citrix xen and vmware ESXi 4.0, Esxi5
  • DATABASES: Oracle, MySQL Servers
  • LANGUAGES: C, SQL/PLSQL, Shell Scripting and Perl
  • WEB TECHNOLOGIES: Weblogic Server Administration, Apache Reverse Proxy and haproxy load balancing, web services and siteminder
  • AUTOMATION: Satellite Server, Puppet
  • AUTHENTICATION: AD Athentication for Linux server farm
  • Hardware Knowledge Installed configured HP prolient and Dell Power edge
  • VSPHERE CLUSTER: Managed ESX hosts VMs in vSphere Cluster 4 and 5
  • SOFTWARE KNOWLEDGE: VMware vCenter server, vCloud Director, NFS and Automount Administration, Solaris Administration, Jumpstart and kick start installations, OS Clustering for RedHat, RedHat Satellite Server, System Build kick start , Apache, Tomcat Web Servers, OpenLdap, Enterprise Storage Area Network SAN Server side Configuration and concepts iSCSI , Depending on the requirement, I am used to learn and do the things with a time frame. Veritas Cluster Services



Sr. Linux Systems Administrator planning and desiging

  • Installation, configuration, monitoring and management of linux servers.
  • troubleshoot linux servers.
  • Automate the process of build and deployment of linux servers.
  • script to automate the deployment of centrify to authenticate to AD domain.
  • Build the images and kick start template, per environment and the applications, using the technologies like cfengine, and satellite servers.
  • script to automate the deployment of winbind kerberos authentication to AD servers.
  • implementation of winbind authentication services in place of centrify before the cut over time of migration of data center


Sr. Linux Systems Engineer and Middleware administrator Planning Designing

The responsibilities include :

  • Responsible for Installation, configuration, monitoring and management Linux, weblogic, apache and siteminder.
  • Build weblogic domains, configure clusters, work managers, JMS and JDBC connection pools, monitor and troubleshoot the weblogic server instances and sub-component problems.
  • Configure apache reverse proxy to handle multiple application servers for load balancing and protect the servers from internet.
  • Configure the siteminder policy servers and the web agents to securely manage the web applications ported on application serves i.e weblogic servers.
  • Automation of systems deployment of Linux servers duly configuring the satellite servers, puppet and centralized user authentication with AD or any LDAP services.
  • Study and analyze new technologies and system development methodologies, and participate in designing systems and application deployments
  • Configuration Management
  • puppet: Implemented puppet client-server, setting up standalone master server. setup puppet clients on linux server farm. created modules and Wrote the standard manifests for tools liks ntp, sshd, sssd and sudo. created modules for ipa-clients. created templates. created parameterized classes. created the node definitions and setup the site configurations.


Linux Systems Engineer Planning Designing

  • Involved in planning, Designing, installation, Configuration and building the server virtualization and consolidation of vmware virtual data centers. Worked on P2V and migration of SuSE to RHEL6.
  • Planned and designed to implement the AD Authentication for Linux Server Farm
  • Automation of Server provisioning, package management and configuration management using spacewalk, Satellite and puppet Servers.
  • Setup web apps, web services and oracle server environments.
  • Worked on puppet , creating the standard modules like ntp,sshd and sudo and the modules like sssd for the implementation of ldap kerberos authentication to AD servers .
  • Documented the authentication process, using ldap over SSL and ldap Kerberos .


Linux Network Administrator System Support

  • Involved in planning the installation, configuration and building of server virtualization and consolidation. Building xen hosts and guest operating systems fully virtualized and paravirtualized systems ranging from RHEL AS3, AS4 32-bit and 64-bit and AS5 servers besides W2k, W2K3 and w2k8 servers.
  • Installed and Configured the linux AS3, AS4 32-bit and 64-bit servers for Oracle Servers and as4 oracle rac clusters with ocfs2 file system for oracle9i and Oracle 10g
  • Configured Oracle active/passive clusters with heartbeat
  • Installed and Configured the linux AS3, AS4 and as5 32-bit and 64-bit servers for weblogic and BO Servers
  • Setup weblogic Servers wls-ssm, multimode clustering for Application deployment
  • Setup Samba shares with AD authentication
  • Configure proxy and load balancing servers to access app servers.
  • Setup the RAID, as per the requirement, FOR Oracle and xen hosts.
  • Configure DRAC or ILO to remotely manage the Servers.
  • Installed and configured DHCP on w2k8 server and configured the clients with MAC, to assign fixed IPs
  • Configuration and management of linux servers and users authentication thru Active Directory services
  • Wrote the automation scripts for patch updates on linux servers
  • Secure configuration of linux boxes limiting the users to their roles and restricting root usage. Tuning the services as per the requirement and closing all the ports not required. Removing the old insecure protocols like telnet, rlogin and rsh. And configuring trusted ssh on all the systems. Installation and configuration of SSL certificate Authority for development environment.
  • Installation and configuration of CLAMAV on all dst uat and prod linux boxes and localization of automatic updates.
  • Developed shell scripts for backup and mirroring of images of linux servers on DR site. With DHCP configured, we can bring up the servers, just on boot.
  • Initialization of LUNs attached to linux boxes from SAN storage and management of logical volumes.
  • Installation and Configuration of Device Map Multipathing for redundant storage channels for high availability of Storage.
  • Installation and Configuration of Network bonding for high available network.
  • Checking the security of newly installed systems with Nessus Vulnerability testing utility and updating the system with latest patches.
  • Configuring Linux and windows boxes to fit into different layres of networking like application layer, middleware layer, storage layer etc. And securing the network, tuning the kernel parameters of TCP/IP stack. Setting up network connections with proper links and securing the network services using tcp wrappers and iptables. Monitoring of system, network and application services with Nagios. Troubleshooting of network connection problems with tcpdump utility.
  • Customized kernel for speed and security. And to build the required xen network and block devices into kernel, to install, configure and build guest operating systems
  • Installation, configuration and Management of VMWare Virtual Machines for weblogic and Oracle servers for UAT environment. And configure them for appropriate network layer.
  • Monitoring the Systems with nagios web interface and attend to the problems, reported.
  • Setup mrepo server to locally manage the rhel repositories and deploy the patches as per the requirement of the patch management policy. Dev, uat and Prod yum repos are setup to meet the patch management policy requirements.
  • Installation of patches depending upon the RHN errata bulletins. Patch management is done at three levels. We have three environments :
  • Development and QA
  • UAT Environment
  • Production Environment
  • First we deploy in the Dev QA. After 45 days, we update the packages in the UAT, after 45 day test being done in UAT we update the Prod Servers.
  • Setup Environment for kick start installation environment to automate the Linux installation process with pxe boot
  • Installation and configuration of cfengine to maintain standard configuration and security policies in the server farm.


