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Sr. Unix Systems Administrator Resume

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Saint Louis, MO


A creative, versatile and committed professional seeking a position, to provide your organization with the best possible systems administration and support services.


  • Over 6+ years in the field of technological industry as System Administrator/Consultant
  • Extensive expert level experience in Confidential AIX 5LV 6.1/5.3/5.2/5.1/4.3.3 , HACMP v4.5/5.2/5.3,VIO Server v1.3/2.1/2.2 Hardware Management Console, IVM and its associated tools.
  • Experience in AIX Operating System including File Systems, Processes, Performance tuning, and troubleshooting.
  • Experience in Redhat Linux
  • Administration and 24/7 support of Confidential pSeries Servers including p4/p5/p6/p7 p570/p590/p595/p630/p650/p690/p720/p770/p780 pSeries Servers.
  • Experience in VIO/LPAR/DLPAR technology for installing partitions through NIM and Managing partitions through HMC Console
  • Experience on maintain SDD/SDDPCM/PowerPath in Confidential pSeries Systems for Confidential and EMC storage systems.
  • Extensive experience in network management TCP/IP, NIS, DNS, NFS, VLAN.
  • Experience in TSM includes client installation configuration and verification of incremental/full backup.
  • Experience working on ticketing system such as Remady, Confidential Clear Quest and Manage Now
  • Problem solving, Troubleshooting and Performance tuning skills.
  • User Interaction and Excellent Communication.


Operating Systems: AIX v 4.3.3/5.3/5.2/5.1/6.1/7.1 , RedHat LINUX v4/5,, Windows v 2000/2003/2008


Hardware: Confidential p4 650/680, p 5 520/550/570 , p 6 520/550/570 , p 7 720/750/770/780

Storage Systems: Confidential, EMC DMX1000/DMX2000/DMX4Applications NetBackup, TSM, WebSphereDatabase DB2, SQL Server 7.0, 2000, Oracle v8i/9i/10i/11i

Programming: Shell Script


Confidential, Saint Louis, MO

Sr. UNIX Systems Administrator


  • 24/7 support, Unix OS installation/Migration/Cloning, System support and Administration .
  • Creation and configuration of Logical Partitions LPARs VIOC and VIOS using Hardware Management Console (HMC).
  • Experience of system administration on AIX v 5.2/5.3/6.1/7.1.
  • Design, Implement, and maintain multiple p570, p550, p595,p690, p650, p630, p780,p795 servers using HMC (Hardware Management Console).
  • Configuring and administration of NIM server and NIM client.
  • Confidential AIX system administration, Knowledge on Upgrades, Migrate.
  • Building and administrating VIO server and LPAR clients.
  • Migrating emc storage to Confidential storage and HITACHI to Confidential sorage.
  • Install, configure and upgrade SDD/SDDPCM/PowerPath for Confidential and EMC Storage Systems upgrading firmware, installing and removing software.
  • Adding and configuring various devices to the System.
  • Perform tuning and capacity planning tasks to maintain optimal system performance and availability.
  • Designing and managing disk space using AIX Logical Volume Management (LVM). Creating vg and lv extend vg, lv, mirroring vg.
  • User administration, Creating users, groups, modification, removing, checking and changing user parameters.
  • Installed and Configured HACMP clusters in test environments.
  • Performed HACMP failover and failback.
  • Install, configure, and maintain HMC and apply latest fixes or upgrade HMC code.
  • Filesystems Backup and Restore using TSM/HSM backup.
  • Monitored performance on all UNIX/Linux based system using various performance monitoring tools, such as Confidential NMON, TOPAS, BMC Patrol and etc.
  • Taking regular system backup using mksysb and volume group backups using savevg, backup in file system and files.

Confidential, Pittsburgh, PA

Systems Administration


  • Unix Administration Providing 24x7 on call helpdesk support.
  • Experience in AIX 5L v 6.1/5.3/5.2/5.1 includes new system planning, customer support, system related problem determination and resolutions.
  • Experience in creation of LPAR/DLPAR, micro - partitioning and installation of AIX through NIM server and managing partitions using HMC
  • Managed Confidential p5 Systems like 550 and 570 with running AIX 5.3 O/S
  • Monitoring a variety of systems UNIX, AIX and Solaris for disk space usage, memory usage, CPU usage and service functionality.
  • AIX Servers Installation/upgrade and maintenance on different hardware.
  • Installation and maintanence of Redhat Linux on intel platform
  • Building VIO server and VIO clients according to the requirement.
  • Setting up/Configuring VLAN and AIX installation using NIM.
  • Instillation and Configuration of Linux on stand alone machine.
  • Worked with SAN Administrator for activity like upgrading PowerPath, assigning disks from EMC Symmetric to AIX Systems and creating filesystems on top of those disks
  • Using pcmpath/Powerpath to manage allocated SAN disks.
  • Using HMC to manage LPARs.
  • Backup, System Recovery, Security and Performance Tuning.
  • Establishes network users, user environments, directories, and security for networks being installed.
  • Responsible to resolve problem tickets.
  • Documentation of necessary changes to fixes common problems to provide resources to keep system current.

Confidential, Ortho, NJ

AIX System Administrator


  • Providing 24x7 On-call Support on a weekly rotation basis to ensure availability of Servers
  • Installation/Migration, Configuration and Administration of AIX v 4.3.3/5.1/5.2/5.3
  • Installation/Migration, Standard/ Extended Configuration of HACMP v 4.4.1/5.1/5.2 (High Availability Clustering Multi-Processing) and Post Implementation Tasks including Testing/Verification and synchronizing cluster
  • Managing Aliases, Managing Zones and Managing Configuration.
  • Installation, and Configuration of AIX 5.2 according to Server Building Plan on p670/p630 system through NIM
  • AIX Servers Installation/upgrade and maintenance on different hardwares.
  • Implementing and Managing LPAR/DLPAR on AIX through HMC
  • Sudo access, Unix User Security Administration.
  • Vi editor experience to modify UNIX files.
  • Up gradation of production systems by Installing PTF (Program Temporary Fix) and APAR (Authorized Program Analysis Report) whenever required and necessary with minimum down time.
  • To ensure audit accountability for each and every user in production environment.
  • Documenting necessary changes and Configuration of System and keep it current.
  • Managing System Resources like File System, Disk space, Volume Groups, Logical Volumes and Physical Volumes
  • Scheduling Daily Incremental and weekly Full Backup using Crontab
  • Supporting and automating various tasks using Shell scripts.

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