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Networking Engineer Resume Profile

Professional Summary:

  • A Network Engineering Professional with 8 years of experience in network design, implementation, troubleshooting and managing of large-scale enterprise networks.
  • Hands on experience in configuring Cisco Catalyst 2960, 3750, 4500, 6500 and Nexus 3000, 5000, 6000, 7000 series switches and Cisco 2600, 2800, 3600, 3800, 7200, 7600 series routers.
  • Extensively worked on Cisco catalyst 6509 and implemented VSS along with VDC and VPC on Nexus 5505, 7009 switches.
  • Comprehensive expertise in the implementation of optimization, analysis, troubleshooting and documentation of LAN/WAN networking systems.
  • Expertise in Configuration of Virtual Local Area Networks VLANS using Cisco routers and multi-layer Switches and supporting STP, RSTP, PVST, RPVST along with trouble shooting of inter-VLAN routing and VLAN trunking using 802.1Q.
  • Proficiency in configuring, deploying and troubleshooting of routing protocols like OSPF, EIGRP, BGP and Policy routing over Cisco Routers.
  • Implemented redundancy with HSRP, VRRP, GLBP, Ether channel technology LACP, PAgP etc.
  • Proficiently implemented traffic filters using Standard and Extended access-lists, Distribute-Lists, Route Maps and route manipulation using Offset-list.
  • Hands on experience in deployment of GRE tunneling, SSL, Site-Site IPSEC VPN and DMVPN.
  • Managed inventory of all network hardware, Management and Monitoring by use of SSH, Syslog, SNMP, NTP.
  • Network security including Telnet, ASDM, NAT/PAT, ACLs, AAA, ASA and SRX Firewalls.
  • Worked on Juniper NSM netscreen and CLI.
  • Thorough understanding in implementing and configuring F5 Big-IP LTM load balancers.
  • Worked on T1/E1/T3 technologies and different LAN WAN technologies.
  • FTP, DNS, TFTP and DHCP configuration and setup.
  • Performed professional level documentation using Visio diagrams.
  • Good knowledge in configuring Cisco Wireless Networks: LWAPP, WLC, WCS, Standalone APs, Roaming, Wireless Security Basics, IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n, RF spectrum characteristics.

Technical Skills:

  • Cisco Routers: 2600, 2900, 3600, 3800, 7200 and 7600
  • Cisco L2 L3 Switches: 2900, 3560, 3750, 4500, 4900, 6500, Nexus 5K/7K
  • LAN Technologies: Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, and Gigabit Ethernet, SMTP, VLAN, Inter-VLAN Routing, VTP, STP, RSTP, Light weight access point, WLC.
  • WAN Technologies: Frame Relay, PPP, HDLC, E1/T1/E3T3 , DS3, OC192.
  • Network Security: Cisco ASA, ACL, IPSEC, Juniper SRX.
  • OS products/Services: DNS, DHCP, Windows 2000/2003/2008, XP , UNIX, LINUX.
  • Routing Protocols: RIP v1/v2, OSPF, EIGRP, BGP, PBR, Route Filtering, Redistribution, Summarization, and Static Routing.
  • Gateway Load Balancing: HSRP, VRRP, GLBP
  • Various Features / Services: IOS and Features, IRDP, NAT, SNMP, SYSLOG, NTP, DHCP, CDP, TFTP and FTP.
  • Network Management Tools: Wireshark, Netflow Analyzer, Cisco Works, Ethereal, SNMP, HP open view, Ethereal
  • Security Server Protocols: TACACS , RADIUS
  • Facilities: DS0, DS1, DS3, OCX, T1/T3
  • Load Balancers: Cisco CSM, F5 Networks Big-IP LTM 8900, Cisco ACE 4710.
  • Operating Systems: Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Server 2003/2008, Vista, Windows 7 , Linux

Professional Experience:


Network Engineer


  • Involved in complete LAN, WAN development including IP address planning, designing, installation, configuration, testing, maintenance, troubleshooting etc.
  • Involved in Switching technology Administration for enterprise, campus data center segments, including but not limited to Port security, Trunking, RPVST , Inter-VLAN routing, Pruning and switch fabric migration.
  • Excellent troubleshooting skills on Cisco 7600 Routers connected to WAN.
  • Worked with Cisco Layer 3 switches 3750, 4500, 6500 Cisco Nexus 2000, 5000, 6000 and 7000 in multi VLAN, multi-Zone environment and as part of DC fabric remediation/refresh project, deployed Cisco Nexus switches and implemented features like FEX Links, VPC, VDC, OTV Fabric Path.
  • Configured 3750 switch stacks.
  • Involved in troubleshooting of routing protocols like EIGRP and BGP.
  • Worked on implementation of IPSEC VPN and DMVPN.
  • Configured routing policy to perform route manipulation and filtering.
  • Used DHCP to automatically assign reusable IP addresses to DHCP clients via Infoblox IPAM.
  • Performed Network Security Assessment and implemented security improvements such as network filtering, SSH, AAA, SNMP access lists, VTY access lists, EIGRP MD5 authentication, and HSRP authentication.
  • Implemented GRE tunneling Site-to Site VPN between two branch offices and also SSL VPN for user's connecting from various locations.
  • Worked on ACE troubleshooting in ASA 5510/5520 firewalls configuration and Implementation for the network.
  • Implemented rules on Juniper SRX 550 at the server farm.
  • Experience in Juniper NSM netscreen and CLI.
  • Worked on documentation to create Visio diagrams using MS Visio
  • Worked on F5 BIG-IP LTM 8900, configured profiles, provided and ensured high availability.
  • Worked on F5 and CSM load balancers deploying many load balancing techniques with multiple components for efficient performance.


Role: Network Support Engineer


  • Responsible for implementing, engineering, level 2 support of existing network technologies / services integration of new network technologies / services.
  • Worked on 2600, 3500, 7613 Router and 4500 and 6500 switches.
  • Configured and managed Cisco access layer routers and switches.
  • Major contribution in improving OSPF convergence by controlling SPF algorithm and LSA/SPF throttling in the WAN infrastructure.
  • Tested various BGP attributes like local preference, MED, Weight and replicated customer issues in the testing environment lab.
  • Designed WAN structure to prevent single point of failure in case of link failure.
  • Configured PVSTP for loop prevention and VTP for Inter-VLAN Routing.
  • Implemented port aggregation link negotiation using LACP and PAGP.
  • Involved in design, implementation and configuration of HSRP for load balancing on L3 switches on different location of office on the switched Network.
  • Configured and deployed BIG-IP LTM 8900 for providing application redundancy and load balancing.
  • Configured Client VPN technologies including Cisco's VPN client via IPSEC.
  • Troubleshooting issues and outages on Trunks and Router interfaces and firewalls extensively.
  • Involved in operations and administration of WAN consisting Ethernet Handoffs, T1, DS3, and Optic Fiber Handoffs.
  • Technical assistance for LAN/WAN management and complex customer issues.
  • Provided support for troubleshooting and resolving Customer and user reported issues.
  • Worked with Network Engineer's in the installation and configuration of firewalls.
  • Performed route redistribution manipulated route updates using distribute lists, route-maps administrative distance, offset-lists.


Role: Networking Engineer


  • Configured 2600, 2900 and 3600 routers with RIP and EIGRP.
  • Implemented VTP and trunking protocols like 802.1q and ISL on cat 3560, 3750 and 4500 switches.
  • Installation, Maintenance, Troubleshooting Local and Wide Areas Network ISDN, Frame relay, NAT, DHCP, TCP/IP .
  • Configuration of Access List ACL Std., Ext, Named to allow users all over the company to access different applications and blocking others.
  • Configured STP for loop prevention and VTP for Inter-VLAN Routing.
  • Providing Network and Security Architecture and Operations support services for Windows 2008 based web, application and database servers.
  • Troubleshoot TCP/IP problems troubleshoot connectivity issues in multi-protocol Ethernet, Environment.

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