System Administrator NOC

  • An offshore Branch of Zustek Corporation, Garden Grove, CA
  • Ebizmailer is an email application to handle bulk mails, monitoring and reporting about the mails sent, received, unsubs and bounced. It is a Client/Server application developed in php and jsp. Server is deployed on RHEL3 and Client is Windows 2000 professional.
  • Ebizmailer Deployment, Support and Infrastructure development


  • Involved in planning the installation, configuration and deploying the ebizmailer product on the client systems remotely.
  • Deployed the Ebizmailer application for all the Customers US and UK on RHEL3 and RHEL4 servers.
  • Hardening the linux System for security Check for all the known security lapses like presence of the unwanted packages, unwanted services and controlling the access to valid users and hosts etc.
  • Check for rpm package signatures and store in a file to check the integrity of the packages, in future.
  • Configure the System to avoid root access to the users removing the access to console and removing the unwanted SUID and SGID program.
  • Configure the System for Network Security Setting it for avoiding responses to ping, broadcast requests and spoofing etc.
  • Configure response web site and important file systems for backup using rsync with ssh.
  • Ensure the configuration of character set for internationalization.
  • Created required environment for the deployment of the product by installing and configuring java, apache with ssl and php and tomcat.
  • Developed log cleaning and backup scripts and health check scripts for other support engineers.
  • User administration - authentication and authorization
  • Created ssh trusted user environment for data transfer among different servers.
  • Scheduling of jobs using crontab as required for the application
  • Installed and configured MySQl for ebizmailer, Created the required databases and configured the users for different hosts.
  • Installed and configured Oracle9i for ebizmailer, Created required schemas.
  • Configured Secure Apache and Tomcat.
  • Fine tuned the memory parameters of MySQL.
  • Developed the Shell Scripts for the remote installation of the Ebizmailer
  • Environment: RHEL3,RHEL4,windows, Apache, Tomcat, MySQL, Oracle 9i and java.


Senior System Administrator

  • Had worked as Senior Systems Administrator Network Administrator on WindowsNT, Sun Solaris8 and RedHat Linux 9 with windows95, WinME and Windows 2000 professional as clients. And worked as SysDBA on Oracle 8i.
  • Involved in the installation, configuration and maintenance of Linux, Solaris, Windows and basic network administration


  • Installation and Configuration of Linux, Solaris and Windows.
  • Installation, configuration, monitoring and maintenance of Linux, Solaris and Windows Systems.
  • Installation, Configuration and maintenance of Oracle8i on Linux, Solaris8 and windowsNT.
  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of Samba PDC.
  • Installed and Configured CVS Server on Linux and maintained the source repositories
  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of apache, tomcat and weblogic servers.
  • Installation and configuration of DNS, Sendmail and POP3 Servers.
  • Installation patches and packages.
  • Installation and configuration of MS Visual Studio products like vc and vss
  • Environment: Windows, Linux and Solaris


System Administrator

  • Had worked as Unix System Administrator on SCO Open Server in APSRTC, Andhrapradesh, India, the largest and efficient State owned Road Transport Organization in India. Involved in the installation and Upgradation of SCO Open Server, Worked out the backup plans and implemented the disaster recovery plans to cut down the down time.
  • Assigned with the task of installation, configuration, monitoring and troubleshooting of SCO Open Server.


  • Evolved procedures for backup and recovery. And Developed risk management policies as to ensure 0 down time with available resources.
  • Involved in the installation and configuration and maintenance of SCO Open Server
  • Visited the 32 depots periodically checked the Server for health and trained the people on task for better management and usage of the systems..
  • Wrote Cobol programs for the ticket management at depot level
  • Supported the modules like STOINS Stores and VEMAS Vehicle Maintenance
  • Environment: SCO 5.0.5 Open Server and COBOL.


Involved in the implementation of Advance and Current Ticket Issue System, a Client / Server Package developed in 'C' for ticket Accountal with Novell Diskless Nodes as clients and Novel Netware Servers with SFT Level III, in the Bus Stations of APSRTC from 1991 to 1997.


  • Involved in Analyzing the user requirements.
  • Helped Designing the structure of the system.
  • Implemented the package and coordinated with the development team from CMS, Bombay/India.
  • Environment: Novell Netware with SFT Level III and Diskless nodes.

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