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Programmer Analyst Resume Profile


  • tier analysis, design, development, testing, deployment, and support of applications, databases, and systems
  • Object-oriented programming OOP and structured programming
  • Project management, emphasizing software development lifecycle SDL/SDLC , including Agile and Waterfall
  • Diagramming, including flowchart and unified modeling language UML
  • Data analytics e.g., BusinessObjects, Excel, Tableau
  • Data warehousing, including extract, transform, load ETL
  • SQL queries for ad hoc and scheduled reports, performance tuning, and stored procedures
  • Systems integration, emphasizing network solutions e.g., cloud computing, remote access
  • Strategic technology planning e.g., disaster recovery DR , security requirements
  • Oral presentations e.g., Presentations, PowerPoint for diverse audiences, including business, clinical/medical, legal, and technical
  • Extensive knowledge of banking/lending, healthcare, manufacturing, and taxation regulatory environments
  • Research, including business e.g., Dun Bradstreet D B , Hoovers, Standard Poor's S P , legal e.g., LexisNexis, Loislaw, Westlaw , and technical e.g., Google, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP
  • Writing, including legal e.g., contracts, proposals, policies, motions, pleadings, judgment forms and technical e.g., manuals, procedures, specifications
Confidential Senior Applications Programmer Analyst P/A Highly and widely respected senior member of the Data Analytics and Reporting Team DART , specifically the Data Visualization DV component thereof. Key Results: Dashboards:
  • Payor Report Card PRC . The PRC Dashboard is a grading system i.e., report/score card that measures and tracks performance of MHHS' Payors, most of which or whom are Insurance Companies, across a variety of accounting measures, presently, e.g., aging of accounts receivable, denial/underpayment of claims, and bad debts. Rapidly developed PRC using Tableau 1 technology. PRC will have the widest visibility throughout the entire MHHS organization, providing information for consumption by at least TWO HUNDRED TWENTY-FIVE 225 managers and financial analysts. PRC's primary data source is comprised of several comma-separated value CSV files that are extracted monthly from NOMAD, 2 which, in turn, extracts the data from HealthQuest. 3 PRC also has the distinct honor of being the FIRST 1st MH dashboard designed, developed, and deployed on the Tableau platform. Given roughly a month after training to deliver the PRC, delivered and demonstrated to DV including management a fully-functioning prototype before completing said training. Timely final delivery, as well.
  • Emergency Department ED . Provided general technical consultation and support for development of the SECOND 2nd version of the ED Dashboard, leveraging Tableau technology. ED's primary data source is Cerner 4 Millennium CDW Oracle 11g, which is real-time. Also provided general technical consultation and support for development of the original ED Dashboard, which leveraged SAP BusinessObjects BO , LiveOffice, and Xcelsius Dashboards technologies.
  • Registry Department RD . Provided general technical consultation and support for development of the RD Dashboard, leveraging Tableau technology. RD's primary data source is Microsoft SQL Server, which, although live , is extracted monthly.
  • Ongoing Development Support. On an ongoing basis, create and support various other dashboards whether built with Tableau technology or otherwise , pursuant to customer requests and their requirement/specifications, which are normally tracked in BMC Remedy. 5
  • Reports:
  • Security Administration. Created a BO report to track Cerner PowerInsight Enterprise Data Warehouse EDW 6 users by their respective personal health information PHI access levels. The initial platform was direct SQL against the underlying EDW Oracle database, but was later implemented as a BO Web Intelligence WebI report. As the latter was originally and currently deployed, each Friday at 3 p.m. CST, this report automatically sends via email an Excel workbook i.e., spreadsheet to the DV Team.
  • Quality Control. Created a single-use BO report to show patients who had undergone a pre-admission orderable, as indicated by a particular type of Cerner PowerForm i.e., patient chart , for a certain MH facility or location , and during a period when a particular CDW rule had not properly triggered .
  • DeskI to WebI Conversion. Converted numerous SAP Desktop Intelligence DeskI reports to SAP Web Intelligence WebI format. While SAP's Report Conversion Tool is useful for this purpose, it requires a significant amount of human programming intervention where the source reports contain custom SQL. Resolved numerous problems with custom SQL that had previously prevented successful employment of the Report Conversion Tool, and did so in a fraction of the time previously thought possible.
  • Ad Hoc Miscellaneous. On an ongoing basis, create various other BO reports, pursuant to customer requests and their requirement/specifications, which are normally tracked in Remedy.
  • Objects Universes with SAP Universe Designer :
  • Created custom BO universe in EDW, the primary purpose of which is to provide DV access to essential administrative information. Also created custom objects within the BO universe, with the above-mentioned PHI report serving as the initial catalyst or impetus for the creation of this universe.
  • Implemented PHI limitations using access restrictions, pursuant to the requirements specified by the MH Privacy Office.
  • Managed other custom universes i.e., derived vs. linked in both CDW and EDW, including BO class and object hiding, for the purpose of reducing end-user confusion.
  • On an ongoing basis and across all application/systems , perform/provide various other services, including:
  • System administration e.g., performance analysis, security, build/upgrade management .
  • System integration. Most notably, regularly work with Cerner and MH network teams to facilitate remote access to EDW and ED Dashboard. Utilize where applicable and appropriate virtual private networking VPN, e.g., Citrix, MHConnect, 7 custom network address translation NAT and access control list ACL with Cerner via shared encrypted channel .
  • Technical consulting for peers e.g., SQL Server Information Services SSIS f.k.a. Microsoft SQL Server Data Transformation Services DTS , Tableau dashboards and projects e.g., EDW, Enterprise Server Refresh, Tableau .


