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Support Analysts Resume Profile


Currently in possession of sixteen years experience in telecommunications installation, operation, monitoring, and troubleshooting. Received seven years experience in the U.S. Army working in the communications field. Seven years of supervisory experience. Five years as a supervisor in network environment training and directing employees. Nine years experience working in the civilian private sector. Possess Top Secret Security Clearance TS/SCI . Provide technical analysis of network user problems. Possess competent working skills in Microsoft Word, Visio, Excel, PowerPoint, and AutoCAD. Noted as a reliable and self-initiated learner. Work well in team or solo environment. Complemented on having excellent written and verbal communication skills. Skills required to program, install, and maintain LAN and WAN databases within GTE Central Office Switches. Programmed, installed and maintained secure voice communications using AVAYA Voice Portal, Avaya Workforce Management, Avaya CMS, Avaya Proactive Outreach, Avaya Session Manager, Avaya Session Border Controller, Avaya S8800, S8710, S8700, Avaya IP Office, DEFINITY AUDIX G3R, G3si, Media Gateways, DEFINITY PROLOGIC, and Modular Messaging, NICE, IVR, AUDIX Voicemail and MITEL SX-2000 and Nortel CS1000 option 11C switch. Working knowledge of UNIX Solaris operating systems. Working knowledge of Windows 2000, NT, and XP, Excel, Outlook, VOIP, SIP, CISCO, ATM, DSL, IDNX, ISDN, TCP/IP, T1, INMARSAT,CCTV, A/V, satellite systems and X.25, Fiber optic and copper cable wiring and RSDD/BICSI wiring standards.



  • Assist the NEC or designated representative in matters relating directly or indirectly to the achievement of contracted levels of system performance.
  • Survey, analyze, evaluate, and provide technical advice/trouble resolution pertaining to the performance and functionality of the vendor installed I3MP system.
  • Provide technical assistance, guidance, and training to the site NEC personnel. The performance of these functions will be conducive to site personnel becoming self-sufficient in maintaining and operating the installed system.
  • Assist with the system administration and maintenance of the I3MP Voice Network. Maintain contracted levels of system availability and performance, utilizing the Intelligent Operation, Administration Maintenance IOA M trouble resolution tools and other GFE furnished by the government.
  • Assist the principal network manager/system administrator in the performance of the following functions:
  • Detection and resolution of system failures/component failures/errors.
  • Network system operation.
  • Routine network software installation, upgrading, updating, and replacement per contract vehicle.
  • Routine network hardware installation, upgrading, updating, and replacement per contract vehicle.
  • Network database backup and restore.
  • Audit trail and ID/password administration.
  • Performance of first echelon maintenance including, but not limited to, updating user profiles and power-off procedures to protect the system during emergencies.
  • Modification of fiber patch panels to support system requirements and maintain system performance objectives.
  • Component and system failures.
  • Maintain configuration management.
  • Perform emergency replacement and configuration of failed or upgraded network components procured under the I3MP contract.
  • Assist the NEC in establishing a plan or Standard Operating Procedures SOP for O M methods, daily practices, training, qualification requirements, and procedures for implementation by site personnel.
  • Assist and advise NEC personnel in all warranty related actions to include, providing instruction and assistance to the site personnel in the timely preparation and shipment of defective components to the prime contractor's plant for repair, replacement, or exchange.
  • Prepare and submit Monthly Status Report MSR in duplicate to the installation or site NEC for his review and approval. This report will lay out the monthly activities performed in the support of the I3MP program at the installation. The report is due to the NEC three business days after the end of each calendar month. The NEC will review the MSR within seven working days and accept or reject the MSR in writing. If required, a CC of the report should be provided to the I3MP, PM NSC, and project lead. The report shall cover the following areas:
  • Number of trouble calls attributed to system/component failures
  • Nature of problem, location and impact on the system and system operation
  • Action taken to correct the problem,
  • Potential or actual impact to other systems.


