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Vmware Administrator Resume

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New York, NY


  • To secure an opportunity to learn and grow with a company, where my knowledge & experience would serve as stepping stones for future growth and help organization in achieving its goal.


  • 7+ years of experience with Windows and Virtualization Using VMware.
  • Experience in ESX and ESXi 3.5, 4.0, 4.1, and vSphere 5.0, 5.1.
  • Worked on vCenter server 5.0/4.1/4.0 and Vcenter server 2.5 for managing multiple ESX servers.
  • Build and troubleshooting experience with ESX servers and ESXi servers.
  • Worked extensively on Templates and clones.
  • Strong knowledge on resource management framework using Resource pools.
  • Implemented and managed HA and DRS clusters.
  • Worked on VMware FT for critical VM’s.
  • Patch management and upgrades using VMware update manager.
  • Strong knowledge on Server, Desktop and Application virtualization.
  • Maintaining the VMware ESX Servers through VMware Infrastructure Client.
  • Configuring SAN via iSCSI & Fiber HBA’s for VMware virtualization.
  • P2V and V2V conversions using VMware converter enterprise.
  • Extensively worked on vMotion and Storage vMotion.
  • Experience in Windows server 2003, 2008.
  • Experience in Microsoft active directory.
  • Excellent scripting skills with strong knowledge of VMware PowerCLI.
  • Strong experience with DNS and DHCP.
  • Worked on IBM server, Dell Power Edge/ Blades/HP BL/DL/ML Servers.
  • Understanding of networking concepts, (IE. Configuration of networks, router configuration, TCP/IP, VLANs, Ethernets.)
  • Experienced in installation, configuration, design and ongoing maintenance of Cisco router and switches.


VMware Administration: VMware VSphere 4.0/4.1, VCenter Server 4.0/4.1, ESX 4.0/4.1/5.0 Virtual Center Server 2.5, VMware Converter Enterprise, VMware View, VMware Update Manager, HA, DRS, FT, VMotion, VMware Capacity Planner, VMware Workstation.

Operating Systems: Windows 2008 server, Windows 2003 server, Windows 2000 Server/professional, Windows NT server/ Workstation 4.0, Windows XP Professional/Home, SUSE Linux 9.1, Linux Red Hat release 4.

Hardware Support: IBM X - series & System X servers, Dell Poweredge servers, HP Proliant & HP BladeSystem servers & Avocent KVM Switches.

Networking: OSI Reference Model, IPv4 and IPv6 addressing and subnetting. Ethernet LAN, TCP/IP, UDP, Switches, Routing concepts, Virtual network concepts including vswitches, VLANs, dvSwitch, configuration of printers and scanners.

Infrastructure: Active Directory domain controllers, DHCP, DNS, DDNS & DFS.


Confidential, New York, NY

VMware Administrator


  • Extensive experience in Installing and Configuring vCenter, VMware vSphere (Infrastructure Virtualization suite), ESX/ESXi 5.1/5.0/4.1/4.0 and 3.5, Virtual Machines and vSphere Client.
  • Upgraded vSphere Infrastructure to 5.1.
  • Worked on large datacenter consolidations and completed them successfully using multiple P2V conversion using Vcenter Converter
  • Experience in View 4.5/4.6 and ThinApps 4.5 deployment and implementation.
  • Extensively worked on VMware Update manger for Host upgrades and patches.
  • Perform capacity analysis of existing physical production environment using VMware Capacity planner.
  • Installed and configured vCenter Database using MS SQL 2005, 2008, 2008r2 Standard/Enterprise
  • VMware tools upgrading and Windows patch updates.
  • Configured SAN via iSCSI & Fiber HBA’s for VMware virtualization.
  • Manage ESX Host Capacity andSAN Storage Usage. Re-purposing storage where most effective.
  • Created and Managed resource pools for Virtual Machines.
  • Monitoring and managing performance of ESX servers and Virtual Machines using Virtual center server for HA, DRS.
  • Involved in live migration of Virtual Machines and Virtual machines files using the VMotion and Storage VMotion.
  • Creation & Troubleshooting of Virtual Network, ESX & Virtual Machines
  • Creation of templates from VMs and deploying VMs from templates
  • Good experience with Powershell scripting and vSphere CLI
  • Performing server health checks and generating security compliance reports for VMware & Windows servers.
  • Extensive understanding of networking concepts, (IE. Configuration of networks, router configuration and wireless security, TCP/IP, Content Filtering, VLANs, and routing in LAN/WAN, Ethernet Port and wireless networks.).
  • Integrated Linux servers with AD for authentication and group policy, reducing administrative overhead of Linux servers.
  • Maintaining Linux server environment.

