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Systems Engineer Resume Profile


Extensive experience in Enterprise architecture and systems integration with a focus on Unified Communications. Specialized focus on large scale multi-site architecture cloud models, security, and product development. Excellent communication, facilitation and negotiation skills. Able to interact with executive team, customers and cross-functional development teams. High quality standards, strong problem solving skills, and a distinguished technical leader.


  • Microsoft OCS, Lync 2010/2013 Enterprise Voice, IM Presence, Audio/Video Conferencing, O365 Messaging integration and Customer/Partner Skype Voice Federation.
  • Cisco Unified Communication Manager, Cisco Unity Connection, and Cisco Unified Presence
  • Acme Packet Session Border Controllers SBC models 3820/4500
  • Audio Codes Mediant 1000/800 voice gateways. Remote Branch survivability design.
  • Centralized SIP trunking, Branch, and dial-plan design.
  • F5 and Bluecoat hardware load balancers and reverse proxies.
  • Ethernet 10/100,1000 OC-48, OC-12, OC-3, DS3, DS1, DS0, PRI Circuits

WANs: T1/E1, T3s, Frame Relay, FXS, FXO, Analog POTS.

  • Carrier class service provisioned networks. Class 5/4 Telco switches.
  • Voice protocols/Codecs: SIP, H.323, MGCP, SCCP, RTP, and SRTP. RTAudio, G.722, G.711, G.729
  • Voice access gateways/switches: Cisco 38xx's, 28xx's. Cisco Catalyst 6500, 4500, 3750, and 2900 series data switches. Avaya: S8700, S8300, G700, and G650.
  • Cisco Virtual Switch Controller SC2200. SS7 traffic routing to IP based networks for dial access and VoIP solutions.


  • Access control, PKI, Cryptography, Business continuity, Telecom security and Regulatory Compliance
  • Deployment of IPSEC, Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol PPTP and L2TP remote access VPN's
  • Cisco PIX Firewalls, Cisco VPN 3000 Concentrators, and Cisco MARS Intrusion Prevention System
  • UC tools: Clarus, Unimax, NetIQ, NetAlly VoIP Monitoring and VoIP Assessment Solution software
  • Microsoft Lync 2013/2013 MOC clients, Cisco/Avaya IP phones, and Cisco VG224's and VG248's for analog support. HP C7000 Blade server, Wireshark, Fluke, Sniffer Pro, Solar winds, MRTG, and Network General network monitoring products.
  • INET SS7 routing software for Telco traffic troubleshooting.
  • WAN/LAN troubleshooting: Cisco routing debug tools for troubleshooting circuit signaling, framing, coding, trace routes, pings, and netstat configurations.



Master Unified Communications Solutions Architect -Enterprise Cloud Services ECS

  • Design, develop, and test cloud based architectural models for HP UC offerings which include Microsoft Lync 2013/2010 Enterprise Voice, IM, Presence, Office 365Messaging integration and Skype voice federation.
  • Key contributor in defining long term Unified Communication technology strategies, solutions, and roadmaps with management and technical teams for the HP Enterprise Services portfolio.
  • Responsible for the technical direction for the Integrated/Certified Centralized SIP Trunking capability with several global carriers including Verizon Business, Level 3 and Orange Business Services.
  • Identify new technologies to expand service offering capabilities including Acme Packet Session Border controllers, Sonus SBC's, and AudioCodes gateways.
  • Responsible for all security centric initiatives and deliverables within the UC offering. Create network risk assessments and documented approaches to mitigate malicious network traffic by managing/creating firewall rules to client dedicated voice compartments and leveraged tools VLAN's.
  • Document security standards, policies, and collaborate across global organizations to allow edge traffic flows into various HP data center environments.
  • Architect Cisco based solutions for the Bank of America transformation project that represented over 7000 sites and 250,000 users. Designed 10 Call Manager 6.1 clusters supporting US based Boa/Merrill Lynch Global Wealth Management VoIP branches utilizing 3845's, 3825's, 2811's gateway's and 3560 switches.
  • Architect metro design packages that included Cisco Call Manager clusters utilizing inter cluster trunks to legacy Unity Voicemail clusters across two dispersed WAN's between ML and Bank of America.
  • Perform system testing and certification for UC components including, call control, voicemail, Unified Messaging, Presence, and Instant Messaging across cloud and on-premise based Microsoft, Cisco, Avaya environments. Architected a carrier-based Next Generation E911 solution for the North American market.
  • Create Business and Technical Design Guides and artifacts for internal global engineers supporting the delivery of HP's leveraged solution offerings.
  • Serve as a design consultant for all leveraged voice tools such as Clarus, Unimax, and NetIQ. Provide support to internal HP VNOC for problem resolution.
  • Responsible for customer demonstrations in the HP Client Experience Center CEC comprising current Microsoft, Cisco, and Avaya UC offerings.