Avaya Engineer

Lead engineer in replacing Fort Benning military base 37,000 subscriber count LUCENT 5ESS central office switch with Avaya S8710 R4.x later upgraded to release R6.x enterprise PBX. Coordinated and controlled the installation, integration, and swap of hardware of Avaya S8710 PBX to the military NIPRNET LAN network. Installed and maintained 300 agents Call Center. Installed and configured Avaya AES server, Avaya CMS server, Avaya Voice Portal, Avaya Workforce Management server configuration and software and Avaya Proactive Outreach. Instructed and demonstrated to Call Center managers/supervisors on basic Avaya CMS functions to create logs for different agent skill sets. Instructed and demonstrated to Call Center supervisors on the functions and process for performing system monitor on agents. Instructed and demonstrated to Call Center managers/supervisors the process of viewing the data from the Avaya Workforce Management system to ensure proper data was being collected and monitored. Programmed and recorded for Call Center a basic template for Avaya Voice Portal to include IVR Interactive Voice Response. Instructed and assisted LAN administrators in configuring and integrating Cisco network equipment into a separate Voice network that integrated into existing Data network to include QoS and Latency. Configured and installed Avaya Session Manager and Avaya Session Border Controller for SIP trunking and endpoints. Took lead in programming, integrating and testing IP components and endpoints to military NIPRNET LAN network. Coordinated all efforts and provided documentation on every aspect of the project with detailed diagrams of all work performed. In charge of performing translations of 5ESS LUCENT and duplicated functions on Avaya S8710 PBX. Managed the installation based on stringent timelines. Improved and assisted in the move of thousands of numbers from Fort Knox military base. Incorporated 1,000 numbers a week into system database. Tasked with making changes on the go when faced with obstacles that hindered preset delivery dates. Reported directly to Fort Benning NOC Network Operations Center. Trained current 5ESS LUCENT system administrators in basic administration functions of the Avaya S8710 PBX. Provided end user training to military leaders to distribute to troops.


Tier 3 Support Analysts

Supported Tier 1 and 2 Helpdesk analysts with maintenance trouble tickets in a Call Center environment in charge of approx 600,000 ports for customers such as Raytheon, Ritz-Carlton, and Dick's Sporting Good's among others nationally. The Call Center receives trouble tickets from customers from around the nation who chose our 24/7/365 maintenance services to support Avaya/Lucent/Cisco/Microsoft/Nortel/Mitel/Prologic/Merlin Magix equipment. Received tickets request that were escalated from Tier 1 and Tier 2 analysts. Performed scheduled maintenance of network, PBX, and voice equipment for maintenance customers. Tasked with coordinating designing, firmware, software, and hardware upgrades to customer LAN/WAN and Voice infrastructures. Installed new hardware equipment on premise and assisted with installs remotely. Installed Nortel CS1000 option 11c switch for new construction Aloft hotel. Configured operating software, programmed, and initialized switch to included dialplan and trunking, mounted all components in data rack in telecom closet. Placed 370 digital phones in rooms. Loaded licensing files on customer equipment. Coordinated with local service providers to increase network performance.


