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Systems Programmer/developer Resume

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Raleigh North, CarolinA


  • Extensive experience with a successful track record as a MVS and z/OS Systems Programmer/Analyst and Network Systems Programmer.
  • Experienced in program design, code modifications, installation and test; working with users to negotiate and define application requirements; technical leadership and project planning; providing user support, training, and problem resolution.
  • Expertise in z/OS installation, migration and support (z/OS V1R1 - z/OS V1R13 releases, z/OS 2.1 release),
  • Unix System Services (USS), JES2, VTAM(Implementation, Enterprise Extender), OSA, TCP/IP and related components(FTP, SMTP, TELNET, Secure Shell), Tivoli NETVIEW and related Components(Automation, RODM, GMFHS), RACF(Installation, Administration), SMPE, WLM, DFSMS(Implementation, ACS routines), DFHSM, DFRMM, HCD, HMC, TSO/ISPF, CICS, Parallel SYSPLEX, ServerPac, Installation and support of mainframe language compilers (COBOL, PLI, C).
  • My Systems Programmer experience as noted has included numerous migrations/upgrades utilizing SMPE, ServerPac, and IPO installs.
  • The upgrades required full installations of the base system and program products, pulling PSP buckets, installing fixes, writing/modifying system exits/commands, debugging problems, etc.
  • The upgrades have included all OS/390 and z/OS releases.
  • I have over 35 years experience in maintaining, installing, upgrading and customizing the previous mentioned mainframe software.


Proficient in: Assembler, REXX, and JCL Programming Languages.

Proficient in: Microsoft products (Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel, etc.)


Confidential, Raleigh, North Carolina

Systems Programmer/Developer


  • Responsibilities include supporting and upgrading z/OS (All releases and related program products (VTAM, TCP/IP, RACF Administration, DFHSM, DFSMS, CICS, IMS, WebSphere, NetView, etc.).
  • Product development for Confidential ’s mainframe operations management product (Mainframe/zSeries Management for HP OpenView Operations).
  • This included coding, testing, installation, and product support.)
  • Upgrading to z/OS V1R10, V1R11, V1R12, V1R13 V2R1 on Z10 hardware and converting 2 lpars to Parallel SYSPLEX .

Confidential, Cary, North Carolina

Z/OS Systems Programmer


  • Responsibilities included supporting and upgrading z/OS systems (All releases) and related program products (VTAM, TCP/IP, RACF Administration, DFHSM, DFSMS, HCD, SMPE etc.).
  • Supported mainframe systems in Israel and Cary, North Carolina.

Confidential, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina

Network Systems Programmer


  • Worked closely with customers involved in Tivoli NetView for OS/390 Early Ship Programs,
  • This involved installation planning, preparing and presenting extensive education, installation help, and timely problem resolution.
  • Responsibilities also included supporting and upgrading OS/390 test systems for the Product Introduction department.
  • This consisted of Operating System upgrades, VTAM, TCP/IP, RACF, NetView and other related MVS program products.

Confidential, Raleigh, North Carolina

Technical Support Specialist


  • Responsible for installing and supporting Confidential EView/Open network management product running on HP/UX Open View and Confidential ’s AIX NetView/6000 platforms.
  • Responsibilities also included installation and support of MVS/ESA Operating System and related Program Products (NetView, VTAM, SMPE, RACF, TCP/IP, etc.).

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