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Network Engineer Resume Profile


Pursue a career in Information Technology Management as a Senior Network Engineer, Network Consultant, Network Administrator, or LAN/WAN Designer/Implementer/Installer.


Professional Network Engineer with 20 years of experience and extensive background in the operation, maintenance, design, implementation, installation and integration of data networks. Experienced leader working in team-oriented, collaborative environments, coupled with strong interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate technical problems in user-friendly terms. Possess a strong engineering mind with extensive technological background, exceptional ability to adapt quickly, matched with a strong customer service oriented nature, strong work ethic, initiative, attention to detail, and ability to communicate well in writing and orally to make a perfect asset to any team environment.



Contract Network Consultant

Contracted to assess network capabilities current technologies and plan for optimizing working conditions. Suggest new architecture for more enterprise based network experience.


Senior Network Engineer/Network Architect

  • Senior level network engineer and project network architect for a three hospital health system. Ultimately responsible for all aspects of network: Operations, Security, Routing, Switching, Datacenter, Wireless, VoIP, Network Analysis and Troubleshooting, as well as project planning, implementation and integration.
  • This dynamic healthcare environment includes WAN connectivity across 60 plus facilities which includes: 5 hospital campuses up and down the front range of Colorado, 6 datacenter locations, 9 urgent care facilities, 10 medical office buildings, an 4 administration centers, and various remote locations for clinics, labs and radiology locations across the city.
  • Primary duties include daily network operations, maintenance, design, break fix, replacement and architecture or all networking components. Presenting solutions to the customer, documentation of network implementations and changes, and all future planning.
  • Redesigned and implemented a Cisco best practice 3 tier network with layer 3 to the access later across all buildings to include changing out layer 2 links to layer 3 links to all switch stacks
  • Completed design for upgrade of core infrastructure Cisco 6500s to be replaced with Nexus 7k switches. Preparation work for project included rebuilding a new Main Distribution Facility in the central hospital.
  • Lead engineer and primary responsible for all 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz WI-Fi connectivity in all 27 buildings. Using Cisco's controller based solution, maintain a ubiquitous wireless enterprise network that provides seamless roaming for 1100 wireless clients 1200 wireless IP phones, 350 RFID tags and an increasing number of heart pumps, EEG and EKG machines, and POS devices.
  • Reengineered and upgraded the central hospital wireless from a data compliant wireless coverage network to a wireless environment that can handle data, voice, and RFID with location down to 1.5 meters. This augmentation included 3 new Cisco 5508 controllers and 180 additional wireless access points throughout the facility. This redesign was so successful it is being implemented in 2 other primary facilities.
  • Transitioned older PIX firewalls to active/standby pair of Cisco ASA5520 firewalls. These firewalls include routing for full redundancy between two Internet Service Providers at two diverse locations.
  • Maintain, configure and document firewall connections for 47 site to site IPSEC tunnels as well as remote access for over 100 home users and SSL base VPN or Anyconnect for clientless use by vendors.
  • Implemented and maintain network management of all Cisco devices with Ciscoworks. This software has been configured to do SLA checks of shared links, complete backups of all configurations, change management controls, and network best practice base lining. It has seen upgrades from Ciscoworks 2000 through LMS 3.2.
  • Lead engineer in the implementation and design and placement of the NetScout Performance Monitoring solution. This included the installation of 8 gigabit probes with inline taps on fiber to monitor traffic on all core fiber links leading into the datacenter and between the hospitals as well as all VLANs within the datacenter to capture traffic within the datacenter.
  • Completed design of top of rack switch deployment in datacenter as well as upgrade of all existing datacenter connectivity to 1gigabit to the capable servers. Maintain and assist server teams with deployment of virtual servers for seamless transition between two datacenters.


Senior Network Engineer/Network Architect

  • Senior level network engineer and project network architect on a new global enterprise network installation project for the Air Force Satellite Control Network.
  • Plan and configuration of network devices for 56 locations. Equipment includes Cisco 3845 routers, Cisco 3750 layer three server switches, Cisco 3560 and Cisco 3750 user access switches, and Symetricom network timing servers.
  • Primary duties include network design and architecture or all networking components. Presenting solutions to the customer, documentation of network design and pre-installation planning.
  • Oversee installation of network management software HPOVO .