Confidential, Jacksonville, FL

VMware Administrator


  • Job includes installation and configuration of VMware ESX 4.x, installation and configuration of VMware Virtual Center Server and creating Virtual Machines
  • Assist in P2V conversion of Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 server editions using enterprise VMware converter and also installed the VMware tools on that machines.
  • Provided disaster recovery and backup services using the VMware consolidated Backup (VCB)
  • Created templates and deploying Virtual Machines through templates, cloning Virtual Machines and managing Virtual Center permissions.
  • Designed automated scripts to improve efficiency, operational stability and operational integrity through VMware PowerCLI.
  • Provided Consultation for Troubleshooting in Virtualization,SAN Configuration, Active Directory group policy design & Implementation and ESXi Distributed vSwitch Network Configuration
  • Creating and Managing VMware cluster with HA and DRS.
  • Creating and Managing resource pools for Virtual Machines.
  • Monitoring and managing performance of ESX servers and Virtual Machines.
  • Using Virtual centre server for HA, DRS and Vmotion.
  • Working on Migration concepts like VMotion and cold migration
  • Creation & Troubleshooting of Virtual Network
  • Troubleshooting ESX & Virtual Machines
  • Creation of templates from VMs and Creation of VMs from templates
  • Performance monitoring and tuning for ESX Servers, Virtual Center Server and VMs
  • Installation, configuration and management of vizioncore vRanger for virtual machine backup.
  • Installation, configuration and management of Windows Server 2003.
  • Management for Active Directory and patch management.


Windows/ VMware Administrator


  • Installation, configuration and managing the ESXi4.0 Update2 Servers and Vcenter.
  • Consolidation of the Datacenters using Vcenter4.0.
  • Creating and managing the VMware clusters in the Vcenter4.0.
  • Enabling the HA and DRS features in a VMware Clusters.
  • Creating the Virtual Machines and installing the Guest OS like Win 2008, Linux (CentOS), and Unix
  • (Solaris).
  • Monitoring the VM’S & ESXi4.0 Update 2 Servers using the Vcenter.
  • Creating the Virtual Clusters, Resource pools, Templates & Clones in the ESXi4.0.
  • Creating the Virtual Switches & Port groups in the Virtual Environment.
  • AddedSAN storage on a regular basis to clusters based on capacity requirements
  • Security hardening and Monitoring of VM’s &ESXi servers (CPU, Memory, Disk, Network Utilization) for the Security Compliance.
  • Patch Management done in the ESXi4.0 Servers through the UPDATE MANAGER.
  • Upgrading the ESXi 3.5 to ESXi4.0 using HOST UPDATE UTILITY.
  • Converting the P2V and V2V using the Virtual converter.
  • Upgrading the Firmware to the HP Proliant DL490cG6 Servers.
  • Configuring the View composer, View agent and View client.
  • Configuring the View connection server and managing the View Administrator 4.0.
  • Migrating Physical Server to Virtual Server and Virtual to Virtual Server using VMware Convertor (P2V, V2V Convention).
  • Configuring and Managing the VIEW 4.0 (VDI) & ThinApp4.0 clients and supporting the Virtual infrastructure services.
  • Installing the View 4.0 and ThinApp4.0 related Software.
  • Monitoring the Server Health Status of the CPU processors, Memory, Fans, Temperature and Voltage.
  • Importing and Exporting the VMWARE Appliance software’s. (ex. VDM, VMware Converter).


System Engineer


  • Performed installation, configuration, and administration and troubleshooting on VMware ESX 3.5 & 4.1 environments including support for Virtual Center management, DRS, HA & vMotion.
  • Upgraded VMware ESX 3.5 infrastructure to vsphere 4.1 and vcenter 4.1.
  • Created virtual machine templates & configured sysprep files for customizing operating system deployment.
  • Configured and managed security permissions in virtual center management for access to virtual machines.
  • Performed physical to virtual (P2V) and virtual to virtual (V2V) migrations using VMware converter.
  • VMware tools upgrading and Windows patch updates.
  • Configure HA environment for our DMZ, Private Side, and COOP site network.
  • Creating and Managing resource pools for Virtual Machine
  • Participated in the 24x7 On-call support rotation.
  • Configuring a segregated iSCSI network solely communication between the virtual hosts and SAN units.
  • Writing documentation for standard operating procedures for troubleshooting, configuring, and setting up virtual servers.


System Admininstrator


  • Restructure the Design of Domains and Migration of Approximately 35,000 users and their respective Groups with third Party Application net IQ from N.T 4 to Windows 2000.
  • Design, install and configuring Win 2000 domain controllers in Native mode.
  • Designing and implementing Active directory according to meet the requirements of the organization.
  • Creating the organizational Units and placing Users & groups in their respective organizational units
  • Organize the Shares in distributed File system.
  • Install and configure 40 new servers with win 2000 Operating System and their required Applications.
  • Configure the Security Policies /group policies and changing the registry to meet the required security for the Organization
  • Configure the bios and installing the H.P Net server navigator utilities and configuring the hardware Raid and Hot spare for different models of H.P Servers.
  • Document the Work done for installing the Applications and operating system.
  • Responsible for Server hardware installation and promotion to Domain Controller in Active Directory, Communicate migration schedule to users (35000), develop ACL update plan/share conversion file, Freeze source domain changes, Run Wake on LAN to ensure all PC’s are powered on,
  • Update Users/Groups to Windows 2000,update resources, update Exchange accounts, Move site AD objects into OU containers, copy data from source to target servers, convert DHCP to new server, test user login and access to data on target server and update Win NT and Win 2000 stations to new domain. Manually update the Windows 95 workstations using logon script.

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