Telecommunications Manager/Senior Phone Switch Administrator

Supervise Administrators in the installation, operating, and maintenance of AVAYA S8710 Media Server/VOIP PBX 15,000 subscriber count, Lucent DEFINITY , MITEL SX-2000, and Lucent 5ESS switches. Command has about 450 VOIP phones and about 800 in use overseas. Supervised the engineering and design of fiber and copper infrastructures for command phone and computer networks. In charge of Global Satellite system used to send encrypted voice and data to and from sailors deployed across the world. VTC and VOIP conferences were held to connect military leaders. Used Cisco Call Manager 3.4 to route and manage all VOIP calls and Video Teleconferences through military satellites. Used Cisco Call Manager to add, modify, and change individual subscribers IP hard phones or soft phones that were on laptops. Used Cisco call Manager for secure mobile satellite links to setup computers or VOIP phones. Used IPCC to access the remote routers and servers to make changes in real-time while monitoring the system to ensure data flow thru the satellite links never bottle necked. Ran a standalone PBX that was directly connected to a VERIZON CO to extend our network to different bases in the US. Developed and designed SONET fiber ring for all critical circuits to commercial and government owned fiber backbones. Installed analog and digital top secret, secret and non-secure computer and telephone stations throughout command using fiber and copper cabling. Engineered and installed computer workstations and VOIP phones in remote locations over satellite paths. Installed Inmarsat terminals for dial-up packages worldwide to connect to commands secure and unsecured computer networks, programmed Cisco routers to interface with VOIP switches to provide TS/SCI phones. Installed and maintain secret and top-secret VTC within the command and remotely using Tactical Tandberg. Coordinate with commercial vendors and federal agencies to contract OC-3, OC-12, OC-48, DS1, and DS3 by means of TSR fiber drops for communication paths. Coordinated with commercial and other government agencies in engineering and diagramming circuits CCSD . Reviewed billing statements to ensure accurate charges were made. Modified computer workstations and voice stations to customer's specific requirements. Maintained AUDIX voice messaging system for non-secure voice stations. Ran cables from telephone closets to rooms, and installed jacks. Engineered copper and fiber cabling schemes for new buildings. Performed adds, moves, and changes to stations at customers request. Contracted vendors for cabling projects for new buildings in command. Secured networks using TACLANE KG-175 and Omni secure terminal equipment. Troubleshot user stations, cabling, T1, ISDN, routers, IDNX equipment, system, and network problems. Maintained up to date log of all projects, system changes and system performance for command leadership personnel. Coordinated all hardware and software upgrades on the network for state of the art system. Worked with vendors including Verizon Business, Avaya, Cisco, and Sprint. Took quotes from vendors before ordering the equipment. Initiated contract with lowest quoted vendor. Wrote SOW Statements of Work for upcoming projects. The SOW detailed to a vendor what we were expecting from them so there would be no confusion on either end.


Network Systems Supervisor

Directly supervised six Network System Operators and trained with satellite equipment. Directed installation database programming, and unit and higher-level maintenance of GTE Central Office Switches. Planned and implemented a training program designed to teach employees how to operate and troubleshoot equipment. Technically advised managers and employees. Reviewed computer printouts to determine troubleshooting steps, equipment repairs, or replacement options. Performed the duties of the site Communication Security Custodian. Coordinated signal equipment maintenance and the updating of keying devices digital transfer devices, per call Circuit encryption devices, Firefly encryption Key Generators, Kiv-7, Bulk Encryption Device-194's . Maintained VTC Video Teleconferencing for secure calls between commands. Coordinated Logistical support and reviewed technical/administrative reports.


Supervised four-network system Operators on the operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting procedures of small and large central office equipment. Used SUN SPARC workstations running a Solaris operating system to supervise database management of WAN. Operated and maintained a 3640 Cisco router that was installed into to switch to allow connectivity for commercial e-mail over a military field environment. Tasked with maintaining IP addresses and packet switch and gateway equipment TYC-19/20 for LAN/WAN. Provided secure and non-secure voice and data switching service to 102 humanitarian projects. Trained team employees. Awarded by executives for providing excellent communications during numerous classified projects. Successfully repaired a central office switch with defective hardware and software to 99 dependable operation within 60 days. Effectively troubleshot communication links over IDNX paths. Utilized diagnostic test equipment, Signal Generator-1139, Firebird 6000M to measure inter-nodal bit error rates. Calibrated frequency level on two, four, and higher channel line termination circuits using 4935A Transmission Tests Sets. Adjusted voltage levels on Time Division power supplies with a digital multi-meter.


Operated a small and large central office switch for eleven months while supporting worldwide operations. Performed operation and maintenance on 100 analog and digital phones to include mobile subscriber radio terminals, secure and non-secure digital voice telephones. Also associated wire line equipment 2 to 4 wire , and AM/FM combat net radio systems SINGARS, Motorola-127's . Installed, maintained, and operated automated message switching equipment linked to mainframes and minicomputers. Processed classified documents and sensitive materials, maintaining records of message activity. Prepared messages for transmission in paper tape, magnetic tape and disk form.

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