Senior Network Engineer/Systems Administrator

  • Department lead and senior level network engineer for 2 global classified enterprise networks centered at Peterson Air Force Base with locations across the Front Range and around the world. Responsible for the budget, work tasking, scheduling, project tracking and supervision of a 6 person network team. Responsible for the daily operations and maintenance of all Campus Area Network CAN equipment nodes that encompasses 26 buildings as well as Wide Area Network WAN connectivity.
  • Over the course of 3 years completed network upgrades including the planning, installation and configuration of 14 Cisco 6500 chassis core switches, 15 Cisco 4500 chassis access switches, server block switches and Cisco 7206-VXR premise routers set up to function as the service distribution point SDP for all classified networks on the campus.
  • Lead Project planner and implementer for establishing 3 secure intra-network enclaves and base perimeter security with Cisco PIX 525 redundant firewalls.
  • Designed and implemented the OSPF routing protocol across all routed infrastructure on base to optimize and fully utilize redundancy inherent to the network, while keeping a 99.998 availability of mission critical networks.
  • Renovated a primary communications room to include upgrades in power and environmental controls, and replacing and installing new racks for core equipment and fiber while keeping the building intra-plant fiber and operational network functioning with little to no down time.
  • As primary switch engineer for 3 headquarters buildings, designed, implemented and manage 18 Virtual LANs across 56 switches within these three buildings and across the LAN. Initially having to integrate new Cisco equipment with the existing Cabletron/Enterasys switches on the LAN.
  • Completed installation of 4 separate network distribution conduits to support installation of new server farm. These intra-building distribution conduits consist of up to 144 strands of multi-mode and single-mode fiber optic cabling and termination points.
  • Completed the design, installation and integration of a high visibility project with a cost of more than 1 million dollars to eliminate all single points of failure on the network.
  • Installed, maintained and configured network monitoring software such as CiscoWorks, Fluke Optiveiw Console, Fluke Protocol Analyzer and other requested SNMP agent supported products and Government-provided tools. i.e. HP OpenView Operations, HP Network Node Manager, Microsoft System Management Server, and Network General Sniffer Pro.
  • As team lead manage, supervise and train 4 government contractor network engineers and 2 military network technicians to complete all work taskings from daily trouble tickets to multi-million dollar installation and integration projects.


Systems Technician II/ Help Desk Coordinator

  • University support team member responsible for student and staff customer service and trouble shooting of networks, workstations, computer science laboratories, and multi-media presentation systems.
  • Manipulated and maintained CarrierAccess, digital and analog phone system, including voicemail, fax and modem operations.
  • Lead installer for the upgrade of network infrastructure equipment, Cisco and 3Comm, across campus. Including the design and engineering of a 1GB fiber optic backbone that spans all three campus buildings.
  • Installed and assisted in the configuration and upgrades to 8 computer labs totaling 180 computers for student training.
  • Outfitted and installed 4 classrooms with automated audio visual equipment for classroom presentations.
  • Implemented and configured helpdesk tracking software and procedures to automate reporting and customer service.


LAN/WAN Technologies:

Token Ring, Ethernet 802.3, Wireless 802.11, Fractional T-1, ISDN, X.25, Frame Relay, A-DSL, Switched 56K, ATM over SONNET, LANE over ATM, and POTS, 11Ghz, 18Ghz and 23Ghz wireless broadband, Free Space Optics FSO, Line of site wireless bridges on 5Ghz,

Network/ Domain Protocols:


Network Equipment:

  • Cisco Switches: 1900, 2900/2950/2948G, 3550,3750/3750G/3750v2/3750x, 4000/4500, 5000/5500, 6000/6500, Nexus 7000, Nexus 5000 expert in operation of all listed
  • Cisco Routers: 2500, 2800,3600, 3700,3800, 7200, 7500,7600 and 8500 expert in operation of all listed
  • Cisco PIX: 525, Cisco ASA 5505, 5510, and 5520
  • Enterasys/Cabletron: Smartswitch Router 8600/8000, SS-6000, Matrix E-7, SS-2200, and MMAC-Plus
  • Misc Switches: 3Com Super Stacker, Bay Networks, Marconi/Fore ASX, Netgear, Linksys, HP
  • Encryption Devices: NES, TACLANE E-100 and TACLANE Classic, KIV-7
  • Misc: RAD Fiber Optic T-1 Modems, various analog modems, transverse, media converters, CSU/DSU, serial modems, serial converters, various fiber optic and copper network interface cards.

Network Analysis Tools:

Netscout, Cisco Centric Tools, CiscoWorks LMS/RWAN/VMS, Fluke Network Inspector, Fluke Optiview Console, Fluke Optiview Gigabit PRO Network Analyzer, Fluke Protocol Analyzer PRO, Fluke One Touch, Fluke NetTool, Microsoft System Management Server, Microsoft Network Monitor, Network Monitoring System, HP Openview, Network General Sniffer, Microtest Penta Scanner, Microtest Microscanner, Whats-Up Gold, Solarwinds Engineering Edition

Physical Layer:

Fiber Optics: Single-Mode, Multimode, loose and tight buffer applications, 8.3/125, 62.5/125 indexed Fiber Optic connectors: Unicam ST/SC, 3M hot melt ST/SC, AMP MTJR/SC/ST, ADC LX.5 Copper: UTP, STP, Coax, Thinnet, Thicknet, punch down 66, 110, Telco 25 pair, RJ-45, RJ-12, RJ-11, RS-530,

Computer Experience:

Client Server, Windows 3.11/95/98/2000/XP, Windows Servers NT/2000/2003, Unix, MS Office Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Visio, AutoCAD versions 7-14, Solarwinds Suite, and various other applications.

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