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Sr. Build And Release Software Engineer Resume

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Santa Clara, CA


  • Sr. System Engineer with diversified experience seeking a responsible position in Build & Release Engineering, System Integration, Software Configuration Management, and Software Tool Management within Confidential in the newer challenge and dynamic environment.


  • In depth knowledge of software release engineering concepts and configuration management. Familiar with Software Development Life Cycle processes.
  • Well versed in software configuration management systems: Clear Case, CVS, Subversion, Git, Perforce and functions of build systems. Defect tracking such as Bugzilla, Jira, Clear Quest.
  • In - depth knowledge of computer applications, programming language such: Shell scripting, AWK, Python, Perl, JavaScript, HTML, C/C++, psql.
  • Solid knowledge of Continuous Integration tools (TeamCity, Jenkins/Hudson, Artifactory, TFS), Automation and integration (both programmatically and with tools). Compiler, make, gmake, and ANT. Software/product packaging: Tar-ball, RPM and Install-shield.
  • Experienced with source code scanning and analyzing: Protex (IP scanning). Klocwork. Gerrit, GitHub: Static analysis tool, code review that identifies logic weaknesses and security vulnerabilities in developer code.
  • Solid knowledge with code merging, baseline management, complex branching, manages the triggers or hooks in a Source Code Management system.
  • Experienced and strong Linux, Window server administration skill.
  • Well exposed in balancing multiple competing priorities and thrive in a deadline driven environment
  • Possess excellent debugging skills with sound knowledge of code repository, databases and SQL
  • Well exposed in web Server and based software systems: Tomcat, Apache, IIS, API.net
  • Project management and technical leadership skills to local and across GEO.


Confidential, Santa Clara, CA

Sr. Build and Release Software Engineer


  • Execute, monitor and maintain the nightly, release, patches build
  • Packaging the products, transfer to the regression test system to performs the initially function test (smoke test).
  • Generate from build to integration process the progress report, logs.
  • Coordinate software releases with internal external SW developers, test and QA teams to ensure all teams have a common understanding of release contents
  • Automate Processes; Improve efficiency and scalability in the regression test infrastructure, and limited the need for human interaction with the systems
  • Develop, deploy and maintain build automation system and work on tools development.
  • Establish, support, training and enforce CI process flow, code review, code analyzer and branching and merging schemes in a complex and multi develop environments, layered, flavored, version control products.
  • Configure TaskBroker, NetBatch (schedule and dispatching the large scale build task/job to execute within in multi-servers env.), and VMware system (virtual server).
  • Developed and maintain SLA, Business Continuous Plan, and Disaster Recovery Plan for entire build and release environments.
  • Worked on the report matrix, progress and tool for integrating between end-user build, release, developer and test and integration customers..

Confidential, San Francisco, California

Sr. Build & Release Engineer


  • Build, package, test, validate, and deployment the internal web application software for corporate (weblogic, Iplanet) servers.
  • Continuous integration
  • Responsible for software source code control with ClearCase (develop the policies, branching, merging, and design the config.spec, triggers)
  • Migration source code from others SCM system to ClearCase.
  • Develop the software build files (makefile, Ant ) and build scripts
  • Provide the technical expertise to other software developers on version control, defect tracking and software integrated structure.
  • Software packaging with PackageAdd (Solaris) and RPM (Linux).
  • Deployed and installed the application into the web-servers on Unix/Linux and Window platform with Apache, Weblogic, and Wesphere servers.
  • Automated the build and deployment process via scripting.

Confidential, Santa Clara, California

Sr. Build and Release Engineer


  • Compiled, debugged, resolved, and packaged software builds for application software releases on HP-UX and Windows platform.
  • Monitoring the source code complies with department’s policies. Controlled branching, merging codes and replication for multi-sites.
  • Installed, configured, ClearCase(UCM, customize, baseline) and managed the multi-site/region Software Configuration Management, application software on UNIX and Windows platform (compilers, code optimizers) for software developers of High Speed Test system software.
  • Maintain and enhance the tools supporting the software development environment.
  • Triage engineer for incoming customer’s defect report.
  • Arranged and coordinated the planning, releasing (main releases, patches), and scheduling of the meetings between all the parties involved in the software product cycle.
  • System performance tuning, upgrading, and patching, including Kernel tuning, (High-availability, IO, file system, multi-threading).
  • Responsible of HP-UX kernel daily build including: Set-up the build environment, configured the libraries, created the make files, and checked out the build files from the SCM system. Automated these tasks by the number of shell scripting.
  • Member of Computer Operating System Lab quality and productivity staff.
  • HP-UX kernel integration and testing - including design and developing the automation process of integration and testing a kernel nightly build.
  • Developed the replication tools for HP media distribution center.

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