Unified Communications/Security Architect- Corporate Headquarters

  • Architected and designed enterprise Unified Communication networks for customer in the financial, healthcare, retail, and insurance industries. Platforms used were Cisco and Avaya IP-PBX's integrated with Cisco layer 2 and layer 3 routing devices.
  • Installed and configured Cisco PIX firewall login authentication scheme using IPSec public key cryptography and key management. Performed daily Cisco 3000 VPN concentrator administration for site to site connectivity, and remote VPN access.
  • Perform multiple IP telephony integrations and green field implementations under various platforms for voice and data protocols in accordance with IETF standards. Perform integration and testing for the following protocols: SIP, H.323, RTP, UDP, SDP, and TCP/IP.
  • Performed VoIP assessments for all customer IP Telephony installations. The assessment determined if the current network was able to carry additional voice traffic and reported MOS scores, silence suppression, jitter buffer, packet loss concealment and a recommendation for voice compression schemes.
  • Designed and implemented IPSEC VPN's using secure tunnels which allowed customers to dial internally to remote offices and share data across their private networks.
  • Installed Cisco MARS IPS which helped identify and respond to security threats across the customer networks.
  • Created all documentation for the VoIP assessments and presented the final results to the executive management teams and clients.
  • Served as a pre-sales engineer assisting in the design in order to meet client networking requirements.
  • Implemented QoS solutions to provide better service to voice traffic using Differentiated Services DiffServ , Integrated Services IntServ and Best Effort over provisioning
  • Assisted in resolving complex IP Telephony issues for customer networks which included the configuration, and maintenance of the network and DMZs.


Network Architect- Corporate Headquarters

  • Architected, designed, and managed a Microsoft ADS server cluster consisting of Windows Servers, Sun UNIX Enterprise E250 servers, running Checkpoint Firewall-1. Designed the OU hierarchy, managed DNS naming schemes, and created forests' for efficient domain management.
  • Performed daily Checkpoint firewall administration for remote VPN access, and InfoSec security practices on corporate firewall site.
  • Migrated multiple business unit domains to corporate web servers using Apache and virtual hosts in a Cold Fusion development environment.
  • Developed an online LAN/WAN cost database for the executive management team to analyze the total global network costs.
  • Installed VERITAS backup agent for Windows and Oracle Servers. Created a disaster preparation and recovery plan for server cluster.
  • Created all documentation for the design, configuration, and management for entire server cluster.


