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Technical Analyst Resume Profile


A proven IT professional with over 10 years experience in the field. I have management experience, exceptional customer service and communication skills. Having managed an IT department with 12 locations for more than 3 years, I was involved in project management with conversions in MPLS, Blackberry and firewall companies. Worked with multiple vendors and renegotiated contracts with many that resulted in significant savings and improved service. I managed a VMWare Datacenter involving 3 Vmware Vsphere ESXi hosts and 31 virtual machines.


  • Project Manager for changing MPLS providers, saving 25 4K on monthly bills, while increasing bandwidth 33
  • Organized the opening of 4 branches, ordering MPLS circuits, telco lines, phones and Server/PC equipment, and setup
  • Project Manager responsible for the changing of ISP providers, allowing us to maintain redundancy for internet access
  • Project Manager for Blackberry upgrade of all users, converting from Alltel to T-mobile, resulting in a 30 cost reduction
  • Successfully renegotiated the company's warranty contract with Shoretel, saving 6,000 yearly
  • Successfully upgrade of our VMware servers and hosts from 4.1 to 5.0.



Field Tech Consultant Network Administrator

  • Managed our VMware vCenter Datacenter involving 3 VMware Vsphere ESXi 4.1.0 hosts, 31 virtual machines. using V-motion. Also created and managed a separate 3 host environment involving 28 virtual machines.
  • Built 4 Hypervisor 4.1 hosts. Dell Poweredge 2950 and Poweredge R710 with 15 machines. P2V conversions of
  • 15 production servers to VMware and V2V conversions for backup purposes.
  • Built out and deployed multiple 2008 R2 and 2012 physical and virtual boxes. Including IIS 7.5 web servers and
  • application servers.
  • Performed monthly WSUS releases using MMC console and update services. Updating 70 plus production servers
  • and workstations monthly.
  • Maintained our co-location facility. Involving 40 physical and 30 virtual production servers in Peak 10. cloud
  • Administered EMC VNXe3100 with 12 TB. NAS- Network attached storage and SAN- Storage area network.
  • Managed our cloud based VOIP Vocalocity / Polycom phone system.
  • Provided in-house support for 30 plus users and approximately 55 PC's. Added and removed users as needed.
  • Assisting in network planning, deployment, administration, server hardware planning, pricing, deployment and maintenance.


Field Tech Consultant Systems Manager

  • My primary responsibility was to plan, implement and oversee the corporation's system upgrade, and conduct the transitioning of a 262-seat geographically dispersed network. I led a team of two engineers that I was responsible for, and participated in a hands-on manner while managing my team.
  • Replaced all PC's with Windows 7 operating systems at all of the company's locations.
  • Installed and configured all of the software necessary for proprietary applications.
  • Repaired and replaced wiring as needed.
  • Created new images and Group Policies based upon user departments' requirements.
  • Reconfigured and rewired all of the server rooms as needed.
  • Reloaded user mail and internet preferences.


Field Tech Consultant IT Systems Manager

  • Provided support for 120-plus users at 11 separate branches in three counties, as well as the operations center.
  • Planned the upgrading of the enterprise and teller banking software as new updates were released.
  • Installation and configuration of the software for Windows servers 2008, 2003 and XP.
  • Maintained all corporate Blackberries utilizing Blackberry Manager, and all cell phone users/accounts.
  • Developed printer maintenance programs and designed toner replacement policies at all branches.
  • Designed policy for new users, setup users requiring the installation of multiple applications and platforms.
  • Managed process for new branches, which entailed the ordering/organization of circuits, analog lines, services.
  • Project Manager responsible for the replacement of firewall vendors, allowing us to use a local company.
  • Managed VOIP phone system from Shoretel that had 150 plus phones in 12 locations.
  • Project Manager for data backup migration to utilize offsite data backup of crucial files.
  • Maintained all 3rd party software enterprise applications, worked with users and vendors to operate effectively.


Field Tech Consultant Field Technician Consultant

  • Installed and configured all hardware: motherboards, CPU's, hard drives, drives and any other peripheral devices.
  • Updated recovery and restoration software, and tattoo of OEM motherboards.
  • Installed and configured the software for Windows systems 98, ME, 2000 Pro 200 server and XP.
  • Resolved any technical issues that arose with the OS or with the software/hardware.


Technical Analyst, Level 3

  • Played key role in ensuring 99 uptime for 200 client sites and 275 servers, in a 24/7 environment.
  • Managed corporate telco systems: ordered frame relay circuits, along with ISDN lines and POTS lines, as well as 800-numbers for backup dictation lines for new sites.
  • NT Administration: created new user accounts and deleted termed employees' accounts created machine names.
  • Created/removed e-mail accounts in Microsoft exchange created/removed accounts in Remedy Data center systems support in a 300K-per-hour-revenue environment.
  • Devised policies for build-out and configuration of Compaq Servers and Workstations, and the coordination of their installation with Spheris field engineers.

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