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Network Administrator Resume Profile


  • Seasoned Lead System / Network Admin with over 11 years senior level Administrator experience with deep and broad-based knowledge with multiple OS in multiple environments, including over 20 years solid hands-on support Netbackup and TSM data management and recovery.
  • Expertise in design, installation, configuration, migration, administration, production support of Enterprise-class networks, including responsibility for project management. Good understanding of Relational Databases operations, including ability to install, administer and system tuning for Oracle, Sybase, and MYSQL.
  • Very proficient in supporting Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, SUSE, SLES, Red Hat RHEL , HPUX, AIX, Solaris, Solaris x86, and MS Windows Operating Systems. Solid hands-on expertise supporting switches, routers, enterprise monitoring, Infrastructure core-services,
  • Backups, NAS/SAN, Firewalls, and VPN. As a Software Engineer, experienced writing I/O drivers, graphic libraries, wrappers, ported programs from UNIX to VMS, custom code for customers, re-wrote hydro power Dam simulators, and implemented new algorithms. Results-oriented team player with excellent communication skills, including ability to interface with both tech and non-tech support staff.


  • Acquired 2 Certifications at LTS Network 2009, MCTS Windows 7 CE and 2 Certifications at New Horizons Network CE , Security CE .
  • Cisco: ICND1, ICND2 Microsoft: 6421B, 6425C, 6426C, 6433A
  • Used state art hardware to simulate an enterprise network using MS 2008-R2 Enterprise using HW/SW RAID with multiple domains. Fail over, subnets 5 VLAN switches using a Cisco Router on a Stick.
  • Implemented, maintained, and integrated both Windows and Linux environments supporting up to 24 Server. Desktops, and laptops, all in one printer's, and Wi-Fi. Used Kerberos 5, encryption, certs, supporting Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Fedora 13-14, Centos 5/6 with/without VMware , SLES 10/SLED 10, and Ubuntu 9.10-11.04 LTS, 11.10-12.04 LTS beta tester.


  • Protocols:
  • ARP, TCP/IP, UDP, IGMP, ICMP, DHCP, RIP, OSPF, EIGRP, STP, RSTP, x.25, DNS BIND 8 - 9 , iSCSI, FCP, LPD, NIS, NFS, SMTP, SMAIL, SENDMAIL, NetBIOS/IP, SMTP, POP, IMAP, NTP, RADIUS, XAUTH, AUTH, SNMP, SOCKS, Telnet, CSH, SH, KSH, BASH, RSH, SSH, HTTP/S, FTP, TFTP, BOOTP, NDMP, LMGRD, RSYNC, SMB, CIFS, MPLS, PPPoE, IEEE 802.3a/ab/ad/ae/af/an/ax Ethernet , 802.1x, 802.11b/g/n, 802.5, 802.8, 802.1Q , 802.1D.
  • Operating Systems:
  • Red Hat Linux 6.5 9.0 , RHEL 2.1 5 , Fedora 6 13 , Centos 3 - 5 , SUSE 9 9.3 , SLES 8 10 , Debian 3 - 6 , Ubuntu 8.04 11.10 , XEN, VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3.x, Server client 1.x 2.1 , ONTAP 5.6 7.2.x , Windows Server NT 3.5 2008-R2 , Windows Desktop 3.0 7 , Solaris 1 10 , HP-UX 8 11.31 , Digital VMS, Ultrix, RSX11, Dynix, RSTS/E, TOPS 10/20, IBM AIX 3 6.1 HACMP IRIX 5.3 6.5.x , NCR AT T SYSV.
  • Software:
  • VERITAS VxVM, LVM, JFS Online Disk Suite, ext2/3/4, ReiserFS, UFS, JFS/2, Symantec/VERITAS NetBackup 3 6.5.2.A , OpenVision 1.7x, OSM COSMOS Backup, Backup Exec 9, NCFTPD, WSUFTP, VSFTP, Apache, Netscape Enterprise Web Servers, Websphere 4 - 5 , Sybase, Oracle 8-10g , MYSQL, IBM HMC 3.x 7.x , AIX NIM 5.1 6.1 , APV, HMC WebSM 5 - 7 Solaris Jumpstart 7 - 10 , Kickstart, PXE Servers ILOM, ALOM, Cisco IOS, Adobe, Frame Maker, Kerberos, LDAP, aptitude, yum, rpm, rpmbuild, Samba and NT PDC/BDC Servers, MS Office, Visio, Project, Outlook, Linux/Sun Open Office Zope, Plone, RT, Trac Wiki, RCS, CVS, Subversion, Browsers, GNU Software, NetBackup NOM 6.5 6.5.2.A , HP OpenView, Nagios Monitoring, Sun Net Manager, Spectrum Sun WS/Pro 3 - 5 ,Forte 6.x, Studio 8 - 11 SPOT AIX IBM XLC C/C 5 10 HP-UX ANSI/C C Bundles 1 - 6 , WDB, Glance I/O Plus Pure Software Purify, Quantify, JProbe Checkpoint Firewall-1 3 4 NP3 /VPN Sunscreen/VPN, YASSP, Tripwire, Wireshark Shorewall, Iptables UFW, McAfee most , Symantec/Norton all Sunbelt, Avast, AVG, MS Firewall, Defender, PPTP, RAS, Antivra, Webroot, Spybot all , hostparsites Exceed Modem Pools with Sun PPP, PPP Opie, KVMs Raritan, Cybex XP-4040 Cluster, Terminal Servers, Annex, Lantronix.
  • Platforms:
  • Dell PowerEdge most models , PowerVault most models , OptiPlex most models Sun most models , SSA, StorEdge most models , Storagetek Intel, Netgear, Linksys, Dell, Dlink, Cabletron, Cisco switches Cabletron, Cisco routers IBM x-Series most models , BladeCenter H/L , IBM PowerPC all models , Power II-III all models , p-Series most models , PowerVM most models, Fujitsu Siemens HP ProLiant Servers most models , 9000 most models , Storage Works, Pavilion, Compaq Desktops SGI MIPS, Digital all Models NCR AT T Sequent NetApp NAS/SAN Filer, FAS FC9, FC Arrays, FC-AL ESH/2, AT-FC, FC-SAN Andataco Clarion AAA Radius VPN, XAUTH w/smartcards IDS, IPS, NMAP, Checkpoint, Netscreen, and Linux firewalls Laptops IBM , HP, Dell, Gateway, VAIO, Toshiba, ACER, NEC .