Principle Consultant - Broadwing Communications

  • Implemented a SS7 Virtual Switch Controller VSC that supports over 60 cities and 300,000 ports for NetZero.
  • Deployed and supported Network Access Servers AS5800's and Virtual Switch Controllers VSC 2200's within an ATM environment supporting DS3's and T1's in the network.
  • Decreased call customer call failure rates from 50 to 5 by correcting both voice and data routing issues. Corrected SS7 routing issues by working with RBOC's, LEC's, and CLEC's in order to maintain the stability of the Broadwing network.
  • Contributed to an OSS team to track ordering network components, inventory management, A-to-Z circuit provisioning, equipment and facility provisioning, billing and reporting.
  • Resolved customer BGP issues pertaining to MAE East, West and Central public peering points. Resolved customer issues regarding route maps, route reflectors, and determining best practices for proper route aggregation.
  • Principle Consultant - ICG Communications
  • Successfully deployed national OC-48 Backbone Network. 200,000 ports for MSN, MindSpring, and Earthlink were implemented using a solution of Gigabit Switched Routers, Alteon Layer 4 switches, BPX's, MGX's, and a Cisco 7000 solution.
  • Deployed and configured Alteon 180 Web switches for bandwidth management and load balancing of HTTP and DNS traffic.
  • Performed migration of Cisco ATM BPX integration of new backbone sites into the existing national ATM network.
  • Implemented enterprise intranet providing detailed information consisting of WAN hardware, circuits, timelines, contact information, and due dates for implementation.
  • Principle Consultant Citizens Communications
  • Perform Network Assessment in order to handle a 500 growth rate with in two years for efficient scalability solution for national WAN. Provide detailed network router solutions on a Nortel platform converging to a Cisco solution.
  • Architect and designed an OSPF routing solution that implemented more efficient route summarizations and the concept of implementing NSSA's and Stub areas into the network.
  • Determine best practices on network addressing schemes and a cost effective redundancy plan for current and future networks.


IP Telephony Architect VoIP/Internet Telephony and Multimedia Services

  • Successfully integrated and demonstrated a MCI WorldCom IP Telephony solution with various telecom vendors such as Nortel Networks, Cisco Systems, and Lucent Technologies.
  • Perform detailed IP telephony integration testing across multiple platforms for voice and data protocols in accordance with IETF standards. Perform integration and testing for the following protocols: SIP, H.323, RTP, RSVP, NSCP, UDP, SDP, and TCP/IP.
  • Design, administer, test and configure various VoIP Networks. Connectivity via ATM, T1/PRI circuits and Class 3/5 Switches that require custom dialing plans. These circuits are terminated to Cisco AS5300, 3600, 7200 and 2600 series routers for developmental testing, vendor integration, and public demos. Performed all flash and update all Cisco SIP voice gateways that include the AS5300, Cisco 3600 and Cisco 2500 series routers.
  • Administer and test MCI Worldcom LM Location Manager database for creating, modifying, and testing advanced call feature sets in a Voice over IP environment.
  • Responsible for the IP Telephony testbed within MCI WorldCom's business units: UUNET and Interline.
  • Responsible for writing all test cases and test plans. Reports included, testing procedures, release build modifications, and bug reporting to application developers.


Sr. Systems Engineer - Network Management/Research and Development

  • Provide connectivity between Windows NT Server/Windows Workstation 4.0 and HP-UX 10.x environments using Citrix Metaframe technology. Successfully integrated 60-80 developers in order to maximize existing technologies in the two heterogeneous environments.
  • Establish networking project guidelines and objectives for key projects: Automating rollout procedures, software and hardware installations, and developing new standards for increased network performance.
  • Assisted with responsibilities of administering HP-UX system and manage application in an ATM and SONET environment.
  • Provide solutions to assist in rollouts using imaging technology. Sysdiff, Ghost, and Picture Taker
  • Responsible installing and configuring telecommunication development tools. CORBA, Powerbuilder, and Java applications
  • Maintain the Windows NT 4.0 DNS and WINS servers for static IP designation.
  • Manage DNS hostname and IP address schemes to optimize networking routing performance.
  • Work with different business units to identify and isolate traffic congestion for an optimal test environment. Site coordinator for integrating MIS and R D LAN's and WAN's.
  • Used various packages for software inventory, as well as perform Windows NT 4.0 Server and workstation client software installations.


