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Lead Enterprise Architect Resume Profile

Objective: Seeking consulting engagements as a senior level certified enterprise or data architect, systems engineer or acquisition specialist.

Additional Roles and Responsibilities

  • Acting chief enterprise architect, DIA ,DSE-1A
  • DoD CIO AT L DODAF PMO staff member author
  • INCOSE Architecture Working Group Technical Coordinator
  • BAE Systems representative to the ASD NII /CIO DoDAF Workgroup
  • OMG Unified Profile for DoDAF/MoDAF UPDM team member
  • Principal Investigator 2006-2007 BAE Systems IRaDs
  • US Geospatial Intelligence Foundation sub-committee for Interoperability
  • Association of Enterprise Architects member at-large
  • Net-Centric Operations Industry Consortium Technical Committee
  • FMR Community Management Staff Project Lead - Law Enforcement Applications Program
  • FMR NSA Representative to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, CSG/YITF
  • FMR CBS News Correspondent United Nations Security Council


  • Enterprise Architecture, Data Architecture, JARM, FEA CRM, CPIC, PfM, Strategic Planning
  • DoDAF 0.5 thru 2.1, MoDAF, FEAF, TEAF, TOGAF, EA3
  • C4ISR SIGINT and GEOINT architectures/ DOTMLPF support planning
  • Architecture based assessments e.g. Risk Management and mitigation planning, Capital Planning, DoDD8570 Information Assurance principals, NIST PUB800 series
  • Database design/administration Data Warehouse Design/ETL
  • Scaled Agile Framework SaFE
  • RDF, OWL, SWRL, Semantic Web theorem et al.
  • Big Data Analytics, Hadoop Distributed File Systems HDFS
  • Accumulo, SQL/NoSQL, Mapreduce


  • Institutionalization of an Enterprise Architecture standard approach for DIA, Investment Governance process and authored the DIA Enterprise Architecture Capability Taxonomy harmonized with the IC Core/JARM and DoD UJTLs/ JCAs.
  • Successfully consulted and engaged in the institutionalization of an Investment Governance process for the U.S. Secret Service resulting in what the Director referred to as, the best and most comprehensive Resource Allocation Plan in the services history.
  • Supported an unprecedented number of Independent Program Assessments, streamlining and improving upon process efficiencies, and was recognized by the DDNRO for Systems Engineering for facilitating a unique series of major programs of record.
  • Co-authored the NGA NSG Service Oriented Architecture Framework and lead a task to integrate the Net-Centric Operations and Warfare reference model with the NGA NSG Enterprise Architecture.
  • Designed developed and a solution for NGA's Innovision directorate. I oversaw planning and made recommendations to develop and deploy an online analytical workspace, a collaborative communications system, and knowledgebase. As the senior program Analyst/Engineer, I lead a team of data analysts/report developers that met requirements for data mining/discovery operations and reporting.
  • Developed a dynamic web interface for conducting change analysis for What If scenarios based on changes in future imagery and ISR architectures. The results were visual or in report format reflecting measures of effectiveness.
  • Conducted an enterprise workforce analysis for NRO and identified functional personnel levels in order to forecast and develop changes for future NRO plans and programs.
  • Designed and implemented a Law Enforcement Applications Program LEAP network consisting of multiple communication modes and technologies. I installed and deployed Unicenter TNG 2.2 as a scalable enterprise management system. This autonomous area network served as the LEAP testing facility's infrastructure. I implemented the Network Security, Intrusion Detection, Firewall, Asset Management, Software Delivery, Web Management and the Advanced Anti-virus TNG options.
  • Authored a proposal to develop and implement virtual teaming which improved relations with under-utilized resources throughout the US and among 2nd 3rd parties. This improved NSA capability to meet the demands of, multiple theaters of war.

Consultant to NGA Motion Imagery Services Program / via Aspiration Software


Provides systems engineering, integration, and analysis subject matter expertise to implement National Geospatial Intelligence Agency NGA vision to replace aging legacy systems with an open system, service-oriented cloud enabled architecture. Ensure NGA Motion Imagery Services NMIS project objectives are achieved, providing requisite capabilities and services to meet mission and Geospatial Intelligence GEOINT community user needs. Assess current and future technology, and ensure the NMIS Project captures innovative tradecraft, lessons learned, and best practices. Perform technical systems analysis of alternatives and recommendations on NSG Enterprise services implementation and operations, leveraging industry best practices. Mr. Dailey delivered the NMIS AV-2 Integrated Dictionary, StdV-1 Standards profile and is developing the DIV-1 Conceptual data model and is a contributing architect to the Capability and operational views necessary to meet Intelligence Community Information Technology Environment IC-ITE milestones. He also delivered a Key Performance Parameter KPP table derived from NIST PUB800.53 designed to embed federally mandated Information Assurance IA security measures within the NMIS architectural construct via the CV-2 Capability taxonomy. He delivered the project management plan, work breakdown structure, resource allocation matrix, SaFE Agile integration plan for the program management office PMO to ensure Intelligence Community Acquisition Model ICAM , ICD801 compliance while simultaneously providing effective architecture integration with developer agile cadences.

