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Test Engineer Resume

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  • Extensive experience in Test Engineering, Automated Test Setup, Database Administration and Design, Software Development, and Troubleshooting. Skills in resolving technical problems, reducing processing time and working within time frames.
  • Dedicated team player. Demonstrated a programmable high power constant current source (by optically isolating the high - voltage and low-voltage sides) using 6811 micro controller and AD/DA converters.


Programming Languages: LabView, Visual Basic,Oracle, SQL, C/C++, Visual C++, Verilog, MatLab, Maple, HTML, Java, Java Script, PLC and Assembly Language

Databases: Access, SQL and Oracle

Operating Systems: UNIX, Novell, Windows XP/NT/2000/98/95.

Application software: Test Stand, Concept, Solid Works, AutoCAD, Factory Works, IDS, COREL, NI DAQ, Photo Shop, MS Office, FrontPage, Orcad and Protel.

Design, Installation, Configuration and Maintenance: NT Server and Workstation; GPIB, RS232, Ethernet; TCP/IP; Mitel SX-2000 PBX Switch and Voice LAN.

Analysis Tools: Statistical Process Control(SPC)


Test Engineer

Confidential, NY


  • Developed LabView software for Newport ESP300 Motion Controller 3 axes motion controller using universal driver for DC motors and Steeper Motors at various velocity. Developed a LabView program for a joystick controller to drive the motors in XYZ directions at a variable velocity based on the positioning of the joystick from the center point.
  • Developed a LabView program for LUMENEA and IC IMAGING digital special purpose cameras using ActiveX controllers and DLL drivers.
  • Developed LabView software for third party vision solution suppliers and National Instruments IMAQ and NI vision assistant to integrate into automation and production test application.
  • Implemented the above functionality using the latest version of LabView(v8.5) Object Oriented Programming methodology.
  • Developed various hardware test automation and database design on a contract basis.
  • Installed, configured and maintained custom built PCs.
  • Designed web pages for small businesses and restaurants.
  • Provided customer support, graphic and logo design based on customer requirements.

Reliability Engineer

Confidential, Shrewsbury, MA


  • Automated WindTunnel Airflow and Temperature level settings and measurement using ModBus RTU protocol and Allen Bradley PLC system. Automatically set different levels of airflow and temperature level and upload the corresponding results to a database server.
  • Developed LabView software and automated power consumption analysis for Maxtor products at different levels of operation.
  • Developed Automation Software for controlling Fluke dc power supply, LeCroy digital oscilloscope, Tektronix current amplifiers, LeCroy current sensors and fully automated the test measurement of all equipments involved in the manual test setup.
  • Developed software program for saving binary representation of a signal displayed on a scope in a database server. The signal could be retrieved back to the oscilloscope for future analysis
  • Designed a SQL database. Developed a software program that would save the oscilloscope data, and measured values in SQL database.
  • Developed a software program application that would capture a screen shot of the displayed signal, and saved the display in an image format in a server.
  • Repaired several malfunctioning PCs. Installed and configured Windows NT and network cards, configured various PCs using DHCP and Static IP to communicate both in private and public domains.

Test Engineer

Confidential, Boston, MA


  • Developed LabView programs to automatically upload and download data from various test instruments to MS Access and SQL databases using GPIB and RS232 communications. Developed TCP/IP communication as an option specifically useful for remotely running of test programs.
  • Designed Microsoft Access and SQL databases to collect data from various test instruments. Configured ODBC and created network connectivity between printers, database server and various workstations.
  • Developed a LabView software program to collect data, and analyzed the tuning curve and FWHM of an optical filter using DAQ card. Automated Tunable optical filter tester varying the voltage, and gathered data at different voltage levels of the optical filter.
  • Developed a defect collection software program to gather defect history of different OPM or PCBs that had failed various Visual Mechanical Inspection and functional tests, which as a prototype, provided our specific requirements resulting in saving an additional expense of $200,000.00 that required to modify software. Used Visual Basic and LabView software program.
  • Integrated Visual Basic and LabView Executable software programs making them interactive with each other. Developed a login script program that would prohibit unauthorized users from accessing the applications and corresponding database servers.
  • Prepared a User Manual and Schematics for the Tunable Filter Tester (OrCad, Adobe Illustrator and AutoCad).
  • Resolved several network and printer problems. Installed and configured several applications software programs. Supported the Automation group and developed Adept software for the vision system.

Hardware Designer



  • Developed test automation software for BAY, PC and different PBX line card PSUs using LabView Graphical programming software, which reduced 6 hours work of manual testing to approximately 5 minutes.
  • Completed experimental analysis on remote powering of IP Phones over LAN using category 5 UTP cable. Investigated Spare Pair and Phantom-feed methods.
  • Supported manufacturing of testing new and existing power supply units.
  • Developed a digital sinewave replacing an existing analog sinewave using Pickdem Microchip micro controller and 4MHz oscillator. Used a single bit output for both US Europe power requirements. Demonstrated the use of Chebyshev and Butterworth filter design using an RC low-pass filter.

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