Objective To analyze, design, develop, document, deploy, and support various types of applications and systems with emphasis upon data analytics, including dashboards and traditional reports using an increasing array of specialized skills in a rapidly evolving legal environment of business. Expertise Highlights Professional Experience Key Results:
  • Analyzed, designed, and tuned SQL queries and stored procedures for use in enterprise applications, some of which utilized Java Object Oriented Querying JOOQ .
  • Designed ETL packages in Informatica 9 PowerCenter, IBM DB2 Warehouse Manager, Oracle Warehouse Builder OWB , and Microsoft DTS, the latter of which has been replaced by SSIS.
  • Developed reports using ad hoc SQL and PL/SQL e.g., IBM Data Studio, WinSQL , SAP Crystal Reports CR and BO, Microsoft Excel, and SQL Server Reporting Services SSRS .
  • Developed extensions and plug-ins for network monitoring e.g., Gomez, 10 Nagios 11 and software/website testing automation e.g., Load2Test 12 using Asynchronous Javascript and XML AJAX , Javascript, Ruby, and Ruby on Rails.
  • Developed end-to-end solutions, bug fixes, and enhancements using Delphi, Java, Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition J2EE , and .NET e.g., VB, C , such as a utility for converting rich text format RTF to hyper text markup language HTML for mass collection letter generator application.
  • Extensive user interface UI , middle tier, and backend development for web applications using a variety of technologies, including Active/Java Server Pages ASP/JSP , HTML, cascading style sheets CSS , extensible markup language XML , Javascript Object Notation JSON , JQuery, and Struts. Mobile development of web applications for Android OS and iOS devices, using Eclipse 13 and Xcode, respectively.
  • Drafted business requirements for large-scale enterprise records management project ERMP , affecting in excess of TEN MILLION 10,000,000 records, pursuant to the Federal Information Security Management Act FISMA . 14 See 44 U.S.C. 3541, et seq.. 15
Confidential Programmer Analyst The youngest addition to the information technology IT team for this now defunct contract semiconductor manufacturer. Key Results:
  • Provided project management leadership to transition from proprietary electronic data interchange EDI to XML and other more widely-held standards.
  • Created a credit management report, pursuant to requirement/specifications provided by the chief financial officer CFO . This solution leveraged Microsoft Excel, Visual Basic for Applications VBA, i.e., within Excel , and SQL Server.
  • Analyzed, designed, and tuned SQL queries and stored procedures for use in enterprise applications.
  • Designed ETL packages in OWB and DTS.
  • Developed and supported serial communication applications with Delphi and Visual Basic VB , capturing real-time data from various machines, such as IET Labs 17 GenRad in-circuit testers ICT .
  • Developed custom integration modules for enterprise/manufacturing resource planning applications i.e., Proprietary, Fourth Shift MRP, 18 SAP ERP , which used dBASE, SQL Server, and Oracle back-ends.

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