Executive Consultant to The Boeing


is contracted to provide principal consulting support to the Chief Enterprise Architect and PMO at Boeing in a global enterprise network security and modernization program exceeding 250M. His varied experience in DoDAF, Systems Engineering and knowledge of the Enterprise Architecture industry practices and methodologies are core to providing direction and participating in the documentation, design, and development of the programs deliverables and overall as-is/to-be architecture. His team delivered 22 TOGAF/DoDAF hybrid artifacts/deliverables and systems engineering auxiliary views over a period of performance of 10 weeks and architect staff of 12 FTEs. He staffed and developed the team and schedule to collect and document strategic, business, and data architecture viewpoints. He lead the team and represented the architecture integration effort among other core enterprise processes, such as the risk management team, earned value management, ITIL portfolio management and the network segmentation enterprise level strategic integration. In particular he worked closely with the PMO to ensure architectural based risk management solutions for mitigation were in place in the pre-design and acquisition phases of the overall program.

Lead Enterprise Architect


provided consulting support to develop an integrated enterprise architecture approach for data collection, development, use and DIA enterprise wide investment governance decision making. He developed the DIA enterprise capability taxonomy and was responsible for coordinating with the community of interest leads for the segment architectures and integrating data with the enterprise/strategic level artifacts. He delivered an IT services proof of concept utilizing a capability planning and mission thread analysis method specifically for a DIA Joint Targeting Capability. He also developed a standard EA development approach for DIA and a set of templates from which to begin architecture documentation for strategic, business and data artifacts as well as IT portfolios. He regularly provided senior executive level advise for architecture program execution, development and governance in alignment with over guidance and references such as DoDAF2.02 and IC Joint Architecture policy e.g. JARM.



primarily contributes architectural analysis and support for the integration of commercially derived source imagery and other commercial remote and airborne source data into the National System for Geospatial Intelligence. He also advises on matters for systems design and acquisition related to airborne imagery and international and domestic commercial radar for ingest into the U/STIL. As a senior staff member he also contributes to the current effort to develop a commercial imagery integration strategy for NGA.



authored The Essential DoDAF a DoDAF 2.0 document intended to address all six core processes within the Department of Defense, namely Systems Engineering SE , Operations OPS ,Defense Acquisition System DAS , Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution PPBE , Capability Portfolio Management CPM and the Joint Capability Integration and Development System JCIDS . It was intended to be a talking paper with which to engage the DoD process owners and refine with real practical DOTMLPF applications of DoDAF 2.0 views in direct and integrated support of the six core processes. e.g. true architecture driven acquisition or systems engineering etc. It was also intended to help develop a canonical model for cross-process analysis vis a vis common vocabulary and ontological means of data interoperability. Mr. Dailey participates as a staff member in the DoDAF CIO offices and its affiliated activities such as the DoDAF working group, the Data Model 2 DM2 sub-working group and outreach programs designed to pilot new DoDAF 2.0 views, including numerous interaction with Pentagon offices included PenRen architecture developers and Army PPBE staff and their team of EAs.

Lead for NGA Programs


developed the Praxis 2010 GEOINT strategic plan and associated execution budgets including teaming opportunities, conference strategies, Independent Research and Development of a GEOINT extension prototype of a passive Wifi intercept technology applying Open Geospatial Consortium web service standards. With his SME participation Praxis, teamed with Unisys was awarded a prime IDIQ contract worth 1.2B NGA. His activities also include NRO programs as appropriate to the Praxis strategic markets plan. Mr. Dailey also participated in several capture efforts leading to successful awards including the DIA SITE and the NGA TASER contracts.

Department of Homeland Security


was a member of the SETA staff supporting the Deputy Director sponsored Investment Governance Council ICG and Governance process. His responsibilities for this role entail planning, facilitating and executing the investment governance process and tangent tasks such as interfacing with SME's enterprise wide, Strategic Vision alignment consulting, as-is and to-be enterprise architecture consulting to ensure that in institutionalizing the governance and PfM processes proper mechanisms are in place to enable the IGC and its parent Executive Review Board, comprised of Assistant Directors, to make strategic decisions based on predefined and documented strategic objectives, business goals and planned technology infrastructure evolution plans. He was also specifically assigned to assist the Science and Technology Review sub-committees of the IGC and assist the chairperson with external agency interfaces based on my previous career experience.

National Reconnaissance Office/BAE Systems


provided support to the NRO Chief Systems Engineer and Deputy Director for Systems Integration and Engineering who, in special circumstances, acts as the Executive for the Director/NRO. His responsibilities for this role entailed planning, preparing, administering, and facilitating the Independent Program Assessment process from end to end in support of acquisition board activities prior to key decision points or programmatic milestones for designated major system acquisitions. This involves coordination with Special Program Offices, government officers, as well as acquisition policy and process development implementation. Additional requisite knowledge and skills entail architectures, Systems Engineering and compliance issues as related to acquisition and program management, DoD and ODNI Program management policies and methods, acquisition lifecycle activities, proficiency in interacting with and presenting to and facilitating for flag officers and senior executive service.

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