Sr. Systems Engineer

  • Perform all routing configurations for Cisco 2500 series routers running RIPv.2 in a muti-subnet environment. Cisco 2820 Switches, 3Com network hubs, and Microsoft SNA Gateways.
  • Provided management and integration of nation wide banking networks to be processed by central FEP's/Mainframes.
  • Configured interface of logical and physical units from the FEP to the 3270 Information Display System.
  • Remotely access routers to perform configuration and monitoring of customers' network and frame circuits in order to diagnose problems.
  • Provide Internet consulting for banks with respect to connectivity: PRI/ISDN, Cisco Internet Firewall solutions, Web Hosting Services, FTP, and e- mail accounts.
  • Provide extensive, in depth, TCP/IP and SNMP troubleshooting on Ethernet LANs in both a Windows NT and Novell environment.
  • Provide NT 4.0 Server and Workstation installation, configuration, system file management, and account management for stand-alone servers, WINS servers, DNS servers, Primary Domain Controllers, and Backup Domain Controllers in a LAN/WAN environment.


Sr. System Engineer

  • Provide Enterprise Network support for a 1000 node global Windows NT Server 4.0 and 3.51 LAN/WAN environment.
  • Manage the Primary Domain controller, Backup Domain controller, DHCP, and WINS servers via Server Manager, Event Viewer, and Performance Monitor.
  • Responsible for all daily backups using NT Backup Executive and DLT 2500XT hardware devices.
  • Performed all Windows NT 4.0 Server, workstation, and desktop installations and configurations.
  • Responsible for all server, workstation, and laptop purchases including software/hardware upgrades.
  • Solid working exposure to Cisco 7000's and Ascend Routers.
  • Performed all PPTP and L2TP VPN dial-up troubleshooting and configurations for internal clients.


Systems Engineer -Broadcasting Division/Network Operations Center

  • Served as Systems Engineer for the largest broadcast network on the Internet.
  • Responsible for performance tuning and optimization for Internet traffic in a 300 node Microsoft NT 3.51 and 4.0 Server environments.
  • Assisted in the configuration and testing of Cisco 4000 and 7000 series routers.
  • Installed and configured Cisco 2500 series routers and all ISDN configurations for WAN connectivity
  • Worked closely with national ISP's to provide co-location solutions in order to broadcast Internet content on a national scale.
  • Responsible for performance tuning and optimization for 110 nodes in a Windows NT 4.0 Workstation environment.
  • Responsible for installation, configuration, and problem resolution for all Web Servers running Microsoft Internet Information Server IIS ver 3.0 and 4.0
  • Assisted with the management and content of Web FTP servers.
  • Responsible for installation and management of WINS, DHCP, and stand-alone NT servers.
  • Performed the transition to Microsoft Exchange for all corporate employees.
  • Configure printing devices, testing of new applications, and document installation and configuration procedures.
  • Exposure to leading edge technology in the audio and video-streaming arena using a Microsoft streaming solution.


Senior Technical Analyst Investment Trader - Electronic Products Information Center EPIC

  • Performed installation, setup, troubleshooting, and testing on a muti-protocol 900 node network.
  • Responsible for Internet configurations to both internal and external clients: DNS , WINS, and TCP/IP configurations.
  • Served as lead analyst in design, testing, and implementation of Web based Internet trading software packages from inception to production.
  • Trained peers on Internet Electronic Commerce including Cyber Cash, SSL, and multiple versions of 128 bit encrypted browser technology.
  • Prepared employees covering Internet training covering DNS, TCP/IP, PPP, NetBEUI, IPX, Trace routes, and Internet communications.
  • Analyzed RFC's from venders to determine suitability of Vantive call tracking software with Fidelity's existing systems, and participated in final vendor selection for software integration and implementation.
  • Member of project management team on several key Fidelity task forces including training, help desk, and the Intranet project teams.

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