  • Support TSM Server/Client running on multiple platform.
  • TSM support in a SAN environment.
  • TSM suite of data protection applications such as such as Tivoli Data, Protection for SAP/R3, Lotus Domino, MS SQL Server, MS Exchange and Oracle .
  • Configuring TSM for use with advanced storage subsystems such as the IBM ESS, EMC, and various NAS appliances .
  • Configure and troubleshoot multi-vendor sequential access devices.
  • Ability to configure/troubleshoot the TSM client in HACMP, MSCS, and Novell clusters.
  • Ability to support the Tivoli Space Manager HSM client


  • Resolved a production emergency fort the hospitals legacy lab PHI, HIS, and HIPAA production HACMP 7026-6H1 AIX system sharing a dual ported DASD RAID 0 1 SSA crashed hard and remained down. Successfully analyzed, identified, repaired the hardware, OS, and the reconstruction of the systems VG's, LV's, file systems, and raw devices. Successfully identify, recovered corrupt file systems, and restored the production database.
  • Designed, planned, archived, managed the Disaster Recovery plan, and procedures with a 10 year data recovery window for the legacy Lab PHI, HIS, and HIPAA data. Successfully recovered of the system, production databases using the Disaster Recovery plan, process, and documentation. 14yrs
  • Re-configured, installed, and managed the High Availability IBM p-Series 670 with 5 AIX LPARs the Disaster Recovery using the systems DASD, FC SCSI, EMC SAN, and HMC. Wipe, destroy all of the data on the disks with the PHI, HIS, HIPAA legacy lab data on the P-670 and 7025 systems, and provided a signed CIA certified document with proof the data on each disk was destroyed.


  • Supported and administrated VMware Virtual Infrastructure using VMware ESX VMs on Fas2030C. Supported the Engineering development environment for three disparate Geo locations. Build, repair, install Fedora 6, 9, 10, Ubuntu 8.04 LTS, Microsoft XP workstations, VMware, VMs, and VMware Tools.
  • Linux Administration of YUM repositories, bash, Perl, kick-start, RPM creation, software updates, distribution, performance tuning, and account administration of Infrastructure services maintenance and deployment - e.g. NIS, NFS, HTTP/S, and SMTP. 14yrs
  • Maintain Trac wiki, provide end user support for developers and testers, write technical documentation, review specifications, publish design, and user instructions. Maintain, monitor LAN/WAN subversion replication application, and Network Appliance SAN storage servers.. 5yrs

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