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Systems Engineer Resume

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  • Over 16 years of progressive software analysis, design and development experience that includes application design, front - end validation, back-end checks, code, unit and subsystem integration and design documentation - (flowcharts/data flow and pseudo code).
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills with ability to quickly grasp concepts.
  • Demonstrated ability to work in teams as well as independently and assume team-lead positions.
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills.


Hardware: Windows PC, UNIX

Operating Systems: Unix, Windows Server 2003, Windows 95/NT/2000,XP,Vista, DOS

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, Unix Shell Script, Powershell

Databases: Oracle, MS SQL Server 2005, 2008, MS Access

Software: SQL Server Management Studio, Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM), TOAD, SQL Navigator, Golden 32, Remedy, Reflection, SDLC, Kofax 7.5, ILinx Capture, Remote Desktop Connection

Scripting Languages: Unix Shell Script,, PL/SQL, Transact SQL, SQL Server queries and stored procedures, Powershell, HTML



Systems Engineer


  • Troubleshooting application availability for over 80 custom enterprise level applications using BASH shell on Solaris and Linux virtual machines (VM) in a cloud environment.
  • Configure WebSphere application servers with JVM setting, connection pool, port configuration for http and https URLs
  • Request Virtual Machines setup from Cloud Server administrators and then configure with Jenkins to build and update servers with default RPMs.
  • Work with application DBA to configure data source properties and Oracle JDBC connection setting for new JVMs.
  • Use TortoiseSVN to control production code to update RPMs for Crontab and other default monitoring implementations as well as specific monitoring for the application if required.
  • Incident Management, problem management, root cause analysis research/reporting to resolution.
  • ID and logging application availability issues
  • Identify performance concerns that may lead to configuring and tuning of J2EE Application Servers post production enhancements.
  • Troubleshooting production related incidents providing 24 x 7 on call support in rotation
  • Coordinating post production enhancements/activities with customer delivery and IT teams to ensure build/package on-time delivery
  • Coordinate and manage activities with L1 offshore support team
  • Creation, maintenance and tuning of scripted monitoring solutions, Nimsoft configuration, SCOM and crontab entries on UNIX/Linux environments.
  • Identify and report transactional and functional business impact.


Senior Production Support Analyst


  • Provide production support for business critical IT Systems in a 24/7 environment for Sales and Marketing applications such as Sales Force Automation - Document Manager, Wireless/Business Account Analysis systems and Infrastructure & Security.
  • Support of Sales Force Automation - Develop adhoc queries and solutions to automate redundant activities and resolve production performance issues with custom Document Manager web application by building, deploying, and supporting JBOSS JVM applications in a UNIX operating system environment using BASH shell, monitoring apache processes and bouncing apache processes when connection threshold is reached to prevent inability to reach web pages. Bounce java processes to clear hung processes which cause slowness other performance degradation issues. Weekly deployments of java ear files to multiple UNIX servers to update system to meet business needs and request.
  • Performed weekly deployments using Eclipse to retrieve current SVN repository to update local machine via ANT Build from DOS then ran custom scripts to update Production environment from UAT. Troubleshoot any mismatches in ear files from different environments as deployment health checks and SCP files from UAT if necessary to update Production during the deployment window.
  • Support Wireless/Business Account Analysis deploying web sites and web pages via Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, moving/coping updates to web pages directly to Windows servers, bounce IIS services as needed. Support business by supporting servers and maintaining system availability.
  • Support Infrastructure & Security of Marketing operations environment by setting up access via firewall rules, Netscaler rules, Siteminder installs and configuration in testing and production environments.




  • Support failure points of java based web servers by troubleshooting log file information, web configuration, web services, IIS windows service configuration, user account information and the SQL server the web application updates.
  • Use SQL Server 2005 and 2008 to query current, history and reporting databases to research for root cause and resolution for customer’s issues involving application or data issues and implemented fixes through change control process and procedures and Harvest packages for developed code and/or vendor fixes.
  • Worked remotely via Windows Remote Desktop, Carbon Copy, Windows Live Meeting, and Net Meeting as well as on-site to support front-end user applications for document capture and end to end process of document capture to the repository for image storage.
  • This includes documents making it to imaging severs, imaging web servers, the ingestion process into the SQL Server database, understanding the stored procedures to process the associated d meta-data in XML from format, zipping of multiple documents and sent to vendor for indexing via connect direct. Corrected XML to accommodate failures to prevent processing delays.
  • Run daily customized reports via SQL server queries, performed system health checks, performed software upgrades for outdated front end user software.
  • Developed Powershell queries when custom solutions were needed to manage bad data received in order to reduce customer impact, developed for custom monitoring, and solutions to reduce man hours on redundant task when possible.
  • Provided feedback for process improvements, proactive fixes, preventative process failures and maintenance.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Application Support Analyst


  • All analyst II responsibilities and including implementation of new Amdocs Samson Billing application releases which included updates and improvements to G/L, payment processing, collection handling, aged trial balance processes, invoice handling and more.
  • Implementation process included weekly meetings discussing new functionality, testing of new functionality, regression testing, validation with accountants, customer care, and Cash application groups to assure desired output was achieved, and then implementation of new functionality and validation after implementation.
  • Liaison between business customers and Amdocs billing software vendor operational support team assisting in prioritizing tasks, projects, and issue resolution tracking, process improvement, escalation resolution.
  • Working as an Analyst in the Accounts Receivable and End of Day reporting, processing, operational support teams. Developed impact queries, pl/sql queries to adjust large volumes of customer data, developed UNIX monitoring tools to notify failures of system applications.
  • Interaction with business market IT staff, internal IT technical support and development staff, customer service, sales and the marketing department
  • Offer detail analysis of requirements, solutions, and strategies to preserve and enhance the performance of the system.
  • Acting as the Technical Lead in real time and batch payment processing, real-time payment processing and daily/monthly reporting of general ledger activities.
  • Involved in analyzing the impacts to a various applications closely integrated with Amdocs’ Billing Ensemble and Customer System.
  • Work closely with and assist other team members and Business Systems Analysts in the testing, analysis and implementation of new application products and services
  • Assist in the resolution of Remedy trouble tickets
  • Develop Centivia applications using HTML and JavaScript to automate and monitor processes for front-end users.
  • Cross-trained with Customer Service Management team and worked on rejects and remedy tickets.
  • Interacting with a variety of team members to accomplish tasks
  • 24/7 production systems support environment

Application Support Manager


  • Manage a seven-member team which supported the payment processing applications, daily and monthly revenue reporting applications, and collections payment batch file processing. Organize weekly team meetings, bi-annually summits with customers, one on one meetings with individual team members. Manage quarterly budgets, weekly issues meetings with customers, attend daily and weekly status meetings for testing of application changes which occur with application upgrade releases.

Application Support Analyst I and Analyst


  • Support IT operations for payment processing applications, collections processes and G/L revenue accounting processes including daily, weekly, and monthly revenue totals. Implemented new codes to the sale and revenue generated from assets, inventory, adjustments, credits, charges, exception accounts, payments, write-offs and aging debt. Tracked high risk, high balance customers, revenue which deviated beyond normal range of trends. All data manipulation handled on an ORACLE platform from self developed scripts ran on direct access to ORACLE through Golden and/or TOAD. Developed sql and pl/sql to perform high volume queries and changes to production data to for fixes or impact queries for known issues. Developed UNIX shell scripts, SQL, and PL/SQL queries to monitoring these processes and the integrity of the data the applications were processing, providing operational and job analysis, supporting operational testing within the team, participate in operations/COS project support.
  • Support IT operations for payment processing applications, collections processes and revenue accounting processes. Developed UNIX shell scripts, SQL, and PL/SQL queries to monitoring these processes and the integrity of the data the applications were processing, providing operational and job analysis, supporting operational testing within the team, participate in operations/COS project support.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve operational issues in these areas, including new and upcoming projects. Develop customer and team relationships necessary to support operational activity.
  • Developed most SQL, PL/SQL and shell scripts for department and was designated lead for peer-to-peer support and new technologies.
  • Testing of new applications that are implemented with quarterly billing systems upgrades and weekly code changes.
  • Developing database patches and implementing a variety of solutions for automating processes and repetitive tasks.

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